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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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The weather has now calmed down but it was a truly horrendous 24 hours and I really felt the van would not survive. I had not changed the van last winter it would have been a different story. The drop down stabalisers certainly prevented the van being blown over.
I did not get a day off !!!!
Visitors and the telephone have kept me quite busy and I now try to take a nap during the day to keep my strength up. ( that is my excuse )
Speaking tommorrow in the Brethren Assembly in Kvalbek.
Saturday 16th 2018f June 2018 11:37:04 PM

I returned to the mainland yesyerday afternoon as I had a meeting scheduled at hairdressing salon in Leirwick.
It was a gathering of older male students who meet as they get the opportunity. I spoke for an hour but they asked me to continue. I spoke for another half hour and was delighted with the feedback from this small group (9 ) who found time on the eve of exams to meet the visiting evangelist.
I am back in Kambsdal and the rain is lashing down, the wind off the Atlantic is ferocious and the van is really shaking. A bit scarey to be honest.
I hope to take a day off tomorrow but only time will tell.
Thursday 14th 2018f June 2018 10:14:46 PM

I had a number of visitors yesterday and one of them only wanted to ask questions.
A police car stopped and the driver was very interested in my presence on this rather remote island. He seemed satisfied with my explanations and drove away after a short time.
I was parked near the Salt Factory and yesterday the front of the building was festooned with various national flags. I thought it was a conference or a concert being held in the auditorium. I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!
I noticed a number of luxury cars outside the building but did not take much notice of them.
All was revealed to me at the end of the day by one of my visitors.
Every three years a special meeting is held in either Denmark, Greenland or the Faroe Islands
It is an opportunity for the Prime Minister of each of the countries to meet and discuss future plans.
I did not meet the leaders but I was the only vehicle parked on the car park. They had to pass within 25 metres of the van and the advertising outside had to have been read by them.
Praise the Lord that the work became a silent witness to the leaders of the lands at the TOP of the WORLD:
Tuesday 12th 2018f June 2018 06:33:59 PM

All going well with sunshine and showers.
The meeting at Salem went very well and has caused an influx of visitors to the van. I am really enjoying the feeling of being a conduit in prayer for those who require more of Jesus.
As always, the scenery is spectacular but the older I get the more I notice.
Please keep on praying for the work because without YOU the work lacks the fullness that ONLY prayer can bring.
Monday 11th 2018f June 2018 01:29:46 PM

I am surprised and delighted with the number of visitors to the van.
This morning I drive to Torshavn to catch the ferry to Suderoy where I am speaking on sunday morning.
The seather is cool but dry and I am enjoying the wonderful scenery here.
Friday 08th 2018f June 2018 11:09:56 AM

I am now back in the Faroe Islands and settling in the van.
The journey was very tiring because of the heat and long walks through Heathrow and Copenhagen airports. The heat was just too much to bear as I struggled to catch the next aeroplane.
Faroe is much cooler and more to my liking.
The phone is already ringing and I pray that I will be very busy.
I have just spoken to John and it appears that my time in London was very beneficial for him.
Wednesday 06th 2018f June 2018 12:04:06 PM

I am still enjoying my time in the hotel and sleeping in a very comfortable bed.
It is going to be quite a shock to the system when I get back to the Faroe Islands and the motorhome.
I was delighted that Eric went out of his way to join me when I visited John this afternoon and I was able to sit and listen as they shared experiences of their walk with the Lord.
Both men have been supporters of the work for many years and it was the first time that they have met.
Once again the Lord has done a miracle and allowed my friends to meet.
Monday 04th 2018f June 2018 12:34:42 AM

The weather is perfect today with the sun shining and a light breeze.
I visited John this afternoon and was delighted with the care home he has been transferred to. The staff are very friendly and helpful and I was amazed to see him walking with the help of a zipper frame.
At last I have found a hotel that is only a half hour walk away from the nursing home.
I am enjoying the novelty of living in a place that stands still and without wheels.
Friday 01st 2018f June 2018 10:17:50 PM

It is great to have good weather but I am finding it difficult to breathe in London.
Traffic pollution and high temperatures are not my scene.
I called to see John yesterday and he was hoping to be discharged from hospital today.
Arrangements have been made to move him to a nursing home. I am still a little concerned about his progress but the hospital bed is urgently required for the next patient.
Thursday 31st 2018f May 2018 08:09:19 AM

I am still enjoying the weather and hope to see more sunshine in the future.
Many of you will remember me coming to London to visit my friend John who was very ill.
He has fallen in the garden and broken his hip.
Today I have returned to London to visit John and try to cheer him up. He cannot texture home and we now await a vacancy in a care home.
Tuesday 29th 2018f May 2018 07:27:47 PM

Good weather again today.
I spoke at the Brethren Church in Gorte this morning and had a very blessed time.
It was good to interact with the youngsters and I felt like the Pied Piper surrounded by the little people.
All children are the same, THEY LOVE LOLLIPOPS.
Sunday 27th 2018f May 2018 11:40:17 PM

Each country I visit seems to give me internet problems. At last I believe I have solved them for the moment.
The weather forecast said it would be heavy rain today. when I got out of bed at 6am the sun was shining and even now there is not a cloud in sight and the temperatures are rising.
How I hope it will bring in visitors.
Friday 25th 2018f May 2018 01:19:55 PM

I am now in the Faroe Islands and enjoying meeting up with my many friends.
Much rain and a little sunshine.
The van is exceeding Al expectations and I am seeing good numbers of people visiting.
Monday 21st 2018f May 2018 07:58:29 PM

