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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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At last I am on the Orkney Islands and will stay until the end of July. This morning I passed the Queen Mother's castle in Scotland.The castle of Mey, but it was closed to the public. I know that amongst the followers are folk who pray for the Royal Family so I rang the castle manager and was kindly given permission to drive down the drive and take some snaps. It caused quite a stir amongst the staff and they came out into the courtyard to watch. Please pray that as the security cameras are checked that HRH also hears and reads the GOOD NEWS.
Friday 08th of July 2005 08:55:12 PM

I wrote in my last report thar the four converts were spoken to eight weeks ago. I must apologise, the meeting was held on June 16th. Time means nothing out here and I often have to check morning newspapers to find out what day it is. I believe this is normal for people of my age, I will be sixty ( 60 )at the end of this month.
Thursday 07th of July 2005 08:24:27 AM

I crossed back to the Isle of Skye this afternoon and I am once again parked on the Kyle of Lochalsh for the night. The trip to yhe Outer Hebrides was a tremendous success and I really look forward to my return. For those of you following by map, I travelled ALL the roads on Harris and Lewis and prayed the whole way through the Outer Hebrides. Have you visited the PRAYER FORUM yet? It is a great addition to the web site, yet so few are leaving any messages to let those in need know that you are praying.We don't ask you to commit yourself to pray daily but as the Lord prompts you. PLEASE ENCOURAGE those who need it.I expected to have under a thousand visitors on the whole tour and you wonderful people have passed that figure in just a few short weeks. I heard today of four people making decisions for Jesus from the cafe meeting in Ayrshire eight weeks ago. ISN'T GOD GREAT.
Wednesday 06th of July 2005 11:19:28 PM

The last time I came to Barvas I had great pleasure meeting a lady called Susan. This trip I met the whole family and today the bus was packed out with new friends (mostly children) Much literature and a few bibles were left and also enough calenders to place in every home in the town of revival. I pray that next year I will be able to spend a whole week on the island but if enough finance is left I will return this year.I return to the mainland and head for Orkney tomorrow.
Tuesday 05th of July 2005 09:51:58 PM

All is going well but due to the mountains I cannot update as I desire due to lack of signals. Since last update I have travelled EVERY road from Vatersay to Berneray and crossed to Harris. Tonight I attended a great Spirit Filled meeting in Barvas, the village renowned worldwide for the Lewis Revival. Tuesdat I will spend on the main street waiting for visitors.m
Monday 04th of July 2005 11:57:15 PM

The first picture on the Scotland page is not somebody's driveway but is a typical road ( in good condition,but most are worse ) on the islands. Up to now I have travelled over 200 miles of these roads but many more have still to be encountered before I finish travelling the island communities.
Saturday 02nd of July 2005 07:46:10 PM

Sorry for not updating but the mountains get in the way of the signal. I sailed from Uig at the tip of Skye on Thursday afternoon and landed at Lochmaddy in North Uist. I then drove through Benbecula,South Uist and to the furthest point of Eriskay. This morning ( Friday ) I sailed across to Barra and then across the causeway to Vatersay. The roads over here are a nightmare for bus drivers, the tarmac is literally only as wide as the bus wheels and by the time I have returned to the English border I estimate I will have driven over 400 miles on this type of road.I called in the largest village on Vatersay, (Bhatarsaigh) and left literature for every house there, also books for the 14 children of the village. Please pray that seeds will be planted for the Gospel. I will now take my time and return from Barra tomorrow to the top of North Uist to sail to Lewis.
Friday 01st of July 2005 06:35:41 PM

Miracles,Miracles and even MORE Miracles. I am so privelidged to serve Jesus and to have so many wonderful friends. On Friday in Mallaig I did not know how I was going to get to the outer Hebrides. The normal fare had increased from under 200 to well over 500 and I was struggling to make ends meet. I prayed and felt I had to stay until monday. On Monday evening I was informed that a barbeque had been held for me in Northern Ireland and 400 was put into my bank account,(that opened Harris & Lewis.) This morning I opened an email from "Caleb Initiative" (the charity that reclaims tax for me) and the money they have deposited covers, South Harris, North Uist, Benbecula, South Uist, and time permitting Benbecula. What an AWESOME GOD we serve.KEEP ON PRAYING.
Wednesday 29th of June 2005 03:50:52 PM

