Brother Clifford in Prayer

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Digging Graves

Guards on duty


three rows of toilets for thousands. Soiling yourself meant instant death.

Bunks in camp. Up to 9 people in each bunk.

A group of American Jews. I told them about Jesus.

Birkenau Camp Entrance.

Rollcall of new woman prisoners

Sector B2

Mens barracks area

Only Barrack chimneys remain

Roma and Sinti barracks

Mens barracks area

All evidence removed

Extermination Camp Plan

Camp Infirmary barracks

This pond contains ashes of thousands.

Pond Memorial


Waiting area for Murder

Waiting area for Murder

No further comment required

Confused children and mothers.

Crematorium remains.

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Who was she?



Found amongs't belongings

A wall of Memories

Barber and tatoo area.

Barber and tatoo area.

Barber and tatoo area.

This area was used for storing and sorting valuables

Compound Bill 2

Sorting stolen property

Showers. ( Real )

Reception area. for Genocide.

Extermination Camp Plan

Guard Tower

Round structures are cess pits

Crematorium remains. Blown up by the SS

Crematorium remains. Blown up by the SS

Crematorium remains. Blown up by the SS

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