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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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Not much being said about Global Warming this winter !!!!!!!!
I am still in Lancashire awaiting a snow free passage to Aberdeen and the ferry to the Shetland Islands. I believe God has asked me to visit there and all I can do is wait for His perfect timing.
Finance is OK at the moment but if I have to wait more than a few days it could get to be a problem. If I don't work I don't receive donations.
Parked on a glorious camp site in the country but I will be pleased to move on.
Please continue praying that the work will soon restart.
Friday 11th of March 2011 11:45:12 AM

Back in Lancashire and surrounded by friends.
I went to the hospital this morning to see the specialist. He gave me more pills to take. The prostrate problem seems to under control now thanks to much prayer and a good doctor. I am told that an operation is not required at this time and the tablets should keep my problems under control,
Please Pray that the weather will improve in the next couple of days. I should be heading for Scotland, but the winds are too strong on the motorways.Also snow is forecast for the highlands and Orkney this weekend.
I hope to get to Shetland by the middle of next week.
Thursday 10th of March 2011 12:00:40 AM

Nearly a full church on wednesday at the "Reformed Prespyterian Church"
It appears that the people are still talking about the miracles I shared with them from the past tours.
Repairs carried out and diesel tank fitted. A new tank is being made for me to increase the amount of diesel I can carry in Scandinavia.
I am spending the day in Kilkeel before taking a quick trip around the North and leaving for Bolton on tuesday.
Sunday 06th of March 2011 08:47:10 AM

A good time in Bantry Bay, meeting up with old friends and speaking for a few minutes during the service.
I am now in Listowel and heading for Enniskillen later today. Wednesday I am speaking in Monaghan again.
Monday 28th of February 2011 11:11:22 AM

When am I going to Learn??????
It only took a couple of days after putting it on the web before I was directed to a real nice man in County Monaghan who put in two windows within 24 hours. Thanks Ivan for doing such a great job. It is now much easier to work and live in the motorhome.
Four new tyres have now been installed on the rear which makes driving much easier.
I spent nearly all day on thursday driving across Ireland to speak in Tralee. I was half an hour late after a drive of three hundred miles. The first time I have been late in over twelve years.
I have just driven around the Ring of Kerry and the Beara Peninsula. The worst roads in the UK and even more difficult than the far north. Not a place to bring a caravan.
I will be in Bantry Bay tomorrow.
Saturday 26th of February 2011 01:52:43 PM

The tyres did not arrive in time for fitting so I will have them fitted when I arrive back in England.
I am back in the Magherafelt area until monday. Speaking at the church of two friends who bought the first Skyliner for me four years ago.
Last night and this morning was spent building the Gas Barbeque I believe will be a major item in this years ministry.
Saturday 19th of February 2011 10:34:01 PM

I have so much to be thankful for as I sit here in Limavady.
This morning The Salvation Army gave me a beautiful food parcel that will keep me fed this week. They told me about a group of Latvian Christians who had visited here a few weeks ago and the difficulty in getting a Russian Bible for their organist who also comes from Latvia. They now have a supply of bibles and gospels for our friends in the Baltic Region who now live here.
I had a puncture in one of my tyre and had them all checked this morning. Four new tyres are needed at a cost of over 700. I hope to have them fitted tomorrow. It is false economy to drive on tyres that are perished in the areas I go to. It can be four or five hundred miles between Tyre fitters.
Tuesday 15th of February 2011 05:28:31 PM

After a week in Londonderry I have at last moved on to Limavady. I must thank Phelim and the members of River City Apostalic Church for looking after me so well when I was ill.
I will stay here a couple of days before I move on to the Giants Causeway.
Tuesday 15th of February 2011 01:08:08 AM

Thank God that at last I have got more energy to get on with the work around the motorhome.
I spent the afternoon rubbing down one of the black stripes and repainting.I have not found anyone willing to install the windows so I will get on with it myself even though I have no experience. It is no use complaining about others if you are not willing to attempt the work yourself.
I am so encouraged by the number of visitors to the web site
"God Bless you All"
Friday 11th of February 2011 12:07:11 AM

Feeling so much better but resting and waiting for "Heavenly Instructions"
I had so many ideas as to my programme in Ireland but it seems that God has a different plan for me. I pray that our heavenly Father shall be Glorified through this work in the coming days,
Wednesday 09th of February 2011 11:23:57 PM

Parked up outside River City Church just beyond the outskirts of Londonderry.
Phelip, the pastor has arranged electricity for me so I am keeping warm. I still feel a bit under the weather but improving by the hour.
I am hearing good reports from the saturday meeting in Monaghan and realise the this health problem is just the devil trying to weaken me.
When will he realise that " I am more than a conquerer through Jesus"
I anticipate a FULL recovery by tomorrow.
Monday 07th of February 2011 11:00:59 PM

