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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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Ready to roll and will head West for Cornwall tomorrow morning.
All the work required at the moment is done but still lots to do. I am praying about the signwriting at the moment. If enough money is available I will have it done properly. Because of the health problems I have decided to wait to do the outside and continue without texts until I know what is happening. The West Country tour will be a journey of prayer for Britain and I will take the opportunity to meet up with friends from the early days of the ministry.
I hope to take some photographs later in the week.
Sunday 09th of January 2011 11:58:18 PM

It is unfortunate but I have been let down by the firm who promised to convert the van and put in the windows. They tell me that they have enough work in the pipeline and cannot fit the van into their schedule. How I wish they had not promised to do the work if they had no intention of doing it.
The bus was picked up by the scrap merchants this morning and I was surprised that I only felt great relief when I saw it disappear up the Motorway.
Now it is the time to prepare for a new pathway for Jesus and get moving again.
Thursday 06th of January 2011 11:47:03 PM

Things are going really well,The refitting firm comes back to work on tuesday and then the windows will be installed to make the visitor room more friendly and light.
The work done up to now is mainly due to the real hard work of a true Christian Friend " John Lawrence".
For the last five years he has been a real part of the work!
As we all move into the new year I pray that each one of us shall use our "Every Moment" of 2011 to Glorify our Beautiful Heavenly Father as we serve His Son "Jesus"
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday 01st of January 2011 02:07:37 PM

The rain is quite heavy and removing the snow from the streets but the forecast is for more snow soon.
I am now making decisions as to whether I stay here for a few more days or head for Noerthern Ireland. Much wisdom is required as I do not want to be in the wrong place.
Tuesday 28th of December 2010 12:15:27 AM

Christmas Eve in a warm clean home is just terrific.
As we enter into the spirit of Christmas and remember what the true meaning is I wish you the Joy and Peace that only Christ can bring you.
As I looked back over the past incredible year I could only thank Jesus for His Goodness to me.
Tonight I was sent an incredible Christmas Card from my dear friend Percy in the Preston area.
If you are not on my email list please email me and I will send it to you. It did me good to see a fresh way of witness that can be used by everyone on computer this Chrismas season.
my email address is
Friday 24th of December 2010 10:45:42 PM

it is still very cold here and roads are very dangerous for driving. The old bus is stilll awaiting collection by the scrap merchants but they cannot drive here yet.
I am extremely comfortable and warm in the new motorhome and very happy with my living accomadation.
My camera is not working and the one I ordered on line has not yet arrived. I will display pictures A.S.A.P.
Tuesday 21st of December 2010 05:35:40 PM

Still in Weston super Mare and with John's invaluable help I am able to get some work done.
The snow has now arrived here and after only a few hours os snow the traffic has ground to a halt. Not a snow plough or gritter has been seen in the area.
The scrap yard should be here on monday for the old bus but the weather needs to improve if they are to make it from Yorkshire.
Much prayer is needed as I begin fitting out the ministry area of the motorhome.
The name of the mission "will NOT CHANGE" and I will continue being proud to serve "Jesus" on the Highways for Jesus.
Saturday 18th of December 2010 12:52:00 AM

Still living in the old bus as the new vehicle is in the garage for a full service and an extra fuel tank is being fitted.
I would hope the motorhome will be ready tomorrow (friday) and then I will get to work putting in seats and a tv.
I am assured by the mechanics at the garage that I have purchased a real bargain and they are working really hard to bring it up to scratch. The main mechanic is a motorhome owner and has been a godsend to me and a mine of information.
Thursday 16th of December 2010 12:27:38 AM

It is time to answer questions about the new motorhome.
The vehicle now uses less than half the diesel on long journeys. ( now 20 mpg )
It has a very efficient diesel heater in the living area and just like Brother Clifford it blows a lot of Hot Air, "Ha Ha".
The living area is totally seperate from the ministry area.
Lighting and power in the main area are run on a 240 volt main, a petrol generator and 24 volt inverter supply the power.
There is no fixed toilet, but a movable flushing commode is now in place.
At last I have access to hot and cold running water.
Outside the vehicle is a very large awning to give visitors shade from the sun and shelter from rain.
The living room has a wood laminate floor and the visitor area has a ribbed metal floor for easier cleaning. I hope to have a laminate floor fitted soon.
There is space underneath the vehicle for book and tool storage and when funds are available I will have under lockers fitted.
A gas barbeque will be installed when funds are available.
Finally I wood like to thank Bengt from Sweden for his gift via Pay Pal towards the work.
Sunday 12th of December 2010 11:54:38 AM

