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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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"Bo" did a great job on the bus but the oil leak is still dripping. It looks like it could be a bigger job than I anticipated.The crack in the engine casing is behind the compressor and will be a two or three day strip down.
I am now back in Kuhmo and awaiting the container from Northern Ireland full of Russian gospels.
This weekend has been great. Saturday was a full day conference on prayer for Revival and I was able to contribute a couple of times. Today I spoke at a meeting for lorry drivers, not many people turned up but it was a real success. "Jesus said" When two or three are gathered together "In My Name" yes it was a true success.
A full week of outreach is being planned.
Sunday 15th of August 2010 09:25:45 PM

Nyt olen parkissa Pietarsaaressa odottaen mekaanikkoa nimeltään Bo. Hän on luvannut korjata autoni öljyongelman.
Ihmeellistä, kuinka monet ihmiset tulevat puhumaan minulle hyvin oudoista uskonnollisista näkökulmista. Välillä mietin, mitä Raamattua he käyttävät.
Viime vuonna käytin viikkoja koettaessani päästä eroon sellaisesta ihmisestä joka kiusasi minua vääristyneillä näkökulmilla sähköpostitse. Eilen illalla hän ilmestyi tänne keskustelemaan näkökulmistaan. Se tarkoitti osaltani lähinnä kuuntelemista, sillä hän ei salli puheeseensa keskeytyksiä. Minä en hukkaa aikaani sellaisiin ihmisiin, jotka eivät halua kúunnella.
Hän parkkeerasi matkailuautonsa bussin viereen ja odotti aamuyön puolelle, ennenkuin suostui poistumaan.
Pyydän, että rukoilette, että hän jonain päivänä näkee Jeesuksen totuuden eikä
nitten ihmisten valheita, joita hän kutsuu jeesukseksi. Minusta tuntui pahalta hänen puolestaan.
Minun pitäisi olla Kuhmossa lauantaihin mennessä.

Thursday 12th of August 2010 06:52:59 PM

I am now parked in Jacobdtan awaiting Bo the mechanic who has promised to sort out my oil problem.
It is amazing how many people come to talk to me with very strange views about religion. At times I wonder which Bible they must use.
I spent weeks last year trying to get rid of one such person who pestered me with his distorted views by emails. Last night he turned up here to "discuss" his views. This means listening, because he does not allow interuption. I told himhe had strange views and left him. I do not waste time if the person will not listen.
He parked his campervan at the side of the bus and waited until after midnight before he left.
Please pray that one day he will see the truth of Jesus and not the lies of the many people he calls jesus. I was left feeling very confused and sorry for him.
I should be in Kuhmo by saturday.
Wednesday 11th of August 2010 08:20:53 AM

Pitkä, raskas matka etelään, nyt olen juuri Kokkolan liepeillä. Vietin lauantain keräten suomuuraimia suoalueilta. Oli hieno kokemus kävellä maileittain auringonpaisteessa ja sitten kastua rankkasateessa.
Metsä paljasti paljon salaisesta elämästään minulle, kun istuin siellä puhdistamassa marjoja.
Muutama poro ja vasa kulkivat hitaasti ohi ja sitten ketun pentu tuli leikkimään. Vesimyyrä söi rehevää heinää jalkojeni juuressa. Näin nuoren hirven menevän suojaan kun se näki ison sinisen hirviön lähestyvän tietä pitkin.
Sunnuntaina puhuin alkoholisteille kirkossa Sodankylässä. Olin hyvin yllättynyt nähdessäni seurakunnassa naisen täydellisessä saamelais-asussaan.
Kirjoittaessani tätä viestiä teille kontillinen evankeliumeita on laitettu matkaan Pohjois-Irlannista. Se sisältää satoja tuhansia venäläisiä evankeliumeita.
Kuka sanoi, että elämä on tylsää?

