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Many of you who visit my web site will never have heard of this ‘Highways And By-Ways’ ministry and will wonder what it is all

Many of you who visit my web site will never have heard of this ‘Highways And By-Ways’ ministry and will wonder what it is all about. Please give me a moment of your time and I will try to explain a little of the Life and Vision of Brother Clifford Edwards.


Brother Clifford was born in 1945 and after a childhood of constant abuse he made his mark as an entertainer and achieved fame for his powerful singing voice. During the sixties and early seventies he became very wealthy and the world was his for the asking. During the latter part of his career he became a heavy drinker, this led to alcoholism and his career failed. Within a short time he ran out of money and became homeless.


He headed for London and spent the next Twenty Years living on the streets around the Thames or in down and out hostels. He was dried out in detoxification clinics and mental hospitals thirty three times. In February 1996 he was given six months to live after cirrhosis and brain damage was diagnosed. By August he found it very difficult to walk and suffered a constant migraine. The doctor was a regular visitor to the dying man.


It was at this time that Clifford called out to GOD for help and gave his life to Jesus. During a time of prayer he felt led to go on a mission through Devon and Cornwall standing on the streets singing hymns and collecting donations to pay his way. He set off from Lancashire with a railway ticket and all the money he had £1.


The rest is history and even though he was diagnosed with double throat cancer in 2001 and had to endure two major operations and radiotherapy Clifford continues serving His Saviour. He now spends most of the year driving a converted coach and stopping as the Lord instructs in lay-byes and service stations throughout the UK. Here he waits and visitors call in for prayer or a cuppa and a chat.


If you want more information please feel free to contact him by email or telephone and he will send you a copy of his life story. Alternatively request one by email and he will send you one to your email address but remember that it is twenty-eight pages long. His doctors have now given Clifford the all clear. He is a walking MIRACLE

God Bless You

Brother Clifford Edwards


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