I often wish that I had a better education and a larger store of superlatives at my disposal.But I now have to admit that for the first time ever. I have run out of words.
The motorhome is now in Weston super Mare after a very long drive from Perth in Scotland. How I thank my friend John Lawrence for coming on this journey with me to inspect the vehicle and do half of the driving.
The van drove like a dream and even though we had to watch the weather situation all the way we managed to keep in front of the snow and ice.
Thanks to a large donation from a friend in the Faroe Islands at the last minute I was able to pay cash for the motorhome.
Now I have to decide how the living and ministry areas are to be laid out and find people who are able to help me.
Please pray that my new home will Glorify our wonderful Heavenly Father and bring many souls into the kingdom.
I hope to upload some pictures next week.
Saturday 11th of December 2010 10:42:58 PM

John and I are flying to Edinburgh tomorrow (friday) to pick up the new vehicle.
Please pray for a safe trouble free journey back to Weston super Mare and the finance for the conversion and insurance to arrive into the bank.
Thursday 09th of December 2010 08:04:11 PM

A lot of the contents of the bus have now been transfered into a hired container.
I spoke to Timo in Finland this evening. The weather there is extremely cold but calendars, tracts and Gospels in Russian are still slowly moving.
I had hoped that some of the finance for the new vehicle would come from Finland and Sweden but it has not really happened. It is making me wonder where in Scandinavia The Lord will send me to next year.
I still cannot get to Scotland to pick up the new vehicle as the roads are still not drivable in the Edinburgh / Perth area.
Wednesday 08th of December 2010 11:29:17 PM

It is really a very cold winter here and without electric heaters I think it would cause me many problems.
An offer has been made for the bus from a scrapyard in Yorkshire and I hope they will pick it up on wednesday. I will not get the true value of the vehicle but I could not sell thr bus to anyone for further use as I believe it would be a very bad witness to sell a vehicle that keeps on breaking down.
At the moment I have the major task of emptying the of all my belongings.
I hope that my friend Gerald will help me to make seats and lockers in the new vehicle when I get to Northern Ireland late this year.
Please pray that I will use available space in the new motorhome to the best advantage.
Sunday 05th of December 2010 11:40:16 AM

Back in Weston super Mare. It is still very cold here and even my drinking water was frozen solid.
I pray that the temperature begins to rise soon. I really need to get to Perth and bring the motorhome south for my belongings. I believe the snow is halfway up the vehicle and Roy the old owner can't even get to it at the moment.
I want to go for it late next week.
Saturday 04th of December 2010 06:50:28 PM

I am having a very relaxing and blessed time here in the small town I was born in. Meeting people from my past who seem amazed at the places and things I have seen and experienced in the last few years.
I went to see the specialist today and he was a real gentleman. He examined me and did an ultrasound scan.
I will need more tests to find out whether I have prostrate or bladder problems and then he can give me the correct treatment,
As I waited to go into his consulting room I was more than delighted to meet Mr Hargreaves, the surgeon who operated om me for cancer ten years ago. He seemed to be delighted to see that I was still alive after all these years.
I must thank God for the way he has placed me into the hands of the best medical practitioners in the world for treatment in the last twenty five years.
To put everyone's minds at rest. At this time there is NO evidence of cancer.
Thursday 02nd of December 2010 12:42:48 AM

The Web Master has uploaded the latest up to date newsletter on "Newsletter Page" it will give more infomation if you desire it.
Sunday 28th of November 2010 10:48:22 PM

Things are good here with a few minor problems.
My doctor has diagnosed a prostrate problem that could be quite serious so I have an appointment with a private specialist on Wednesday. Please Pray.
Sunday 28th of November 2010 09:01:51 PM

