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Brother Clifford Edwards

Brother Clifford Edwards


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My Friend.

                   Once again the season of Joy is upon us and not even a pandemic can take away the reality of the birth of the Prince of Peace.

I pray that many of my friends will give Jesus the best birthday present possible as they rededicate their whole lives to Jesus once again.

The past year has been a real trial for me with the COPD getting steadily worse.

It had put me back into hospital three times. My last admission was only a few weeks ago when I was an

in -patient for over a month. I normally take 10 or 12 of my life story books with me when I am admitted to hospital and rarely give them all away.

This trip was an exception because for some reason I became very popular with the medical staff and had a constant supply of visitors. Over 300 booklets were taken by staff before I was released and sent home.

Doctors, nurses. Student doctors and nurses, cleaning and kitchen staff and even staff from the Covid area in full protective dress came to get a booklet. I was also used to teach student doctors as they called in to ask questions about my life and tired of being examined time after time.

It was very moving to see a senior hospital specialist in tears as I shared some of my story to a small group of resident doctors.

It is taking a long time but I pray that my work for Jesus is not yet finished, somehow I believe the work will continue until I draw my last breath.

I am really missing the travel in the Arctic and Atlantic areas, but at 76 years of age I have to use a little common sense and take advantage of the cottage I now live in.

I look forward to the Christmas season and sit waiting for the postman to call each morning. It looks like it will be a normal time for me. Up to now I have received 4 Christmas Cards but hope I will get more.

Please don’t forget me this year and drop me a line.

May God Bless You and Yours.


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus.


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Christmas 2020

My Friend.

Once again the time has come to celebrate the birth of our Dear Saviour.

For many of my readers it will be a time of frustration as once again isolation is becoming normal for you.

I have found over the last 25 years of semi isolation, that talking about being alone and constantly thinking about the situation, only makes it worse.

To constantly dwell upon the unchangeable makes you a victim instead of being victorious. Look for advantages in your hours and days of lock down.

When I first began in the Lord's service I became frustrated when visitors talked about their past and everything was negative.

I was surrounded by broken people and I could not help them overcome their memories of past sin.

The answer was quite simple when I found it.

Look past the negative because no matter whom you speak to or meet.

Within that person there is something that has the potential to change the world into a better place. Don't look at the faults, look for the potential .

Never discourage, ALLWAYS encourage.

Where do you begin this great work?

Try looking in the mirror, you will see the reflection of someone who can change the world.

During the pandemic we have heard stories of ordinary people who took up the challenge and because of them, others found they also could do marvellous things. Be it a charity walk or befriending someone by telephone, the internet, writing letters or just being friendly and cheerful when you go shopping for yourself or somebody else.

You can change the world around you.

This year has not been too good for me because I have been in lockdown since March.

Thanks to the Johnston family at the Enniskillen cattle market I have been treated like royalty and been kept safe from harm.

Stuart takes me to Tesco's every week and brings me a home cooked lunch every Sunday.

My illness has deteriorated because of the isolation and last week I was admitted to hospital. I could only walk a few steps and was finding it very hard to breathe because of the congested lungs. Within 24 hours things began to change and thanks to lots of prayer and medical help I began to get better.

During my time in hospital I became a much sought after patient.

Because of the pandemic, the student doctors have found it impossible to do practical study. The patients they would normally examine and interrogate about their illness, or have the opportunity to do hands on examinations has dried up.

I became the guinea pig patient for an endless queue of consultants and students.

I spoke to so many young people about my illness ( COPD) and was pleased to be useful. I also spoke about my life and relationship with Jesus. “ No holds barred “

I was discharged last Friday and because of the danger to my health in returning to the van, a group of Friends led by Brendan Jones has found me a small cottage to live in.

Log fire, Central heating and even running water. It is pure bliss and I am truly content .

Do you want to encourage someone this Christ'mas? Someone isolated and looking for a friendly word on a Christ'mas card. Someone who is interested in YOU and is waiting to begin praying for you and yours.

Why not drop me a line and let me once again become useful.


Have a Happy Christmas.

Your Friend


Brother Clifford


PS. The work continues


Highways for Jesus Outreach



Highways for Jesus Outreach

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BT45 9AD


Tel 07818230279

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" For by their fruits you shall know them" (Mathew 7 verse20)

May 2020

My Friends in my beloved Faroe Islands.

Time passes so quickly and one day each one of us finds we have nearly completed our earthly journey.

My time is fast approaching when I shall hang up the keys to my motor home and meet my beloved Saviour.

I first heard about the Faroe Islands in 2002 when I was visiting the Shetland Islands. I came across a group of Christians who were on holiday and they invited me to visit the Faroes.

At this time Norrona called at the port of Lerwick twice a week.

It took me over two years of prayer before I was willing to leave the security of Great Britain and come to a land where I did not understand the language or the customs of the islands.

I made many enquiries in Britain about the Faroe Islands from the people who had visited the islands and their comments told me about the beauty of the country.

It was in June 2004 that I drove my double/ decker bus on board Norrona and a love affair began. I came for two weeks and stayed for three months. I fell in love with the people.

It was during this time that I heard about the kindness and fortitude of the Faroese people during the last war.

I also realised why the Lord had sent me here. I came to say "Thank You" to each one of you for what you did for Britain.

So many of your men gave their lives as you brought fish to a country that was desperate for food. Your families looked after the British soldiers who came to help protect your islands from the enemy, who wanted to enslave the whole world. Together, the Faroese people and the British soldiers helped to win the war, as you became an unbroken barrier in the Atlantic Ocean and a place of safety for the North Atlantic convoys .

When I made my commitment to Jesus I was a dying man with only days to live.

For over 20 years I had lived on the streets of London as an alcoholic tramp and

only used the name of Jesus as a swear word. My body was wrecked after double neck cancer in the year 2000 and now I was looking death in the face with cirrhosis of the liver.

I gave Jesus every breath I had left, and I can honestly say that it was the best decision of my life. With an English one pound coin, and days to live, I set off to tell about the Love and Forgiveness of my wonderful Saviour.

Now I had another unbreakable promise to make.

I promised to dedicate my whole life to the people of the Faroe Islands.

Each year I have spent as much time as is possible in the land I now call my own. The children know me as the bus man, or the old man with the lollipops! Each year I bring thousands of lollipops for the children and can guarantee silence as I speak to the congregation.!

In a few weeks I will celebrate my 75th birthday and next year I hope to complete twenty five years as an evangelist.

The work began with an English one pound coin and the faith that God would supply ALL my needs. I still do not draw the old age pension, but rely on God for everything. He has NEVER let me down.

Today we celebrate seventy five years since the war in Europe ended, and I would have loved to have joined you, my people, to celebrate.

My passport says I am a British citizen, but my heart beats to the love of the Faroe Islands, because I firmly believe myself to be one of you.

I was born in England, but when my dear Lord calls me home my body will come to you. I will be buried in Fuglafjord, for you are my people and your land is my land.

Finally, I would remind you once again that it is 75 years since we won the war. Three generations of British children have been born and raised during this time. Millions of people born, educated and grown strong because of the love and sacrifice from your fishermen and sailors, who supplied fish and hope to a nation in turmoil.

It is unfortunate that so many do not know of the great things you, my people, have done for Britain. People forget the hard times when sacrifice is no longer required.

May I, as one who does remember, once again say Thank You to all you beautiful, wonderful people as I once again commit every breath to my Lord Jesus Christ, and the rest of my life to you, my people of the Faroe Islands.



"If you did it unto one of these my brethren, you did it unto Me"

(Mathew 25 verse 40)

May God Bless You.


Your Friend

Brother Clifford Edwards.

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus

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November 2019

My Friends.


I must apologise for the very long delay between newsletters.


I have had many problems over the past year but the major problem was due to my computer giving me a lot of problems.


This has now been sorted out and a new computer is making my life a lot easier.

Once again I have spent most of the year travelling Europe but mainly staying on the Faroe Islands and Sweden.


It was during my extended stay on the Faroe Islands that the Holy Spirit spoke to me about the future of the work.


This year is my final year of touring Europe and I am now to concentrate on travelling throughout the United Kingdom.


After over fifteen years of continental touring it comes as a relief to me that I do not have the vast distances to drive each year. I will certainly miss meeting up with my many friends and translators that have been so faithful to me.


Who would have thought in 1996 when the work began that I would eventually be involved and travel through 28 countries?


I look back in awe at the way the Lord has guided my path and affected so many lives during twenty two years of ministry.


In the year 2000 I travelled the coastline if Ireland using a car and caravan. Each day I would pull into a lay-by and wait for passers by to call in for prayer.


Once again I will be doing the same kind of ministry as I travel the highways and byways on the United Kingdom, praying for the Lord to Bless all those who read the texts on the motorhome.


I don't know how long I will continue the work but I have certainly not retired or even accepted my pension yet. I may be seventy three years old, but I ain't dead YET.


The Lord has been faithful up to now and I am sure he will continue to supply my needs for as long as he requires my service.


My health has not been good for a while but now seems to be improving. I think the reduction in my driving hours have a lot to do with it.


I write this letter from County Kerry and I will soon be heading North for December as usual.


It would give me great pleasure if some of my readers would take time to drop me a line to encourage me as I face the future. It is good to know that people are praying for me.



May God Bless You


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards

( Listowel )


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


PO Box 1. Magherafelt. County Londonderry.Northern Ireland. BT45 9AD






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Faroe Islands Telephone 00298 787999

December 2017

My Friends.

                     This is a year I shall never forget. Experiences that have brought me great joy and times that have brought me to my knees in desperation as I have felt so alone and isolated.

When I arrived at the Prayer Mountain Church in the south of Sweden I expected to have a time of blessing but never anticipated the rich blessing the Lord had prepared for us all.

Over the last twenty one years I have attended a number of Christian conferences but have always taken a very minor role. At Lidnas Prayer Mountain I was surprised and delighted by the way the Holy Spirit gave me the words I very much required over three days. I learned so much during the conference that will remain with me for the rest of my life. I thought I knew about the power of Prayer, but I was wrong.

I learned during those five days that prayer is not only the way to become close to our Heavenly Father, but it is the Powerhouse to the Kingdom of Heaven.

     At last I am finding people are coming to me for not only personal prayer requests but some are bringing requests for prayer for their work and business. I am delighted to reveal that when the Lord is invited into the workplace and the boardroom, Everything begins to change when you allow Christ into EVERY part of your life.

When I left Lidnas and headed for the ship to Riga in Latvia the problems with the motorhome got worse. By the time I arrived in Latvia I had no lights or indicators at the rear of the van. Air was being sucked into the fuel pipes and  made starting the van very difficult. I managed to drive through Lithuania and Poland and arrived just in time to meet up with Oliver who is a master electrician from The Faroe Islands. He worked until nearly midnight to get some lights working and then ,because he could not find a taxi he walked over four miles to his hotel. " A true Brother in Christ".

The drive through Germany, Holland and then through England to Lancashire was difficult with the fuel problems but I eventually reached Weston super Mare and my friend John Laurence.

Once again John came up trumps and helped me to get the van to my mechanic in Stafford. As expected the news was not good and it was decided that after five years faithful service the van was finished.

I am now driving a ten year old Winnebago and enjoying every moment.

My problem about retirement is now solved. It will not happen for quite a while, if ever.

Much prayer is now required as once again I prepare to begin a new chapter in my very eventful life.

I have desired to have a vehicle suitable to use as a Prayer Sanctuary.

In the year 1999 I was given a caravan to use in the work. I drove around the whole coastline of Ireland and opened the caravan each day for prayer.

Over a thousand people came through the doors and I still keep in touch with some of these wonderful people.

It has taken longer than I expected but at last the new van is ready and able to hit the road.

The signs have been stuck on the exterior and are advertising the love of Jesus to passers by. The tracts and gospels are on board and awaiting my guests.

Please pray that many will find Jesus as I move out for the Kingdom on this new adventure.

I hope to visit Jonathon and have photographs on the website in the near future.I hope you will be as excited as I am when you see the new miracle.

As we pass into a New Year, may I wish you all a Very Blessed and Joy Filled 2018.



I Remain


Your Friend and His


Brother Clifford Edwards


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


PO BOX 1. Magherafelt. County Londonderry. Northern Ireland. BT45 9AD.






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Faroe Islands phone 00298 787999

October 2017


My Friends.

                      I must admit that each time I sit down to write to you I have no idea  what the newsletter will contain.

I depend upon the Holy Spirit to reveal  to my mind events and situations that have happened to me in the last weeks.

This trip has been the hardest tour I have ever been on. The weather has been vile, with rain nearly every day. Looking back to when I set off from Northern Ireland, I have only had seven days of sunshine in over eight months of travelling.

I now have a good idea of how Noah must have felt, but flooding the world only took six weeks and I took no animals with me, just Gospels of John in twelve languages.

My time on the Faroe Islands was very rewarding and a true Blessing to me. I have so many friends there and they took care of the "old man". I hope to catch up with Gordon and Oliver in Poland if we can arrange it.

The trip up to North Cape in Norway seemed to take for ever and my schedule was running six weeks late. It was minus 3 with a heavy wind at the Cape.

I had arranged by telephone, for groups of Prayer Warriors to join me in prayer when I reached the Top of the World. When I eventually reached the most Northern tip of the Cape I turned and prayed for God's Glory to be revealed to all the people before me.

That meant EVERY PERSON in the World.

North Cape is the most northerly mainland part of the northern hemisphere accessible by road.

As I prayed, I found a peace within me that I had Never experienced before. I felt that not only myself, but those Prayer warriors worldwide had touched the heart of God. Weeks later I still experience that wonderful feeling of peace.


The trip South has been hard because of the heavy rain and the very low temperatures.

I write this from the town of Sandviken in Sweden as I prepare to head further South.

Pastor Bengt Korswing and his wife Lavon have treated me as a royal guest and nothing has been too much trouble for them. I have known them for a number of years and Bengt is a regular contributor on the Visitors Forum.

I am preparing to head South to a small church which is also known as The Prayer Mountain.

This church is a place of prayer with only a small congregation and I was speaking there only a few months ago.

It was from that meeting that a splendid article was published in a national  Swedish Christian newspaper and had brought me recognition I have prayed for for many years.

It has been decided to have a three day conference there on the 20th to 22nd of October. When I have finished here I head for Lidnas Church In the hamlet of Nasby Holm near Varnamo.

I know the Christians in the area are praying for this weekend conference and I would ask you PLEASE join them before the Throne of Grace. It is only a week away and Prayer is vital if we want the Lord to really move through the Holy Spirit. Please ask your friends and prayer groups at church to join us in intercession for the first ever conference at this small yet VITAL church of Outreach.



May God Bless You and Yours


His Friend and Yours


Brother Clifford Edwards



Highways For Jesus

Highways For Jesus


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JULY 2017

My Friends.

                     After Months of constant rain and low temperatures I am looking out at SUNSHINE.

I am still on the Faroe Islands and do not leave until mid August. Each time I have made plans to leave, the Lord has stopped me.

My intention was to visit the Faroes for a month and then head for Sweden. It did not happen because the Lord intervened and I remained here.

The plans of the Lord are definitely not our plans.

The main event in Fuglafjord is the annual Rowing race which attracts crowds from every part of the Islands as their teams compete for trophies and prestige.

The races are followed by a combined churches service in the local community hall. I was delighted to be asked to be the main speaker at this event. The hall was packed and people were standing in the aisles because  all seats had been taken.

It is extremely rare for a visitor from a foreign country to be given this honour and it is one of my most treasured memories from my calling as an Evangelist.

The years are taking their toll and I find it impossible to keep the heavy schedule of past years. Door to door work and street evangelism has become rare for me. I just cannot do it any more.

Organised outdoor speaking, Home Meetings and Church preaching are now more normal for me. But I still get great delight from giving away tracts and Gospels as I travel from country to country.

I celebrate my 72nd Birthday at the end of the month and I so pleased that I will still be here in my beloved Faroe Islands.

I may even get some Birthday Cards this year if anyone remembers.

The highlight of the year for me is in August when I celebrate my Coming of Age.

21 Years serving the King of Kings

How can I ever thank Him for His Love and Empowering over so many years.

I look back with pleasure at the many wonderful memories. The number of times I have seen evidence of his provision both financially and Spiritually. The times I have seen the Holy Spirit touch hearts and bring another Soul into My Lord's Eternal Kingdom.

As I write this my Heart is breaking for those who have not heard of my beautiful Jesus.

Please, Please, tell someone today about our Precious Saviour.

I made a promise to a friend many years ago. I promised to come to Him if I was ever needed.

Wesley and Carole have Always had a place for the vehicle when I have visited Northern Ireland. Electricity and a secure parking space during the winter storms.

I heard that His mother was in hospital and life support had been cut off.

I was able to fly to Edinburgh and then drive to Dungannon to be with the family for a couple of days.

It was hard sitting some of the night watch with my friends but the  outcome was a certainty. Mum was Going Home.

We could all feel the power of Prayer as we kept the Vigil but even though Mum was sleeping.   She was at Peace.

I had to leave and return to the Faroes but Mum went Home a few days later. She was not alone, Wesley was with her and she smiled at Him as she entered into Eternity.

I have told the story of the vigil on a number of occasions and I am delighted to say that it has been bringing souls to Christ.

The Message is,

Where will YOU Spend Eternity.

How many more years I have left to serve I do not know, but I am confident that with YOUR PRAYERS.

The Best is Still to Come.


May He Bless You


Your Friend and His


Brother Clifford Edwards


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


PO BOX 1. Magherafelt. County Londonderry. Northern Ireland. BT45 9AD.






 UK  Telephone 0044 7818230279


Faroe Islands Telephone  00298 787999

June 2017

My Friends in Jesus.

                                 At last I am able to contact you again.

After ten years sevice and much abuse, my computer has ( gone Google) and had it's last crash.

I left the United Kingdom in April and after travelling through Holland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. I arrived in the Faroe Islands at the end of April. My intention was to remain here for a month, but God had other plans for me.

Most Evangelical churches have now changed their Sunday service plan and have stopped evening services. This means I only speak at one church on Sunday morning, but I preach twice.

Normally it is firstly a Communnion service followed by coffee time and then family service. I preach at both services.

This has meant that I have had to stay on my" Beloved Faroes" for longer than planned. I leave here for Denmark on July 9th and then head for Sweden.

I would ask for prayer for my friend Gordon at this time. He has been a true friend here since I first met him over a decade ago. He has supported me in prayer and in many other ways but is going through a difficult time at his work.

Please intercede for this man of God at this crucial time.

Most of the finance for the Mission comes from Britain.

Since negotiations for "Brexit" began, the value of the pound has really been affected. It now costs me over 30% more to buy foreign currency and it is really beginning to affect the work.

Eric has been a guide and friend for over thirty years. He is a tireless worker for the Lord. Each time I meet him he tells me of His burden for small churches and for the need of evangelists to visit. Most of these churches are struggling, not only through lack of members, but financially as well.

Here in the Faroe Islands I attend isolated churches with very small congregations. The Faroes depend upon fishing for their economy. Little villages often depend upon their fishermen and small fishing boats for work.

I spoke at one Evangelical Church a few weeks ago who depend upon fishing to survive. "Twice" in the last fifty years the majority of the male members have perished in storms. This has left the wives, children and the old men to keep the Church going.

It is an honour to visit such places and join with them in prayer and thanksgiving. If you have a struggling church near you. Why not join them once a month and let them know that  you care.

To build the Church and make it really grow depends uon  grow depends upon YOU.


May God Bless You

Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


PO Box 1 Magherafelt. County Londonderry. BT45 9AD


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Spring 2017


Dear Friends.

First of all I apologise for the very long delay in writing a newsletter.

The winter has been long and hard for me and it is wonderful to see the spring sun and feel the warmth of the approaching summer.

Each day has been a battle for me with persistent tiredness and it has been so hard to concentrate on anything. At last I know what has been wrong with me and can do something about it.

After talking with Doctor Rob and a blood test it appears that the sugar diabetes has taken a hold on me and I suffer from a lack of certain vitamins and minerals. I now must sound like a babies rattle with the amount of tablets I am taking, but Praise the Lord, things are getting better at last.

The van has been giving trouble recently and the M O T is due next week.

I arrived at the garage I use last week and two mechanics have worked on the van for six days to bring it up to the mark for me.

The prop shaft has been replaced because it was so worn out it was dangerous, The back brakes have had to be renewed because they were not working properly. The brake drums looked like something from a scrap yard and have been replaced. On Monday I take the van for the M O T and pray it will pass. Then must pay the bill. How I Praise The Lord that even after 21 years of service My Lord still supplies ALL my needs. He is so Gracious to me.

I leave the United Kingdom before Easter and once again head North beyond the Arctic Circle and then the Russian Border.

A number of people have contacted me and I have promised to visit the Faroe Islands again. I hope to arrive there in mid April and stay for around six weeks. It will be good to meet up with my many friends on those beautiful Islands.

I must say a heartfelt thank you to all of you who pray for me. It is your prayers that keep this work going forward and I thank you for taking the time to remember me before the Throne of Grace.

I would ask you to continue praying for Wisdom and Strength for me. I find it hard to believe that I am now 71 years old and once again on the verge of a Great Adventure.