Tuesday 10th of August 2010 07:45:49 PM

A long hard drive south and I am now just outside the town of Kokkolla.
I spent saturday collecting Cloudberries in the marsh areas of the forestl It was a great experience as I walked for miles in the sunshine and then got wet to the skin in a mammoth rainstorm.
The forest revealed so mutch of it's secret life to me as I sat in a forest clearing for a rest.
A couple of reindeer and a young one ambled past and then a fox cub came out to play. Under the grass at my feet a water vole nibbled the lush grass. Driving along I saw a young moose heading for cover as it saw the big blue monster coming down the road.
Sunday I spoke at the alcoholic church in Sodankyla and was surprised to see a lady in the congregation in full Saami dress. Her picture is on the Finland page.
As I write this message to you all. A container of gospels is being picked up in Northern Ireland with hundreds of thousands of gospels for Russia.
Monday 09th of August 2010 09:29:23 PM

Taas matkalla kohti etelää.
Matka Venäjän rajan "yläosaan" on valmis, mutta minun täytyy vielä matkustaa Suomen pohjoisille alueille.
Viivähdin muutamia tunteja Grense-Jakobselissa. Se on viimeisin (pohjoisessa) maa-alue seudulla, jossa Venäjä rajautuu Eurooppaan. Tällä kertaa otin enemmän kuvia ja olen laittanut ne nyt Suomi-kuviin teidän iloksenne.
Norjan alueella sijaitsevat tiet ovat kamalassa kunnossa. Bussi tuntui hajoavan osiin, kun kiertelin teitten laskuja ja kuoppia.
Sitten seurasin Suomen rajaa Utsjoelle asti. Toimitin sinne kaikki vaatteet ja kengät ja kangaspuut, jotka on osoitettu venäläisille vangeille Murmanskin seudulla.
Sää on ollut kamala tänään, kovin sateinen ja kylmä.
Pikkuhiljaa matkailen kohti etelää ja toivon voivani soittaa Vaasan seudulla asuville ystävilleni. Every home crusadella on erittäin laaja toimitús tulossa minulle, he toivovat voivansa lähettää sen jo ensi maanantaina. Rukoilen nopeaa toimitusta.

Sunday 08th of August 2010 09:20:03 PM

Heading South again.
The trip to the top of the Russian Border is complete but I still have to travel the South area of Finland.
I stayed for a few hours at Grense-Jakobsel which is the final land area of Russia bordering Europe. This time I took more pictures and have now put them on the Finland Pictures page for your enjoyment.
The roads in the Norwegian area are terrible and shook the bus to pieces as I negotiated the holes and dip's in the road.
I then followeed the Finland border to Utsjoki where I drooped off all the clothes, shoes and the weaving frame destined for Russian Prisons in the Murmansk area.
The weather has been terrible today with much rain and very cold.
I now slowly head south and hope to call on my friends in the Vaasa area.
Every home crusade have a very large consignment for me and they hope to send it next monday. I pray for a speedy delivery.
Thursday 05th of August 2010 09:42:22 PM

Pian olen Suomen "päässä" ja jatkan matkaani kohti Norjaa.
Tänä aamuna puhuin Ivalon helluntaiseurakunnassa ja olen nyt kulkenut saamelaiskaupunki Inarin läpi.
Jokivarsilla on paljon lohen kalastajia, mutten ole nähnyt kenenkään saaneen vielä saalista. Tämä alue on hyvin tunnettu kullankaivajan painajaisena. Joissa on hippusia puhdasta kultaa, jotka ovat huuhtoutuneet alas vuorilta. Kukaan ei ole löytänyt kullan lähdepaikkaa, vaikka moni on yrittänyt. Maisema on upeaa, mutta pian siitä tulee hedelmätöntä kun matkani jatkuu kohti erämaita. En tiedä, kauanko menee, ennenkuin menetän internet-yhteyden.

