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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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I arrived in Carrickfergus late this morning and expected the usual sitting around doing nothing day which frequently happens here.
A car pulled up at the side of the bus at around 3pm and three young ladies got out. None of the girls had been in the bus before yet one of them really wanted to speak to me.
It appears that she met met me here four years ago when she was out for the day with her mum and dad who had brought her and her five year old son to see the castle and harbour. During their time here I had joked with her son and given him a childrens book to take home. She revealed to me today that at that time she was going through seperation from her husband and had lost all faith in God because of her circumstances. Due to the brief meeting she searched for and found a living faith in Jesus and continues to serve him.
It showed me that "God Knows".
I keep coming here yet seem to see no fruit from my labours,yet God works in the background.
Please, Please, continue to witness and trust God to fulfill " His Purpose" and not yours.
Friday 22nd of February 2008 11:57:54 PM

Parked on the A26 outside Ballymena. The wind is very strong and blowing the bus about. It feels like a good sail in the North Atlantic but is far more dangerous. If the wind drops I will move on because it would be a mistake to have the doors open today.
Friday 22nd of February 2008 09:15:30 AM

The day has been spent parked outside Limavady with a short trip to Londonderry this morning. It has been a very busy day with many visitors calling as they passed by in their cars. I recieved a text message from one of our regular contributors to the Visitor Page. Congratulations Elaine on the birth of your first grandson. I pray that one day he will have the great joy of sharing "Jesus" as the Lord directs him. Please pass on best wishes from myself and our many contributors. The wind is very strong here tonight and I feel like I am back in my beloved Faroe Islands.
Thursday 21st of February 2008 12:40:32 AM

At last I have been able to get a signal. I spoke in Ballinamallard Methodist Church on sunday morning and was received very well. Evening service was in Enniskillen Free Methodist Church and had a really good time meeting many new people. All told I believe it was a very successful day and Our Heavenly Father was Glorified as people listened. I am now parked outside the town of Limavady and heading along the Causeway coast this week and speaking at Whitehead Baptist church on sunday.
Tuesday 19th of February 2008 06:31:21 PM

This is posted on behalf of Clifford as he is in Enniskillen and can't access the site himself. Just recently he has met up with someone he hasn't seen for five years, which was a great delight, and he is preaching at the Free Methodist Church in the town on Sunday. Please remember him in your prayers. (Eric Curnow).
Friday 15th of February 2008 08:48:23 PM

Parked on Stafford services to update the page. I did not hurry updating as I hoped the delay may have generated a few messages. Sorry but it did not happen! I spoke at two churches yesterday in the Nuneaton area and was very well recieved. It was good to meet up with Rev Peter Brown again and his charming wife.Today I head for Lancashire and then to Holyhead for the trip to Dublin.
Monday 11th of February 2008 11:07:36 AM

This morning was spent in Weston Super Mare talking to John Lawrence of Hutton Coach Hire and catching up with news. A visit from a representative of the DVLA put my mind at rest as he inspected the bus for road tax purposes. Officially I now drive a private HGV motor van and my driving licence covers me.Lunch was in Bristol and I am now on my way to Hereford to meet Brian and Barbara whom I have not seen for around three years.The trip home to Ireland is proving to be a very happy one as I meet up with lots of lovely people.
Friday 08th of February 2008 06:17:45 PM

A trip of a lifetime, meeting people I have not seen for a couple of years. I have had problems with getting internet connections in the Devon area but hope that the problems will be less when I head North. I had a smashing chinese meal with John Ellis and he was telling me how much he enjoys reading the comments on the visitor page and sends his regards to all contributors.
Thursday 07th of February 2008 03:51:48 PM

I am parked up at the services on the M4 about 50 miles from Bristol. The wind and rain forced me to pull in earlier than I wanted to. I wonder what reason the Lord has for the change of plan? The meeting in the bus with the Boys Brigade was a great success with plenty of intelligent questions asked and Faroese food well received and consumed.It is nice to be able to work with the youth of today and find out that they are the same the world over. Treat them with respect and they seem to blossom before you. A big thank you to the leaders for making the evening possible.
Tuesday 05th of February 2008 01:23:59 AM

The service at Histon Baptist Church this morning was good. It was great to meet up with people I met on my last visit two years ago. Three of the young people I met last year are taking time out from university to serve Christ in the community in different towns throughout Britain. It is terrific news to hear of the youth of our land devoting time to serving others.We must never forget, our young people are our future. I leave here tomorrow for Bishops Stortford and speak to the Boys Brigade in the evening. From Tuesday to Friday I will be in the West Country.
Sunday 03rd of February 2008 11:42:15 PM

