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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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It is time to move.
The snow is still a problem in Northern Ireland and I woke up to a white and cold morning.
I will be going to the Lifeboat Church this morning and then head for Limerick.It is not snowing there but I do not know where the white stuff stops.
Hope to get a signal when I get to Listowel later this week.
Sunday 01st of February 2015 10:51:22 AM

Thanks to Wesley Forde I am snug and warm and parked up in Dungannon.
Outside it is icy and the snow has been falling. It looks like the winter has not finished with me yet.
Thursday 29th of January 2015 12:52:39 AM

After a few days in Dungannon I head south to the Monaghan area for a couple of days. It is unfortunate but I will not be able to access the internet until weekend.
Feeling very satisfied with the work in this area.
I will be heading for Listowel and the Kerry Cork area on sunday after morning service.
Tuesday 27th of January 2015 01:26:06 PM

All is going well and at last the roads are clear of snow.
I have taken the opportunity to call on a number of towns and villages in Northern Ireland and feel pleased with the reception from passers by.
This morning I visited the Lifeboat Church in Dungannon and will take the rest of the day off to rest and sleep.
Sunday 25th of January 2015 02:38:14 PM

I have just spent a week in the Enniskillen area. The snow arrived and turned the roads into ice.
I was able to leave this morning but the weather is still bad here in Dungannon.
Thanks to my friend Wesley I have electricity and heat.
Thanks to all who have prayed.
Tuesday 20th of January 2015 11:47:34 PM

clifford rang me to say theres too much ice. too much snow. too dangerous to drive and cannot get a signal.
Monday 19th of January 2015 01:36:12 PM

A great time at Riverside Apostalic Church in Londonderry over the New Year.
I helped welcome in the new year and spoke to the youth section on sunday morning.
I am now on my way to Lunganearly to meet up with friends tomorrow evening at the prayer meeting.
I will be speaking at Dungannon Elim Church on sunday evening.
I pray the Lord will bless YOU throughout 2015.

Tuesday 06th of January 2015 02:16:56 PM

Getting ready to move on towards Londonderry.
Once again there has been a very severe frost and I must wait a while for the ice to melt on the untreated country roads.
Hoping it does not get too cold tonight as I will have no mains power.
Last night I had visitors and a good time talking about a mission I attended in Norway four years ago.
Friends are for ever.
Tuesday 30th of December 2014 10:18:36 AM

The festive season is nearly over and winter has descended over the United Kingdom.
I thank God for being with friends over this Christmas and being able to enjoy the luxury of electricity. Last night the temperature dipped to minus 9 but I was able to enjoy the warmth of an electric fan heater.
I stay here today and move to Londonderry tomorrow. I will join the congregation at the Apostalic Church for the New Year Celebrations.
Monday 29th of December 2014 12:46:23 PM

Feeling a lot better today and not quite so tired.
This afternoon I was invited out for dinner and had a great time of fellowship with my friends in Dungannon.
How I hope this feeling of strength increases in the coming days.
Saturday 27th of December 2014 09:29:08 PM

A Happy and Blessed Christmas to all.
I have not been too well for the past few days and have spent most of today sleeping.
Please keep on praying that I will soon find the physical cure for this constant tiredness.
Thursday 25th of December 2014 09:41:24 PM

All is going well and I am parked up and resting in the Dungannon area.
Tomorrow I will attend the Lifeboat church and enjoy being fed with the Word.
Just heard that John is doing really well and eating properly after many years of abuse.
Up to now I have received 12 Christmas Cards and how I thank those who have thought of me at this special time.
Please keep on praying as I seek the Lords will for the coming year.
Sunday 21st of December 2014 12:11:00 AM

I am now in Northern Ireland and today is the first time in weeks that I have felt strong enough to meet people.
My appetite is still very poor and I still feel constantly tired. For weeks I have wanted to write a report but could not find the energy to put my thoughts into words.
I hope to complete this task this week.
please continue praying.
Thursday 18th of December 2014 11:29:11 PM

All is going very well but I feel so tired after the last week.
I spoke to the brother of John and the family is now on holiday. They are seeing a real change in John and with prayer it will only get better.
How I praise Our Father that He allowed me to be part of a true life changing time.
Saturday 13th of December 2014 07:02:43 PM

I have had a tough time in the past few days as I have tried without success to access the internet.
I met up with my cousin and his family when I was in Lancashire for the funeral. One of his son's, John I remembered as a lovely little lad who was so full of life.
When I met him at the funeral he had changed into a frightened inward looking man who was addicted to cannabis,
His parents had reached their emotional limit and appealed for help.
I have broken my own rules and allowed him to join me on a trip to Kerry.
Results are astounding with a cheerful and totally clean young man with a bright future.
My friends in Listowel and Moyross really took to him and I am so grateful to them.
I have driven him home to Lancashire and will return to my work in Northern Ireland soon.
Friday 12th of December 2014 11:20:11 AM

Hi All,

I'm writing on behalf of Clifford who has been unable to get online the last 7 days due to laptop and mobile coverage issues.