Sunday 01st of August 2010 07:57:58 PM

I will soon be at the end of Finland and heading into Norway.
This morning I spoke at the pentecostal church in Ivalo and have now passed through the Sami town of Inari.
The rivers are crowded with salmon fishermen but I have not seen anyone catch anything yet. This area is well known as a gold prospectors nightmare. The rivers contain specks and nuggets of pure gold washed down from the mountains. No one has found the scource of the gold, even though many have tried. The landscape is awesome but soon it will become barren as I head into the wilderness area. I don't know how long it will be before I run out of internet signal.
Sunday 01st of August 2010 06:53:52 PM

Taas tien päällä ja nyt matkalla kohti pohjoista.
Taas kerran matkaan pitkin Finmarkin ja pohjoisen lapin rajaa ja rukoilen, että Jumalan tahto tapahtuisi Suomessa ja skandinaviassa.
Tavaratila on lastattu täyteen käytettyjä kenkiä ja vaatteita Murmanskilaisille vangeille. Myös täysikokoiset käsikäyttöiset kangaspuut ovat kyydissäni matkalla jollekin Venäjällä. Ja kuten tavallista, mukanani on myös lasti venäjänkielisiä evankeliumeita.
Olen hyvin väsynyt tällä hetkellä ja bussin kova kuumuus tekee nukkumisen hyvin vaikeaksi minulle.
Päivitän tietoja taas, kun voin.

Saturday 31st of July 2010 03:53:31 PM

On the road again and heading north.
Once again I am travelling the border of Northern Lappland and Finmark praying for God's Will to be done in Finland and Scandinavia.
The luggage compartment is loaded with second hand shoes and clothing for the prison inmates in Murmansk. A full size Hand weaving loom is also on board for someone in Russia. As usual I am carrying a load of Russian Gospels.
I am very tired at the moment as the intence heat in the bus is making sleeping very hard for me.
I will update as and when I can.
Friday 30th of July 2010 10:50:06 PM

Minua alkaa pikkuhiljaa huolestuttamaan se, kuinka asiat täällä sujuvat!!!
Kaikki menee vähän liiankin hyvin.
Posion reissu oli oikein hyvä, mutta uusi moottori ei pidä rinteiden kapuamisesta kovin paljoa. Vietin syntymäpäiväni aaton Venäjän rajavyöhykkeellä, mutta tie osoittautui sellaiseksi, että se vei vain metsään. Olin hyvin tietoinen venäläisten vahtitornien vartiointikameroista koko sen ajan kun olin siellä.
Timo ja ystävät järjestivät minulle loistavat syntymäpäiväjuhlat, joissa oli mukana kakut Venäjältä, Ruotsista ja Suomesta. He eivät laittaneet tulipalon pelossa kakkuihin kuitenkaan kynttilöitä.
Sain kasan lahjoja, sisältäen talvikäyttöisiä alusvaatteita ja Venäjän lipun.
Kuhmolaiset saivat minut tuntemaan itseni kovin tervetulleeksi.
Heidi palaa pian lomaltaan ja voi toivottavasti taas pian tulkata minua.
Tänään olen korjaillut asuintilani kaappeja ja illalla puhin vapaaseurakunnassa.
Sain tänään sähköpostia. Every Home Crusade painaa valtavan määrän kirjallisuutta Venäjälle vietäväksi. Saan ne noin kolmessa viikossa.
Muutes, tänään bussin yläkerrassa oli 45 astetta lämmintä. Sulan hitaasti.

Thursday 29th of July 2010 08:20:21 PM

I am getting a little concerned about the way things are going here!!!!
Everything is going far too well for my liking.
The trip from Posio was very good but the new engine does not like climbing steep hills very much. I spent the eve of my birthday in Russian territory, but it was a road that only led into the woods, I was very aware of the cameras on the Russian watchtowers all the time I was there.
Timo and friends gave me a great birthday party with birthday cakes from Russia, Sweden and Finland. They did not put candles on the cake because they were afraid the heat from them would burn the house down.
I received a load of birthday presents including winter underwear and a flag from Russia.
The people here in Kuhmo make me so welcome.
Heidi will be back from holiday soon and I hope will be translating for me again.
Today I have been repairing the cupboards in my living quarters and this evening I spoke at the Free Church.
Tomorrow it is bus repairs.
I have received an email today. Every Home Crusade is printing a massive amount of literature for Russia. I should get them in about thee weeks.
By the way, the bus temperature upstairs today was 45 degrees. I am melting very slowly.
Wednesday 28th of July 2010 08:23:54 PM

