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Jewish Killing Areas

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The Train Track To Death

Now a normal Railway Line.

A Memorial in the Christian Remembrance Area,

The Christian Memorial Area.

Christians Remember,Gods Chosen People.

Many Thousands Died Here.

The holes represent, Bullet holes.

Behind the Memorial was the killing area.

These pictures are in a small room within the memorial.

A view from within the memorial stone.

Lest we forget!!

A tribute to Facism is also included on the site.

Tree of Remembrance.

This is the only gravestone on the site.

Mother and Child statue.

Items left by visitors.

Peace within suffering.

A hut foundation

The forest of death.

Who could imagine the history of this place.

Smoke from a gardens fire, brings the scene to life.

A memorial window full of childrens toys.

The memorial to the Jews.

Words not required.

The memorial to the dead of the camp.

Driving to the forest clearing.

The sign to the death camp.

The Aluksne Memorial.

Names of the dead.

Aluksne memorial.

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