A great time in Ramsgate meeting true christian friends from the past.I believe that it was good for each one of us to look back at what was a horrendous situation to the touch that only God can make.This morning was a good time talking to Eric.He is ultra careful with his responsibilities to Caleb Initiative and keeps a close eye on each of the members he takes under the Caleb trust's wing. I am so fortunate to be able to use such a trustworthy charity for certain donations. We both had to agree that lack of funds will soon begin to affect "Highways for Jesus". But I will continue working until the Lord tells me to stop. If you would like to help the work financially please contact me. Tonight I am parked outside Histon Baptist Church.
Saturday 02nd of February 2008 09:03:47 PM

Glorious sunshine and very little wind here in Ramsgate. I am looking forward to meeting two people whom I have not seen for quite a while. They both befriended me during some of my worst drinking days in the 1980's. Jean has prayed daily for myself and then for the work since that time and Brian is a treasured friend I have not seen for over five years.God is really marvellous when He places saints like these in your path.Speaking at Histon Baptist Church on Sunday morning and Boys Brigade in Bishops Stortford on Monday evening.
Friday 01st of February 2008 01:40:35 PM

Still in Histon because of heavy winds nationwide.I pray I can get away later but must take care because the forecast is gales everywhere.
Thursday 31st of January 2008 05:02:14 PM

A good sail over to Harwich and the bus is now driving well.I am near Cambridge in the village of Histon at the Baptist Church.I hope to meet up with friends here before I move on to Ramsgate for a couple of days.
Wednesday 30th of January 2008 05:23:10 PM

A really smashing drive to Egjsberg to catch tonights ferry to England.The route was much longer to drive but great roads all the way. Picnic areas every 20 miles to pull into and even facilities to empty toilets in the coach bays. A really go ahead country is Denmark. Plans for Britain are not yet to hand but I will keep you all up to date as I travel.
Marion did me a power of good with her entry on the visitors page (as you all do) and was so positive about the plans for the building in Faroe Islansd. Unfortunately she seems to be the only person that replied to hours of work emailing the newsletter.
Tuesday 29th of January 2008 04:00:03 PM

A good sail on "MV Norrona" to Frederikshaven on the tip of Denmark. It is good to be out of the Faroese climate for a while and to have snow free roads. I hope to sail tomorrow night for Harwich and then drive slowly to the Cambridge area. The bus is running a treat with only a few minor problems. It is like me, getting older and suffering from too many operations but still will not give up. Last night I met two people on board ship who are christians. They work on board yet did not know of each other's faith. Now we know why God held me up in Faroe. I pray that prayer and Bible study will be the result and that will attract more believers together.
Monday 28th of January 2008 01:52:56 PM

During a lull in the storm I took a couple of pictures of the bus waiting to board ship. They are now the first two pictures on the Faroe Pictures Page. The new time of sailing is 10pm and I am beginning to feel a little chilly. Anyway I am having casserole of Pilot whale and Onions for dinner and really looking forward to it.
Saturday 26th of January 2008 03:22:55 PM

I am at the port in Torshavn and awaiting boarding instructions,The ship should have sailed an hour ago but is delayed until 5pm. The weather is lousy with snow, wind, rain,sleet,thunder and lightning and hail.That is only what has happened in the last 30 minutes.Other than that, it is like a normal summer's day here. The forecast at sea is force 9 to 11 gales. I think it could be a bumpy crossing and I await sailing time eagerly. Please pray that there are no more delays as the bus does not really like this blustery weather.
Saturday 26th of January 2008 02:26:06 PM

Bad weather expected later today. The roads are like a skating ring and extremely dangerous to drive the bus on. The news has arrived thar Norrona is not sailing today because a blizzard is expected throughout the North Atlantic. The boat should sail on Saturday but at the moment I await further news daily. Please pray for the Lord's will in this situation.
Thursday 24th of January 2008 12:29:42 PM

The bus roof is now sealed and does not appear to leak any more. Inside will get cleaned today before sailing time at 5pm. Last night I went to my final meeting here. The Klaxvik church sent a singing quartet to Skala and they really were good. I was invited to sing and speak for a few minutes.The gear box leak has been fixed and even though there is still a little water leak, I am not over worried about it. My heartfelt thanks go out to Gordon and his family for seeing the problems and getting them fixed.I should arrive in Denmark on saturday and sail for Britain on Tuesday evening. Yesterday the roads were clear but the snow fell again all night and a blizzard id blowing outside the window.I hope the snow poughs get going before sailing time, I have a long drive to the port in Torshavn.
Thursday 24th of January 2008 09:40:19 AM

The bus is nearly ready to roll. The roof has been worked on and I hope that the water keeps outside from now on. I am tired of waking up to a wet bed in the morning.Thank God for waterproof sleeping bags.
The seal on the gearbox has been repaired but still a few problems from the water leak. A new cylinder head gasket has been fitted and the mechenic knows where the leak is situated. A newsletter has gone out today, if you did not recieve one please let me know and I will sens one by return email. The vision the Lord revealed to me is in the newsletter and now it is time to pray in the finance to complete the task appointed.Please Pray.
Wednesday 23rd of January 2008 01:11:29 AM

