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Russian Outreach

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Kaaja in a hurry as usual.

Pleased to receive

Off home to distribute tracts.

Three Wise Men.

Timo carry\'s the Gospel.

Bags of Gospels.

Pleased to receive the Word.

Outside the Storehouse of the Word.

Group discussion.

Ready for work.

Ateam of willing workers.

A pentecostal pastor holds the truth in his hand.

The three pastors of Kuhmo.

All guns in Russia are pointed towards the west.

An alcoholic receives a Gospel.

Reading the gospel of John.

The small door leads to the church underground.

A Russian Monastry.

The children could not get to Timo fast enough

A Russian wooden church.

Gathering for worship.

Reading the Gospel.

Relax and listen.

Timo Evangelising.

Russian fishermen.

Handing out the Gospel in the street.

Wall Manacles for prisoners.

On this small islind, 10,000 people were murdered.

The children play at war but Timo gives them the Gospel.

Timo with a Russian Christian Friend.

Go into the World and proclaim the Gospel.

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