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This Great Man operated on Brother Clifford for neck & tonsil cancer in 2001.

Mr S Hargreaves ( surgeon )

the McTaggart family from the town of Barvas

A photo of the houses from the CBBC show "Balamory"

Another photo of the "Balamory" houses

The back of the Bus

Tom McClean

Tom McClean
(First Man In History to Row The Atlantic Single-Handed)

The message written on the top of the Bus

A graph showing the visitor count from 24/05/2004 to 24/06/2004

Histon Baptist Church Cambridge

Whitehead Baptist Church Northern Ireland

Me :-)

Whitehead Baptist Church Northern Ireland

The inside of the bus

A Collection of photographs of the older Bus.

This is the certificate i was given for completing the "End to End challenge".

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