Please make my work easier by dropping me a line of encouragement this year.

I am NEVER alone, but at times I really pray for an Email or letter from someone. As I get older I find I miss hearing from my friends even more.


May God Bless You

Your friend in Jesus

Brother Clifford Edwards
(Cannock UK )


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


PO Box 1. Magherafelt. County Londonderry. Northern Ireland. BT45 9AD




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Telephone 0044 7818230279


July 2016

My friends.

Once again I am on the road and heading onwards and upwards.

The trip to the Faroe Islands was very successful and I was able to renew old friendships and meet many new people during my six week stay. Once again I arrived in the snow and left in the rain !!

After a peaceful sail on Norrona to Denmark I drove to Sandviken in Sweden and spoke at a couple of meetings there. I made a new friend in Ockelbo during my last visit and she had arranged a home meeting for me. It was a pleasure to meet Madeline again and her home was filled to capacity and beyond. We had a real good time and I left with enough food to last for days.

Midsummer was spent in the Kuhmo area of Finland and I was invited there to speak at the Midsummer Festival which lasted for three days.

I was amazed and rather confused when I had a clear message to head south for Tallin in Estonia. I thought my work there was completed three years ago.

After much prayer I set off on another long journey to Helsinki to catch a ship.

On arrival in Tallin I headed south through Estonia and decided to revisit the Forest Concentration Camp at Salaspils in Latvia.

It took two days of hard driving to get there and on arrival I wished I had stopped away

It has become a shrine to Facism and the forest car park has become the meeting place for teenagers and the late night centre for lovers.

The last time I drove through Poland was three years ago when I was in great pain with prostrate problems. I decided then that I would not go to Poland again. Mainly because of language problems as very few people speak English and also I found the food was not for me.

My next step was to find out the Lord's will.

I did not like what I felt He was calling me to do but when you walk in Faith you do as you are told.

After my experience at Salas pils I did not want to visit any more concentration camps but My Will has nothing to do with My journey.

It took me three days and nearly a thousand miles of driving bad roads to reach Austwich.

Since childhood I have heard of the terrible crimes committed in that place but never desired to visit.

It took a full day to walk round the camp and when I finally emerged I felt so empty and sad. Tears would not stop flowing as looked at the Photographs I had taken but words could never describe my inner feelings.

The following morning I visited the sister camp "Birkenau"

It was here the trains full of Jews and other ethnic minorities were sent to die.

I followed a party of American students on the five Kilometre walk around the camp and stood to one side and listened to the terrible story from a young lecturer. Many of the young people were in tears as we stood amongs't the devastation of the crematorium and the Gas Chambers. Everything had been dynamited by the SS before they fled the area,

It was in that place I found one of the reasons for my visit.

The lecturer had called a ten minute halt and the young people took time to sit and chat amongs't themselves.

I moved a short distance away from the group and sat on a nearby seat.

I realised that I was being spoken to by a pretty young lady and she was being friendly to a stranger,

Why are you here ? she asked.

I invited her to join me and gently told her of my visit and my reactions to the two camps.

But why are you here ? she asked again.

I told her a little of my story and why I travelled for Jesus. I spoke of "Corrie ten Boom" and her time in Ravensbruk over the border in Germany.

I then spoke of Our Heavenly Father and how He sent Jesus to both Jews and Gentiles.

I looked up at her and realised we were not alone !!

All the young people had come over and silently listened to our conversation, nearly a hundred heard of the "Hope of Life" in a place of death.

The group moved on and I stayed to pray and receive the communion I had promised to take in the grounds of the Death Camp.

As she was leaving my young friend spoke to me again.

Do you know who we are ? she asked.

No ! I replied, you are just very nice young people.

We are "ALL JEWS"

Our parents and grandparents asked us to come here and told us to learn.

They came to witness Death but heard about Life.

There are five Death Camps in Poland and I visited four of them. Birkenau, Sobibor. Belzek and Treblinka. I then drove over the border into Germany and visited Ravensbruk.

Everything in Ravensbruk is written in German except for a couple of exibitions.

All was spotless and most of the buildings were still standing.

The SS exibition had a section dedicated to the Hero's of the camp.

One small section was about a true Hero of mine, and millions of Christians worldwide.

Corrie Ten Boon.

I do not desire to return to these places of death but if the whole episode was just to speak to a hundred young Americans. It was time well spent.

The Web Master has kindly put new pictures pages on the site. It will take a while but I have many photos to upload. Austwich has already been started if you want to look

Where Next ? Onward and Upward as I follow the route my Father has Planned.

God Bless

Your Friend in Jesus

Brother Clifford Edwards

( Poland )


Highways for Jesus


PO Box1, Magherafelt. County Londonderry, BT45 9AD






June 2016

My Friends.


                   May I first of all apologise for the very long delay in writing to you.

It has been a very long and often cold winter which has given me health problems.

You may remember the health issues I faced when I visited the Faroe Islands early last year. I was very ill with the results of a bad attack of hypothermia,  Without the intervention of my friends in Fuglafjordur and prayers of friends worldwide I could not have survived.  I still shudder when I remember that terrible feeling of  helplessness as I struggled with total lack of energy.

When I finally arrived back in the United Kingdom I turned into a modern day "Rip Van Winkle" and kept falling asleep for hours at a time.

During the last few weeks I have had difficulty eating and even found it impossible to concentrate when I used the computer.

How I pray that at last the nightmare period is over and I am able to give my ALL, to the service of The King.

At last a diagnosis has been found. I have a mild form of Diabetes, it is in the early stages and only requires a change of diet and more care.

Since beginning this newsletter I have left the United Kingdom and driven through Holland, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. I am now in the Faroe Islands.

As always, the people here have made me very welcome and I have been busy.

Last Sunday I preached at Hebron Church in the area of Argir. The sermon has been put on YouTube ( and it is worth watching.

This weekend is the going to be very busy. Friday I speak to the youth at Hebron and on Saturday I pray that the work distributing the Gospel of John to every home in Torshavn will be completed.

Please Pray as I prepare to head off on Sunday for Sweden and then to Kuhmo in Finland.


God Bless


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards.


Highways for Jesus


Highways for Jesus


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My Dear Friends.

Another year has begun and the time has come for me to write a Newsletter. Time flies by and I seem to be getting older at twice the normal rate. I wish all my readers a Blessed and Joyful year as you strive to serve our beautiful Saviour.

Last year was epic with many wonderful memories of the Lord moving in the lives of so many people.

I spent Easter in the Sandviken area of Sweden where my friend Bengt had arranged many meetings for me and he once again proved a brilliant translator.

I pray the Lord will allow me to return to Sweden this year to meet up with my many friends.

My trip through the Tigre Forest began at the eastern end of Belarus and continued through Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Norway as I followed the roads and forest tracks along the Russian Border to finish the trip on the banks of the Barents Sea.

As always, the highlight of the tour was my visit to the British and the German Memorials situated at the Alta Fjord in Norway. These memorials are to the memory of sailors on both sides to men who died during the sinking of the German Battleship "Tirpitz". Each year I leave a red poppy at the memorial from the Christians I represent in my wonderful work. Last year I was able to leave a wooden cross made by the Royal British Legion. It seemed to be the correct thing to do as we celebrate the centenary of the first world war.

I believe that this years trip abroad will be my final venture into foreign lands for a while but this is up to the Lord and not my desire. Last year I travelled through 23 different countries and I find that it is getting too much for me as I reach the age of seventy in just a few months.

The work still continues but seems to be changing direction and the Lord is moving in a wonderful way. Not only in my life but in the ministry I represent.

When I returned from my trip to the outer and inner Hebrides I headed to Bristol to meet up with friends.

Whilst there I heard a friend had died.

I had known Margaret for many years and during my last years of alcoholism she had never turned her back on me. Her sister Susan is married to a cousin of mine and I watched their two boys as they grew up and went to junior school.

At the funeral I once again met up with the family.

John is the youngest and is now in his late twenties. I must say I did not recognise him when I saw him again.

He asked questions about my work and then asked if he could come on a trip with me to Ireland. I said NO.

During the next few days I was asked to take John with me by each one of the family and then my doctors became involved.

The reason for the requests soon became evident. John had a serious problem with cannabis and the habit was out of control.

The Lord spoke into my heart and eventually I said yes and agreed John could meet me in Dublin a couple of weeks later.

I had never taken a passenger before and dreaded the test ahead of me.

John arrived at 7 30 am and I decided to take him to County Kerry. After a two day tour around the Ring of Kerry we made our way to Listowel and my friends at the Christian Fellowship.

What a welcome awaited us there and I certainly appreciated the way they took John under their wings.

I was given a break as Christians took John home for the day and went to a lot of trouble to welcome a stranger into their midst.

After week I drove John back to England and into the welcoming arms of his parents.

Two months have passed and John is still not using drugs.

How I praise the Lord for the miracle in John's life.

My dear friend Wesley Forde has helped me during the winter by giving me access to electricity and heating whenever I was in the Dungannon area. He has been a true brother in Christ to me during a very cold winter.

I leave for the Cork and Kerry area later this week and due to the number of calls and emails I have received it has been decided that I once again head for the Faroe Islands in April.


I pray you will have a Blessed year as you serve the Risen Saviour.


God Bless You


Your Friend In Jesus




Brother Clifford

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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North Cape. Norway, June 2014

My Friends in Jesus.

As I sit here on the top of the world, looking out over the Arctic Sea. I begin to feel that the years are slowly creeping up on me.

The past week has not been good here with weather that can only be experienced at the ends of the earth. Snow, wind, torrential rain and sub zero temperatures are all part of life here in the far north.

Next month I celebrate my 69th birthday and four weeks later will be my true day of birth as I celebrate 18 years on the road for Jesus. It is hard to imagine what would have happened to me if I had not said YES to Jesus all those years ago.

This year I have travelled many thousands of kilometres and have visited or reached the borders of 17 countries. I have seen many wonderful things as the Holy Spirit has moved with individuals and congregations in the northern hemisphere.

I had a super time whils't in Finland and it was really special to meet up with my friends again in Kuhmo.

I left the town feeling really exhausted because of the amount of meetings I spoke at. Day after day I spoke in three or four meetings and also joined the church groups as they proclaimed the Gospel in the market square.

Passing the Arctic Circle I called in to see Santa and after a chat with him I gave him an English Bible. He even insisted on coming out to see my home and having his picture taken beside the Jesus Bus.

Following the road to the Russian border I arrived at the town of Salla and called in the local supermarket.

Crossing the car park I became aware of a young man selling Garden plants. As I passed by I said hello and He smiled and asked my name.

I recognised him but could not remember why.

It turned out that I spoke in his school four or five years ago and at the age of 13 he was one of my translators.

What a joy it was to meet Nikko again and speak about Jesus to him.

He told me that he was working for the summer and thinking about university.

I was delighted when He told me He was studying Languages and wants a degree to become an Interpreter.

I feel so proud of the way the Lord uses me when I see people like Nikko.

"Please Pray for this terrific young Gentleman" He will go far.

Onwards and always Northwards I go.

In the town of Lakselv I met up with Ida Johnston.

She works for CEF "Child Evangelist Fellowship" and has served the Lord for years in this very remote but beautiful area of Norway.

It was good to talk about our mutual friends in Ireland and to leave her with some goodies for her enjoyment.

The Web Master designed and built this web site when he was still at school and eleven years later he is still the webmaster and a close friend.

He has left university and has started work in computers. I really wish him well in his future. I am sure His parents are as proud of him as I am. Congratulations The Web Master from us ALL.

For years I have had problems getting my mail when on the road.

Brian Fleming has agreed to send it to me when I am travelling abroad and I am really grateful to him. I have just opened some personal letters and they brought me great pleasure.

I may even get some Birthday Cards this year.

I now head south towards the UK but do not know where until my Father tells me. Please Pray.


God Bless You


His Friend and Yours


Brother Clifford

"North Cape. Norway"

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Highways for Jesus


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October 2013


My Friends.

I must admit that each time I sit down to write to you I have no idea what the newsletter will contain.

I depend upon the Holy Spirit to reveal to my mind events and situations that have happened to me in the last weeks.

Most of you will know that once again I have changed my vehicle and now drive an Eight metre long American Motor Home.

How I wish I had bought one of these vehicles five years ago. I still find it a little difficult to drive as the vehicle is left hand drive and much wider than the last motorhome, but I will soon get used to it.

I have had a problem with a gas fire I was using. It was brand new but had a fault which could not be seen. I finished up with a very bad case of carbon monoxide poisoning and have been quite unwell for nearly a month.

Thank God for the faithful prayer warriors who upheld me through the bad experience and now I am nearly back to full health. I have received the results from the doctor from the many tests I had earlier this year " All Clear"

Earlier this year I visited Iceland for a few weeks and prayed the roads around that beautiful country. I was told that the son of Billy Graham was going to visit Iceland for a two day festival.

Whils't I was praying I felt the Lord was asking me to pray for a reawakening of the gospel in the land. As I travelled the roads I prayed for the ministry of Franklin Graham and the preparation going on behind the scenes. The festival has now been held with astounding results.

Hundreds of people have made decisions to follow "Jesus" and now we await the will of God for Iceland.Please pray for the new christians and the church in Iceland.

On the way back to Britain I called to see my friends in the Faroe Islands. During my time there I was able to speak to the youth of the town of Klaxvik and made many new friends there.

The meeting was arranged by the youth leader "Margith" and it was a real pleasure to encourage the young people. "Margith" revealed to me that she had just been told by the doctor she was expecting a child in the Autumn. I was able to pray for her and today received an Email from her.

I am sure you will all join me as I pray for "Naomi" the little girl born on 6th September to a lovely christian family.

I write this from the wonderful Shetland Islands.

The Lord instructed me to return here after a break of over four years. It has been good to meet up with friends I have not seen for so long. I have been made so welcome by the people of the islands. I have been very encouraged by the number of people who have contacted me and called to see me as I parked in many different locations around the islands. I am so pleased the Lord has once again given me the desires of my heart.

In 2000 I drove a car and caravan round the perimeter of Ireland. This was my first experience of the ministry of prayer and encouragement. The new vehicle is dedicated to prayer and is being used mightily as christians and those in need call in for a quiet word with a passing stranger.

The book of my testimony is going out like hot cakes and is proving very popular. I am getting phone calls and Emails from Scandinavia and the UK from those who have been given the booklet. I praise the Lord for the lives changed because of the way Jesus has changed MY life.

I will be back in Londonderry for christmas this year and look forward to receiving christmas cards to decorate the lounge of my new home. Last year I received 33 cards and still take them out and read them on a regular basis. I also take time to pray for each of the kind people who took time to remember me. May I take this opportunity to welcome the new readers of this newsletter and hope the contents will encourage you to pray and become part of this wonderful ministry.

Later this week I head for the Orkney Islands.


May God Bless You.


Your Friend in Jesus



Brother Clifford Edwards




Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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August 2013

My Friends.

It has been an unusual winter for me and I seem to have been waiting for hospital test results or being examined by doctors for ages.

As I write this I am preparing to go for even more tests on Tuesday.

I was asked to send samples for testing and because of the inconclusive results I must have a colonoscopy examination to find out if anything is wrong with me.

I have thought long and hard about the future and realised that if I have to have surgery the motorhome would not be suitable because of the lack of space.

I was left with two alternatives. Find a house and settle down in retirement or, change the vehicle.

I had to take out a large overdraft but I am now driving a motor home that should allow me to rest and recuperate and also it is far more suitable for the work I do.

I can now allow people inside and hold prayer meetings for up to eight people in comfort.

I hope to have pictures of the vehicle on the website within a few days and will soon have slogans stuck to the outside.

The motor home has a large lounge, seperate shower and bathroom. Best of all it has a real cooker and I no longer have to live on fried food. It even has a real bed with storage facilities underneath. All I have to do now is pray that the Lord will supply the money to pay off the overdraft and allow me to continue serving him for the rest of my life.

During the year I have travelled around Ireland and the Lord has used me on many occasions to pray for people. I firmly believe that the future of this mission will be the distribution of tracts and prayer.

The mission to Iceland and the Faroe Islands in May and June was a great success but the cost of transporting the vehicle was crippling.

I do not think I will return to those beautiful Islands unless I go on holiday or the churches decide to contribute towards the heavy costs.

I would like to thank the kind people who sent birthday cards to me and telephoned their good wishes on the day.

My future plan is to return to Northern Ireland before driving through Scotland and heading for Orkney, Shetland and the Outer Hebrides.

I would hope to be back in England by November and will continue travelling the United Kingdom throughout the Winter.

I will then be available to speak at churches and home groups if I am invited.

If anyone wants to drop me a line at the above address I should be in Northern Ireland very soon. This all depends upon the doctors reports and decisions and also depends entirely upon the Lord supplying the finance required.

It feels good to once again being totally dependent upon the Lord for everything and setting out on a great adventure for Him. How I hope you will join me in prayer as I seek His face in PRAYER for those who need His touch so much.

I have been told that my dear friend Norman Sommervile of Limavady in Northern Ireland has been admitted to hospital for a triple heart byepass.

Norman has been a close friend of mine for over 15 years and has been a true prayer warrior. He is very involved with Limavady Baptist Church and is a tireless worker for the Lord. Every Easter he has his own programme on the church radio station and wherever I may be in the world,He invites me to take part in the midnight programme and welcome in Easter day.

Many years ago he began a youth club in a very hard part of the town and still runs it four nights a week. During the day he helps run an old folks day centre just outside Londonderry. Please pray for the dear brother and Betty his wife in the coming days. Norman is older than me and works twice as hard. One of our unsung Heroes.

Please forgive me if I do not update the web page as often as before, I find myself getting very tired in the evening and because so few people actually leave a message I often feel very alone.

I also know where these thoughts come from and realise that over a thousand people a week read my comments.

Please keep me in your prayers as I once again face an uncertain yet certain future. But whatever the future may have in store for me I know with certainty where I will spend Eternity.


May God Bless You


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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My Friends. July 2013

Once again I must send my thanks to all who have prayed for me during the last months.

I look back at the first part of my tour in Iceland and the Faroe Islands with a feeling of awe. The trip to Iceland was very hard for me as it was still winter when I arrived there and even though I had winter tyres on the motorhome it was hard work driving.

My first hurdle faced me as I left Seydisfjordur and headed over the mountain to Eglisstadir. I soon reached the snow line and found the side of the road littered with cars and lorries that had lost grip on the icy road.

I kept on driving and praying as I negotiated the treacherous summit and my first experience of driving in a blizzard where I could not see the road in front of me.

I was able to stay in Iceland for over six weeks and met up with so many wonderful people as I travelled around the country praying for the country and the people and homes I passed on my 6,000 mile journey .

If I tried to put down on paper the miracles I witnessed I would be writing for weeks.

My time on Westmanna was a time of joy for me as I met up with so many friends from all over Scandinavia at the Gideon's annual conference.

I was also able to record some tv and radio programmes whils't I was in Iceland but still await a copy of the tv interviews to put on the web page.

As always I really enjoyed my time on the Faroe Islands and was made really welcome by the christian friends in villages and towns all over the Islands.

I was able to join the three Evangelical churches as they joined together for their Easter conference and was able to record and copy hundreds of CD's of the meetings over three days.

I have been visiting the Faroe Islands since the year 2006.

The Lord reminded me that during my first mission I had promised to visit the Islands for seven years. This means that my time of mission in the Faroe Islands has now been completed and I must now find out what The Lord desires of me in the coming days.

I have really enjoyed my time of mission on the Faroe Islands and I am sure that many of the residents will remember me in the coming days.

I made many friends during my time on the Faroes and I have spoken to a large percentage of the youth and children about my friend "Jesus" and I pray that I have left a lasting witness.

In 2008 I was able to have printed 30,000 gospels of Luke and have them distributed to every house on the Islands.

It is unfortunate but the cost of reaching the islands has now risen to a level that the work cannot support. I hope I will be sent to Iceland in the future and then I can spend a few days visiting my friends as I pass the Faroe Islands but that is not in my hands. If I do call it will be to visit friends and visit some of the churches who have always made me so welcome.

I am writing this newsletter in a lay-by just outside Enniskillen as I prepare to head for County Kerry and County Dublin.

I have known Claire Forde for a number of years and she would come to my home every month with her parents to join in the prayer meetings. Whils't the adults prayed, Claire and her brother Alan would watch videos and eat sweets but she was always very special to me. I was so proud when I found out that she had decided to train as a nurse and and has nearly completed her training..

I met Gavin on the Island of Westray. This is an island that is part of the Orkneys, just a few miles from the top of Scotland. He came to Westray when he was appointed pastor of the Baptist Church on the island.

On the 20th of this month the two of them will be married at the Lifeboat Church in Dungannon. I promised to sing at their wedding and was so pleased when they asked me to join them on their big day. It was a long way for me to travel and seemed to take for ever as I sailed from the Arctic areas of Iceland to Ireland. But promises must be kept if I am to be a true witness for Jesus.

Please pray for these lovely young people as they are joined together and then return to Westray to serve our "Beloved Saviour". I pray that during the service and reception, someone will make a decision to Follow Jesus.