The telephone call arrived and I was invited to speak at a home meeting last night in Monaghan.
It was a true feat of faith to get such a good crowd together as most of them had never heard of me. Even so it was good to meet up with people who had met me on my first tour of Ireland in 1996.
The meeting was a great success and the presence of the Holy Spirit was very evident. The after meeting singalong went on and on. I was totally exhausted when it finished at midnight.
I was quite ill during the night with pains everywhere. I believe I did just too much in the meeting without a break. I am wondering if the tablets I am taking are causing me problems. I should have visited Londonderry and Strabane today, but I was not well enough to drive. I pray things will be better tomorrow.
Sunday 06th of February 2011 11:22:44 PM

I was invited to speak at a prayer meeting in Dromore, County Tyrone last night.
The weather was vile with high winds and very heavy rain. Ten minutes before opening it looked like I would be speaking to very few people as no one would come out on such a night.
How wrong I was. I was surrounded by so many friends when I started to speak. It appears that all day telephones were busy as people I had not seen for years heard I was in the area. I went to bed very late and very Happy, knowing that our Heavenly Father had been Glorified.A miserable night turned into a room full of people and a true blessing.
I now await a phone call for a meeting across the border in County Monaghan on saturday evening.
Friday 04th of February 2011 09:47:52 AM

Many thanks are due to Stewart and Hilda Todd for opening their home last night for a very successful meeting. The room was packed to the limit with around thirty guests who just soaked up each word spoken. Once again the meeting carried on over cups of tea as we sung ourselves hoarse until after 11pm.
Two more meetings are now scheduled this week as a direct result of last night. I pray even more of these very personal meetings will be arranged as I enjoy them so much.
Today I visited and spoke at Every Home Crusade. I called on them to say thank you for supplying the Russian literature to me in Finland.
Thursday 03rd of February 2011 12:03:00 AM

Having a good time in Northern Ireland.
I am just preparing myself to speak at a very important home meeting in on the bank of Lough Neagh. How I pray that someone says Yes to Jesus.
Heading for the gospel printers tomorrow.
Tuesday 01st of February 2011 08:47:33 PM

Surrounded by cattle in the farmyard of friends Derek and Doris Clarke in Enniskillen.
Friends are calling in to see me and making me very welcome.
I am not tired but I am falling asleep a lot. I don't know if it is the new tablets or if my body is catching up from the abuse given to it over the past hectic years. Please pray as I endeavour to find God's will in the future.
I leave this area tomorrow and head for County Londonderry.
Thursday 27th of January 2011 08:11:47 PM

How wonderful to see that the site has now passed an eight'th of a million hits. It is such a tribute to the grace of our dear Heavenly Father.
I am pleased to report that the tablets I have been given seem to be working and are giving me much relief. I pray that it means an operation will not ne needed in the future.
I have been reading the Visitors Atrium and notice that the last few notices are quite negative.
I believe that the motorhome is the one God chose for me. Let us be grateful that He has allowed the work to continue and now I must listen and adapt as He chooses. I anticipate GREAT THINGS happening if I can keep focused on His Will. Please remember that no matter how much you may dislike the idea of downsizing the ministry. I have to do it and I am satisfied and realise that I just could not continue driving ancient, oversize, second hand, unwanted vehicles.
Tuesday 25th of January 2011 11:30:58 PM

The outside blind is now working properly and will soon be in use.
At this moment I am awaiting the ferry to Dublin for a few weeks of meeting friends and praying for the beautiful country. The tablets are working and even though I feel very tired I know that everything is ok.
I was led to ring up the people from Marazion in Cornwall who have just lost a court case for refusing to allow two gay people to sleep together in their Christian Guesthouse. They were fined 3,600 and it has caused great distress to them.Please pray for the Bull family and others like them who are willing to STAND UP FOR JESUS,
Saturday 22nd of January 2011 10:53:23 PM

Feeling very tired today!!!!
I went to hospital for tests yesterday and was very impressed with the service and care given to me at the Royal Bolton Hospital. The results of the tests show problems with both prostrate and bladder. I have been put on tablets to try to help the bladder and hope the problem will not be so embarrassing for me and will help to give me a better life.
If the tablets do not do the job an operation is needed. The problem is the tablets lower blood pressure and are causing tiredness until I get used to them.
I went to the manufacturers of the motorhome blind yesterday and return to them on saturday to modernise the fittings and make it easier to use. I believe it will be a major part of the new ministry.
When opened it can be used as an outdoor tea room.
Thursday 20th of January 2011 02:28:02 PM