At last I have crossed over the sea to Skye,but have had a real problem getting a signal. The place is full of mountains and the poor bus seems to have climbed them all but it keeps on rolling along.Yesterday, Monday I was delighted to welcome Tom McClean aboard the sanctuary.He rowed across the Atlantic and when his record was beaten he did it again. Up to now he has crossed five times single handed and now works with problem children at his adventure centre in the wilderness of Scotland.I picked up a young christian hiker from ausralia and gave him a lift to Kyle of Lochalsh. Last evening I was visited by an R E teacher and I know the bus and the ministry has had an EVERLASTING influence on his life. Parked by a river on a campsite tonight as I have run my power supplies right down. Please pray for Tom that an ex S A S member will be Saved And Secure
Tuesday 28th of June 2005 05:11:20 PM

I arrived in Mallaig yesterday (Friday)but have only had one visitor up to now. I intend to stay here until Sunday or Monday and just hope that more visitors from the village will pluck up the courage to call.I am parked within a metre of the sea and within 50 metres of a seal colony.I will get better photo's further into the islands.Just across the water is the isle of Skye and I will probably sail there on Monday.
Saturday 25th of June 2005 12:21:55 PM

Torrential rain kept me awake for most of last night as it thundered on the bus roof.How I wish I had got out of bed, I found out this morning that I had left a side window wide open and the sanctuary floor was soaking and SPOTLESS this morning.I parked all day at the side of the sea and this morning went and got fresh mussels for tea off the rocks just outside the bus.Tonight I am in a lay-bye on top of a mountain 1,550 feet above sea level.The bus is going well and has climbed over six mountains today.Only four people called today but each one brought great blessings with them.I am just eight miles from Mallaig tonight and will see what the Lord requires of me tomorrow
Thursday 23rd of June 2005 08:46:43 PM

I must congatulate The Web Master on the tremendous success of the web page over the last month. I find it amazing that nearly six hundred hits have been registered since he put the site together. To think that he is only 16 years old really let's us know that we can be really proud of the youth in this land.I wonder what ideas he will come up with in the coming days ? Have any of our readers got any useful ideas? if so drop me an email and I will pass them on.Please pass on this web page address to your friends when you contact them, we need more hits so that the page will be picked up by the search engine. This would mean more non christians picking up the site and maybe even finding JESUS through reading it. God Bless and please help advertise the site
Thursday 23rd of June 2005 12:30:01 AM

A lovely day with glorious weather. I spent the day with Archie and I am amazed at how much the Lord has changed him since he gave his life to him in the bus two years ago. He is still a rough diamond but the love of Jesus shines in his eyes.After leaving Mull I caught my first fish of the season and Jirah(the dog)and I ate our fill of pollack microwaved in butter.Now the fish are biting I will have little trouble finding a meal. I am not sure of my next destination but it is really exciting not knowing what the Lord has in store for tomorrow.
Wednesday 22nd of June 2005 10:06:14 PM

After over a week of rain it has been a lovely day and I was able to welcome people into the bus here in Tobermory ( Mull ). Many people are passing by on the car park but it is not often that they pluck up the courage to come inside for a chat but even so I have had six visitors today. This is an incredible number as I normally only see two or three in a day. The leaflet display I have put outside is not threatening and is proving quite popular and a few folk have helped themselves to literature. I pray that after reading their tracts etc they will call back for a chat.Keep praying ,it really is working.
Monday 20th of June 2005 09:07:51 PM

I arrived on Mull yesterday and I am slowly getting used to Island culture which is much slower than I have been used to over the last few months. It was good to go to church with Archie this morning and thank God that this dear man found His Saviour in the bus three years ago. He certainly has changed since I first met him on a car park here on the island.You can read more about Archie's conversion if you go to the Life Story page.Not many visitors today but three or four a day is all I expect whils't I am island hopping. I will stay here until Tuesday or Wednesday.Please pray that the finances will increase as the ferry fares are up to four times as high as last year because of the extra bus length. ( God is more than able to supply )
Sunday 19th of June 2005 09:54:17 PM