It is many years since I was able to celebrate my birthday in the UK but because of the wedding I will stay in Northern Ireland for an extra week to celebrate with my friends and pick up my birthday cards on the big day. If I get any!

A week after the wedding I will be 68 years of age. Looking back I stand in awe as I realise what the Lord has done for me in the 17 years I have served Him.

A man with two or three weeks to live and a one pound coin in his pocket in 1996 is still able to make a small contribution to the plan God has for the world.I have not met many people with my background who are able to carry on working at such a demanding job at my age. ( It must have something to do with Jesus)

I will head for Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Norway when I leave Britain in early August and once again pray my way through the largest forest on earth.

Please keep on praying that the Lord will supply my needs as I once again head out and endeavour to serve our Mighty King.


May God Bless You

Your Friend in Jesus

Brother Clifford Edwards.

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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Web Page.



Iceland May 2013

My Friends.

It is only a couple of weeks since I sent out a newsletter but I feel I must keep you up to date.

I have now completed a full circuit of Iceland using the ring road that takes travellers through the most beautiful scenery you could ever imagine.Yesterday I drove over the mountains to Egilsstadir and then returned to Myvatn. The trip over the mountains was a nightmare to drive. Fifty miles of heavy wind with snow blowing into the windscreen. I had to wear sunglasses because of the intense whiteout and most of the time I could only just see the road. The sat-nav told me that most of the mountain drive was over 550 metres above sea level.

The wild life was nowhere to be seen. But in the valleys were hundreds of thousands of geese, swans and ducks who are waiting for the spring to arrive. Lakes are frozen over so they cannot build nests yet.

I am now back in Akureyri and met up with Snorri. He is a pastor I have not seen for over five years it was so good that the Lord allowed me to see him. He has given up his job as a High school teacher because he was told to teach things that his faith would not allow. "Praise the Lord for people of concience".

I have put texts on the motorhome and will upload pictures when I am able. At last passers by will know what the motorhome is about.

The feedback I am receiving from my life story booklet is quite incredible. I am getting a couple of phone calls every week from the London area. Most of the calls are from Alcoholics or people with drug problems. Because I am in Iceland the cost of telephone calls is very high and I normally ring the person back. This helps the caller because they are not always aware of where I am and it is not a good witness to them if I allow them to run up massive phone bills.

I have just given permission for another five thousand books to be sent to London for outreach work.

Please pray that I get many phone calls and that the Lord supplies the finance required to pay my large phone bills.

I am aware that many of you pray for me on a regular basis and I wish to thank you for the great commitment you have made to me in this wonderful way. Do you ever wonder how your prayers are answered?

I received an Email a few months ago from a young man I met in the Shetland Islands. He reminded me of our meeting at an agricultural show in Voe. I remembered him instantly and wondered why he had written after a gap of seven or eight years.

He informed me that he had written his life story and had published it on E Books. I downloaded a copy and was thrilled to read of our meetings in Shetland so many years ago.

The book is titled "Design for Life" by Peter Jamieson and as I read it I was able to thank God that in a small way I was able to help a young Christian. I was not alone in that meeting!!!!

The Prayers of the Saints ( YOU ) enabled me to be a witness at the beginning of a young mans journey for Jesus.

If you have a Kindle ebook I would recommend this very honest and well written book.

Tonight I am parked in a lay-by on the top of a mountain, it is nearly midnight and I can still read without artificial light.There is no darkness here at the moment and it is incredible watching the swans as they prepare for nest building. Very few cars pass by and I am enjoying the profound silence. I would love to meet the person who invented hot water bottles. I have one on my knees and it is certainly keeping the sub zero temperatures at bay.

My last newsletter certainly proved popular and I received two replies from readers who have not contacted me for years. Both of them revealed that they photocopy the newsletters and distribute them to friends and church members.

Replies like these are an inspiration to me and make me want to share my travels with you. So often I get no replies for months and I wonder if it is worth the effort of updating the Visitors Page or writing the newsletters. I am sorry but I am human and often feel isolated.

One of my major needs as I travel is finding places to charge up the batteries for my power supply in the van. I have been fortunate that I am often asked if I need electric and I am able to charge up. If not it costs a fortune using caravan sites.

I decided to use a gift of money given to me by a supporter and install a solar panel on the motorhome roof. It was expensive but I bought one and my friend Oliver and his son Johannes from the Faroe Islands installed it. I have been amazed by the reult of this small devise. I can now travel for five days without recharging. At the moment it is generating electricity for 24 hours a day. It does not go dark here. I am now praying for funds to buy another solar panelwhich I will need in the winter.

I hope to send another newsletter very soon.


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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May 2013

My Friends.

As I travel the roads of the Northern Hemisphere I am constantly amazed by the beauty that surrounds me.

I am travelling through Iceland at the moment and the scenery here has to be seen to be believed. I have been here on a number of occasions but I never tire of the incredible majesty of the snow capped mountains or the wind stirred oceon that surrounds this land.

I arrived here two weeks ago and was greeted by a snow storm. The sail from the Faroe Islands was all I desired as the boat tossed and rolled it's way through a lovely storm. I do not like calm seas when I travel but seldom get the opportunity to use the seat belts fitted to the beds on the ship Norrona.

My first stop on the tour was at the village of Hofn where I was greeted by my friend Steiner and made very welcome.

The evening I arrived was prayer meeting night and I was delighted to hear that the Billy Graham organisation were planning a weekend Festival in September. The speaker will be Billy Grahams son "Franklin" who has now taken over the work from his father.

It was during the prayer meeting that I felt God speaking to me and silently whispering the reason for my visit to the country.

My task is to travel the road around Iceland and pray for the Glory of God to surround this land in preparation for the coming Festival.

I have passed many solitary houses and isolated villages on my way and have been able to pray for them as I slowly passed by.

I stayed in Hofn for a few days and then continued along the road to Rejkavik.

On the way I took diversions along roads I have never travelled before. The double decker buses made me travel the main routes and I could not gain access to many isolated villages and viewing area where tourists gather. This has now changed dramatically!

After spending a couple of nights observing the Icebergs and Glaciers I moved on to Gullfoss waterfall and Geyser.

When the tourists had left at the end of each day I was left alone to enjoy the total silence that I love so much.

Sitting outside the van at midnight with a cup of tea and staring at the stars does something to the soul that words or music cannot compete with.

It was a special time of communion with our Lovely Saviour which I will always cherish.

Last week I caught the boat to the Island of Westmanna and I am still here.

I was greeted by my friend Steingrimmer and his wife and son.

These people are old and treasured friends who have served the Lord on this volcanic island for many years.

I look out of the van window at the volcanoe towering above me and recall that in 1973 it caused great devastation here as it erupted. No one was hurt but every islander had to evacuate the island.

Many homes were covered in volcanic ash and quite a large number are still buried. A project has now started to try and excavate houses as a tourist attraction.

This weekend was a special weekend for the christians of Westmanna.

Gideons International held their annual conference at the local Pentecostal Church.

I went to the service today and was greeted by so many people from countries all over the northern territories.

Men and women I have spoken to over the years made me feel so special as they remembered this old tramp for the Lord.

Something is happening in Iceland!!!!

The Gideon Conference, Franklin Graham Festival and sending myself on a round the nation Prayer Drive.

God is moving and much prayer is required. Please join us as we pray for the Glory of God and a move of the Holy Spirit on this Island at the top of the World.

If you can find the time I would dearly love to hear from you.



May God Bless You


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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April 2013


My Friends.

At last I can say with certainty that my health has improved and after months of trouble I feel well and able.

I write this newsletter from the Faroe Islands. The motorhome is parked on the top of a mountain overlooking a beautiful Fjiord and the sun is shining. At night the temperatures are dipping below freezing point and the mountains and high ground are covered in snow but I have nothing to complain about as my friends here are really looking after me.

On this trip I seem to be speaking to a lot of children and young adults and I am certainly enjoying myself as I see the words I utter bring encouragement to our future adults.

The Easter weekend was spent on the Island of Suderoy and it was good to be part of the annual conference for the Evangelical churches.

I brought a cd copying machine with me and was able to to copy all the services for distribution amongst those who attended and also for those who could not get to the meetings.

It was hard work and I only found time to sleep for four hours out of forty eight, but it really was worth the trouble. I must thank Ivor from Monaghan for getting me the blank CD's at a real good price and for making the outreach possible.

The motorhome is doing a good job but I am still desperate for space to store things. As the tour goes on it will be much easier because much of the literature etc will have found new homes.

The Lord has been truly gracious to me this winter and has led me onwards to speak to many people. It was a truly special time for me when I was led to Listowel Christian Fellowship in County Kerry. The people there really looked after me and I was able to sleep and recuperate for over three weeks.

Every day I was visited by a member of the congregation with food and this seemed to be the turning point for me.

I was also able to spend much time in prayer as I prepared for the future.

I would like to thank those of you who supported me in prayer during my time of testing. To those who wrote to me by mail and Email or sent messages by the Visitors Atrium "Thank for caring"

I have been here in the Faroe Islands for three weeks now and leave on Monday for a six week tour of Iceland. During my time there I feel I should fly to Greenland again.

I must be honest and admit that I really do not desire to revisit Greenland but feel the Lord is leading me there for a reason. He has not yet revealed the area He wants me to visit but I am sure all will be made clear in the near future.

The weather forecast for Iceland is not very good but I now know that my new vehicle will stand the test and keep me warm and safe.

Once again I would like to pass on my thanks to my dear friend Eric who runs "Caleb Initiative" The charity that looks after donations sent to support this work.

I have found that donations given directly to me have decreased because the vehicle I now drive is not as visitor friendly as the big buses.

I am sure things will pick up when the summer comes but I would really appreciate your prayers in the coming days.

I received an Email from a very close friend this morning. During the latter part of my drinking days, Steve and Cill were very supportive and prayed for me on a regular basis. During the days of this work I have been able to depend on them to be around if ever they are needed.

Yesterday they got results from a cancer scan that revealed a couple of small cancerous nodules in Cill's lung.

An operation will be needed to remove them and I ask if you will PLEASE include these lovely people in your prayers. I will keep you all updated as I am informed of progress.

Please keep me in your prayers as I once again set out on the Road to Glory and please pray for many opportunities to share the Gospel and love of Christ as I travel onwards.


May God Bless You


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards





Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


PO Box 1. Magherafelt. County Londonderry. BT45 5QY





January 2013


My Friends in Jesus.

Another year has begun, but what wonders does it hold for each one of us ?

I reflect upon all that has passed and see the hand of God working so plainly in my life.

I look back at the way the Lord led me to meet the farming family in Latvia and the incredible way He used myself and supporters of this mission to help them in their time of need. When I arrived at their farm in 2011 I found the whole family living in one room. They had no real furniture, no running water or decent sanitary ware. The children ran around with no shoes on their feet and everyone ate their meals with their fingers because they had no cutlery. When I left them this year the whole outlook had changed.

They had a real bathroom with a shower and hot and cold running water which is pumped from a small pond at the bottom of their field. The father of the family has found work and can support his large brood. All the rooms are decorated and clean with new furniture supplied by the people of Finland and Sweden. I arrived on my final visit to find the whole family rejoicing because they had hired a large marquee and just completed a one month tent mission in the centre of their city of Aluksne.

I found it difficult but also felt supported by the Love of God as I said goodbye to the family in early July. Only the Holy Spirit could have given the knowledge and strength required to close a chapter of my life at the right time. We must all remember that He gives us tasks for a season to glorify our Heavenly Father. We must hear and obey Him when He tells us to leave the task in His hands.

The work in 2012 was operated from a converted lorry but it was really a suitable vehicle to do the work I wanted to do. The Lord used it mightily for the work as I carried Russian literature around Scandinavia ant the Baltic States.

The children of The Faroe Islands will never forget the Easter celebrations of 2012 because I took hundreds of Easter eggs to give away. The conference I was able attend on the Island of Suderoy was a true blessing and was engraved upon my heart as a special time in the work.

I spend a lot of my time speaking to the children and young adults when I visit the Islands and how I pray the Lord will nourish His Word in their young hearts.

Once again I was able to visit my friends in Finland and was able to arrange a delivery of 1,000 Christmas calendars and Christmas CD'S to my friend Timo for the Russian residents in his parish. Everything was in their native language.

In September I heard that Every Home Crusade in Northern Ireland had sent another container of Russian Gospels to my contact in Finland. I was told afterwards that the twenty foot container was so full, not even a fly could have entered. These gospels should be in the right hands by now in Russia.

The Lord led me into Norway and I was able to visit a group of believers who had travelled to the top of the world to do voluntary work. The team came from various churches in Northern Ireland and had paid their own travelling expenses to visit a children's camp and do repair work for two weeks. I had a great time and the work done was a credit to a group of lovely people. I have been able to meet up with some of the volunteers since I returned home to the United Kingdom.

I was able to spend some time travelling in the remote areas of Norway and met many interesting people. The motor home I was able to purchase with the help of some of my supporters is proving to be a great asset but I am finding the living space rather cramped. I am sure I will be used to it by the time I set off on my major tour in a few weeks time.

I sent everyone an Email last week to make you aware of the revamp to my life story booklet. I have had a few replies from friends who desired to edit the work but had already accepted the offer from Chris Wright.

He is an accomplished Christian author who has written a number of books and has now completed his work to both our satisfaction's.

After the cover is designed the book will be printed by Every Home Crusade and like the previous booklet it will be given away to those who desire copies. I now begin praying in the money and deciding how many to print.

Once again I must thank those who have helped the work over the past year in so many ways.

I feel I should mention The Web Master who has done a great job keeping up with the web site. I only have to ring him and he drops everything and keeps the site up to date.

Also Eric Curnow is more than a friend to me. He looks after the donations you send send to Caleb Initiative and spends much time in prayer for the work. Eric led me to the Lord in the late 1970's and still takes His role as spiritual mentor very seriously. I am very grateful to him for his love and care over the years. I must also thank his wife Anne for allowing Eric to spend so much time on my behalf.

Finally I must thank " YOU " for your prayers and help since I met you. Each one of you are very special and a blessing to me.

To the thirty families and friends who sent me a Christmas card last year, Thank you.

I have them in a special place and will re read them many times during the coming year. It was the record number of cards received since I went on the road permanently.

Please continue praying for me and it would be great if someone actually answered .


May God Bless You

Your Friend in Jesus

Brother Clifford Edwards

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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UK Tel 07818230279

December 2012

Dear Friends.

Sitting in my new motor home looking over the harbour and snow covered mountains of Fuglafjord in the Faroe Islands fills me with such joy and peace.

The motor home has given a few problems, but nothing like the problems in my last few vehicles. The pipes for hot water kept bursting but I have been able have most of them replaced and they now seem to be working properly.

I miss having an oven for cooking but manage with a microwave when I have access to electricity, also my living space is very limited but I will get used to it in time.

I last saw the doctors a couple of months ago and got the all clear for the lung problems, but still await the results from the culture tests which can take up to three months. I am convinced that with "God on my side" and the amount of prayer cover I am given from my many supporters that another miracle is being performed.

It is good to be back at work in the Faroe Islands and many new opportunities have opened up to me in the last three weeks. This week I was requested to visit an old folks home and sing for the residents as well as being able to give a short message. Because of my age and white hair I was able to speak about death and the coming Kingdom. All the residents and staff listened to me, and because of my age they took notice of the message. How I pray that even one of them will find the reality of Eternal Life in the coming days.

The work amongs't the children and young adults is slowly growing. In fact I am finding that I speak to the young people more often than I do to the adults.

This afternoon I will travel over a couple of mountains and then through the undersea tunnel to Klaxvik to speak to the young adults there this evening. Tomorrow I drive through two mountain tunnels to speak to another youth club in the most northerly part of the islands.

Because of my recent illness I have had to change my lifestyle very drastically and now eat on a far more regular basis. I also take more time resting including a daytime nap if it is needed. Also I am being far more selective with my engagements and insist upon taking time off for the body to recover properly.

I hope to be back in the United Kingdom in late December and look forward to reading my Christmas cards when I arrive in Northern Ireland. ( last year I received THREE)

If you can find the time, please drop me a line to let me know that I am not forgotten by you my wonderful friends.

I brought nearly two thousand Gospel Calendars with me to the Faroe Islands and most have been given away. I also was able to post a couple of hundred CD's of Russian christmas carols and arrange for Russian Calendars to be delivered to Kuhmo in Finland for the Russian residents there. Timo and his church will distribute them.

Also the Russian work continues in my absence and a twenty foot container full of the Gospel of Mark has been recieved in Finland for distibution in Russia, many thanks to "Every Home Crusade" in Northern Ireland for printing them and then sending the container.

The financial situation needs much prayer and I request each one of my readers to remember my needs at this time.

I hope to write again before Christmas but pray that the coming days will be a blessing for you all.

God Bless You All.


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards


PS. I will be able to get my mail in Northern Ireland when I arrive there later this month.

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


PO Box 1. Magherafelt.County Londonderry. Northern Ireland. BT45 9AD




E mail.

Mid September 2012


My Friends.


It is such a joy to be able to communicate with you all in this wonderful way. You are such special people who read the newsletters I send to all corners of the world.

These last few weeks have been very traumatic for me as I have been going through so many tests at the hospital to try to find out what is wrong with me.

Yesterday was probably the hardest day, I was informed the day before to be at hospital for an Endoscopy which is a very unpleasant test. It entails swallowing a long piece of pipe with a camera attached to take pictures and samples of the stomach. The doctor and nurses were very kind to me but the test seemed to take forever and I was so relieved when it was over.

Up to now the doctors are not giving me much information but I have been told that I have inflamation of the stomach and a shadow on my lung. Neither of these conditions are too serious and up to now there has been no trace of cancer.

Next week I go for a CT scan and that should give us more information.

My mouth is still full of ulcers but the bad rash in my groin area is clearing up though still unpleasant.

All through these tests and the discomfort I have felt lifted up by the prayers of so many of you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you kindness.

During the week I went to look at another motor home and at last I found one that fits the bill.

The vehicle is a 24 foot long Fiat Ducatto and even though it was more expensive and out of my reach financially I left a deposit on it.

The motor home will be delivered on Friday and I pray that the extra £3,000 I need will have arrived by then.

When I saw the van and Doctor Rob and I inspected it, I knew that it was the one the Lord had chosen for me.

The Motorhome is eight years old and has only done thirteen thousand miles. The owner for the last two years is a mechanic and has kept the van in A1 condition. This week he is fitting a new timing belt and taxing the vehicle for me.


Inside the van I will have toilet, shower, running hot and cold water and seating for up to 9 people. It also has a large refridgerator and even though it is not needed there is sleeping space for up to seven people. Under the bunks at the back is a garage area for tools and evangelistic materials.

For the last few years I have been able to carry vast amounts of literature and many bibles. I was also able to deliver the Word of God for other organisations as I travelled through Britain, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. I was also able to deliver furniture, food, toys and clothing to our family in Latvia.

This vehicle will not be able to do these things. It is not big enough and I am no longer able to carry heavy boxes any more on doctor's orders.

It is so exciting to go back to the work I have always loved.

The mission the Lord called me in to was the Highways and Byways, talking to motorists and passers by. It is a work I love and a very fullfilling ministry for me.

The last years have been very hard for me and I have really missed the outreach part of the work.

I know that God told me to be part of the bible ministry but unfortunately the transport costs have taken their toll and donations just did not cover the everything needed. So often I had to do without food because diesel or ferry fares were required. This has taken such a toll on my health that it has had to stop.

For sixteen years I have fasted every day and lived on coffee and one meal a day.

This is now over and I hope that plenty of good food and rest will bring my health back.

Finally I would like to thank those who have contributed to the appeal for the motorhome by sending gifts to Caleb Initiative, Pay Pal and directly into my bank accounts. I even got a donation by post from a dear friend from Cannes in the south of France.

Through all the years of service I have felt the hand of God on the work. This year He has been very close to me and I know without a doubt in my mind that He will keep all of His many promises written in His Word. As I write this he reminds me that the people of the Jewish culture are" His Chosen People"

He also tells me that I am ADOPTED into His Family" and so are YOU"

Will you Please help me to purchase the Motor Home I believe God has chosen for the work at this time.

You are my Sisters and Brothers, You are My Relatives in Christ, You are a Vital part of the Work as it goes on into the last years of my life.

But more importantly, Will You Please Pray that our Heavenly Father is Glorified as I continue visiting the hospial and prepare to travel the Roads for Jesus.

God Bless You

Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus

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Tel 07818230279


Dear Friends september 2012


As promised I am trying to keep you all informed about the health problems that beset me at this time.

I am writing this newsletter in Weston super Mare where I am trying to get some rest.

I am taking so many tablets at this time and I seem to be having a bad reaction to some of them. Eating and Drinking is very difficult as I am finding it very hard to swallow because of the inflamation of mouth and tongue.

I am also having to use baby cream because of a very bad rash which is making walking and sitting very painful.

I have to continue the courses of tablets to allow the lung infection to clear up and then the doctors can diagnose the problem and treat it.

Next week I will return to the hospital in Bolton for bowel tests and to find out what the doctors recommend for me in the next few weeks.

Living in the van without a proper toilet or running water is beginning to cause depression. I cannot work because people just cannot get into the van safely and of course this means I am not getting the donations I need to live on.