A day of not doing very much.
This afternoon I went into the woods around the town of Posio collecting cloudberrys,
A delicacy that is found in the far north. They grow in marshy ground and are a very delicate flavour but with far too many seeds in them for my liking. They really get under your false teeth.
The berries are gold in colour and resemble blackberries but grow on plants very similar to strawberries and with the same shape of leaf. Normally made into jam or jelly but I have tasted Cloudberry Ice Cream. A favourite with meat instead of mint sauce.
Still awaiating the return of Timo from Russia.
Sunday 25th of July 2010 10:23:07 PM

I mentioned on my last entry that the Russian border was causing a few problems.
I had a call from Timo this afternoon. He was stopped as he went into Russia for the usual border check.
They found three boxes of gospels and denied him entry. After a three hour wait he rang me to pray. I was able to contact a few friends worldwide and within fifteen minutes he was allowed to return to Finland.
The boxes of gospels were left at the Finnish border and our Man of God turned round and went into the forbidden land.
He reveals that he had a few dozen spare gospels with him and on entry he met a group of teenagers and got on with the job of witnessing to them. He gave each one a gospel and is still in Russia somewhere. He returns to Finland tomorrow.
Who needs Brother Clifford when men like Timo Suutari are preaching the word?
I had a busy day on the Arctic Circle catching up with my correspondence.(boring)
Saturday 24th of July 2010 08:24:44 PM

Tänään olen parkissa Rovaniemellä. Toimitin juuri viimeisen lastin kirjallisuutta tästä erästä.
112 laatikkoa on jätetty odottamaan vientiä pohjois-Venäjälle. Olen ajanut yli 3000 mailia (n. 4800 km)tämän matkan aikana ja olen kulkenut Suomen, lapin, Ruotsin ja Norjan kautta. Laatikot sisälsivät yhteensä yli 40 000 Johanneksen evankeliumia ja nyt ne on toimitettu kirkkoihin, kirpputoreille, yksityiskoteihin, missioiden päämajoihin ja lopuksi kauttaan joka korjaa autoja ja rekkojen renkaita.
Pyydän, rukoilkaa, että seuraava toimitus Pohjois-Irlannista saapuu pian ja ennenkuin lumet satavat. Olen kuullut, että Venäjän rajalla on kohdattu vaikeuksia, rukoilkaa, pyydän.

Saturday 24th of July 2010 10:00:54 AM

Tonight I am parked up in Rovaniemi having just completed the last delivery of this part of the work.
One hundred and twelve boxes have been dropped off awaiting couriers for Northern Russia. I have driven over three thousand miles during this part of the journey and have travelled through Finland, Lappland, Finmark, Sweden and Norway. The boxes contained a total of over forty one thousand gospels of John and have been delivered to Churches,second hand shops,private homes,Mission Headquarters and finally a shop that fits car and lorry tyres.
Please pray that the next delivery from Northern Ireland goes out as quickly and before the snow comes.
I am hearing that difficulties are being experienced on the Russian Border, Please Pray.
Friday 23rd of July 2010 06:29:49 PM

Dougien Dublinista lähettämään vastineeseen minulla on vain yksi vastaus: Katso ennalta asetettua tehtävää, mutta älä oskaan tuijota Jumalan antaman tehtävän suuruutta. Kaikki suuret matkat alkavat ensimmäisestä yksinkertaisesta askeleesta. Pyörätuolissa olevalle henkilölle yksikin askel näyttää liian paljolta. Katso Jumalaan, hän ohjaa sinun kulkuasi.

Puhuin juuri Kolarissa eräässä seurakunnassa. Pian bussi palaa Kuhmoon korjattavaksi ja sitten voin palata normaaliin työhöni.
Friday 23rd of July 2010 11:45:32 AM

In reply to Dougie from Dublin I have only one answer.
Look at the task set before you but never look at the size of the task God has given. All great journeys begin with just one simple step.
For a person in a wheelchair, one step seems far too much. Look to God and
"He will direct Your paths."
I have just spoken at the second hand clothes shop church in Kolari.Soon the bus will return to Kuhmo for repairs and then I can get back to my normal work.
Thursday 22nd of July 2010 08:43:29 PM