I am amazed at the number of people who have taken an interest in the site up to now.A few are calling every day, and I believe the messages are a real encouragement to them as they are become aware of the prayer needs of the work .They can see the results unfolding before them as the days pass by. Last night I spoke at an outreach cafe in Cumnock, Ayrshire. The cafe was packed with customers who have come from a similar background to myself with many dependant upon drink or drugs. I know the Lord spoke in a positive way to some of them and your prayers are requested for Ian who runs the outreach that he will see much fruit for his labours. I passed through Glencoe today and remembered the many people who have called on me over the last few years whils't I have been parked there. Today it was to wet to stay so I am heading for Mull and the little town made famous on the children's television programme "Ballamory". (See you soon Archie) I have heard that the three people who were healed on Friday at Hollybush are still improving and walking.Please Keep Praying, also Gwynfor is still sober after over two weeks.Isn't it good to be part of a miracle because if you are praying for these people the Lord is answering your petitions.
Friday 17th of June 2005 10:05:52 PM

Scotland at last! I arrived in Stranraer this afternoon and visitors soon arrived The tour just keeps getting better with christians and non christians calling in the bus for a cuppa and a chat. I wonder what the Lord has in store for the next few months. I left Hollybush farm on Monday morning after a terrific weekend of fellowship. I reported that a man threw away his walking sticks on Friday during the service, I heard afterwards that another gentleman who is recovering from cancer and could only walk with assistance is now walking without aid. A lady who has had a stoke and couldn't talk or walk without help as now making herself understood and even managed to climb in and out of the bus after the service.I held back reporting these healings until I recieved confirmation that all three are progressing nicely and more happened at the meeting that was only reported afterwards.( I will only publish what I have actually witnessed.)
Tuesday 14th of June 2005 06:07:14 PM

Saturday 11 June The last couple of days have been very quiet in the bus even though many have passed by and a few have blown their car horns recognising the name of Jesus on the vehicle. Yesterday Friday,I arrived at Hollybush Christian Fellowship just outside Thirsk in North Yorkshire. I was made very welcome by the leaders and had a few visitors before the evening service. After the worship time I was asked to give a word of testimony and as it came to an end the Holy Spirit really took over and for over an hour people kept coming forward for prayer.A crippled man actually paraded up and down the aisle declaring that he had been healed and the Lord was truly honoured as his people cried out to him for healing and forgiveness.The meeting lasted for over three hours and even though there was much Joy it was an experience to really see the Lord at work.
Saturday 11th of June 2005 09:42:52 AM

Up to now it has been a really good week.On Saturday I met christians in Saltburn and was privelidged to speak to a young man who gave his life to Jesus only six weeks ago.He has been in foster care since he was 4 years old but he already aglow with the love of his Lord, Please pray for Kyle. Sunday meetings at North Skelton were very good and the evening meeting had to be closed after three and a half hours.I am sure it would have lasted all night if it had carried on. A young man who's name I cannot yet reveal without his permission was really under conviction but it was no use forcing him into the kingdom.I am convinced he will make a decision soon.Many tears were seen throughout the congregation as the Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way.I have been moving around the area this week but without much success.The youth of the area need much prayer, they pass by the bus and jeer. Today I have been around Darlington and I will be close to Northallerton tomorrow.
Wednesday 08th of June 2005 11:25:45 PM

Hi There. First of all I must apologise for the brevity of my messages up to date. As most of you are aware if you have known me for a while, I have always had trouble with my writing because of dyslexia all through my life until I met Jesus in 1996 when he healed me totally of the problem. Even today I am still hesitant of putting words in print in case of mistakes. Please forgive Me. I will endeavour from now on to try and spend more time in the evening replying to your comments, they mean so much to me. I must admit that I look forward to opening the message page in the evening ( with a few sneak glances during the day )you have made the work so much easier this year as I don't feel so alone when I can actually read your messages and I am beginning to realise just how much the Lord is touching lives through this ministry. This weekend I have arrived at North Skelton not far from Middlesborough for a few days of ministry and have already been made very welcome. This afternoon I was visited by Thomas a young man of 17 who gave his life to Jesus just six weeks ago and is now on fire for his Saviour. He has been in foster care for over ten years and desperately needs our prayer support. I will add more tomorrow evening. God Bless
Saturday 04th of June 2005 08:14:44 PM

pray for BEN please. He is 8 years old and needs our Jesus
Saturday 04th of June 2005 03:44:41 PM