The weather here is getting worse with too much snow for the bus to drive the roads safely. I hope things improve before the sailing on thursday. A newsletter will be sent out before I leave the islands, If I do not have your email address please drop me a line. My email address is on the newsletter page along with all other address information.
Sunday 20th of January 2008 10:15:37 PM

The youth club was a treat for me with quite a few young people turning up to listen and they ALL understood english. The weather has turned bad with lots of snow in the last few days. The roads are very slippery and I have not seen a grit lorry anywhere. The road from Klaxvik includes two mountain roads so great care has to be taken when driving. I am praying for clear roads on thursday as the bus does not have snow tyres.
Saturday 19th of January 2008 08:48:34 PM

Most of the work is now completed on the bus.We hope to take it for a test drive tomorrow before fitting the cylinder head gasket. Please could readers check the prayer request page for prayer material. Miracle Required is an urgent request but please make use of this vital part of the web site.Speaking at a youth club tomorrow evening.
Thursday 17th of January 2008 10:50:26 PM

It is now certain that I will not be able to catch MV Norrona on thursday as the parts are still not here for the full repairs. I have seen the reasons for all the problems we have had since the accident. The engine,gearbox and propshaft had been knocked out of line and this has caused wear and breakages as I have travelled.We believe that all the parts required are now on their way or can be found locally.It is good to work with mechanics who love Jesus yet continue working as we converse. I am able to help a little with small tasks and I pray I will learn a little of the mechanics of the engine before the job is completed.
Finally a quote from what I heard during my quiet time with Father.
*It is not who you are, It is not what you say,It is WHAT YOU ARE that brings Glory to your Father*
Tuesday 15th of January 2008 11:23:53 PM

A really busy weekend on the island of Suderoy with three preaching engagements on sunday. I stayed at the home of Remi and his charming family and had a great time with the three girls and their friend viewing the Faroe Pictures page.Noomi who is twelve, stood outside the local shop this afternoon and gave away 120 calanders to passers by,How is that for initiative.The weather is very stormy with icy roads. The bus is being worked on but the mechanics are hinting that I will not catch the Norrona on thursday because the parts are delayed coming from Denmark.It is good to see new names on the visitors page and we welcome the comments from Kathy. I pray you gave God ALL the Glory on sunday in Scotland.
Monday 14th of January 2008 11:53:50 PM

The timing of God is always perfect.
Today the bus was put into the garage in Klaxvik and work has begun stripping down the gear box and realigning the engine. This work could take up to two weeks and during that time I will be forced to take time off to rest and catch up on much needed personal prayer.
Eleven years ago the Lord gave me a commission and also a vision for the future of the work.
Only one part of the vision has yet to be fulfilled and during this evening I believe the Holy Spirit has spoken that the time is ready for the vision to be completed.
At this time I am unable to reveal the facts on this page. I must be careful that I am hearing only from God and not the desires of His People.
I desperately need your prayers that I shall not flinch but trust in the Lord's Leading. Much faith will be required so I pray for the faith as large as a mustard seed as I move into the unknown and into His Will.
Friday 11th of January 2008 12:44:01 AM

At last a real dignosis has been made of the bus situation. It appears that three of the six brackets and rubber stabalisers are broken.This has put engine and gearbox out of line and is probably causing all of the problems. The parts are being ordered from Denmark today and the stripping down of engine and gearbox should begin tomorrow and take up to two weeks to repair.It feels like a curse was been put on the work during my period in Iceland and prayer and perseverence are the only way through it all.After nearly twelve years of work it will take a lot more than a few breakdowns to stop the progress of the ministry.Today I have once again been speaking to the christian students at the university.
Wednesday 09th of January 2008 10:45:46 PM

A problem developed with the bus engine some time ago and all the mechanics I have used have not been able to fix it. I have been using too much water and the gear box had developed an oil leak which was beginning to get worse as time went by. A friend here has had the bus taken to Klaxvik and the engine is now under full repair.Pray that the parts are soon available and there is no problem fitting them. I am now living in comfort at the house until the bus is ready.God really astounds me sometimes.
Tuesday 08th of January 2008 01:39:02 AM

The rest period never got off the ground and it has been a full weekend of preaching and talking to people.Prayer has been truly answered and I was given the opportunity to speak at the State ( Lutheran ) Church this evening during the service for Prayer Alliance. Congratulations are sent to John and Christine who are getting married on tuesday afternoon. I, along with the friends here in Faroe wish them a blessed life together.
Sunday 06th of January 2008 10:46:17 PM

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