John and I have travelled all over the area looking for a Motor Home to continue the work but everything is either out of my price range or they are falling apart.

I must thank those of you who have contributed towards the new vehicle.

Eric from Caleb Initiative has banked your gifts as soon as they arrive and I am so grateful to him for his help at this time.

Three people have made gifts through Pay Pal amounting to £500 and I thank you for listening to the Lord and reacting so quickly.

I am praying that more finance comes in very quickly or it could be the end of the work.

Please pray for an early solution to my problems at this time. I know it is an attack from the enemy as he tries to stop me and I know he cannot win because " Jesus told me " He would never leave me or forsake me.

I am praying that someone will offer a loan to get a decent vehicle or an individual will help me to get back on the " Highways for Jesus "

I have made arrangements for my mail to be sent to me from the PO Box and pray that "God will supply all my needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus"


God Bless You All.

Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


PO BOX 1. Magherafelt. County Londonderry. Northern Ireland. BT45 9AD






Telephone  07818230279


My Friends.                                                                                                                                                        News 28 08 2012

                   I know it is only a few days since I sent out my last newsletter.

I have had numerous telephone calls and emails since I sent it out and I really want to thank those who have contacted me.

For so long I have sent out hundreds of newsletters periodically with only three or four answers to each one.

I cannot thank the folk enough who encourage me on a regular basis by Email, telephone and the Visitors Atrium , You are a true inspiration and help to me as I travel the lonely road.

I have begun tests at the hospital to try to find out what is really wrong with me. The first test was a medical and x ray at the local hospital in Lancashire.

The x ray has revealed that the right side of my lung has a blockage which has cut down the amount of oxygen getting into my bloodstream and this has caused my constant exhaustion. This we believe is due to an infection or something I have picked up during my constant foreign travel with different changes of diet and water.

Doctors have discounted cancer at this time but I will keep you all updated on a regular basis as to progress. I have been given antibiotics, steroids and lung sprays to help combat the infection and they seem to be working well.

My appetite is back and I am sleeping normally at last.

Doctor Rob is being a true friend at this time and each day we are driving around the area looking at motor homes.

They are all out of my price range ( free ) but we have seen some old ones on our tours around.

I have to ask myself if God really wants me to represent Him in an old broken down vehicle again. I got rid of the last bus because I had purchased someone else's problems as I have done so often, but that was all I could afford. I pray He will touch hearts and allow me to have a reasonable standard of living. 

Running Water, Showers, Heating and toilet facilities are taken for granted in this day and age. Yet I have done without these things since I got rid of the caravan in the year 2000.  

At the age of 67,  I want a little basic comfort as I head for retirement, be it sooner or later.

I go to the hospital tomorrow (Wednesday) for breathing tests and maybe a CT scan amongst other tests and would ask for your prayers for healing.

Next Thursday I have another appointment for bowel and kidney tests to try to find out why I was passing small traces of blood in my waste.

On Thursday I will drive to Bristol and Weston super Mare to meet up with praying friends and to empty the van of the vast amount of literature etc I have been carrying. This part of the work has now got to be reduced significantly as I just cannot lift large weights anymore.

I will also have the opportunity to recharge the van batteries as it costs around £12 a night on a camp site here and I have very little income coming in.

After the hospital tests I will have a period of waiting for results before the specialists diagnose the problems and sort out the treatment.

How fortunate we are that in times of trouble we can pray for help and the strength we need and accept without doubt that "God will supply all our needs according to His Riches in Christ Jesus"

I know that He will speak into the hearts of His people at this time and he will supply the vehicle I need so badly to continue reaching lost souls. I pray that the one's he speaks to are aware of  His tender pleading and are willing to hear and do as He asks.

Each time I send out a letter like this I receive many replies quoting the promises of God. I know many of those promises because I have lived by them for over sixteen years. It is just unfortunate that whoever sells me a motor home or packs my purchases at the supermarket will not accept promises.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless me as richly in the future as He has done in the past.

With your permission I will send out progress reports as I am able about the health and motor home situation.

Because I have not been working I find the pain in my shoulder is not too bad and I pray it will soon disappear completely. I am told this is not likely because I have no flesh on my right shoulder and the operation scar will always cause pain.

On a lighter note I must remind you all,

"Jesus Is Truly Incredible and He loves You."


May God Bless You.


Your Friend in Jesus Christ


Brother Clifford Edwards


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus

PO BOX 1 Magherafelt. County Londonderry. Northern Ireland BT45 9AD


E mail

August 2012

Hello Friends.

At last I have been able to get my emails sorted out after Hotmail cancelled my account. Please change your records if you can to the address above.

I have now arrived back in Lancashire for medical tests on doctors orders.

Recently I have been having a lot of pain in my shoulder and feeling very tired all the time. I then started having bowel problems and when I rang Doctor Rob (my friend in Lancashire ) I was told to get home for tests.

The journey from Finland would normally take under a week to complete but my energy level was so low that it took three weeks to get back. Yesterday I was in a lot of pain and the doctor came to see me twice. He took urine samples which showed too much protien and traces of blood.

I go for tests today and pray that results will be completed quickly and I will soon be back on the road. I firmly believe the work is to carry on and this is just a way of making me take a rest from constant travel.

I have been told to get a smaller vehicle as this one is now far to large for me to manage.

This van has really earned a place in the history of the work. It has travelled through 14 countries and most of the northern islands of Britain. It allowed me to take three loads of Furniture, Food, and Clothing to our family in Latvia last year. The year before I took 20 boxes of John's Gospel in Russian to Scandinavia which was the beginning of a massive work that still continues. Because of those few boxes, arrangements were made for Six pallets and 2 containers of literature to be sent to Finland. As I write this newsletter, "Every Home Crusade" in Northern Ireland is preparing to print another 18 tonne container of literature to be sent to Tampere in Finland.

I believe I will stay in the UK for the next few months but it is vital that I find a motorhome very quickly to make my life a little more comfortable. I do not know how much finance I require to get a reasonable motor home but I am sure that

"God will Supply" through the friends who read this letter and any other way he desires,

This year has been a real time of completion as I have once again travelled through Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries.

I spent a couple of weeks in Sweden and really enjoyed myself as I met up with my friends there and was able to preach in a few churches there. Unfortunately the Priest who arranged the engagements has now been moved on to another area where it would be difficult for me to visit.

I then went on to Aluksne in Latvia to meet up with the family we helped last year.

I was amazed at what " Our Father " had done in just one year.

The family had changed totally in just 52 weeks. The father is now employed by the local authority and has a purpose in life. Last year they had four sheep but now they have twenty four. The cow has calved and looks really healthy and is giving milk for the children. The mother has bought 12 hens and a cockerel so they now have eggs for the children. This year the family have been instrumental in a month long tent mission visiting the town for daily outreach meetings. They also look forward to a good harvest of cabbages and because of a generous farmer in Ireland, they have a cabbage cutter that will take away a need for the many hours of toil cutting up cabbages for saurkraut.

My many friends in Finland made me welcome once again and I was able to speak at quite a few meetings.

The Lord sent me to visit a childrens camp in Norway to meet up with friends from Ireland who had come to do repair work and decorating. From there I went on to North Cape and then continued following the main road through Norway. I was amazed by the number of people in motor homes who wanted to call in the van. Unfortunately it was not possible to allow visitors into the van because of the amount of literature being carried from from one place to another. I was able to speak to many of them outside the van. Each time I stopped for the night and got out my fishing rod I was approached by motorhome drivers asking questions.

The E6 in Norway is a road wide open and ready for evangelism. I believe it is part of next years outreach if I can get the vehicle that will attract motorhome drivers to visit for coffee.

I will not be able to carry vast amounts of literature anymore because my body will not allow it. I find carrying so many heavy boxes too much for me now. People ask me to bring literature then do not have anyone to offload.

I would appreciate your prayers for my health at this time and also prayer that "My Heavenly Father" will supply all my needs according to His riches in "Christ Jesus"

The address at the top of the page will receive mail for me whils't I am in the UK and I will be able to access it for the next few months. Why not drop me a line and let me have some of your news?

I Remain

Your Friend in Jesus

Brother Clifford Edwards


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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June 2012

My Friends.

Time really passes very quickly when the Lord has his hand on your life.

Since I wrote my last email in the Faroe Islands it has been a roller coaster ride with plenty of up's and down's. As you will imagine!

I have travelled quite a few miles and once again I write from the wonderful mountains at the top of Norway.

Each day is a miracle of grace with passers by calling to say hello and ask questions.

The Lord seems to have changed my direction once again and now the work seems to concentrate on talking to individuals about Jesus as they stop to admire the pictures displayed on the van.

Last week I was at the northernmost tip of Europe, "North Cape" and when the icy mist finally evaporated I beheld stunning views of the mountains and the sea that vanished into a distant ice filled horizon. I could not stay long as the temperatures and wind chill, taxed even this intrepid explorer.

I received an email a couple of weeeks ago that a group of people would travel to the top of Norway to help repair a summer camp at Hedesby run by the "Child Evangelism Fellowship".

After a thousand mile journey I eventually found the camp site and was made so welcome by everyone.

Every participant in the project was from Ireland and I knew quite a few of the people there. We joined together for praise and worship in the evening and I was able to tell a little of my life story during the evening devotional time.

I think the highlight of the evening was the chocolate fountain I brought from England and the marshmallows donated to me ( by Titti ) in Sweden. We ate till we could eat no more.

The cooking was done by the camp superintendant Ida Johnson from Ireland. She is devoted to the work for children and has served in Northern Norway for thirty years. I had heard about her but was delighted to meet a lovely "Child of God" who is so dedicated to His service.

I was challenged by one of the ladies who wanted to do some cooking. Everything I was asked for I seemed to have in the van, but Linda from County Monaghan had a real challenge for me.

She wanted to make some sweets and after a prolonged search of the shops in the area they could not find one small article to complete the recipe. "English Condensed Milk".Something I have not eaten since I was a small child and an item I would never use in my travels. I searched the food store in the van and behold. One tin of Condensed Milk was found that someone had donated to me on my travels.

I must have had it for five years and thought I had got rid of it.


A miracle of grace for His beloved children.


A new page of pictures is now on the website devoted to Norway. Included are pictures of the camp and the team of volunteers from Ireland.

My time in Kuhmo was short and very busy. A massive concert in the local concert hall was arranged and then came a week of prayer arranged by ALL the churches. I was speaking every day and loving every moment.

I need to arrange a delivery of Gospels for Russia but cannot find a storeplace anywhere. "Please Pray" / " If the Lord wants it then it will happen."

At the moment I am surrounded by lovely scenery and have been truly blessed this year. The summer is very late here in the far north and everything is covered in snow. The roads are clear but many of the Fjiords are still covered in thick ice. I still need my hot water bottle at night as the temperatures plummet.

I cannot end this newsletter without mentioning our family in Latvia that I was able to help last year.

I called on them when I left Sweden a few weeks ago and was amazed at the turn around since my last visit. They were not the same in any way. Everyone was laughing and mum and dad were praising the name of The Lord.

Papa is now working for the local government, The sheep have had lambs and now they have a small flock of twenty, The cow is ready to calve and even though it had been a hard winter. The food lasted until I brought new supplies. The kids really enjoyed the full sized trampoline I brought with me and soon youngsters and teenagers were bouncing their hearts out.

Last year I was taken by Dima (the mother) to visit her old school teacher who had been bedfast in the local hospial for a number of years. She was a glowing christian and so in Love with Jesus. I prayed for her at the time but resigned myself to the fact that I could do nothing to help.The hospitals in Latvia are very basic and short staffed with very few rescources.

I was delighted to find that Dima had shared her good fortune and brought the teacher to live with the family. She was lying in bed surrounded by the laughter of the children and looking twenty years younger.

All she wanted of me was a frame to help her to walk.

I will see her again in the near future and I have just what she needs.

"Isn't God Good"

I wonder what the Lord has in plan for me in the next few months.It can only get better, or maybe a testing time is around the corner. Whatever it is, I need your prayers.

I heard that someone came to listen to me speak and sing at an open air witness in Kuhmo last year. The person recorded it on his mobile phone and then played the recording to his friend.

The friend had never heard of me but he was polite and listened to the recording.


This tour has taken me back to the beginning of the ministry 16 years ago.

As I travel the Highways of Finland and Norway I am being approached by many people who want to know more about the pictures and texts on the van.

It is leading to me being able to do what I love most, Just talking about Jesus. Please pray that the seeds planted will fall on fertile ground and in the Lord's time, we shall see the increase.


How can we ever thank such a Loving God.


May God Bless You.

Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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May 2012

My Friends.

Once again I am on the road and wondering just what the Lord has in the plan for me this year.

After a very successful few weeks in Britain and Ireland I was really surprised when I felt the Lord leading me to set off on my travels so early in the year. I don't normally leave the United Kingdom until late April or early May. This year I was ready to leave by the middle of March.

Before I left I felt led to buy a pallet load of Cadburys Easter Eggs to take with me. I could not understand why I needed to buy over four hundred easter eggs, but I would soon find out!

After the drive across Denmark it was time to take ship to the Faroe Islands and meet up with my many friends.

Within a couple of days I was doing the job I love most, speaking to the young people about Jesus in the villages of Fuglafjorder and Skala. Then it was on the ferry to the island of Suderoy to join in the easter celebrations. It was here I found out why I had to bring easter eggs to the islands.

To celebrate the Olympic Games in London, Cadburys chocolate have organised a competition for their customers. The prizes are tickets to the Olympic Games and the competition is only open to residents of the UK. Easter eggs were not exported this year because of the competition and the Faroe Island residents could not buy Cadburys this year. This chocolate is by far the best seller in the islands and caused great disappointment to the children.

I was speaking at the evening meeting on Easter Saturday and was able to give every child an Easter egg. In Skala my friend Jens and his wife went round every house in the village and gave them to the children. The young people of Fuglafjorder also got one each.

I took 416 eggs and every one was given out, not one child was missed in the three villages I visited, "God is really in control"

My friend Gordon Martin arranged many engagements for me in Fuglafjordur, speaking to the children, youth and adults.

I was also able join Jack and Rosemari at a home meeting in Torshavn ( the capital city) and speak to a house full of people and give away easter eggs.

It may be the last time I am able to visit the Faroe Islands.

The cost of travel from Denmark to the Islands means I just cannot afford the ferry fare any more. All donations given to the work after speaking engagements did not even cover half of the fare on Norrona.

From The Faroe Islands it was the long drive across Denmark and Sweden to the town of Sandviken.

I am taking a few days off here to rest after a hectic winter. I do have a couple of engagements before I leave and head for Finland and the Russian border.

My first engagement in Kuhmo is on the 18th May. Timo (the priest) has been offered the use of the concert hall to stage a concert, I was delighted to be invited to take part in this outreach in such a lovely building with terrific acoustics. I do hope someone records the event.

This is followed by a week of prayer that is being organised and including all the churches.

From Finland I hope to drive down to Lithuania before I head north praying my way along the Russian border. I will be driving on the forest roads through Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Lapland, Finnmark and Norway until I eventually reach the North Cape on the coastline of the Arctic Ocean. This point is also the most northerly point in Europe accessible by road. At this point I will be closer to the North Pole than to Britain.

I was speaking to my friend Eric this week. Eric was instrumental in leading me to Christ many years ago and has proved more than a brother over the years. He is one of the directors of Caleb Inituative, the charity people send donations to, to help support this work when I am on the road. He was telling me that donations to the work have dried up recently. I have a few supporters who send donations by bankers order every month, but for some reason all other donations have stopped. If things do not change soon I will be forced to stop travelling and maybe even have to retire. Please, Please pray about this very serious situation. The address of Caleb Initiative is,

4, West Road. Bishops Stortford. Hertfordshire. England. CM23 3QP.

I have had a number of emails from our family in Aluksne, Latvia who I was able to help last year. Everyone is well and they have survived a very cold winter. Thanks to the food and clothing I was able to take last year from the people of Sweden and Finland. The winter was made much easier for everyone. I hope to be able to give you more news in my next newsletter.

Please continue praying for the work during this time of high unemployment.

May God Bless You.

Your Friend in Jesus

Brother Clifford (Sweden)

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus







11 March 2012

My Friends.

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself.

This winter has flown by with so many speaking engagements throughout the United Kingdom.

My trip to Ireland was a real pleasure. It was a truly wonderful time in the Monaghan area with so many speaking engagements planned for me.

I would like to thank Stanley, Ivor and Elizabeth Lowey who supplied me with diesel and real friendship whils't I was in their area. They made life so much easier for me.

Once again the van is full to bursting with Sweets, soup, Russian Bibles and Literature and also new clothing for the children in Latvia.

I am even carrying a very old machine for cutting turnips for a family who needs it desperately.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be the most exciting and challenging year of the ministry. I am setting off from Britain at least two months eatlier than I have ever done before. I sail for Denmark on Wednesday 21st March.

I do not normally leave until May or June. Easter will be spent on the Island of Suderoy in the Faroe Islands.

I am already seeing evidence of higher costs due to the financial problems of the world. My sailing to Denmark has increased by 15% and I expect this will be normal wherever I go. I hope more of my supporters will be able to help me financially this year. I still live the life of faith, but God also needs his people to help in a practical way.

I have heard from our family in Latvia I helped last year. It appears that it has been a very cold winter and even the schools have had to close because of snow and ice.

This year the family have been warm and the work done on the house has made life easier. The greatest miracle was that the water continued to flow through the pipes and drinking water was available all through the worst weather, also they tell me that the food supplied has lasted them through the winter.I hope to call and say hello them in the near future.What has God in store for them in the future? How I wish I knew.

I pray that I will be led to another similar situation this year.

For the last sixteen years I have called to meet friends in Bristol and Weston Super Mare. It has always been a good time for me but none of the churches wanted to use me.

This year things have changed and I have been able to speak at many meetings. How grateful I am to Commander John Ellis,RN retired who has worked so hard to make my name known in the area. He has proved to be a true friend since I met him at my first ever meeting in 1996.

I bring greetings to all my readers from Eric Curnow of Caleb Initiative.

Eric looks after donations sent to me through the charity that he helps to run. Often I am desperate for money and Caleb always seems to put money in the bank at just the right moment. Their address is on the web site if you need it.

I will keep you all informed as the Holy Spirit leads me on another great adventure.

The greatest part of the winter has been the amount of young peoples meetings I have been asked to give testimony to. This means so many people praying for me.

May God Bless You in the coming days.


I Remain


Your Friend in Jesus.


Brother Clifford Edwards.

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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New Year 2012

My Friends.

Another year is over and once again it is time to look forward.

A time to expect the "Lord" to do great and wonderful things with each of us as we serve Him to the best of our abilities. It is the time to Tell, to Proclaim,to Serve, to stretch out our hands to our fellow human beings,but most of all "it is time to Pray".

The fields are white with a massive harvest, but where are the labourers?

Please join me this year in a New Years Resolution. Promise yourself and promise "Our Heavenly Father" that each day You will try to tell just one more person that "Jesus Loves You".

Jesus died for us!!! We should be able to live for him.

The last year has been a real learning experience for me as the Lord has opened up new territories for me.

The work in Sweden and Finland was once again a real pleasure for me. I have made so many friends in those two countries and look forward to returning in the spring.

The town of Sandviken in Sweden needs much prayer at the moment. The town relies upon the manufacture of steel and 90% of the employed adult population work in the industry. I have heard that the steel works is being reduced in size and many people are losing their jobs. This is a terrible blow to the town, and to the christians there. ( Please Pray for these people)

In Kuhmo I was once again made really welcome and once again joined the christians on many outreaches in the town centre. A work has started in the Block House Flats amongst the addicts and people from other countries, Timo the priest informs me that lives are changing as residents search for the reality of "Jesus" and learn to trust Him.

I travelled as far north this year as it is possible to drive. I went to the North Cape in Norway and left a bible on the Altar of the church there. At the North Cape, I was closer to the North Pole than I was to England.

Once again I travelled the forest roads of Lapland and Finland as I followed the Russian Border from top to bottom.

This year God sent me to three new countries. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

These countries are very poor and many people suffer from real poverty.

The adult males travel to other countries for work to support their families and relatives.

In Estonia I was able to leave a vast amount of literature in the Russian language to be transported into Russia.

The border in Finland has been closed to the gospel this year and carriers have had literature confiscated. Anyone reported preaching in the Karelia area of Russia without permission of the state is subject to a very heavy fine.

I travelled through Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania until I came to the end of the Russian Border. This is the point where Russia, Belarus, Poland and Lithuania meet.

A lot of my time this year was spent helping a family of ten in Latvia.I met them as I entered the country in late July. The mother invited me to the birthday party of their 17 year old daughter. It was onlywhen the party began that I realised it was also MY birthday.

This family was like so many other families in Latvia. They were living day to day in poverty. Very little food and no finance because no work is available.

The home had no running water and I was devastated when I saw the conditions that the children had to live and sleep in.

The christians of Sandviken and Kuhmo really came up to the mark when they donated clothes, furniture, toys, food and bicycles to the family. It took three visits to get everything there in the lorry and I had to sleep in the cab because my room was full of donated goods.