Käytettyjä kenkiä ja vaatteita sisältävä toimitus Kuhmon seurakunnalta on juuri toimitettu Utsjoen seurakunnalle.
Utsjoki on Suomen pohjoisin kaupunki. Kenkien ja vaatteiden lisäksi vein perille ison lastin Johanneksen evankeliumeita. Seurakunta toimittaa sen kaiken ihmisille Murmanskissa.
Siperian maan alainen seurakunta on pyytänyt miljoonaa evakeliumia. Olen välittänyt tietoa eteenpäin työni kannattajille, jotka tekevät kaikki painamista ja Suomeen toimittamista koskevat järjestelyt.
Seuraava pysähdys Ivalossa huomenna aamulla.

Tuesday 20th of July 2010 09:02:50 PM

A delivery of second hand shoes and clothing from the church in Kuhmo has just been made to the church in Utsjoki.
Utsjoki is the northernmost town in Finland. Along with these items a good consignment of John's Gospels have been left. The church will deliver everything to the people of Murmansk very soon.
The underground church in Siberia has requested a million gospels. I have passed on the information to my supplier who will be making all the arrangements for printing and delivery to Finland.
Next stop Ivalo, tomorrow morning.
Tuesday 20th of July 2010 05:55:03 PM

Anteeksi, että tilapäivitykseni ovat puuttuneet, mutten ole saanut yhteyttä verkkoon. Lähdin Kuhmosta torstaina ja vein ison erän lasten traktaatteja lähelle Oulua lasten evankelioinnin työhön. Ja sitten kiireellä Vaasaan tapaamaan ystäviä ennenkuin suuntasin taas askeleeni takaisin pohjoiselle napapiirille.
Sunnuntai-aamuna puhuin Kemijärven helluntaiseurakunnassa ja jätin venäjän kielisiä evankeliumeita heille ja myös Saanan helluntaiseurakuntaan.
Ajoin koko päivän ja saavuin Suomen huipulle tänä aamuna vieden evankeliumeita ja sitten sata mailia ajamista Norjaan, ennenkuin taas palasin Suomeen. Lisää evankeliumeiden levittämistä huomenna. Bussiin on tullut vesi- ja öljyvuoto, joten minun täytyy palata Kuhmoon korjuuttamaan sitä.
Todella hienoa, että lopultakin Heidi kääntää sivujani.
Maanantaina 19.7.2010 20:19

Monday 19th of July 2010 08:34:40 PM

Sorry for the lack of updates but I could not get a signal.
I left Kuhmo on thursday and dropped off a large consignment of childrem's tracts at Child Evangelism Fellowship near Oulu. Then it was a mad rush to Vaasa to meet up with friends before retracing my steps to the Arctic Circle.
Sunday morning I spke at Kamijarvi Pentecostal and left a cosignment of Russian Gospels for them and also for Saala Petecostal.
Drove all day and reached the top of Finland this morning and dropped off gospels, then a Hundred miles of driving in Norway before I returned to Finland.
More drops tomorrow. The bus has developed a water and oil leak so I must return to Kuhmo for repairs.
Itis really great that at last Heidi is translating for me.
Monday 19th of July 2010 08:19:18 PM

Taas eräs hyvin kuuma päivä Kuhmossa.
Menin vanhojen autojen näyttelyalueelle parkkeeraamaan tänään iltapäivällä, mutta osoittautui, että minulle oli annettu paikka, jossa ei ollut varjoa. Ei olisi ollut reilua pyytää tiimiä työskentelemään yli 40 asteen lämpötilassa, joten ajoin pois.
Bussi on nyt lastattu täyteen evankeliumeita lapin kirkkoja varten ja pian ne jatkavat matkaansa kohti pohjoista Venäjää.
Heidi on luvannut kääntää tämän sivun viestini suomen kielelle. Hän on kolmen adoptoidun lapsen lapseni äiti. Näyttää siltä, että minut on nyt adoptoitu myös hänen sijais-isäkseen. Elämä Suomessa menee kovin hämmentäväksi.