Another day in Whitby in glorious sunshine and thousands passing the bus with a few actually speaking to me. I was visited by four people and the witness was very positive. Tonight I am parked on an industrial estate outside North Skelton. Prayer is needed for a very close friend of mine with a drink problem. I have known Gwynfor for nearly ten years now. Please add him to your prayer list, also his wife Carol who is a true witness during this time
Friday 03rd of June 2005 10:26:08 PM

It appears that the message board refused to accept messages over the weekend. If you are unsuccesful please try again. Your comments make the work so worthwhile.Please remember that, Jesus LOVES You.
Friday 03rd of June 2005 03:45:32 PM

I have been told many times that interest would be shown if I could somehow give a day by day account of my summer tour. To be honest with you I was not convinced that anyone would bother to look in. HOW WRONG I WAS.If you sign in why not leave a message,?It is easy to do and if you want to remain anonymous it is okay. I have no way of tracing callers to the Web Site so you will recieve no contact with me unless you actually email me. Today has been spent in Whitby and I will remain here until tomorrow evening.I am parked up on the West Cliff overlooking the sea and many people are walking past but not yet stopping to talk. I hope to give an update tomorrow before I move to Skelton.
Thursday 02nd of June 2005 08:13:19 PM

I have just spent two good days on a caravan site outside York. It was good to meet up with Cecil and his wife, A couple who have served the Lord in Ireland and Scotland as pastors for many years. Even though they were strangers it did not takelong to find out we had friends in common. Today I am outside Scarborough and heading for Whitby. Today it was a real thrill to watch the Flying Scotsman pass on it's way to York railway museum after taking day trippers out. I have a prayer request for a friend of mine from Ballymena. Please pray for JOY, she is in a lot of pain and the doctors don't seem to know what to do for her.
Wednesday 01st of June 2005 05:05:54 PM

It was impossible to update for a couple of days due to work pressure and not being able to get a good phone signal. On Thursday I made contact again with good friends in Retford and then travelled to The Web Master's house to discuss the webpage. In the near future it is hoped to add a prayer page and a few of my old prayer newsletters. I have been told that they may be of interest to those of you who have only met me recently. This will have to wait until The Web Master has completed his examinations. Onward to Skipton but not before a couple of meetings in the bus with a few true friends. Skipton Christian Fellowship Church is a must for visitors to this area and the presence of the Holy Spirit during the meetings on Sunday was nearly too much to cope with. It was a real blessing to be there. Today Bank Holiday Monday see's me sat in a lay-bye on the Yorkshire moors just outside Harrogate.
Monday 30th of May 2005 11:23:38 AM

I have just been in contact with a pastor in Ulster.( Mike Ewan ) His son johnny who is a very close friend of mine. Was assaulted last night in the Nottingham area. He is not injured but it has shaken him up. Johnny moved to nottingham to participate in youth work and is very dedicated to his mission for Jesus. He even took a job in a supermarket to help finance himself whils't there. Please add him to your prayer list at this time that the Lord will do GREAT things through this incident
Friday 27th of May 2005 10:44:22 AM

Firstly I must thank Frances and friend for prayer last night. At the time you were praying I also was praying and looking for a place to park. It turned out to be a great Lay-By with no disturbances yet was clearly visible from the road for people to read the bus as thyey passed Tonight I am in Retford
Thursday 26th of May 2005 09:59:12 PM

I moved on today and headed for Boston in Lincolnshire. On the way I felt led to stop for the afternoon outside Spalding in a lay-by. At the end of the afternoon I was visited by a friend I first met on the Ring of Kerry in 2000 when I was touring the coastline of Ireland. It was really great to once again meet up with Tony and pray with him. Tonight I am parked outside Grantham and heading for the A1
Wednesday 25th of May 2005 09:58:47 PM

This morning I begin moving towards Skipton. I will be speaking at SKIPTON CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP on Sunday morning. North Skelton on the 5th & Hollybush C F on th 10th addresses will follow as I get nearer
Wednesday 25th of May 2005 07:44:24 AM

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