God bless,

The Web Master .
Monday 08th of December 2014 05:22:25 PM

It was a very profitable time in the South of Ireland and I met old friends and also made new ones,
I am now back in the North and looking forward to going to church tomorrow.
I will be in Enniskillen next week and speak at the Stauros meeting on wenesday evening. That will be a real treat for me.
Saturday 29th of November 2014 11:20:45 AM

After a blessed weekend it is time to get back to serious work.
I head for Dublin later today but will return in a couple of days to find out what the Lord desires of me.
Monday 24th of November 2014 11:30:48 AM

It has been really good to meet up with many friends over the last few days.
I left mainland UK last night and have arrived in Northern Ireland for Christmas and the winter.
I wonder what the Lord has in store for me in the coming days.
Thursday 20th of November 2014 09:51:03 PM

It was expensive but the repairs to the van are now complete.
I am now in the Bolton area for a few days.
Today I attended the funeral of a very dear friend. Margaret is the sister of my cousins wife and was a real christian.
I seem to be surrounded by friends I have known since childhood who are dying, I must be getting old, but I don't feel old.
Monday 17th of November 2014 09:59:41 PM

I have had to make a return trip to the mechanics in Cannock. The trip around the outer Islands and the North of Scotland has taken it's toll and the van requires urgent attention.
A very dear friend died last week and I must be at Margaret's funeral on monday.
Wednesday 12th of November 2014 10:04:25 PM

All OK. I am in Weston super Mare with very poor signal
Monday 10th of November 2014 08:52:53 PM

Raining again!!!
The work in Buckie finished for me after the evening service last night.
I am now parked up in Elgin awaiting the delivery of two tyres to be put on the vehicle tomorrow.
I am very tired but very humbled by the results of the ministry.
Three people gave their lives to Christ during the week and last night I appealed for those who desired to recommit themselves to stand.
Half the congregation rose to their feet for rededication.
Please pray for Kyle and Connor, Two boys who start on the GREAT ADVENTURE with Christ.
Heading for Glencoe tomorrow.
Be Blessed.
Monday 03rd of November 2014 05:04:58 PM

The Bible Study went really well and I was really encouraged by the whole evening.
Today has been spent in Elgin and I return to Buckie in the morning.
The rain has started again !!! I think I have the cleanest motorhome in Britain, OUTSIDE.
Tomorrow evening is a praise and worship evening and will be held at the Baptist Church. Leaders from other churches are also taking part. How I LOVE UNITY.
Saturday 01st of November 2014 12:28:45 AM

I arrived in Buckie on tuesday afternoon.
The evening meeting went very well and this afternoon I spoke to about 100 ladies and men at the T Bar.
Tomorrow I will speak at the Bible Study and after a couple of days off it will be a busy weekend for me.
The people here have taken me to their heart and I am really enjoying myself as I speak about Jesus.
Please pray that folk will seek and find Jesus.
Wednesday 29th of October 2014 11:52:24 PM

After a long but beautiful drive I am parked for a short time in Invergordon.
Last night I crossed the causeway over the Cromarty Firth and parked up in a lay bye for the night.
It was around 8 30pm and was just sitting down to dinner when someone knocked on the door. My two visitors were returning home from church in Inverness and saw the van.
A young man and a young lady who wanted to know about the work. They stayed for nearly an hour and we had a very good time together.
I am not traveling vast distances anymore but I am feeling far more fulfilled with the results.
Please keep on praying.
Monday 27th of October 2014 12:27:40 PM

The weather is getting on my nerves after days of torrential rain. It is just like winter with low temperatures.
I have parked just outside Spean Bridge at the Commando Memorial. Many coaches have pulled up and many holidaymakers have photographed the van. One Christian lady asked for prayer and I was able to give 50 life story books to the coach guide for distribution among the Yorkshire passengers.
Head for Loch Ness tomorrow.
Friday 24th of October 2014 10:50:59 PM

The high winds appear to have abated but the torrential rain is still pouring.
Thank God I am not in too much of a hurry to move but charges on the camp site are high so I must move on.
The glen has protected me from the very high winds during the past couple of days.
Thanks to the many readers who have prayed for me during this stressful time
Wednesday 22nd of October 2014 12:21:15 PM

I was all ready to move when I heard of the storm heading my way.
To leave would have been stupid so I have moved back to the caravan site in Glen Nevis.
I will stay here until wednesday morning and pray the storm passes me by.
Monday 20th of October 2014 07:43:24 PM

I am still in Fort William and spoke at the Community Church this morning.
After the service I stayed for a meal and was able to speak to individuals.
The weather has changes and torrential rain and heavy winds are the norm. I should move om tomorrow.
Sunday 19th of October 2014 08:33:20 PM

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