It is still very cold here in Lancashire, but I am enjoying it.
Looking out of the window and seeing the Penine Hills covered in frost is a great start to the day.
Yesterday I took a train ride to Scotland. I went to see the vehicle I have been watching on ebay and with little hard work it will fit the bill perfectly. It is much smaller than the bus but will be much easier to maintain and keep clean.
All the finance is not yet in but I would hope that all the money ewill arrive into the account before I go for it on wednesday or thursday next week. If "YOU" want to be part of the vision it is not too late to donate and get me moving towards the kingdom in a new truck.
Saturday 27th of November 2010 08:57:39 AM

Chilly with sunshine is the weather here in Bolton and I am really enjoying the break.
Still searching for the right vehicle to continue the work. I have seen one on ebay that seems to tick all the right boxes but I am praying that all the money will be in the account by next monday to go up to Perthshire in Scotland.
With a little work, the Mercedes Motor mome will be able to give me a greater degree of comfort and will be far less expensive to run and maintain.
If you look on and register Mercedes RV Motorhome in the search panel you will find a grey van with two black stripes selling at £15,000. I have got the price reduced and I hope to go and see it with John from Weston super Mare early next week. Snow Permitting.
The workshop at the rear will be turned into the ministry room when in Scandinavia.
Thursday 25th of November 2010 02:08:45 PM

I arrived in the Bolton area yesterday to spend a few days with my Doctor and his wife. Rob and Sara have made me very welcome.
On the way I called to see an American motor home. I was wrong when I thought they would be capable of doing the job. The one I saw was very tatty and would not take the roads of Scotland never mind the ruts of Finland.
My friend John in The Faroe Islands told me not to bother but to look at a Mercedes type of camper. He was correct! and I now have my eye on one in the London area.£12,000 pounds is desperately needed if I am to get it before it is sold. I pray the money or a one year loan becomes available in the next few days.
Tuesday 23rd of November 2010 09:39:56 PM

I am still in Weston super Mare and spending a lot of time checking out mobile homes. they are all beyond a price I can afford.
Finance has come in from people but it will only get me another vehicle that is very old like this one I am disposing with. It is costing money to stay here and I am not doing anything to earn anything as I cannot get out onto the road.I leave for Lancashire tomorrow for a few days. I pray that finances will arrive in time or the work will stop alltogether in a very short time.
Sunday 21st of November 2010 09:05:07 PM

My dear friends John Ellis and John Lawrence have taken me under their wings and I am being treated like royalty. Dining out each day and taking plenty of rest is really doing me good.
I have to pay to park the bus but it is on a very secure site that is locked up at night.
Today John Lawrence and I are going out to look at mobile homes in this area.
I need to find the one that will be strong enough to do the work, yet will give me the comfort I so desperately need. I am sorry to say it, but I am beggining to feel my age and it will be good to be able to relax.
I am so pleased that The Web Master put Pay Pal on the visitors page. But no one has used it yet.
Finance is at a standstill but I keep on praying!
Friday 19th of November 2010 09:18:55 AM

Praise the Lord I am back in Weston super Mare and the long journey is completed.
I give thanks that Heidi is once again back to translate my words into Finnish for my friends over there.
The work is now at a standstill until sufficient funds become available to buy a fresh vehicle. I have seen one that I like but it is only 26 feet long but will certainly do the work I require of it. I pray that the people in Scandinavia will somehow help to buy the mobile home as I spend more than 9 months a year travelling their continent.
I need the full amount of money by the end of next week or I will have to move into lodgings as my personal finances will run out by then. I still need around £15,000 pounds to get a vehicle that will be more reliable and easier for me to drive.
Please pray as to how YOU can help.
Wednesday 17th of November 2010 04:39:29 PM

Viimeinkin olen laivassa matkalla kohti Harwichia.
Merenkäynti on rankaa ja minä nautin matkasta. Olen vain onnellinen kun myrsky raivoaa ja meren aallot ovat kaaoksessa. "Se on kuin olisi työssä". Mitähän Jumala on suunnitellut minun seuraavia päiviäni varten?

