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Pray for my father soon 94

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< Bengt in Ashammarr >

Dear brothers and sisters, Getting old can be great but when doctors have messed up and made one handicapped then life is not fun. My father, Rune, had a leg muscle cut off by doctors a few years ago and that has caused many complications. Now he is not able to go to church because he cannot get in of out of a car, his legs dont carry him any more. He is now tired of life and praying that God will take him home. Plese pray that he might get some good days before the end. He is 93 and until the doctors cut him he was VERY active in giving support and helping other old people as well as pastoring a small church. He is now not able to do any of that. Thank you

Saturday 09th 2019f March 2019 - 10:04:52 AM