Monday 21st 2018f May 2018 07:57:07 PM

At last the first phase of the journey is over and I am in the queue at the dockside waiting to be processed and go on board Norrona.
The weather is good with lots of sunshine with a light sea breeze. I will update you as soon as I can and hope you will feel part of the adventure.
Saturday 12th 2018f May 2018 12:08:11 PM

I have arrived at Hirtshals at last and looking forward to boarding Norrona tomorrow afternoon.
I should arrive in the Faroe Islands on Monday morning. Already I am receiving phone calls 0f welcome from my friends in the islands.
The trip to here was very long and a little tiring but I look forward to seeing great things in the near future. It all depends upon PRAYER and commitment.
Friday 11th 2018f May 2018 10:47:52 PM

A good trip up to now with everything going well with the van.
I am now heading towards Hirtshals which is at the top of Denmark. I have driven through Germany and most of Denmark and should arrive at the port tomorrow afternoon.
After three days of soaring temperatures I am delighted that it is now raining.
Thank you for your continued prayer. I can really feel the inner glow of the Holy Spirit as I move onwards.
Thursday 10th 2018f May 2018 04:49:40 PM

I was talking to Brian this morning and telling him how good the road is in Germany. I spoke to soon because I have just experienced hours of road works and traffic jams in temperatures I am not used to.I am now half way through Germany and parked up for the night.
The temperature in the van is 34 degrees with the windows and doors open.
Tuesday 08th 2018f May 2018 08:16:13 PM

The trip has now really begun and I am relieved to say that the winter is now over.
I have boarded the ship to Rotterdam and will arrive in the morning. Then the long drive through Germany and Denmark before boarding Norrona on Saturday for the Faroe Islands.
I will try to update but it depends on the signal access.
Sunday 06th 2018f May 2018 08:28:56 PM

On the way again and really looking forward to a Blessed tour.I sail from Hull tomorrow evening and I will arrive in Rotterdam on Monday morning.
Have you noticed that the website has now passed the half million mark.
I really praise the Lord for his faithfulness over the last few years.
Saturday 05th 2018f May 2018 03:44:12 PM

Yesterday I attended Histon Baptist Church and really enjoyed sitting on the back row and just being part of the congregation.
Many people recognised me and made me very welcome.
The highlight of the day was meeting up with Katy and her family who I have not seen for a long time.
I am now heading for the mechanic as I am having more problems with the electrics inside the van.
Please pray for a successful outcome.
Monday 30th 2018f April 2018 11:13:21 AM

Sorry I should have said Caleb Initiative.
Saturday 28th 2018f April 2018 08:59:17 PM

I have reached my next destination after a drive of nearly two hundred miles. The M25 was very busy with lots of delays due to accidents and road works.
I am now in Bishops Stortford and had a lovely time with the director of Calendar Initiative, the charity that helps support the ministry.
Eric led me to the Lord in a detoxification centre many years ago.
He sends his greetings to to all of you.
Saturday 28th 2018f April 2018 08:57:10 PM

I am pleased to report that my time in Weston-super-Mare is proving to be a real blessing to me and the people I am meeting.
The weather is good with lots of sunshine but quite chilly at night.
Today I have changed my phone and hope I can soon get the hang of it.
I might move on tomorrow but I will let you know when I get to the next destination.
Thursday 26th 2018f April 2018 05:25:48 PM

Due to the glorious weather last week I am still waiting for the van to be seen to.
Every motorhome driver has descended on the garage to have work done.
Things are going better with John Ellis and he is more cheerful and the pain is now under control.
I hope to be away from here within the next 24 hours.
Tuesday 24th 2018f April 2018 09:55:33 AM

I crossed over to England on tuesday and called on Doctor Rob and Doctor Sara in Lancashire. We went out and had dinner together.
Yesterday I drove to Cannock to have the van serviced before I head of to wherever the Lord Directs.
My friend John Ellis has had a bad fall and broken his hip. He has been waiting in casualty for over three days and the pain killers are causing confusion for him.
Please pray for John and his wife Christine during this very trying time.
Friday 20th 2018f April 2018 12:24:30 PM

Let us hope that Spring has arrived at last with higher temperatures.
I am parked up in Dungannon once againand look forward to taking ship on tuesday or wednesday.
Each day the van is drawing in people who want to have a chat and I feel so pleased that I am still being of use to My Beautiful Saviour.
Please pray that I am able to hear his words as once again I set out on a great adventure.
Saturday 14th 2018f April 2018 08:02:17 PM

I am parked up for the night in a large layby just outside Cookstown. Up to now it has been a good week with visitors each day.
It looks like I will be heading for mainland UK next week.
I take delivery of a substantial quantity of Bibles in Russian next weekend.
Most of these will go with me to Scandinavia for the fishing fleet who visit the ports.
Friday 13th 2018f April 2018 12:00:41 AM

Praise the Lord that Prayer always "get's through"
a week of frusration in Fermanagh as I could not get a signal to upload onto this page.
I once again spent two days at the cattle mart and spoke to many more people than normal. Lots of boys and girls with their dads gave me the way in with the help of a big bag of lollipops.
I am heading for Omagh today and awaiting instructions.
Monday 09th 2018f April 2018 01:30:34 PM

When will this winter end ? I am getting so tired of the constant low temperatures and threat of more snow.
I have so much to be thankful for and the list just keeps on growing.
I would like to wish each of my readers a very Blessed Easter season and pray that the Holy Spirit will be revealed to each one of you in a more Personal way.
Monday 02nd 2018f April 2018 12:26:22 AM

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