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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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Go to fcf as below and select 'Sunday Service' now
Friday 11th 2022f February 2022 08:04:55 PM

Sincere apologies. There may be difficulty in connecting. If so, James says they will try to get the Service of Thanksgiving uploaded next week.
Friday 11th 2022f February 2022 07:47:44 PM

Message from James Johnson, Executor.

Please see online links for Service of Thanksgiving for Brother Clifford Edwards.

Friday 11th February 7pm at Fermanagh Christian Fellowship, N Ireland.


Facebook: (links to service will appear on Friday)

Lackaboy Industrial Estate
Lackaboy, Enniskillen
Co. Fermanagh
BT74 4RL
N Ireland
Thursday 10th 2022f February 2022 09:55:05 AM

Or "Brother Clifford" is more direct ...
Monday 07th 2022f February 2022 02:11:10 PM

Just go to YouTube's home page and put "Clifford Edwards" in the search field
Monday 07th 2022f February 2022 02:03:18 PM

Apologies for the non-transmission if you also had my experience of 'This video isn't available any more.' At present I am reliant on our representative in Faroes, who is no doubt caught up in the actual service, and I don't know any more than you, and will post as soon as I do hear (D.V.)
Monday 07th 2022f February 2022 01:59:27 PM

I have been told that most of today's 1pm Funeral Service will be held in Faroese. However, there will be a streaming video available to watch with English subtitles in a few days - link to be announced.

A Thanksgiving Service will follow in Fermanagh Christian Fellowship, Lackaboy, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, BT74 4RL on Friday 11th February at 7pm. A broadcast link will also be published when available.
Monday 07th 2022f February 2022 12:48:04 PM

Clifford's funeral MONDAY 7TH FEBRUARY 1PM (GMT). Broadcast on internet at
Sunday 06th 2022f February 2022 09:41:27 PM

I have been informed that Clifford's funeral is expected to be held on the Faroes next Monday, 7th February - time and other details are still to be decided.
Tuesday 01st 2022f February 2022 12:06:16 PM

Some people have said they would like to leave a donation in Clifford's memory. The Revival Movement Association at Dromore in Northern Ireland ( was on Clifford's heart, who produced a lot of tracts, booklets, etc., that he used, for free - maybe even the Bibles Clifford took into Russia. I've been informed by the lead Executor arranging Clifford's things, James Johnston, that there is a book of condolence also giving this information at
Friday 28th 2022f January 2022 02:11:25 PM

I'd like to pass on details about the winding-up of Clifford's affairs, and although they are close, they are not definite yet. It seems likely Clifford will be buried on the Faroes, and that there will be a Service of Remembrance (or similar) broadcast on the internet from Enniskillen. Please pray for James Johnston who is the lead Executor managing Clifford's affairs. Thank you!
Friday 28th 2022f January 2022 01:08:55 PM

It is with very mixed feelings that I pass on this message. James Johnson, a local friend of Clifford's, says Clifford has had a fortnight of being unwell; went into hospital yesterday afternoon; and died this morning. He is now out of pain and in very good hands - the BEST possible. Although there is sadness in his passing, those of us with that "sure and certain hope" will see him again one day. Let's remember with fondness a man who ran the race, and finished well!
Tuesday 18th 2022f January 2022 05:13:43 PM

Today has been a better day for me. The smallest task leaves me gasping for air but I am still breathing.
It is difficult for me but,I must forget yesterday and accept each day as it comes.
How can I judge what each moment of my life brings ,when each minute is supplied by our Gracious Heavenly Father, and He will NEVER leave me or forsake me.
One day I may be told the reason for my current situation but whatever happens.
"God is Never Wrong."
Monday 03rd 2022f January 2022 06:29:53 PM

The last few days have not been very good.
Difficulty swallowing food and drink. Sleepless nights and no energy to do the simplest things
I try to communicate with others but get confused.
I know that God is in these trials and He has ALL the answers so I keep on praying.
Saturday 01st 2021f January 2022 04:04:19 PM

The last few days have been difficult with all the stormy wet weather affecting my breathing. Also I have been busy with meetings etc so even though I feel tired I can also see small improvements.
Proof of answered prayer is evident.
Friday 10th 2021f December 2021 10:45:15 PM

I am able to take a short drive each day and have felt much better for the last few days.
It was good to be able to get to church yesterday and was made welcome.
I am now looking towards the future with the hope of a very exciting time of service.
Please continue praying for me as I see the hand of the Lord working around me in various ways.
Monday 22nd 2021f November 2021 10:59:22 PM

After nearly a month in hospital I am now back home.
It was a really profitable time in hospital and my days were filled with opportunities to speak about Jesus.
Doctors, Nurses, patients, and consultants visited to ask questions and aquire a copy of my life story.
I took 50 copies into hospital and had to send for another 300 because of the great demand. My visit was being talked about all over the hospital and I believe the Lord was glorified.
I am ver tired and cannot walk very far, eating and drink are a problem but everything is in the hands of my best Friend who CANNOT let me down.