I was able to use my savings to install the water supply and insulate some of the outside walls. Furniture is no longer a problem as EVERYTHING required was donated,including bunk beds for all the children.

For the two girls I was able to have the upstairs junk room turned into a very pleasing bedroom decorated in PINK. They also have their own wood burning stove and a seperate area for schoolwork and relaxing.

Thanks to the prayers of people like yourself I was able to extend the hand of Jesus to strangers.

As I left Latvia for the last time I was able to visit an area just outside Riga, The capital city of Latvia.In the forest area just outside the town of Salispils was the site of the Jewish Killing Grounds during the last war.

It was a terrible experience to walk through such a place of sadness. I believe that during my time there, the Lord did something to me that will last until He returns.

My new transport has been very hard to use because of the lack of storage space. I have been spoiled with the large buses and being able to carry massive loads of literature. Now I don't have enough space for my personal belongings.I will be carrying even less next year and trying to have a little comfort in my living area.

My time in Scandinavia ended with a trip to the Faroe Islands. It was really wonderful to return and meet up with my friends. I only stayed for three weeks but came away very content. It is good to visit friends who allow me the time to relax.

From there it was back to the UK and a visit to Weston Super Mare and Bristol.

Prayer was answered for me as was invited to speak on many occasions and I believe the message I delivered helped christians come closer to our beloved Saviour.

I will be in Ireland for a few more weeks.!!!!!!Why not drop me a line !!!!!!!!

I am now praying for the Lord's leading as I enter into the new year.

I am past retirement age and had hoped to finish work this year. This is not to be!!

I an now convinced that I must carry on for another three or four years or until the Lord Returns.

Please pray for me as I once again make ready to travel to places that most people only dream of. The places of a billion fir trees and the remote Northern Areas of the planet.

I cannot go without YOU behind me. I need your prayers and now I am travelling into the Baltic Area I need more finance. Please pray that Our Heavenly Father is Glorified.


Your Friend in Jesus.


Brother Clifford Edwards

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Highways for Jesus


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Christmas 2011



May I take this opportunity to wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas as we each reflect upon the Joy that Jesus has given us.

I will be spending the season parked in a roadside layby waiting for anyone to stop and ask questions.

As we all know! Christmas Day can be a bad day for so many people in our communities. A world full of broken marriages. Those who are ill, The Lonely, The Bereaved and most of all The Lost.

This mission is for all those people"and more"

Please remember me in prayer as you tuck into your christmas dinner this year. I will be representing those who pray, as well as my Beloved Saviour.

I would really like to thank those who wrote to me this Christmas at the above address. "I received eight christmas cards this year"

This is the most I have been sent since I went on to the road nine years ago.

It looks like I will be spending January and February in Ireland and hope that churches will contact me if they desire a visit.

I will be writing a report in the next few weeks and will email it to you all.

Praying that you have a New Year FULL of Blessings.


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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County Londonderry.

Northern Ireland.

BT45 9AD




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UK November 2011


My Friends.

Another year of touring is drawing to a close and soon I will be back in Northern Ireland for Christmas.

A number of newsletter readers have requested my address to enable them to send Christmas Cards. The address has been included in the heading for this letter. This address is always available but I can only access it when I am in the UK.

If anyone desires to write to me this winter please feel free to drop me a line and I will do my best to reply to you before I leave in early March.

I will be sending a full update to you all in the next few weeks.


God Bless.


Brother Clifford Edwards.


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus



My Friends.

I bring greetings from the Salak family in Latvia.

The people of Kuhmo really did us proud with the quantity and quality of the gifts they sent to our family in Aluksne.

So much food was sent, along with clothing, even a bed settee was piled into the van for these wonderful people. I spent just over a week with the family and really enjoyed myself playing with the children and just taking time to relax.

The highlight of each day was ice cream time. At 9pm each day we all joined together to share a litre of ice cream. I got quite adept at cutting a small block into 12 or 14 portions and then sprinking drinking chocolate over it.

Not only the children, but also the adults found this to be a very blessed time.

The days were spent renovating the upstairs room. It has been used as a store room for years and needed a lot of work doing to it. The spiders have had to find a new home elsewhere. The room has now been divided into two seperate parts. Food storage in one area and a bedroom for the two girls in the other.

I was able to take the girls to choose their own paint and was not at all surprised when the youngest chose "PINK"

Wall lights are being installed and part of the room is for relaxing and homework.

The walls have been plastered and where it was needed a false wall fitted with fibreglass filling to keep out the winter cold.

The last thing I bought was a wood burning stove and it really made a difference in a very short time.

The girls were preparing to move into their new bedroom as I left them to head for Riga and the ship.

On the way I had a pilgrimage to make on behalf of so many of my friends who read these newsletters.

It meant going out of my way by a few kilometres, but it was worth the time involved.


An eerie silence and only the sound of the slight wind in the trees was my welcome.

My mind seemed to wander back in time as I walked the forest track and it seemed that the sadness in my heart would never go away.

A group of young people walked ahead of me and no smile was visible on any face and all their conversation was whispered and short.

Schnell, Schnell!!

The words seemed to be shouted from the clearing ahead of me and the sound of running of thousands of feet could be heard in the silence.

I do not have an over active imagination but these sounds seemed so real to me yet still the only sound in the silence was the breeze touching the leaves in the tree canopy above me.

The only evidence that humans had ever been there was the remains of a few huts. Only the foundations were left and long pieces of concrete with a memorial window of pointed metal on each hut site reminded the visitor of the days of pain. Visitors had left their tributes!!!

Toy cars, teddy bears and stuffed animals, a little girl's doll and even a few coins had been placed in a few of the windows.

In the forest a fire smouldered as the gardeners burned the dead leaves, the smoke filled the clearing of sadness and made everything even more real.

I was visiting the Salaspils Memorial in the Rumbula forest in Latvia .

Here. Thousands of jews were killed during the last war. They were herded into the forest, made to dig deep trenches and then shot and buried. Men, woman and children died, just because they were jews.

A memorial, dedicated to the thousands stands in the clearing. I stood beside it and heard the sound of a beating heart coming from within the stone.

A recording that can be heard as you stand very close to the memorial.

It seemed to say that no matter what we do, we shall NEVER eliminate God's chosen people.

At the start of the war, one hundred thousand jews lived in Latvia. At the end only fifteen thousand remained. Many families were eliminated and most of them left no evidence they ever lived. Not even a roll of the names of the victims can be compiled as the murderers kept no records of names, "only numbers"

These are the forgotten victims of genocide.

Not only was the camp a killing ground, it also held more ethnic groups who were transported to Auschwitz and Treblinka camps in cattle wagons.

Many concentration camps no longer exist. They are now housing estates or industrial complexes.

I was able to take photographs and The Web Master will put them on the pictures section when he receives them.

I am able to let you know that the operation my friend Cill had for the removal of a cancerous kidney was a success. She is back home with Steve and progressing well. I have heard that last week her elderly mother died so please remember them in your prayers.

My year of travel is drawing to a close and I thank all who pray for me.

Once again My God has supplied through the gifts of His people.

If you can help financially I would really be grateful. It is good to be able to help others, but often I am left with nothing because I have given my all to others.

I remember a cloth bracelet I was once given. WWJD what would Jesus so ?


May God Bless You.

His Friend and YOURS


Brother Clifford Edwards

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus





September 2011-09-09


My Friends.


It has been a very tiring but a very satisfying season out here in foreign countries.

I write this from a very small farm on the outskirts of Aluksne, a town that is a short distance from the border of Russia and Estonia and in the small country of Latvia.

As some of you may recall from the last newsletter. I was bringing aid to this large family from the people of Sweden and Finland.

When I arrived back here from my mammoth journey through four countries, I was certainly looking forward to a time of relaxation for a few days, and I was surprised that I managed to get one after the work here began.

A trench had to be dug ( mostly by hand tools ) seventy metres long and four feet deep. This was to gain access to water at the bottom of a long hill.

I was able to buy a water pump strong enough to pump the water to the house. The volunteer workers then ripped out the bathroom and have installed running water to the new shower, sink and toilet.

Can you imagine living in house that has no supply of running water in these days?

The next job has been to put in a kitchen for the mother.

When I first arrived here the only furniture was a broken down table and one broken chair. The kitchen range works but still is an accident waiting to happen.

I can only manage to do what I have finance for.

The room has now been replastered and is being painted, running hot and cold water is supplied at the kitchen sink and the table and chairs from Sweden are doing a great job.

Everyone has a bed and the two sets of bunk beds are looking great. The little girl "Rebecca" has a pram and a cot and it has really made a difference.

Knives, forks and spoons are now in regular use here thanks to those who donated them. When I first called here the family only possessed one tea spoon.

Dried food was asked for in Finland. I have never seen so much macaroni in my life, but here it is a part of the diet. So much food arrived it has been shared with other families. This has been done because the family wanted to share in their good fortune with other in the neighboorhood.

I had a dream in my heart to bring bicycles to the seven children living here but thought it would not be possible.

How wrong can I be????????

Within days of the appeal People in Kuhmo had donated enough bikes for everyone and Timo and his friends had overhauled them for me.

Now the older children can travel the five miles to school in comfort.

Whils't in Sandviken I kept looking at trampolines in the local shop and kept delaying because of lack of finance.

The last gift donated from the alcoholic unit in Jarbo "Sweden" was a small and very perfect trampoline.

The children here have toys and clothing, the adults have at last seen and end to real poverty "for a while" and because others cared and helped. I was able to bring a little sunshine into the lives of a family that needed help so desperately. I wish I could have done more but just ran out of money and now I pray that enough will come in to keep me going onwards.

I now have to delay my retirement once again. I have used up all the money I required to set up home.

"The birds have nests but the son of God has no where to lay His Head"

If it is good enough for Jesus, It is good enough for me.

Thanks to everyone who helped and prayed.

I will head for Finland this weekend and the Sweden, followed by a trip to my beloved Faroe Islands.

God Bless You.


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus




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July 2011

My Friend.

Another hot day out here on the mission field !

Each day seems warmer than the day before with temperatures soaring into the mid thirties. During the afternoon it normally rains in torrents for an hour and stops abruptly as if on a time clock.

The people here in Estonia are truly wonderful with perfect manners. I get a little confused when the ladies and young girls curtsy when they meet me or receive a Gospel from me.

I arrived over here last week with around fifty thousand Gospels and tracts. All were offloaded at my first port of call and I had to return to Finland for another load. A difficult and tiring run of around a thousand kilometres each way and a three hour boat trip from Tallin to Helsinki.

My time in Finland has been the best yet and the drive along the Russian border was much easier in the new vehicle. This year I managed to reach the "North Cape" peninsula and left an English Bible on the altar of the chapel there.

Timo, the priest from Kuhmo once again arranged many things for me to do in the area.

A prison visit was very successful. It was arranged to celebrate the retirement of the prison priest after twenty years service and was attended by prison workers, priests and prison visitors. It was a true honour to be able to speak and witness to such a celebrated gathering of people from throughout Finland.

Later I spoke to two seperate groups of prisoners in the locked section. Each talk was televised to the rest of the prison and all other tv programmes were stopped for the duration of the chapel services. It appears that many prisoners find salvation during their sentence and continue following Christ on release.

I do not know how long I will stay in the Baltic countries before returning to complete my work in Finland but is very difficult for me here.

I see so much poverty here and it is mainly the children that touch my heart. I give them lollipops and sweets but they really need a good meal. Many shops sell second hand clothes here but the items sold would not even be allowed past the door of charity shops in the UK.

I asked the Lord to find me a parking spot and was directed to park within the grounds of a catholic convent. It is the site of one of the most famous fresh water springs in the country. Each day it attracts hundreds of people who come with their containers and fill up with holy water?

I put out a table and a display of Russian and Estonian literature and many lollipops. It has been really successfull and I have used far more than I would have dreamed possible.

From there I continued driving and crossed the border into Latvia. I had only been in the country for twenty minutes when I noticed a couple of cars trying to overtake me. The gravel road was very bumpy and I slowed down to allow the cars to pass safely. In one of the cars I noticed a group of children laughing and waving at me. They stopped at the side of the road and signalled me to stop.

It was the family of the local Apostalic missionary and they invited me to their home for a chat and a meal. It turned out that it was the birthday of one of the children and a cake had been made for her. I asked her what the date was as I had lost track of time whils't travelling. "It turned out that it was MY birthday as well" so I also got a cake. The meal was a few bananas and half of a melon.

This pastor and his family share a farmhouse with his parents and other than a vegetable plot they only have five sheep and a cow to provide for four adults and ten children.

In Latvia there are only very rich people or those who live in total poverty. I continued on through Latvia and completed my task of driving through five countries to the end of the Russian border.

I crossed the bottom of Lithuania and followed the coast back to Tallin in Estonia.

As I was driving to Tallin I just could not get out of my mind the total commitment the pastor in Latvia has for Jesus. He was dressed well for the area but he was the only one in the house wearing shoes. The children were running and playing on a road made from sharp gravel and they had nothing on their feet. I also noticed that they did not seem to have any toys to play with.

I have decided to return to Finland via Sweden and will pick up furniture, food and clothing for them.

It is important that I help this family, but I must also remember that I am called to be an Evangelist. "Mathew 25 verses 34 / 46 sums up my actions at this time. I have friends and contacts in Sweden so even though my actions will cost me precious finance I believe I am being called to help in this situation. Please pray about this wonderful family of God.

A dear friend in Kuhmo has been "Called Home"

Pettur (Peter) was ex alcoholic who found Jesus some years ago. He always joined us on outreach and sat alone praying throughout the whole outreach. He was the caretaker of the local pentecostal church and was a true prayer warrior for the town. He will be sadly missed by everybody who knew him.The funeral takes place on the 12th August and I will be back in Finland by then.

Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom as I drive from country to country praying for and speaking to the people.

This year has been very costly for me both financially and emotionally. Please pray that the Lord will bring in a mighty harvest.

God Bless You

Your Friend in JESUS

Brother Clifford Edwards

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus




Inari June 2011

My Friends.


Once again I write to you from beautiful Lapland and really feel the love and joy of the Holy Spirit surrounding me.

The van is plodding on and eating up the miles and drinking the diesel. I have had a few emails of encouragement as I have travelled but would really wish for more if you would please take the time.

I am still in the forest but can see the trees are starting to thin out. Very soon I will be in the area where nothing but lichen grows as I head for the furthest point north at North Cape. To get there I have to drive through the longest undersea tunnel on earth to gain access to the island.

"Saint Mary's Church" in Bristol have appointed Thursday of this week as a day of prayer for this work. This is a really wonderful event for me and I have decided to halt for the day at the village of "Grens Jacobselv"

This is the point where east meets west at the northernmost tip of the Norwegian / Russian border at the Barents Sea.

I will be taking a day of rest and prayer and it would be terrific if you could spend a little time on Thursday lifting the work up before the "Throne of Grace"

I have just had to spend 600 euros to have new front tyres fitted on the front of the van. It handles much better now the tyres are gripping the road and the wheels are now balanced.

I will write a more comprehensive report when I have reached North Cape.

Please pray that our Heavenly Father is Glorified as I continue the prayer drive along the Russian Border and the complete border of Finland.


God Bless You


Your Friend in Jesus


Bro Clifford Edwards

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus






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May 2011

My Friends.

How much I have to thank our Heavenly Father for since I came back to the United Kingdom.

Most of you prayed so earnestly for a new vehicle for the work when the bus broke down and soon saw your prayers answered. The new motorhome is much smaller and very cramped in the living area. I find it very difficult to carry all the things I need, but must get used to it.

The outside now has a picture wrap all the way round the body with written messages in English. I hope to have the messages in Swedish and Finnish on also, for the people I spend so much of the year with.

The Prayer room is also ready but is full of Gospels and sweets at the moment but will be emptied very quickly when I reach Finland.

I hope to leave for Demark on Monday 6th June and will be speaking at the church in Sandviken ( Sweden ) on the 10th to the reformed and actual addicts who gather together each month.

In the last few months I have travelled extensively around the UK.

A wonderful tour of Shetland, Orkney, Lewis, Harris, North Uist, Benbecula, South Uist, Barra, Mull, and Iona.

I met so many people on the tour and was able to supply literature to many people for them to distribute.

It was so good of Donald of Brown's Bakery on the Island of Westray in the Orkney Islands to give me many boxes of home made biscuits for distribution to folk I meet on my travels. I really enjoyed my visits to Every Home Crusade in Northern Ireland. I was made so welcome by the people who supplied, delivered and paid for all the gospels I used last year. I wanted to bring many gospels with me but I just did not have any space left in the motorhome.

I was asked to visit Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland to speak at a home group and never expected the reaction it would create.

I was introduced to Ivan who put windows in the motorhome and made my life a lot easier. He also found me many speaking engagements in the area and installed a large diesel tank for me. I can now travel over a thousand miles on one fill up of fuel.

From the first day of the work in August 1996 I have prayed that I could speak at the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Bristol. This week I was so privelidged to be aked to speak there three times and once again my prayers have been answered. Thanks to John Ellis who arranged the meetings. I met John on my first ever meeting in 1996 and he has become a true friend to myself and the work over the years.

I spent a few hours with The Web Master last week. He is the person who designed and maintains the website for me. He has done a terrific job over the last years and he has changed the heading pictures on some of the website pages. Please pray for him, He has just left college and is seeking employment at the moment. I pray the Lord rewards him for the great work he has done for this ministry.

During the last months I have received many emails from people who have been affected by the ministry in a very positive way including people who have given their lives to Jesus. It upsets me when I receive letters from young people who need prayer and I cannot speak to them face to face.

One letter I received recently was from a young lady I met a few years ago. I cannot give any details of her because of respecting her privacy.

Please pray for Jade that the Lord will come very close to her and her family friend Aiden.

I stay in this area of Weston super Mare for a few days before heading for Harwich and the boat to Denmark. On the way I hope to call on Eric from Caleb Initiative and a dear friend Katy in Histon who both live on my way there.

I am praying about visiting Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia but to do so I will need to pray in much finance. I am carrying enough dried soup to supply around 25,000 portions which I will make up and give away. Please, Please Pray.


God Bless You

Your Friend in Jesus

Brother Clifford Edwards


Highways f or Jesus

Highways f or Jesus


PO Box 1. Magherafelt. County Londonderry. BT45 9AJ





My Friends. 28 November 2010


At this time of the year I am normally searching for news to pass on to you. This year is so different for me as I bask in the Light and the Love that "Jesus" showers upon me.

After a long day travelling to Perth and back on overcrowded trains I must share the news that at last I have found a motorhome that will do the work required.

Some of you may not like the vehicle I have chosen, but it is the one that I believe will handle the terrain I normally work in.

The motorhome is a coachbuilt home with two seperate rooms attached to a Mercedes lorry Chassis. It has been used by a team of car moto - cross mechanics for the last two years. The rear room was used as a workshop and storeroom for tools and car tyres.

I have arranged that everything in the workshop is taken out and the room will then be an empty shell to be made as I need and desire. Seats from the bus will be fitted around the room and windows inserted for extra daylight. I will also have coffee making facilities installed. I would hope that up to 15 people will be able to join me for prayer meetings when the renovations are completed. Access to the room will be by the rear door.

When gospels need to be transported I will be able to use the visitors room to hold even more boxes than before.

The front room will be my home.

It has a complete kitchen with mains or battery electricity and hot and cold running water. Seating for six people on bench seats that will turn into a bed at the end of the day. The floor is laminated wood and very easy to clean.

The removal of a storage cupboard will allow a door to be inserted to give me access to the rear prayer / meeting room.

The drivers cab is seperate from the rest of the living area.

An onboard generator will supply power as needed and the heating of the vehicle is by blown warm air fueled from the main diesel tank.

Much work needs doing but I am very excited by the prospects.

I must thank those of you who have helped me financially to get the new home. I still do not have enough money to pick up the vehicle but hope that the funds will be in place by the weekend.

Can YOU help me please

Now for the bad news!

I have been having health problems for over three years now.All this time I have been under the watchfull eye of my dear friend "Doctor Rob".

We thought it was just my age that was causing me to have bladder problems but recently they have been getting much worse and causing me embarrassment.

The doctor gave me a full medical this week and has diagnosed a "prostrate" problem.

He has told me that it needs urgent attention and made arrangements for me to see a specialist this wednesday afternoon. It looks like I will need an operation very quickly if I am to continue working in Scandinavia.

If I go on the waiting list the delay could be for three years but done privately it could be done within a few weeks.

I do not know how much it will cost or what the specialist will find but I know that it must be done soon.

Please pray that all will be done for my "Father's Glory"

I walk with "The Lord" and have no fear or anxiety at this time.

If anything went wrong in Scandinavia I would be in desperate trouble so until this problem is sorted out I must stay in the United Kingdom.

Much prayer and financial help is now needed to get me back on the road.

I will keep you informed of progress via Clifford's page on the website.

May God Bless You


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus

PO Box 1. Magherafelt. County Londonderry.

Northern Ireland. BT45 9AD





November 2010

My Friends.

Sitting here on the top of a mountain, looking out across the vast Atlantic Ocean and feeling the pinch of winter from the snow capped peaks. I should be feeling on top of the world but I feel a little scared. I will tell you why.