Tuesday 16th of November 2010 08:41:52 PM

At last I am on board ship and heading for Harwich.
The sea is rough and I am enjoying the trip. I am only happy when the storms stir up the waves and all around is chaos. "It is just like being at work"
I wonder what the Lord has planned for me in the coming days?
Saturday 13th of November 2010 10:00:06 PM

After a horrendous journey I am now in Denmark. The snow in Sweden was too much for me so I did the thousand mile journey back to catch the boat. My time in Sweden was a true blessing to me. I spoke for three evenings and was truly blessed.
The snow was soon cleared but the roads were a nightmare. As I approached the Swedish - Denmark border the wind began to blow. Lorries, cars and busses littered the side of the road as the wind caught them and blew them over the hard shoulder and into the ditch at the side of the road. I even saw a lorry loaded with bricks in the ditch.
I have got to the ferry in Egsbjerg in time but the boat is cancelled due to the worst storm of the year. I should sail on saturday.
The steering is getting worse and my arm and shoulder are in agony.
The ministry of the bus will finish when I arrive in Weston Super Mare next week, but the finance for the new vehicle is still well short of the amount required. ( I wonder if it is retirement for me? )
Friday 12th of November 2010 11:02:46 AM

When will the bus problems stop????????????
I arrived in Denmark ready and raring to get to wotk. At Fredrikshavn I noticed an oil leak from the steering servo and knew something had gone wrong. The boat I should have caught refused to allow the bus on board because of the severity of the oil leak. A mechanic was called out and after a very short time he took £250 off me and told me the problem was solved.
Because of the boat company refusing me carraige I had an extra 1,000 kilometres to drive to reach my destination in Sweden. I drove for 11 hours before taking a break. When I resumed my journey three hours later I found I had no power steerng. The leak was still there.
I arrived at Hudesenta with just 30 minutes to spare before I was due to preach.
Today I was at a garage and they diagnosed a loose pipe that was allowing air into the system. They tried but could not fix it. Tomorrow I go to a bus garage in Uppsalla and pray they can put it right. I am trying to save for a fresh vehicle and this one is just eating it up.
Last night and tonoight I have been speaking in this area and finding very rich blessings from wonderful people.
Please pray for a miracle with the bus.
Monday 08th of November 2010 11:25:42 PM

My latest newsletter has really caused a stir in the right direction. Up to now I have only received one message telling me to give up the idea of going to Russia but many emails of encouragement to go.
The bus has now been fixed and I hope to sail for Denmark tomorrow evening.
When you leave this page please log on to the pictures page and then click on "Northern Lights" for a viewing of the Aurora Borealis which were witnessed in Hofn on my recent trip to Iceland.
My camera did not work but thanks to Steve Winsdale and his friends I met whils't there we can view the snaps they took.
If you have not yet read my newsletter! you can click on the newsletter page to find out all about the vision the Lord has given me.
Wednesday 03rd of November 2010 10:21:53 PM

I woke up this morning to a very cold bus. The rain never stopped last night and I had collected a full bucket of water from one of the drips in the roof. This was onto my settee, more buckets are placed everywhere I can see water.
The electric fuses had blown because water had dripped into the electric heater I use. All is now working but the storm continues.
Hanus spent hours yesterday fixing the oil leak but when I started the bus this morning the oil was still flowing.
This bus has done tremendous work this year but I am afraid I may have driven too many miles with too many Gospels.
No matter what happens!!!!!! This bus has certainly paid for itself many times over.
Sunday 31st of October 2010 03:40:22 PM

How I thank those of you who have helped me in the last few weeks as things have been going so badly for me. For those of you who have contributed financially I cannot say anything but thank you for your trust and support. Things are still very hard here.
I could not catch the boat last night due to a very serious oil leak from one of the engine fittings. I pray it will be sorted out over the weekend and I will sail with or abandon the bus next week. I am just very tired of the problems.
As I write this note, I am surrounded by containers catching the constant drips from the roof. The rain is exceptional, even for the Faroes and gallons of water are dripping onto the settee and all my clothing is getting very damp.
" But" I still Love and Trust Jesus.
Friday 29th of October 2010 12:45:39 PM

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