Another really hot day in Kuhmo.
I went to park up at the vintage car and lorry show this afternoon but was given a parking place without any shade. It would not have been fair to ask the team to work the weekend in temperatures exceeding 40 degrees so I drove away.
The bus is now fully loaded with gospels for the Lappland churches and soon they will be wending their way into Northern Russia.
Heidi has promised to translate my entries on this page into Soumi. She is the mother of three of my adopted grandchildren. It appears I have now been adopted as Her surrogate father. Life get's very confusing in Finland.
Thursday 15th of July 2010 10:16:46 PM
Friday 16th of July 2010 10:29:00 PM

Another really hot day in Kuhmo.
I went to park up at the vintage car and lorry show this afternoon but was given a parking place without any shade. It would not have been fair to ask the team to work the weekend in temperatures exceeding 40 degrees so I drove away.
The bus is now fully loaded with gospels for the Lappland churches and soon they will be wending their way into Northern Russia.
Heidi has promised to translate my entries on this page into Soumi. She is the mother of three of my adopted grandchildren. It appears I have now been adopted as Her surrogate father. Life get's very confusing in Finland.
Thursday 15th of July 2010 10:16:46 PM

Doctor Rob gave me a new thermometer that registers from minus 50 to plus 50 when I stayed with hin last week.
Today it registered plus 50 degrees in the bus and the temperature was still rising. ( It ain't half hot mum )
This evening I was singing and speaking at the International night at the church in Kuhmo. A great evening with contributions from a medical student from Nigeria who studies in Russia, a lady who works in New Guinea translating the New Testament. An evangelist from Israel and a group of musicians who travel with me to different towns.
A hot and busy day.
Wednesday 14th of July 2010 09:39:42 PM

A land of extremes.
Today the temperature in the bus was over forty degrees and outside it was not much cooler.
A good crowd joined me in the bus and seventeen delegates from Kuhmo joined the local pentecostal church for a day of outreach at the local market.
Two young men came for the first time and seemed to enjoy themselves as they listened to the gospel outreach. How I pray that they were challenged to follow Jesus.
Once again many boxes of Russian Gospel have been planted into a freash area.
Monday 12th of July 2010 10:14:26 PM

It is a thrill for me that the guest counter has now passed the one hundred thousand mark.
When the web site first hit the airwaves it was only getting around twenty hits a week and now it is in the hundreds. How I praise God that He sent The Web Master to help me to set up the site five years ago. He has been a true soldier of Christ as He keeps his finger on tne technical side of this mammoth project.
Today the team and I opened the bus to visitors for soup and a chat in Kuhmo, it was really successful.
Tomorrow is a day of answered prayer as the bus and team travel to the city of Nurmes to join up with the christians there. I have been praying for this opening for over two years.
Sunday 11th of July 2010 10:18:17 PM

The bus is now OK and driving.
A very busy day of bus testing and ministry but very positive. The last visitors left at 11pm and it was too late to go shopping.
Feeling very hungry but I will get some food tomorrow.
An order has come in from the Russian underground church for a million Gospels of John. Names etc must be kept secret but please pray that the printers will supply this desperate need. The bulk of the gospels are destined to Siberia and the very remote areas of Russia.
The printers have promised me 10 pallets of Gospels but another 25 pallets are needed to just keep up with the demand.
Finance is now a major problem. The bus repairs emptied my accounts and diesel is getting very low.
A new pictures page has now been made for photos of the Russian Outreach.
Saturday 10th of July 2010 01:11:00 AM

Back in Kuhmo and resident in the bus.
A few teething problems from the major overhaul still to iron out but I hope to be on the move by saturday. The clutch may need bleeding again but the engine seems ok.
The trip on Easy Jet was not good. I was charged a fortune for excess baggage at £10 a kilo. In Helsinki my case arrived broken and the luggage carousel was very revealing to everyone as my belongings spilled out everywhere. It was a brand new suitcase and it is now no use to me. The zip burst during the handling by the Easy Jet staff.
On board I met a charming lady and her two year old daughter and it was a very happy flight for me.
The temperature here is very high and I am once again living in a greenhouse.

Thursday 08th of July 2010 08:43:56 PM

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