Many of you will know of the vast amount of work the bus has done this summer as I have travelled into remote areas of Finland and Lappland delivering the Gospels of John and Mark to couriers for Russia. The thousands of kilometres of bad roads through the Tigre forest as I prayed the Russian border and looked out at the emptiness beyond no man's land.

I have felt the cry of the people who have nothing.

Since the revolution in Russia and the years of communism, the people have been controlled by fear. Often standing for hours in the Arctic winter as they waited to purchase food for their children.

The world waited to see what would happen in this vast country of nearly 400 million people, and still they wait!

"David Hathaway and Brother Andrew" and people like them heard the cry of the people with no hope, and smuggled the gospel to the christians. They were willing to go to prison for the Gospel.

Can I do less ?

I have been asked so many times why I do not go into Russia and have allways said that I have not been called there, I have enough to do with Scandinavia and the United Kingdom is my standard reply. The bus will attract too much attention and never be allowed into the country has been my cry. This morning I heard My Master speak to me and realised that my reasons held NO foundation. "Jesus" said GO. He never said where or when or why "He said GO"

This morning is the beginning of the rest of my life.

The bus is broken down with an oil leak and water leak and was not able to catch the ferry to Denmark last week. I have sat here cold and miserable just waiting for people to turn up to help. I was really waiting for a sign and did not know.

It will be impossible to take the bus into Russia because the roads just would not allow it. In case of breakdown I just could not get parts for it over there.

Yet I believe that it must continue working in that area.

I intend finding somewhere in Finland to store the bus under cover and use it as a transporter of gospels. Also to allow others to borrow it for outreach if this proves to be an option.

My intention over the next few weeks is to apply for a visa for Russia next year and to try to find a very large Motor Home to use as my base as I travel.

It would have to be big enough to hold meetings and carry on the normal work of outreach and many American Motorhomes would fit the bill perfectly.

A donation from a young man named "Simon" began all this. I believe he gave all he had into this work last week and he made me look deeply into myself. "I found out that I was just not doing enough"

Thank You Simon from "Cheadle" for your wonderful answer to so many peoples prayers. You taught an old man a very valuable lesson.

But will YOU HELP?

Prayer and finance are needed soon. The cost of Motorhomes will rise as the spring season approaches. At the moment they are selling for a reasonable amount but I don't want another broken down workhorse. I have had enough of constant repair bills.

I have searched the internet for the last few days and found many suitable vehicles that will meet our requirements. The vehicle must be at least 34 feet long and I would prefer a diesel engine. Beds for six or seven people as I do not intend to travel alone into Russia. Enough seating to hold prayer meetings and a large awning to use as cover when we hold outdoor barbeques. I also want a "shower" for which many people will say " Praise the Lord"

Please pray for this vision to become reality. Gifts from a pound upwards will be gratefully recieved by Caleb Initiative or into any of my British or Scandinavian accounts. Please contact me for details.


Your Friend in Jesus

Brother Clifford

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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September 2010

My Friends.

Once again I appeal to you for prayer. The work continues to grow and the stamina I require just seems to run out.

I caught a touch of flu earlier this year which turned into pneumonia. Since then I have not been able to get rid of chest infections and an aggravating cough which just keeps returning. I think I may have been doing too much without a real break.

The winter is now approaching and I hope to take a break for a few weeks, but only time will tell.

The work of delivering the gospels for transfer into Russia has taken most of the summer and has given me much pleasure and satisfaction. The bus has transported gospels throughout Finland and I have driven ten's of thousands of miles through isolated yet beautiful country. The wild life of Finland is incredible and during the early autumn I lay in bed listening to the sounds of moose as they called to each other in the night. Looking through the bus windows and watching squirrels as they sat under pine trees nibbling pine cones, or just chasing each other round and round the trunks of gigantic conifers just for the joy of living.

On the border of Finland and Norway I was able to see the men and boys of the Sami people as they fished for salmon from small boats using traditional methods. It has been a very memorable year for me.

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 65th birthday and also the 14th anniversary of the work. I look back in awe at what the Lord has done with this "Tramp" for the Lord.

Murmansk, Moscow, St Petersberg, The Urals, Karelia, Siberia and Belarus along with Poland, Roumania, Czech and Estonia are just a few of the places the work has touched with the gospel this year.

I have never visited these places but through the distribution of gospels throughout Finland this year, all these places have received the Word of God.

The small town of Kuhmo is now well and truly on the gospel map of the world as people come to the distribution points to pick up literature for the Russian people.

The work has seemed impossibe to do at times because of the lack of finance.

I cannot expect the couriers of the gospel to donate to this work when they have the great expence of taking the literature into the remote areas of Russia. Often this year I have had to pray in money to put diesel in the fuel tanks of the bus. At times I have gone for days without enough food to eat because the bank account was empty.

Last winter the ladies of Kuhmo baked cakes and pastries to sell at the local market and donated the money raised to help the work. I have been told that they are going to do the same again this year. How can I ever thank these people for their great love?

As I write this newsletter I am on my way out of Finland and heading for Sweden. From there I will cross Denmark and make my way to the Faroe Islands for a few weeks.

I hope to be back in the UK by December.

I hope that this year I will be able to speak to church congregations and Christian groups as I travel Britain and Ireland. Please ask if I can call on your church to speak.

Next year could be even more challenging for me!!

Please help the work of "Highways for Jesus" reach many more people.

Thanks to the generosity of "Every Home Crusade" providing the Gospels and "Trinitarian Bible Society" for the Bibles, we will have reached more than a MILLION people with the written word before the year ends.

Will you help us reach even more by helping the work financially.

"Jesus Said" Go into the World and preach the Gospel to everyone.

Please help "Highways for Jesus" to do just that.

God Bless You

Your Friend in Jesus

Brother Clifford Edwards ( Finland)


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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August 2010

My Dear Friends.

The tour of Finland has become an epic journey for Jesus. Little did I imagine the amount of work the Lord would give me to do this year.

The Russian Gospel work has really taken over. Over a hundred thousand gospels have been placed with couriers throughout Finland and Lapland.

Last year I met only one or two people with an interest in the Russian people but since arriving in Finland this year I have met hundreds of dedicated workers for Jesus who have a vision for Russia.

As I travelled the wilderness of high Lapland last year I came across a shop selling second hand clothes. It was the last shop in Finland before the Norwegian border. Also on display were Christian tracts so I left a consignment of the booklet containing my life story. I made a point of visiting the shop again this year as I headed for Grense-Jakobselve. This is the last town on the border with Russia and Europe on the Norwegian border.

Did you know that the first man made structure in the communist block is the Cross of Christ?

I was able to take a few snaps of the area and more pictures feature on the web page. Go to Pictures page and then click on Finland and you will able to view them.

At the second hand clothes shop I saw a few Russian/Hebrew bibles hidden away and I bought them to give away.

Before I left the area I was approached by a stranger who asked if I needed more of them. In a shed he took me to was a pile of boxes.

Over 200 bibles gathered dust and further searching revealed thousands of children's picture tracts in Russian. They are not there anymore! I have them on board the bus.

When the borders of Russia opened to the west, the urgency of taking in the Gospel seemed to evaporate. Now the situation is getting very serious again and the authorities on the border are once again looking for Christian literature and stopping it's entry.

I am able to trace the visitor entries from other countries on the web site. I cannot trace individuals but countries of origin only. This year has shown a marked increase from Russia to my web site. This corresponds to the beginning of the bible work there.

My friend Timo was refused entry a couple of weeks ago because he had three boxes of Gospels in his car. He left them at the Finland Border post and was allowed into Russia.

The first people he met were a group of Teenagers whom he witnessed to about Jesus and then gave them a Gospel each from a hidden supply in his car, ( A true man of God)

I have made two deliveries of second hand clothes, shoes and even a full size hand weaving loom to the most northern town in Finland "Utsjoki" All these things will be going to the prisons in the Murmansk area along with the Gospel.

I thought that I would retire at the age of 65 but I have now passed that milestone and the work is increasing.

The work is hard and long with many hours each day driving this lovely country, but it is very fullfilling and I believe, very much needed.

My expenses this year have risen dramatically as I become an unpaid delivery man for the gospel in Russian. Also donations have gone down as I am unavailable to do my normal work.

Often it is a question of food for me or diesel for the bus. (The bus always wins)

I do not complain but must face up to the facts of this life.

I have now decided that I must take a few weeks rest each year when the weather gets too cold to live in the bus. If there is not a dramatic upturn in donations in the coming days I will certainly have to consider retirement. If I do retire in the near future, I will certainly not be able to say that my life has been wasted.

Frequently I send out hundreds of emails and nearly every day I do my best to update Clifford's Page on the web, but I get so little feedback from those I write to. Please drop me a line and let me know that you are still alive.

The work began in 1996 with a dying man and a pound coin, I can never forget what "Christ" has done for the poor dying tramp . Will YOU PLEASE help me to continue doing what I believe the Lord has given. Please help bring "Hope" to a lost world for God can only bless You,

I am willing to continue but I need "YOUR" help to keep on driving the " Highways for Jesus".


God Bless You.

Your Friend in Jesus.

Brother Clifford Edwards.


PS. Jesus Really Does Love You.

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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Midsummers day 2010. Kuhmo, " Finland"

The work goes on and is extremely exciting as I do my utmost to follow the Saviour.

The trip to Finland was very eventful. All the money was stolen from my wallet on board Norrona as I travelled to Denmark. I don't know if the wallet fell out of my pocket or my pocket was picked in the last hour on board. The staff on the ship where unable to do anything and left me at the port with only a few pence to get me to my next destination. Thank God that "He" was with me.

The wallet was handed in at the information desk but All the money was taken. My bank cards had not been stolen.

From there it was the long drive to Sweden where some of the Christians made a real fuss of me.

The time I spent with the Alpha group at Sandviken was a true delight as the people really wanted to hear more about "Jesus".

As I prepared to leave I was requested to travel to a very small village in the forest not far from Uppsalla. What a meeting that was. As I gave my testimony the reality of "The Holy Spirit" could be felt and the congregation was ready to receive all that was available.

Next was the long drive to the Arctic Circle and up into Lappland. It was great to meet up with "Anna Maria" again and she had a week of engagements waiting for me. As always, the ladies prayer meeting was brilliant and true to Scandinavian hospitalty the food table groaned with the amount of food supplied for us.

At nearly all the meetings in Sweden and Finland, food and coffee is served with loads of cheese and pastries.

From there I travelled south to Kuhmo and the people who pray without ceasing.

They welcomed me with great excitement and joy. The first meeting turned into an impromptu prayer and praise time.

"Timo Suutari" the local priest in charge had meetings and visits arranged and I have been kept very busy.

Driving to Kaajani, Sodkamo, Nurmes and so many other places to park the bus in the market place. Then witness with a team of believers singing and handing out tracts. It has been a real thrill.

The gospels of John in the Russian language have been welcomed with open arms and the boxes I brought with me are now in Russia and being distributed.

I contacted Every Home Crusade in Northern Ireland and they have sent another 5 pallets of gospels and tracts.

80,000 are already ordered by individuals who frequently drive into Russia. A highlight of every speaking engagement is when I tell about the Russian work. Without fail, someone comes forward for a few hundred or a few thousand tracts to distribute.

The bus has performed well until last week when once again the starter packed up on the way to an outreach meeting. I thought it was only a minor breakdown at the time and was towed to a local garage.

It turns out that the engine is badly damaged and a fresh one is now being purchased.

This has been caused by damage to the Flywheel when the clutch was replaced in March.

Today I prepare to go to the UK to try and gather funds. I will arrive in Manchester on Friday and will spend time in Ireland going round my friends in "Christ".

The cost will be high and know I have insufficient funds to meet the bill. I have 65,000 Gospels to deliver to the top of Lappland before the winter and must press onwards. "Can you Help me Please"

Donations can be sent to "Caleb Initiative" the address is on the web site.If you live in Finland or Sweden, a bank account is available for helping the work.

A great big thank you to those of you who pray, and my greetings to your friends and family.

I must publicly thank the staff of " Every Home Crusade " for printing and supplying the Gospels and tracts to me. I hope to find time to visit them when I get to Northern Ireland.


God Bless You.


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards.

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus

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My Friends Spring 2010-04-17

At last I am on tour and (I Believe) fulfilling the task the Lord has placed before me.

It has been a very hard and cold winter in the United Kingdom with much snow and ice everywhere. As I write this newsletter I am looking out over the mountains of the Faroe Islands and the scenery is breathtaking and white. It has not stopped hailstoning and snowing today and once again the roads are treacherous for driving.

The old bus is now looking very sorry for itself, no engine or windows and no wheels. I hope it will be removed to the scrap yard next week and then I can clean up the space and leave a good witness.

I have been thrilled with the numbers visiting and it looks like we will soon reach the 100,000 visitors.

I have been able to access the number of countries that visit the site and was amazed to find out that even the Island of Tonga has regular visitors to Cliffords Page. Welcome to the people from over fifty countries who visit the site.

It looks like a very exciting year ahead as I head for Sweden and Finland. On board I have twenty thousand Gospels of John in the Russian language along with a couple of hundred Russian Bibles.

I will not be going into Russia as I have not yet been led that way by the Lord. Along the border of Finland are many people who regularly visit friends in Russia, also a number of Pastors and Evangelists have asked for supplies of literature which I will do my utmost to accommodate.

I am carrying the word in twelve languages to supply to the Blueberry pickers who visit the forests of Finland each year.

Once again I hope to visit many schools in Finland and Sweden as the Lord opens doors for me.

I am negotiating with Northern Ireland for a massive supply of John's Gospel to be printed and sent on to me in Finland when I get there in May. As usual, I have no money but pray that some of my prayer partners and readers of this newsletter will feel led to help.

I feel that the border will soon close to the gospel and once again we will need to smuggle the gospel in to believers. Please pray about this and about helping financially. It is too late when the border closes.

I would hope to achieve a million gospels in three years but that depends upon the Lord and those who are willing to reach out and help.

The bus is running very well after a series of major repairs and even though it is overloaded with literature it will drive many thousands of kilometres in the next six months.

I have heard that my friends in Sandviken ( Sweden ) are awaiting the arrival of the Gospel Bus. I pray for a successful time in the area.

Have you seen the new DVD on the visitor page yet? It is in the English language with subtitles in Finnish and Swedish.

I would hope to send regular updates in the coming months so please keep praying that I will have much to tell you of the Lord.s goodness to me as I try to serve Him to the best of my limited ability.

Please drop me a line or visit the web page and please tell your friends and your church about Jesus and His Amazing Grace.


God Bless You


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards



Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus

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My Friends. Spring 2010

I apologise for the long delay in writing to you.

So much has been happening that I have not had time to sit and inform you of the way the Lord has been testing me in the last few months.

In November a fresh bus was purchased because the old one was costing a fortune in repairs and the engine had packed up in the Faroe Islands.

The current bus is two years younger and has a reconditioned engine in it. Even so it really needs a full maintenance check, but I cannot find a mechanic who is willing to do the job.

I was invited to take part in an outreach when I arrived in Britain but it was not at all successful. The people of the area I visited hated the bus with all the texts on the windows and even though the schools I visited enjoyed my time with them it caused great controversey. During my time there the clutch broke and after being towed from one garage to another I eventually found a mechanic who was willing to do the job. This cost over £4,000 after the bills were paid.

Two hundred miles up the road the starter packed up and I was stuck on a motorway service station for two days and another hefty bill.

After meeting up with friends I headed for Northern Ireland and was really well received by friends and the local churches.

Even though I am used to low temperatures I have found this winter has been very hard for me. The bus is not very easy to drive on the slippery ice I have found here in Great Britain.

Enniskillen was a real treat for me as I met up with my friends there.

I spent a full week at the Independent Methodist Church and during the evening service I met up with " Geoffrey " a young man I have prayed for, for over five years. At the end of the service he gave his life to Our Beautiful Saviour. Please pray for him and also for David who has been a faithful witness to him over the years of Sunday school and continues to befriend our new brother.

I picked up my mail during the following week. I had not received any for over six months and was quite excited when it was given to me. The donations for six months amounted to less than £200 and I only received thirty letters and christmas cards. I was disappointed that so few people took time to write to me. How I thank God for Caleb Initiative and those who support the work through this fine organisation.

After moving on to County Londonderry I spent a few days at the Riverside Apostalic Church and we had a great time together. I did not feel to well during my time there but put it down to tiredness.

I moved on from there to Listowel in County Kerry, a drive of over 500 kilometres in one day. The feeling of tiredness got worse a cough developed which turned into Bronchial Pneumonia and has kept me here for a few days.

Today I was contacted by a dear brother who has offered me thousands of Gospels in the Russian Language. I have been in contact with friends in Finland and find that there is a real need there and in the Northern Areas of Russia.

I feel the Lord is telling me to open storage areas for literature along the Finland and Lapland border with Russia. Printing and shipping costs would be high, but it would get the gospel to the remote areas of Russia that very few evangelists visit. I do not feel the call to enter Russia but to supply the need to the people who are willing to go into the country visiting friends and relatives. Also the Lutheran church in Finland send Priests to the churches and many would be willing to carry free literature.

As you all know, I have been praying the whole length of the Russia Finland border for two years now and I am convinced this is not a coincidence.

I have laid my "Fleece before the Lord" and if the finance comes in "Operation Gospel" will become reality. Are YOU going to be part of it? Please PRAY.

God Bless

His Servant and Yours

Brother Clifford Edwards


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus

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Uk Tel 07818230279 November 2009

Once again the nights are getting darker and for many of you who receive this newsletter it will be a time to anticipate a White Christmas and to get your ski's out of the garage.

I have now left the colder areas of Scandinavia for a few months because the bus is not very easy to live in when the temperatures plummet to minus 26. I realise that this bus is not really suitable for the winter roads of Lappland and the Northern parts of Sweden and Finland.

The last few months have really tested my faith as the bus developed one fault after the other.

All the trouble began with a mission trip to Soumasalmi in Finland. I went there by invitation and after a day on the streets, my hosts arranged an evening meeting in the local church hall. The meeting went off very well and it was decided that I should leave the bus in the church car park for the night as I was leaving the area the following day.

As most of you know by now, three young vandals decided to smash the bus windows and pour paint over the engine and the bodywork.

From that moment I have had nothing but trouble. It feels as if someone is praying agains't the work, and the bus in particular.

All my savings and even a bank overdraft have been swallowed up in repair bills.

A new clutch, gearbox, 2 front wheel bearings, fuel pump, retarder, webasco heater have been done in the last five months along with numerous other repairs.

As the list of repairs escalated out of all proportion I believed that the work of the bus was coming to an end and it was the scrap heap and retirement for me.

As people prayed, I began to realise that everytime I recieved a blessing from the work it was quickly followed by a mechanical breakdown.

I know for a fact that the work done in Finland was nothing short of miraculous and many tens of thousands of people came to see me and have heard the message of salvation.

So many schools and youth groups as well as alcoholic and drug centres have been visited and nearly 20,000 copies of my life story as well as 15,000 copies of the gospel of John, translated into Finnish have been distributed in that country.

Wherever I went in Finland and Lappland the bus has been welcomed and most people have heard about me or read the numerous newspaper reports published by many newspapers.

The town of Kuhmo on the Russian border has declared a year of evangelism. I have heard that a few weeks ago the priest Timo Suutari hired a coach and took thirty people across the border into Russia to work for Jesus in street evangelism in a five day campaign.

Timo has only been in the town for less than a year and now holds a weekly prayer meeting that attracts around forty people from different denominations and is doing great things. Please pray for this great man of God and the simple vision that God has given to him.

I firmly believe that one day he will be made a bishop and then Finland will really hear the message of salvation.

As you will have gathered from this letter, my health has suffered this year due to the tremendous pressure caused by overwork and breakdowns. I cannot find anything seriously wrong but I am constantly tired and now dread parking the bus at night in case more vandals cause trouble.

These thoughts and events come from the pit of hell and I really ask you to pray that once again the Peace of God will reign in my heart.

All through these trials I have known the Joy of the Lord and even though I have felt waves of panic wash over me I have never been truly afraid. I know my God is with me and in Him there is NO Fear.

I am now waiting for the ship to take me to the beautiful Faroe Islands for a few weeks where I know the people will help me to put things back in perspective.

On board I have around a thousand daffodil bulbs that I informed the children of the Faroes will help me to plant in front of the church and in the cemetery of Fugljfiorder. This planting day is being arranged for when I get there and the planting will be followed by a Smorgasborg cold meal and then a united service.

In the years to come as these daffodils bloom at the Easter season, the children who planted them will tell their children and grandchildren about the special day.

I have been given a special type of work and how I pray that in the future years, when I have been called or taken home that I shall leave a legacy of love and treasured memories that shall NEVER die but will cause people to think of Jesus and tell their young children about the " Jesus Bus".

The aim of this work is to Glorify Our Heavenly Father as The Holy Spirit directs my thoughts and actions.

At the end of most meetings a time is set aside for anyone to come forward for prayer and this has become really popular. At the beginning of the year I discovered that most people desired me to pray for them and my helpers stood to one side and prayed together.

I felt this needed to be changed and took a back seat for a while. I allowed the helpers to do all the prayer requests and I just went out into the congregation and talked to people.