At last I am heading north to Lancashire.
It was great meeting up with Eric in Bishops Stortford and going to morning service with him. I pass on his greetings to all the dedicated readers of this page and my personal thanks for your continued prayers.
I head towards Bolton tomorrow and go to the hospital for tests on wednesday. I hope to get the results within a few days and the decision as to whether I need an operation.
Sunday 16th of January 2011 10:54:15 PM

Back in the Bristol area for the weekend.
The extra fuel tank I had installed is causing problems so I had to return here to have it checked out.
Have you been on the pictures page yet ?
The motorhome page is now available for those who are interested, also a couple of pictures of the bus as the scrap merchant got ready to tow it away.
Friday 14th of January 2011 10:38:04 PM

I am down in the Penzance area for a few days. The weather is very wet so I will just do as I can to try out the motorhome.
I am having a few teething problems but hope they will soon be put right.
Photographs have now been taken and The Web Master has promised to put them on site in the next couple of days.
Please pray !!!!!!!!
Wednesday 12th of January 2011 11:16:01 PM

Ready to roll and will head West for Cornwall tomorrow morning.
All the work required at the moment is done but still lots to do. I am praying about the signwriting at the moment. If enough money is available I will have it done properly. Because of the health problems I have decided to wait to do the outside and continue without texts until I know what is happening. The West Country tour will be a journey of prayer for Britain and I will take the opportunity to meet up with friends from the early days of the ministry.
I hope to take some photographs later in the week.
Sunday 09th of January 2011 11:58:18 PM

It is unfortunate but I have been let down by the firm who promised to convert the van and put in the windows. They tell me that they have enough work in the pipeline and cannot fit the van into their schedule. How I wish they had not promised to do the work if they had no intention of doing it.
The bus was picked up by the scrap merchants this morning and I was surprised that I only felt great relief when I saw it disappear up the Motorway.
Now it is the time to prepare for a new pathway for Jesus and get moving again.
Thursday 06th of January 2011 11:47:03 PM

Things are going really well,The refitting firm comes back to work on tuesday and then the windows will be installed to make the visitor room more friendly and light.
The work done up to now is mainly due to the real hard work of a true Christian Friend " John Lawrence".
For the last five years he has been a real part of the work!
As we all move into the new year I pray that each one of us shall use our "Every Moment" of 2011 to Glorify our Beautiful Heavenly Father as we serve His Son "Jesus"
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday 01st of January 2011 02:07:37 PM

The rain is quite heavy and removing the snow from the streets but the forecast is for more snow soon.
I am now making decisions as to whether I stay here for a few more days or head for Noerthern Ireland. Much wisdom is required as I do not want to be in the wrong place.
Tuesday 28th of December 2010 12:15:27 AM

Christmas Eve in a warm clean home is just terrific.
As we enter into the spirit of Christmas and remember what the true meaning is I wish you the Joy and Peace that only Christ can bring you.
As I looked back over the past incredible year I could only thank Jesus for His Goodness to me.
Tonight I was sent an incredible Christmas Card from my dear friend Percy in the Preston area.
If you are not on my email list please email me and I will send it to you. It did me good to see a fresh way of witness that can be used by everyone on computer this Chrismas season.
my email address is
Friday 24th of December 2010 10:45:42 PM

it is still very cold here and roads are very dangerous for driving. The old bus is stilll awaiting collection by the scrap merchants but they cannot drive here yet.
I am extremely comfortable and warm in the new motorhome and very happy with my living accomadation.
My camera is not working and the one I ordered on line has not yet arrived. I will display pictures A.S.A.P.
Tuesday 21st of December 2010 05:35:40 PM

Still in Weston super Mare and with John's invaluable help I am able to get some work done.
The snow has now arrived here and after only a few hours os snow the traffic has ground to a halt. Not a snow plough or gritter has been seen in the area.
The scrap yard should be here on monday for the old bus but the weather needs to improve if they are to make it from Yorkshire.
Much prayer is needed as I begin fitting out the ministry area of the motorhome.
The name of the mission "will NOT CHANGE" and I will continue being proud to serve "Jesus" on the Highways for Jesus.
Saturday 18th of December 2010 12:52:00 AM

Still living in the old bus as the new vehicle is in the garage for a full service and an extra fuel tank is being fitted.
I would hope the motorhome will be ready tomorrow (friday) and then I will get to work putting in seats and a tv.
I am assured by the mechanics at the garage that I have purchased a real bargain and they are working really hard to bring it up to scratch. The main mechanic is a motorhome owner and has been a godsend to me and a mine of information.
Thursday 16th of December 2010 12:27:38 AM

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