Sunday 07th 2021f November 2021 12:50:59 AM

FROM ERIC CURNOW: James, the son of Stuart - together with a neighbour called Brendan - have all greatly assisted Clifford, and James says news about him is very positive. The prolonged spell in hospital really helped and he is back living now in the cottages and on a waiting list for sheltered accommodation: independent living but with a 24 hour warden. Please pray for an opening soon. With winter coming, it's important for him to keep eating properly and stay warm so he can keep as well as possible now over the winter.
Saturday 06th 2021f November 2021 08:46:17 PM

A doctor rang me three weeks ago. He was very convincing when he told me that I was dying and I must alert my friends about the forthcoming good news.
Off I went to hospital and had a very rough time with the breathing. I am still in hospital and have had a really time of it.
I am ALIVE and I don't intend changing things.
The opportunities to witness are great and even the patients recognise me and are asking for a song.
If this is Death, I want a double portion.
Please keep on Praying ,Victory is around the corner.
Monday 18th 2021f October 2021 05:46:32 PM


I am glad (but embarrassed) to have to say "Houdini" Edwards is remarkably improved - the care, antibiotics and smoking-free regime mean he could be leaving hospital mid-week! He has been telling everybody about the Lord, and requested more copies of his booklets to be distributed. Remarkable man; remarkable care; and remarkable God! Shades of Mark Twain's famous quote, "The report of my death was an exaggeration," methinks!
Monday 11th 2021f October 2021 01:52:47 PM


Clifford was due to go into the South Western Acute Hospital at Enniskillen yesterday and believes that he won't be coming out again. I'm sure we all thank and praise God that he has some very good friends who have been looking after him locally, and ask for your continued prayer for him and them.
Thursday 07th 2021f October 2021 04:47:26 PM

Just had the worst week since I contracted COVD.
Over tired all the time and not even the enegy to set up the computer, but the occurance of nose bleeds have been a nuisance. Some days are ok but on other days I can have 2 or three bleeds and they give me no warning. I am getting nervous when I need to blow my nose.
The presence of the Holy Spirit is invaluable to me and He seems to be even closer in the psst few weeks, He is most definately The Comforter and all Encompassing.
I am hearing wonderful things from people being touched by this ministry and pray the God will receive much Glory from my present inconvenience.
Thank you for your prayers at this time, I can really feel the benefit as time goes on.
Tuesday 28th 2021f September 2021 01:35:08 AM

I have been able to take a small part in three prayer meetings. Two of them on zoom.
Health is still not good but from my corresponderence it appears that so many of my friends are having a tough time of it at the moment.
My neighbour and landlord "Brendan" has had to isolate because he has caught the virus, Please pray for this lovely man of God who came to my assistance renting me the cottage when I was desperate along with all of His family.
Friday 10th 2021f September 2021 11:18:15 PM

A good day today!
I spent a constructive time in the fresh air collecting blackberries in the field beside my home. I had problems breathing but stayed out until I was tired.
Last night I was at a prayer meeting and was really blessed.
I pray my health is getting better.
Sunday 05th 2021f September 2021 03:49:00 AM

Not a bad day today but most of it was spent resting.
My doctor rang me today with more results from the tests in hospital.He told me of another strain of the disease I have contracted but it will be held at bay with tablets.
I am beginning to feel like a babies rattle.
Very breathless tonight.

Thursday 02nd 2021f September 2021 11:37:54 PM

Today has been a rare good day and I am so grateful for it.
After being discharged from hospital I was visited by the local nursing team three times a day to receive Antibiotic but they don't seem to have worked.
I know the Lord is still in control and I must be willing to accept His plans for me,
Monday 30th 2021f August 2021 06:46:50 PM

Discharged from hospital after a week of treatment. I am feeling very tired but will update properly in a couple of days.
Wednesday 18th 2021f August 2021 01:17:04 AM

How I wish I could look back on this time with pleasure,but the opposite applies.
Breathing can be nearly impossible and each day seems to be an endless nightmare.
I celebrated my 76th birthday last week and the Lord gave me a day without too many problems so I enjoyed myself.
It is now agreed that I shall be residing here for the long term so here is my address.
Shawn Cottage.24 Derrygore Road.Enniskillen.County Fermanagh.
Northern Ireland.BT74 6GQ.
I would love to hear from you.
Sunday 08th 2021f August 2021 11:50:58 PM

How I wish my body was able to get on the same wavelength as my brain.
It is 4 oclock in the morning and I am wide awake. The brain is willing but the body just cannot find any energy.
Thursday 15th 2021f July 2021 05:03:06 AM

Followed the doctors orders but no change.
I will be seeing him again early this week when I hope to have better news.
Monday 12th 2021f July 2021 12:09:06 AM

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