I found that I was conversing with many more visitors who needed to know Jesus and at the final prayer which I led to close the meeting more people had remained in the hall as I was available to everyone. I have since heard of many instances of healing from these meetings including at least two cancer sufferers.

In less than seven weeks, "Christmas" will be a memory and all the mail from charities and mission work will have been answered and donations sent to those you choose.

As you answer these advertisements and appeals for help, would you please also consider helping this work to continue to serve our Dear Saviour.

Next year I will once again head for the northern parts of Scandinavia and do my best to serve as I have been instructed.

The winter will be spent in the UK this year and I will be in Northern Ireland before Christmas.

If you want to contact me after December 16th I will be able to recieve mail at the address at the top of this letter until early March.

If you desire to help in a practical way, donations can be sent to the above address or to "Caleb Initiative" whose address is on the home page.

I will write again before Christmas and until then I pray that God SHALL Bless You All.


Your Friend in "Jesus"

Brother Clifford Edwards

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus



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September 2009

My Dearest Friends.

I wonder how often you really look backon your life and feel a real sense of achievement.

Much of my life was wasted and dedicated to what I could use to benefit myself and to forward my career as an entertainer. The ultimate aim was to make as much money as I could and to gain popularity. Nothing or nobody was allowed to get in the way. As we all now know, in the end I lost everything and found myself paying for my mistakes with a death sentence because of alcoholism.

Today,I can look back on a career full of achievement and satisfaction, a career that began in 1996 and ends at the end of eternity. In other words a career for life, for life eternal.

When I was instructed to come to Finland and travel the border I thought it would take a month at the most as it was only a couple of thousand miles. How wrong I was!

Six months and 15,564 Kilometres or 9727.5 miles later the task is completed and I am praying to find the next step in this great adventure for Jesus.

The popularity of the bus mission has been beyond my wildest dreams and so much has happened in this beautiful yet wild country. Church after church has asked me to call and witness and there has been such tolerance between church denominations that I have been amazed.The Christians of Kuhmo and Saala, have been set on fire for Jesus, and now Tornio is waiting for the bus to arrive in a few weeks time. All over the land, people are hearing of the mission and requesting the bus mission to come and witness in their area. I must be very careful that I only go as the Lord instructs me as I speak to him, if not catastrophe can happen as I found out about in Soumosalmi when the bill came to nearly four thousand euros for damage to the bus. I am still not sure who will pay the bill for this vandalism as the three boys are still classified as children under the law.

Please pray for a satisfactory conclusion to the matter.

The journey along the Russian border was very difficult as I once again had to follow the roads closest to the border. As I took the last road in Finland and headed into Norway I felt very isolated and a little lonely. I had not passed a house for many miles and was told that there were no more free church Christians living in the area. I pulled into a car park and went into the grocery store and felt like a foriegner in a strange country for the first time ever. Next door to the grocery store was a second hand shop selling clothes and oddments so I went for a look round.

On the counter was a display of tracts and Christian literature. The staff finished up having a prayer meeting before I crossed the border.

One man in the shop recognised me as he had just read my life story and had prayed that he would one day meet me. It took God less than a day to answer his prayer. Yes, it turned out to be a Christian outreach and on FIRE for Jesus.

The final stage of the Russian border was a nightmare drive over very narrow mountain roads that large vehicles do not use. My final night was spent at the side of the road in Russian territory and then in the morning I drove to the harbour of "Grense Jakobselv" and was able to pray for the completed task.

Onwards ever onwards to complete the whole vision the Lord has given me.

I followed the Finland Norway border in Finnmark territory, the land of the Sami "reindeer –people") and a very barren treeless landscape it is.

I tried to get to the most northerly European point at North Capp, but the road tunnels were not big enough to accommodate the bus height. I was really upset and headed south for 50 kilometres before the Lord spoke to me.

"North Capp is on an island and has only been accessible by road for five years." I was instructed to follow another road that brought me over high mountains and very narrow roads to the highest land point in Europe." Havoysund" is situated on the 71 degree line. It is almost a thousand miles beyond the Arctic Circle. Now the road is "South" all the way and when I finally reach the Arctic Circle the whole task will be over until the Lord gives more instructions.

I stopped at a very small church in Norway to take a break and decided to wander around the graveyard. A large memorial stone drew my attention and I was delighted to find that I was in the vicinity of a very famous Second World War action. The fjiord I was gazing over was the place British commandoes had sunk the German battleship "Tirpitz". I was able to thank God for the men who risked and gave their lives for our freedom. Across from the church was a museum dedicated to the Tirpitz battle and outside it was a monument to the Germans who died in the battleship when she sunk. As I read of the 159 men and boys who perished I felt a real sadness creep over me. Then in my heart I heard the words. (These were also my children, "Forgive them as I have forgiven you " ) I then began to realise the vast amount of love our father has for each one of us and felt very ashamed. I wonder how many "Christians" die in the wars between different Countries.They fight because they feel their cause is just and because politicians demand it of them. We also fight a war as we follow Jesus,

He even instructs us to put on our heavenly armour for the battle.

The whole season I have been in Finland I have been aware of the early winter in this land. I have been delayed on numerous occassions and moved back on my tracks many times to fit in the speaking engagements to churches and schools. Finally I had to stop taking bookings and get the task completed. I was just in time. If I had delayed for one more day I could not have completed the course. As I write I have heard that the mountain pass I crossed in a blizzard has been blocked by snow. Other mountain roads in Norway are closed because of early snowstorms.

For those of you who have left messages on the Visitors Atrium, Thank You, You are an inspiration to me as I travel and witness. To those who pray for me thank you. " It Works"

God Bless You All.

Your Friend

Brother Clifford Edwards. (Lapland)

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My Friends. August 2009

This is going to be such a difficult letter to write. So much has happened here in Finland that I am finding it hard to remember the sequence of events, and I have difficulty remembering all the wonderful things the Lord has done her in the eastern border area.

I arrived here in Kuhmo ( Kukmo ) to sing in an International festival for the Lutheran church.

The event was a resounding success with much publicity and an invitation by the parish priest Timo Suutari to extend my stay.

Many meetings were arranged and I made an invitation for anyone to join me on the streets to try outdoor evangelism. On the first occassion 14 people turned up tp help in the local market area including guitars and keyboard.

Many copies of my life story were printed on the church printer and handed out and people sat around listening to us for up to four hours as we sang and testified to the power and love of Jesus. " A further 20,000 have since been printed."

Within days the outreach extended to other towns in the area and my days began to exceed 18 hours as the pure Joy of witness took hold of us all.

It was at this stage we realised a need for gospel tracts in Finnish as everyone avidly read whatever we gave them. Timo showed me a Gospel of John and two thousand were soon sent to us.

I had received an invitatation to a family camp in Pieksamaki to speak for an evening and drove away to attend.

The evening was a great success and because friends from Jacobstad and Vaasa were coming to the camp I extended my stay there.

A new concept for evangelism came to me in prayer and I began taking photographs of children sitting behind the steering wheel and after printing them I gave them away. Each photograph had a gospel message on the back and over 700 were printed. I was also requested to speak at the youth meeting and have since heard that decisions were made to follow Jesus.

From Pieksimaki I called to pick up tracts from the only Finnish Gospel Printers I have been able to find. I cleared the shelves of thousands and then ordered 25,000 John's Gospels to be printed. This has now increased to 125,000 and will be increased as they are distributed. I hope to get one into the hands of EVERY school child in Finland.

I called at the Garage in Jacobstad for the air pipes to be replaced as the brakes continue giving trouble.

Then an invitation to go to Vaasa was accepted and I arrived there in time for a great music festival. As always, the bus was a great attraction and many copies of my life story in Swedish were given away. This is a predominantly Swedish speaking area. At the end of five days I had to leave and go to Sweden to get another 8,000 copies.

A long drive back to the border and a return to Kuhmo was the next step after a farewell home meeting in the home of some very special friends in the Jacobstad area, A full house and a tremendous sense of the moving of the Holy Spirit was all we desired and recieved.

Back here in Kuhmo the team was waiting and it has been non stop evangelism drawing many people to hear the good news. Each evening had meant starting out at around 4pm and not returning until very late. The nearest small town is fifty miles away and often I drive over three hundred miles in an evening.

The bus is often full to capacity with willing helpers and their children and up to four car loads of people set out before us to begin the work as I drive to meet them.

Decisions are being made for Jesus and I am hearing of people being healed.

One lady had a large cancerous lump on hand that had been scheduled for surgery and overnight it dissappeared. A man requested prayer for an undisclosed health problem. I met him in Soumasalmi yesterday and through an interpreter he disclosed that he sufferred from bad ear pain and noises in the ear. They went away as he slept.

This week I was booked for 9 lessons at the senior high school. Great problems began when classes of pupils arrived in the bus without a teacher and had to be turned away. I spoke at 18 lessons in the end.

Pupils persuaded teachers to change timetables so they could hear the "Englishman" speak to them. In each lesson I once again chose a pupil to translate for me. It was great to see the expressions on the faces of the teachers as they realised just what their pupils could achieve when given the chance.After six months with only one day off I am ready to move on towards Lappland and the North Cape.

Tomorrow I begin a week in Soumasalm, then past the Arctic Circle to Lappland. (I Think)

Please pray that I will continue to receive strength to go on. We need your prayers and much help to purchase materials to give away.

I would be very grateful if some of you would reply to this letter and let me know what is going on in your area and life. Also please visit the web page, it only needs a click on the heading and you are there. If you desire to send this letter on or print it for your church or home group please do so. There is no copyright in God as far as I have read in the bible. It say's " Go and Tell" Please do so and encourage people like myself who really need YOU.


God Bless

Your Friend in Jesus


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Highways for Jesus

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Finland . July 2009

My Friends.

Once again it is time to update you with the way the Lord has led me, as I drive the Highways of Scandinavia.

So many things have happened in the last few weeks that it is hard to remember all the wonderful experiences the Lord has led me through.

I left Sweden and headed for the Arctic Circle and the town of Rovaniemi where once again I met up with many dear friends who made me feel so welcome. A visit was made to Kemijarvi and once again I was asked to deliver the sermon. The pastor and people of this church helped me last year by coming out in a snow blzzard and got the bus running in spite of the weather conditions and the frozen air pipes.

As I left the church to head south I called on Santa Clause and took him a gift from us all.

Please tell the children that Santa has an English Bible and a New Testament in Finnish and Brother Clifford has it recorded on DVD. Copies are available if you drop me an email.

As I left and headed south I felt the Lord telling me to make a detour of around 5,000 miles to return to the Faroe Islands and get the heating problem solved in time for the winter.

I had asked many mechanics to look at the problem but none were willing to attempt the very difficult job. My friends at Fugliafjiord had the heater up and running in four days and another friend filled up the diesel tanks with over a thousand litres of fuel for the return trip.

After an exhausting drive and passage on four ships I arrived back in Finland at the port of Vaasa. Within an hour I experienced even more bus trouble as a very expensive noise developed in one of the front wheels.

A mechanic eventually arrived and a broken wheel bearing was found to be the trouble. It took two days to replace and I was able to get to the last day of a three day conference at a lovely retreat centre in Jacobstown. The conference finished and I decided to stay in the area for the weekend.

On the Sunday afternoon I was invited to an open air service to meet the bishop for the area and to hear him speak. When we arrived at the venue I was surprised how many people had turned up to listen to this very popular cleric. Then the news came that he would not be there as his wife had broken her wrist that morning. Guess who spoke to the crowd ? ........ God has a plan........

I left the area on Monday and continued the prayer tour along the western border and headed for Turku. I had driven over a hundred miles when I saw a man waving to me from a small lay-bye, I waved back and kept on driving. A few miles up the road a car pulled in front of me and signalled me to pull in to the side of the road.

Can you come and meet someone, the driver asked?

The Lord told me to wait for you and take you to our centre, he added.

I was led to a retreat centre and there met the leaders of the Frank Mang Centre.

Frank Mang was an evangelist in the last century in Finland and Sweden and the farm he lived in has now been taken over for the work of the Lord.

I was requested to stay and preach the sermon at the Sunday service but declined as I had made other arrangements. They changed the day of the service to Thursday evening and we had a terrific time singing the psalms and songs of the Lord.

As I was driving away I felt a real urge to go to Helsinki but resisted the feeling as I hate city driving.

I had made arrangements to go to Tampere and wanted to meet up with friends from my last visit.

As I prepared to take the motorway turn off for Tampere the telephone rang. It was a dear friend from Rovaniemi who informed me that she was with her family in Helsinki and she had been told about bus adverising in the city. The Humanist movement, are advertising on the city buses that " There is NO God' Stop Mourning and Enjoy Life"

It was causing real concern among the local churches and nothing was being done about it.

Within 48 hours Anna Maria had organised prayer warriors and the Jesus Bus was touring the city streeets of Helsinki for two days. The reception was good and the Christian's on board my bus commented on the way people smiled as we passed them. I firmly believe that something great happened during those two days.

I have since heard that bus drivers are refusing to take out the offending buses, The advertising is being ripped off by persons unknown and now the moslem community is objecting very strongly to the campaign.From Helsinki it was only a short drive to to lowest part of the Eastern

( Russia -Finland ) border and the main drive began.

This year I hope to cover more of the border area as I do not have to contend with the snow just yet. The roads here can be very difficult to drive because most of the border areas wend there way through the largest forest in the world ( The Tigre ) and are made up of loose granite chippings or are just mud tracks. It was on one of these tracks that the brakes gave me trouble and a mechanic had to be found for me. I was literally 100 metres from Russia and many miles from the nearest town when one of the back wheels started to emit black smoke. The air pipe had broken. After a wait of around three hours a couple of mechanics arrived and made a temporary repair. This got me out of trouble because I was broken down in wild bear country. I managed to drive on to the youth camp at Kuhmo where I was requested to speak for three days. The young people were great and it was treat to interact with them all. I was even able to lend some fishing equipment to three of the lads and they went out for a couple of hours in a motor boat.

I am now in Kuhmo and awaiting the start of the International Music Festival I take part in next week. If you desire you may copy this newsletter or send it on to other Christians, I really need your prayers.


God Bless.


Your Friend in Jesus.


Brother Clifford Edwards

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My Friends. June 2009


Once again it is time to pray the borders and take the long drive around Finland.

My time in Sweden was truly fantastic and the Lord really blessed me in my time there.

I had promised to return to Sandviken when I left for Britain in December. My friend Larry had promised to look after the bookings but due to pressure of his work as a priest he was too busy and had to pass the job to a secretary. Originally I was scheduled to remain eight weeks but cut it down to seven before I moved on.

The work was very demanding but exremely rewarding.

Before leaving Ireland I had managed to arrange a printing of my life story in Swedish and 25,000 were delivered to the church in time for distribution to the churches when I arrived.

During my time there I was invited to join 28 thousand other church people for a gathering and witness in Stockholm for a weekend. It was really successful and during the weekend six thousand booklets were given out to Christians throughout Sweden and surrounding countries.

I am still recieving emails from people who are just reading them and finding blessing from the contents.

I was informed that it was not possible for the bus to get into the city of Stockholm during the main Saturday as Christians would be marching in witness and blocking the streets. The day before I left I received a phone call telling me that the chief of police had intervened and a place was found for me. I was parked 200 metres from the event and given a prime spot outside the city palace of the King of Sweden.

During my time there, thousands of people passed the bus as they went sightseeing. I was kept awake each night with the constant flashes from the cameras taking photos of the bus. A display of tracts was put outside and I had to keep filling it up.

I was invited to the small town of Hofors for street work for three seperate days and found great interest there for the gospel.

One young man kept returning to ask questions after he had finished college each day. He used all the usual arguments about Christianity yet kept on coming back to see me.

One day I was asked to speak at the Pentecostal church and he came to listen to me. At the end of the service he stopped arguing with God and made a life changing decision for Jesus.

After praying for many people I was approached by a young man who was on fire for Jesus and we had a good talk about his life in the church. This culminated in me baptising him and his younger sister a couple of days later in a local lake.

Two weeks later his older sister was baptised in the Pentecostal church and I was able to be there. How I praise the Lord for His goodness to us all.

During my time in Sweden I heard of a number of people who have made decisions to hand their lives over to Jesus as a direct result of the Holy Spirit using the testimony and witness of the Jesus Bus.

Schools once again kept asking me to speak and I must have spoken to over two thousand young people, in class, during my time there.

A couple of incidents caused me distress in Sandviken. On Easter Sunday I found that someone had thrown eggs at the bus during the night and it took a lot of power washing to remove the dried yolks which can ruin the paintwork if left.

On my last few days in the town I decided to go shopping. As I walked to the shop a car pulled up beside me. The passenger window was open and as the car pulled up I thought the driver needed help. Imagine my surprise when the passenger pointed a handgun at me and fired towards my head.

Thank God that he has angels on permanent guard and they protected me.

The result was that I stayed in the town a few extra days and saw another soul come into the kingdom.

Driving towards the Finland border I was made to stop in a picnic area for the night and because of it I was able to join Pentecostals from all over Scandinavia at their annual conference. More details of the miracle are on Cliffords Page on the web site.

Since coming over the border I have been astounded at the cost of living in Finland. A litre of milk is nearly £1 and the same price for a kilo of sugar.

I will be travelling the whole border of Finland which stretches for around 4,000 Kilometres so it will be quite a long stay here. Please pray that the finance comes in for the food and diesel to get me round this gorgeous country.

I hope to call on Santa Clause at the Arctic Circle and give him a present. I think a Bible would be a good idea don't you?

Please continue praying for the work and logging on to the web site. The work really depends upon YOU.

If you desire to copy this letter or send it on to your friends, Please feel free to do so. I need as many prayer partners as possible to help me on this mammoth tour of Finland.

I hope to reach the border with Russia and Finland by the end of June.


May God Bless You.


Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus





May 2009

My Dear Friends.


It is so wonderful to be out on the road and serving the Lord Jesus in the way I believe he asks of me.

I left Scandinavia during the last week of 2008 because of the intense cold I was experiencing in the bus in Finland and Sweden. I arrived in Britain to experience the coldest winter for decades with so many Ice and Snow problems on the roads. After repeated attempts and a lot of money spent, I still have no heating in the bus other than calor gas heaters. I am really dreading the winter here in the frozen north and hope the Lord will find a solution to my problems. Also the heater in the drivers section does not work properly and driving long distances can be very painful even though I wear the correct clothing. I believe a solution to the problems is just beyond the horizon and I am sure God will speak to one of my supporters as they pray for His leading.

The cold is not a problem at the moment as I am finding the sunshine here in Sweden is causing a greenhouse effect in the bus with afternoon temperatures around 30 degrees in my living area.

The trip to Sweden was great and I met many friends along the way. The highlight of the tour was my short visit to the Faroe Islands and feeling the love of the people radiating towards me as I spoke to them. One gentleman paid for my ticket on Norrona and two friends in Fugliafjiord filled my tanks with diesel which has taken a lot of pressure off me.

At last I arrived in Sandviken and was amazed at the welcome the local church has given to me. I was able to bring many English tracts with me and managed to find a supplier who was able to send me a couple of booklets in Swedish and also Finnish.A couple of thousand are now ready for the right opportunity to give them away.

A dear friend from the methodist church has translated my life story into Swedish and a company in Northern Ireland printed them. Twenty five thousand are now being given away and the telephone response from alcoholics has been very positive. Also many people are sending the books to relatives all around the world.

I am delighted to inform you that at last I am seeing people in Sweden making decisions to follow Jesus and it has made the struggle so worthwhile.

The true highlight of the tour was when I baptised two young people in a local lake and because it was done quietly with no large gathering of people it made it extra special.

I believe I now know how Philip felt when he baptised the Eunach.

Please pray for Catherine and Daniel as they seek to find the will of God in their lives.

I have been invited to speak at an outdoor gathering of christians in the capital city. Each year the churches gather in Stockholm and have a march of witness through the city ,this is

followed by a meeting of testimony and song. How I pray that the Lord will give me the right words to speak as I am sure the Lord has begun a very positive work in Sweden.

The spring flowers are in bloom here and I will be following the season of Spring as I head north at the beginning of June. My work in Sandviken is drawing to a close and I preach my last sermon on the last Sunday in May at the Bjogcentrakirkan and then begin the trip to the top of Lapland in Norway, Sweden and Finnland.

I really look forward to the drive through the Tigre forest again as I head beyond the Arctic Circle.

The work in the schools has been terrific and hundreds of young people have heard about my life and committment to Jesus. The headmaster at the Montessiori school really made me welcome and it was good to take another two days speaking to every class in the school. He was really brave and invited me to speak at a specially arranged parents evening which went extremely well.

I forgot to mention that my generator has been removed because it went Kaput. I am now praying in the finance to buy a new one before the winter. If anyone can help the work financially I would be really grateful. Donations can be sent to the charity that looks after donations in Britain. The advantage is that I can claim the British tax back from most donations. The address is. Caleb Initiative. 4 West Road. Bishops Stortford. Hert's. England.

I am informed from them about all donations recieved.

Please keep on praying I need your prayers more than anything else.


God Bless You


I Remain

Your Friend in Jesus


Brother Clifford Edwards


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus

Spring 2009




My Friends.

