Brother Clifford in Prayer

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pray for Br.Clifford

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< Bengt in Ashammar >

While spending some time with Br.Clifford in Sandviken, I noticed that he was very tired. Please pray that he get some rest time and extra energy for the work the Lord has given him to do.Br.CLifford never slows down and I worry about his health. God bless you all.

Thursday 11th of August 2011 - 10:08:53 AM

< bfleming >

Yes I would agree that he needs our prayers for to take heed that what he has undrtaken the Lord will say restup.

Thursday 11th of August 2011 - 06:43:25 PM

< Bengt K. in Ashammar >

Pray for Br Clifford, he is tired and in pain from a fall which hurt his shoulder. He has a long drive left before reaching England.

Monday 13th of August 2012 - 09:15:44 AM