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Jesse with his fish.( He caught it himself)

Too big for Kaapo

Ready to get the line tangled.

Need I say more.

A real bear. I felt really sorry that it was dead and not roaming free.

Jesse and Emma blowing bubbles.

Opening a gift for Kaapo.

The team at the Russian Border crossing.

At the Russian border crossing. Vartius.

\"Bo\" repairing an injector for the bus.

Danger, mechanics at work.

The Cross in Russian Territory. It is the first symbol on display in Europe.

One of the snow covered mountains I had to cross in Norway.

Memorial to the fallen German Soldiers in Norway.

Tirpitz Memorial.

Torpedoe and Mines.

No longer lethal explosives.

Commando Memorial.

The memorial to the British Commandoes .

Commemoration plaque to local mine workers in Norway.

The story of the church.

Memorial Sculpture to the mineworkers.

In this Fjiord the Tirpitz was sunk.

A locked church.

Autumn Splendour.

Sami Teepees waiting for Reindeer skin covers.

A perfect name for a town on the Russia Norway Border.

Russian Border Rules.

The Baltic sea at the end of Europe.

The final car park in Europe.

First and Last church in Europe. It was Locked.

Russian Watchtower.

The distance was too great to get a good picture of this Russian radio watchtower.

Even MORE Rules.

The true reason a church was built here.

Church Plaque.

The last Christians I met in Finland.

A cross in the wilderness.

No Man\'s land to Russia

An outdoor loo in Finland is normal at stopping places

A reindeer herders loo.

Russia is 2 kilometres away

The bus on the Russian Border

The mountains in Russia.

Looking into Russia from the Finland border.

I annointed and prayed over this border crossing sign before I stepped into no man\'s land.

an old fashioned communal sauna.

An outdoor sauna.

Paint was thrown everywhere.

One of the three broken windows smashed by young vandals.

Oil was poured all over the sign and up the exhaust pipes.

Even the top emergency window was smashed.

Clifford at work.

En-route to outreach.

Putting up Gospel posters.

Finding the beginning of the sellotape

This young lady is going up in the world.


He NEVER stops talking.

Even the trees got postered.

Advertising my BEST FRIEND.

Peace, Perfect Peace for a young lady on outreach.

I prefer the Living Water.

A study in Contemplation.

Throwing stonesor Ducks and Drakes.

Jesse just caused a splash.

Everyone is really interested in something.

A paddle on a scorching hot day is Bliss.

I wonder what they are talking about?

He looks really happy.

Contented ladies.

Happiness is being united.

Ready for a quick paddle.

Elvis.-.Eat your heart out.

Folding Tracts.

Learning English.

Let\'s get busy.

Up a gum tree.

This is a study of pure contentment.

Such a busy evangelist.

Playing soldiers on a Finnish tank.

Clifford\'s cooking went down very well.

One of my favourite pictures of the bus.

Two very happy people.

Pastor Matteus from Kuhmo at work.

Brother Clifford with translator at work.

Doing what Jesus told him. Telling the GOOD NEWS.

Off for a stroll whem mum isn\'t looking.

Eating sweets is Very tiring.

A good crowd of evangelists turned up.

Is it a guitar or a gun in the case ?

Ready to go.

Brother Clifford with one of His adopted grandchildren, Jesse.

My friends from Jacobstad.

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