Once again I must thank each one of you for your love and prayers. Often I find myself in situations when I need encouragement to go on and I actually feel the power of your prayer within my heart.

I have been so blessed in the last few years by knowing how many people are supporting the work in the most important way possible.BY PRAYER.

2008 was an incredible year for me as I travelled to places I have only imagined I could ever visit.

As a boy I heard about the great explorers who travelled to the frozen north and remember the excitement deep within myself as I heard about Scott other great men.

I never realised that one day I would find myself driving through the terrain that dreams are made of. The Tigre was truly memorable. A forest that stretches most of the way around the world and populated by Wolves, Bear, Deer and other animals that we only see in books or on television.

Following the border between Finland and Russia took me through areas that have never been driven by double-decker .

As I travelled through the vast wilderness of pine trees I occassionally came to areas that still showed evidence of the war between Finland and Russia in the 1940's.

As I took time to pray at each site I came to I realised that the war between Good and Evil is still being fought by each one of us. The guns at the sites had been restored and painted with loving hands and the Information Boards told of the exploits of the battle weary men as they fought courageously for freedom from the oppressor.

The world-wide war is still going on and each one of us should be having our armour restored on a daily basis. The only way to do that is to take ourselves to the Throne of Grace and allow our Heavenly Father to restore us and tenderly heal our wounds. The battle for souls is the only reason to live and even though many of our people are not able to join the evangelists travelling to remote areas of the world preaching the gospel it does not mean they cannot take part in spreading the word.

I am just one of the people God has chosen to go to the uttermost parts of the world, I need each one of you to help me spread the Word.

Please continue to pray that the Lord will give me wisdom as I once again set off for the northernmost parts of Europe.

I write this on board ship heading for the Faroe Islands in the mid atlantic, where I will spend most of March.

I have appointments to keep in the town of Sandviken in Sweden during April and May. Most of my time there will be spent in the schools and the state church telling my life story. In November and December my time there was very fulfilling and even though I was exhausted by the punishing schedule and extreme cold, I will never forget the great joy it gave me.

When I return to Sweden and Finland this year I will be able to give out a shortened version of my life story to each person I meet.

The story in Finnish was translated by a lovely lady who lives on the Arctic Circle. I met Anna Maria last year when she called into the bus and invited me to a ladies prayer meeting. The meeting was very successful and from that small beginning Anna Maria arrangements for other meetings, including the opportunity to speak in schools. I really look forward to meeting her again later this year.

My friend Larry is a priest in the church in Sandviken and a very busy man. He still took the time to translate the story into Swedish and arranged dozens of meetings during December for me. I will be back with him in April when once again I expect to be very busy.

I hoped to have the translated stories printed in Britain but the cost of bus repairs made it impossible. In the six weeks I was in Britain the bus repairs have cost over £10,000 and have left me desperate for finance. I know that some would find it hard to realise how much the bus has to go through during a year of operation in sub zero temperatures, but salt and ice really do take there toll of machinery. Also please remember that this is my home throughout the year. I gave up renting a house in Ireland three years ago and now depend totally upon the Lord and His People to help me as I travel the highways of Britain and Scandinavia spreading the Gospel.

If you feel the Lord speaking to you to help me print the story into other languages or would like to support the mission please drop me an email and I would be delighted to hear from you.

Why not follow my exploits for Jesus on


God Bless You

Your Friend in Jesus Christ


Brother Clifford Edwards

(Faroe Islands)

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus



My Friends. Christmas 2008

Once again Christmas and the New Year are upon us.

How I pray that each one of you will have a truly Blessed Time as you serve our Lord and Saviour in the way He desires. May your New Year resolution be that your lives will bring Glory to Our Heavenly Father.

During the last few months of service I have seen and heard so much that can only change my life and bring me closer to our Heavenly Father.

The young people I have spoken to in the many schools I have visited really bring home to me the power of the spoken word.

So often we ignore or critisize the younger generation when we should be loving and listening to them.

At the end of each school lesson I allow time to answer questions the students ask me. I have been astounded and very challenged by many of the things the students have asked of me. I feel it is time to give our youth opportunities in the church and to take a really active part in the day to day life of the church.

As I take each lesson in the schools, I use the students to translate for me. Of course we have minor problems to begin with, but by the time the lesson is over I don't have a class in front of me, but a team who are working together and helping each other master a foriegn language.

It is truly amazing to watch the teachers who attend each class, as they realise that the students who do not excell in english are suddenly transformed as they listen to my story and take an active part in the telling of it..

I will be sending out a longer newsletter in the new year and bringing you all up to date with the mission field the Lord has given to me.

As I drove the border of Finland and Russia I prayed for freedom for the people in the Soviet Areas. I now ask if we can find it in our hearts to give our young teenagers and young adultsthe best Christmas present ever. Freedom to help us to serve our Lord.


God Bless You All.

Your Friend in Jesus

Brother Clifford Edwards


Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus


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My Friends.

The weather here in Sweden is as you would expect, (COLD AND WHITE). I am parked in the centre of the town, at the side of the main church and surrounded by graves. It is the custom in Scandinavia to celebrate the festival of Advent as a very important part of the year for secular and church communities. Most of the graves have a candle placed upon them on Advent Sunday and the sight of them at night is spectacular. The snow which covers the ground at this time reflects the light and turns the whole church area into a winter wonderland. When I was invited by the priest to come here I did not know what to expect and have been amazed and delighted with my reception from most of the people here. The children are a little shy at the first contact with me but soon lose their timidity and chatter away amongst themselves. Up to now I have been invited to speak at two schools but more are now hearing about me so more work will be coming in. The Bessemergymnasiet ( Bessemmer) school for the senior high school students. The age range was 16 to 19 and I spent three days there taking English and Religion classes. It was great to have the young people translating for me as I spoke and I was really impressed with the quality of their interpretation. At the end of each lesson it was question time and the questions really did challenge me as I answered them. Each pupil would ask their question in Swedish and then I would choose someone else to translate for me, I watched them grow in confidence as each question was asked.

It is surprising how God works in this world and how amazing His time scale is. I was busking on the streets of Manchester in the early 1990's when I was approached by a doctor who offered me help with my alcohol problem. It was many more months before I looked him up for help at his surgery. He put me into hospital to dry out and over a matter of around five years he took great trouble with his most difficult patient. He helped me during my illness of cirrhosis and then diagnosed the cancer in my throat in 2001. He even invited me to his home for dinner one evening so that I could tell my story to his children. During his time dealing with me he attended the Pentecostal church in Manchester and took me there on numerous occasions ( both drunk and sober ) Eventually he changed churches and returned to the Church of England. Early this year he went on a retreat and met many Anglicans from different countries and cultures. He mentioned one of them to me as he joined me on the boat to Norway in May and told me that the priest Larry worked in Sweden.

During his motor bike holiday in Scandinavia he travelled many kilometres until he experienced mechanical problems in the large town of Gavle, (Larry the priest lives there) Due to Doctor Robert's constant reminders I eventually met Larry and went for a meal with him as I travelled through Sweden to Finland. It was many miles out of my way but I felt it was an appointment to keep. I promised to call into his parish when I had completed my tour of the Finland and Russian border. The original plan was for a brief visit as I returned to Northern Ireland for the winter.

As I wrote in the last newsletter to you all, Finland and Lappland was a tremendous success and I intend to return there next year. Already I am receiving emails begging me to speak in churches throughout Lappland and I hope to spend three months there next summer.

When I met up with Larry in Gavle he told me that he had a few meetings lined up for me to speak at. I never expected the reception I have been given by the people in this town of 25,000 people. The bus has experienced problems due to the intense cold but it has still been used mightily. A day of outreach during Advent Sunday afternoon brought many visitors to meet me including a man from Arabia who decided to follow " Jesus". I am awaiting a bible in Arabic for him.

The schools I have visited have brought many students into the bus and the junior school brought wet snow and around a hundred and fifty children to have a go behind the steering wheel. The people of Finland and Lappland remember the Finnish war this weekend and the main speaker has requested that I take her place and give the address. I visited nearly all the battle sites just a few weeks ago on the Border of Russia and Finland. (Perfect Timing)

Many meetings with alcoholics have been attended and next week I spend a day at a treatment centre and then speak to residents and visitors at the evening meeting that is being arranged for me.

As I wrote earlier!!!!!!!! God has his own time schedule.

If Doctor Rob had not stopped to speak to a drunk tramp all those years ago.

I wonder if I would have been doing this work today or if I would have died in 1996 as was expected.

Speak to someone about Jesus today and allow our "Heavenly Father" to change the world.


Your Friend in "Jesus"

Brother Clifford Edwards

(Sandvekan Sweden)

Highways for Jesus

Highways for Jesus



My Friends. Soumi November 2008

The tour this year has been demanding and yet so worthwhile. So many great things have happened since I last wrote an email to you.

The Lord has been a true rock for me as I have travelled the border of Finland (Soumi) and Russia from the southernmost tip until it became the Norwegian border just outside the town of Ivalo in northern Lapland. My greatest concern was if the finance would last out on such a mammoth undertaking considering the price of diesel in Scandinavia. My first stop in Finland was at the English speaking service in the city of Tampere where I was really made to feel at home. This is a beautiful city but the railway bridges gave me great trouble as most of them are too low for the bus to pass underneath. I finished up getting very lost as I negotiated my way out of the city centre. It was my first experience of seeing double-decker trains and I was very impressed. "No! I don't want a train" From Tampere I headed to the first border crossing and was amazed at the queue of trucks waiting to get into Russia. It was over twenty miles long, but I saw no evidence of anyone getting impatient. I learned later that the government officials in Russia were on strike for some reason. (The Iron Curtain must have really come down) The whole of the border is conifer forest and stretches literally all around the globe. As I began the journey the forest contained Oak and Silver Birch as well as many other broad leaf trees, but the further north I travelled the fewer broad leaf trees managed to survive the Arctic temperature. The roads I had to travel really brought out skills that I did not realise I had. The forest roads were very narrow and only used for timber transportation. The pot holes had to be seen to be believed in the more remote areas of the forest and a wary eye had to be kept out for elk and reindeer jumping out in front of the bus. I had a few nasty moments with the reindeer as they seem even more stupid than sheep at times. The road was long and isolated so I logged on to the web pages very frequently to stop feeling quite so lonely. I was very disappointed at times that more recipients of the newsletters I send out do not bother to encourage me via the web. The journey to the Arctic Circle was very much away from civilisation so I had a lot of time to think and get closer to Jesus as I travelled on. About a hundred kilometres away from the 66.3 degree line I started having trouble with the air pressure and the brakes kept coming on as I was driving. Garages are few and far between up there so I had to Pray and Hope that I could get to civilisation. I eventually turned onto the road that leads to Rovaniemi and the home of Santa Clause. As I was driving down the road I pulled into a petrol station in the town of Posio and hoped they would fix my problems for me. "They could not do it" but told me of a garage a few kilometres away. As I prepared to drive away I spied a coach waiting on the forecourt and the driver told me the way to his depot just round the corner. After waiting a couple of hours the foreman arrived and introduced himself. Pekka inspected the problem and promised to fix it when the day's work had been completed. As promised he arrived and diagnosed a broken air pipe which he began to strip down and repair. As he was working under the bus a minivan full of teenage girls turned up and began crowding around the entrance. The driver turned out to be the local Lutheran priest who had brought his confirmation class to the bus for a lesson. What could I do but get on with it and let then have a brief account of the work. As the priest was leaving he asked if I could stay a couple of days and meet a few people. Tomi the priest was a real God send as He worked me till I drooped. Schools, Handicapped Centre, Garage forecourt witness and services in his two churches. Reluctantly I had to leave as the temperature was dropping and the snow arrived. On the way to Rovaniemi I pulled into a parking spot and put my feet up for the night. Actually I only managed an hour as a car pulled up and the lady driver wanted me to go and speak at a ladies prayer meeting. She had heard of me from a newspaper article printed throughout Lappland and one of the interviews I had given in Posio. Anna Maria was used by God to open many doors for me in the Lappland area and the school work was incredible. She also turned out to be a top class translator and made my work so much easier. Each school was a treasure to me as the children took over the bus each playtime and lunch break. My main job seemed to comprise of removing deep snow from inside of the bus. My aim was to reach the town of Ivalo and from there to the Russian border checkpoint. I was informed that the road was in a dangerous condition and it would be unwise to complete the journey. But God had other plans and I arrived at the border crossing at 7am and spent some time talking to the soldier on duty. He was thrilled to get a picture of the bus and a copy of my life story. When I looked through the office window I witnessed a crowd of the border crossing staff walking around the bus and taking photographs. The Pentecostal church in Ivalo made a great fuss of me and insisted I stayed for a few days which I did. I also promised to return next year for an outreach with them. The drive to the Arctic Circle was difficult with ice and snow on the roads and sometimes blizzard conditions. At the town of Kemijarvi the local Pentecostal church came up trumps and really took me under their wings. The pastor and one of the members took me visiting and nothing was too much trouble for them. After a couple of days I decided to move on but only travelled forty kilometres before brake problems occurred. The whole system kept freezing solid as I drove along. The temperature was minus 10 and I don't know what the wind chill factor was at 60 kilometres an hour. Needless to say the pastor came out and defrosted the brakes then escorted me back to Kemijarvi. We had a great Sunday morning together. It has been suggested that my life story be printed in the Finnish language and Tomi has promised to do the translation. We now pray in the finance for the printing and then return next year to distribute them to the schools. We need fifty thousand but I can only manage to transport 25,000. I write this on my way to Gavle and Sandvick in Sweden where a ten day mission begins on the 21st November. More news and miracles are coming soon.

God Bless

Your Friend in Jesus

Brother Clifford Edwards



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Finland October 2008

My Friends in Jesus.

So much seems to be happening as I at last drive the roads of Scandinavia and head beyond the Arctic Circle.Since my last newsletter only a few short weeks ago I have left the Faroe Islands and taken ship for mainland Scandinavia. Norrona left me behind at Hantsholm in Denmark and after a short drive I embarked at Frederikshaven for Gothenberg in Sweden. I would recommend a holiday in Denmark or Sweden if you enjoy driving. Even though there are no mountains here, there is no shortage of trees. The forest I have been driving through is known as "The lung of the World" it is also known as the Tigre or Tiger and is the largest forest on earth. The forest stretches through Norman, Sweden, Finland, Lapland and Russia to name just a few of the countries it covers. To stop each day surrounded by trees and to be able to seek God in total silence is an incredible experience.

The trip through Sweden was really memorable for me when I met a priest from Gavle. Larry was made known to me by my doctor in England. Doctor Rob had been to a Christian retreat and had met a few interesting people whilst he was there. One of the people he told me about was Larry. When we met on the outskirts of Gavle we really hit it off together and I knew it was a divine appointment. Since leaving him he has been in touch with me again and I return to meet up with him again in December for a week of outreach around his parish. This will end with a united service of all the churches in the town.

As I was driving I heard the voice I know so well speaking into my mind, "Drive the border separating Russia and Finland, as you drive pray that I may be Glorified by the people on both sides of the border" This is happening as I write the newsletter and a difficult task it is to do. Most of the border is through the forest and only the trucks hauling logs use them. I have to drive very carefully as it is hunting season here and the local inhabitants are stocking up their freezers with fresh meat. I stayed for a night in a picnic area beside one of the main roads outside the town of llomantsi and prepared for an early bedtime. At around 11pm I heard a car revving up outside the bus and went to investigate, fearing trouble from the drinkers or youth out to cause trouble. It turned out to be a middle aged couple having problems with their car . We tried charging the batteries with my booster charger but it just would not go anywhere. The couple ended up ringing a friend to travel over 60 kilometres to come and take them home. Of course it was an invitation to join me in the bus or freeze outside so the kettle was put on for a cuppa. They both showed an interest in the bus so I told them a little about Jesus and why I served Him. It was revealed that they had only been married for a short time when I gave them a copy of the Bible in English. I was not able to mend their car but I was able to tell them the real way to fix all things "Including Life" was through Jesus. I have had an email from them and the car is in the garage being fixed.

Once again I am having bus problems and as I wrote I am praying that a mechanic will turn up to sort out my air lines connected to the brakes. The weather has now changed for the worse and temperatures have plummeted to below zero. If it gets much worse I will have to abandon the rest of the border drive until next year. It would be great if a few supporters joined me for the trip which would entail a stay of around two weeks in Finland in April or May. (Why not pray about it)

I had to stop writing at this point as a mechanic has called and has now fixed the problem. I am concerned that the clutch will not last much longer because I had to drive so far to find a mechanic. The snow is now with us in Finland and I cannot venture any further north without replacing the tyres so I would hope to complete the venture early next year and head for Norway when the spring arrives. It seems very unusual to gaze out of the window and watch reindeer passing by as they move freely around the forest and towns searching for lichen. The elk has gone into hiding because of the hunting season in this part of the world.

complete this news update from the small town of Potio where I have been received with open arms. Yesterday I was invited to open the bus in the high school playground and it was used as the classroom for the students studying English. The bus was packed out all day and three newspapers sent reporters to take pictures and get the story. Please feel free to use this newsletter to share with fellow Christians of life
"On the Front Line"

God Bless
Your Friend in Jesus
Brother Clifford


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Time flies and waits for no man, or so I have been told. Parts of this year seem to have done the opposite for me as I waited for repairs to the bus or hung around waiting for car ferries. But in the end I still found that Jesus is,

"The same Yesterday, Today and Forever"

Visitors have flocked into the bus from so many countries, Poland, Spain, Czech, America, Canada, Iceland, Faroe, Norway, Finland, Britain, and Africa to name just a few.

I have been astounded at the end of each week with the reception I have received as I have parked in such isolated lay-byes in Iceland and Faroe.

As most of you know by now, I had a bad accident with the bus earlier this year and for a time I thought that the days of the mission were numbered. Well things do change and I am now still raring to go and carry on the commission the Lord gave me in 1996. How can I ever thank the valiant few who contributed financially to make the mission solvent again and able to continue this vital work. It would be great if just a few more individuals or churches made a commitment of even a small amount to take away some of the pressure caused by soaring fuel and money exchange problems. Please pray about it

Iceland was very difficult for me this year as most of the churches totally ignored me after the accident caused by one of their pastors last year. I tried to defend myself but each time the truth was revealed the pastor changed his story so I just gave up and left them to it. I was asked to visit the small village of Vopnafiordur and after negotiating some of the worst roads in Iceland I eventually managed to get there.. This was the season the blueberries where ready for picking. I picked, cleaned, boiled, packed and labelled over 200 jars of jam for distribution to every home in the village as a present from the church and the bus. I believe they were very well received, with no refusals and because they were distributed by church members and the children. It allowed a witness to each home for the first time ever. How I pray that the church increases through such small ideas. After a two hundred mile drive down gravel roads I continued on to another small village "Siglufiordur". I could not get into the village as the mountain tunnel was not high enough to allow the bus through. The church membership all came out to meet me for a time of prayer at the nearest available place. Only three people attend the meetings, the church was closed down three years ago because they could not afford the electric and heating costs and they were so isolated. The church building is still owned by them and after our short time together in the bus the three saints had decided that they would try again and reopen the church for worship. On to the Blondis area and a small fishing village to meet up with a family who have had to join the state church because of lack of help, but now take a real part with the children's work and youth projects. One of my favourite churches is on the Island of Vestmannaeyjar. The island was evacuated a few years ago because of the volcano erupting and most of the town was destroyed. Now it is a thriving community and the church is growing there. I took a bus load of the local children for their first ever double-decker bus ride around the town and it has proved a real talking point throughout the town. This bus is the ONLY double-decker to EVER visit the island.

From here I visited a church where I am guaranteed a warm welcome, "Hofn"

We had a grand time of fellowship with the congregation as I preached my final sermon in Iceland and the welcome was as warm as ever from those wonderful Saints of the Kingdom. I do not believe I shall return to Iceland in the future as, if the church cannot use or support the work in such an expensive country, I would be failing in my duty to be "wise with the Lord's finances"

I am still working just as hard in The Faroe Islands and truly loving every minute being with such friendly and warm people. "New Horizons Beckon" I leave this week on a three thousand kilometre trip to the top of Lapland. Norrona will drop me at Hantsholm in Denmark to begin the drive to Stockholm, From there I travel beside the largest forest on earth, the "Tiger" to the borders of Sweden and Finland then on to the Arctic Circle and Rovaniemi or Santa Claus Village. From there it is up country as far as the weather will allow before returning and parking up in Rovaniemi until Santa sets off on his long tour around the world.

I believe that hundreds of thousands of people visit in November and December so please pray that I will be able to witness to a small percentage of these people from "ALL OVER THE WORLD" A new diesel tank has just been fitted to the bus. This brings my fuel capacity to just over 1000 litres and will save a tremendous amount of money. Each country I visit has different rates for fuel and this means I can fill up where fuel is not quite so expensive. Each penny a litre is worth ten pounds on a full tank.

It would be good to have some feedback from this newsletter if you can spare the time to visit the web site or email me. Also if you desire, you can print it out and share it with your friends. There is no copyright on any of my newsletters or testimony so feel free to use as the Lord Directs.


May God Bless You

Your Friend in Jesus

Brother Clifford Edwards

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