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Oak Trees planted in 1682

Click on photo to read.

Aluksne Lutheran Church Hall.

Some of the food donated from Finland and Sweden.

Gathered around the New table.

Dina\'s Birthday party.

Dina\'s Birthday Cake.Supplied by Clifford.

It was really Good to eat.

Milking the cow for milk and Cheese-

In the kitchen

OUR new Family.

Counting Sheep.

The kitchen after painting.

A good job well done.

Ready for work.

The winter hay supply.

The First EVER Bike Ride.

Pure Bliss.

The faces say everything.

This bike was the overall favourite of the boys.

Five of the seven Bicycles.

A View of the smallholding.

Dominic riding by.

Big Decisions.

All the younger children. 7 to 17 yrs.

A. Great photo.

Giving Instructions.

Children will be children.

Learning to Ride. It did not take long!

Bicycle Store.

The family slept on the hay when they had no beds.

The old bedroom and the home of the bikes.

Still learning.

Having a great time.

Tightrope walking was their toy until Clifford came.

The Farmhouse.

The annual calf, to be sold at the market when grown.

Farm tools and junk.

Papa inspecting the work.

The new Bathroom.

Kitchen furniture from Sweden.

A visiting Evengelist.

Winter Vegatables.

The pond at the bottom of the Garden is the water supply.

The Farmhouse.

Apple Trees.

The new water heater, Wood burning.

The house was falling down inside.

The bedroom for 8 people.

The Kitchen.

Peeling Potatoes.

Washing the dishes.

Installing Electricity.

Happy Workers.

Mother and Daughter.

Preparing Dinner.

Insulating the walls for winter at minus 40.

New barrow full of cabbages for Saurkraut.

The twins at play.

Being Grown up.

The face says everything,



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