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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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More trouble with the air system today.I will be pleased to get away from thes sub zero temperatures but it will be at least another two weeks.
I should be in Gavle tomorrow and then on to Sandvick to prepare for the outreach there.
I am hearing that there is excitement about my visit amongs't the schools next week and I prat that everything comes up to their expectations. Much Prayer is now Required.
Saturday 22nd of November 2008 08:10:58 PM

After a good ferry crossing I am back in Sweden and taking my time heading for Gavle and my friend Rev Larry of Sandvick parish.
He informs me that I will be quite busy there and that the schools are showing an interest in my arrival.
My time in Finland and Lappland was incredible and if you do not recieve my newsletter it is now on the site.
Please pray for a young lad in Helsinki hospital undergoing brain surgery. His name is Jani and is 13 years old.He was operated on today and needs further surgery next tuesday. I will keep you informed as I hear any news.
Thursday 20th of November 2008 08:54:44 PM

I am now on the coast road heading for Vaassa ( N8 ) and basking in the warmth of minus 2. It has really taken a heavy toll of my strength to finish the course the Lord set me, but I know that His Purposes are Sure.
It has been very disheartening to see so few entries on the visitor page in the last few weeks. I must admit that at times I just felt I could not be bothered to leave a message on my page because I was so tired. I did though and hoped that I would get a response, but nothing happenned.
Please remember that it can get very lonely out here and one new contact on the visitor page can make all the difference. Please let me know you are out there and praying.
Tuesday 18th of November 2008 12:39:51 PM

I have decided that staying beyond the Arctic Circle is foolish and serving no purpose other than freezing to death each day.
Many contacts and new friends have been added to the work and I should return at the same time the snow melts next year.
I left Posio this morning and will be in Oumo tomorrow as I head for the ship to Sweden and my appointment in Gavle next week.
I will now admit that the trials of cold have been nearly unbearable over the last three or four weeks but promises to our Heavenly Father must be kept whatever the trial.
If Jesus could take the shame and pain of calvary for each one of us, Can we not endure a little discomfort for the sake of those who do not yet know him.
Monday 17th of November 2008 05:06:32 PM

The air system is still playing up, but I now have been shown how to fix it and enable me to thaw out the frozen air tanks myself. The heating in the bus when I am driving is still not working and the temperature in the drivers section was minus eight this afternoon. Than God I only had 100 kilometres to drive to Posio.
This morning I was at Kemijarvi Pentecostal Church and had a wonderful time there. The people seemed so excited to see me and really listened as I spoke about the true Love in my life. " Jesus "
It has been suggested that my life story should be translated into Soumi ( Finnish) and Tomi the priest has offered to do it. I am aware that it is being well accepted here amongst the youth and I am praying about the funding for it. I would expect to spend most of next summer in Lapland but really need much prayer before I commit myself. The people are really urging me to return as soon as I can.
Sunday 16th of November 2008 08:04:28 PM

I have had a good response in Kemijarvi with many visitors to the bus. This morning I was visited by two men from the local pentecostal church who took me to the supermarket for groceries. It is such a pity that it is impossible to store too much perishable food on the bus but even milk does not keep very long because of the fluctuating temperatures on board.
After shopping we went to visit two men who have been serious stroke victims for over twenty years.
When we visited the first one he was laid on the bed and not able to move. After the nurse helped him to sit up I went to talk with him through a translator.
I left that small room "Knowing" that the Holy Spirit had been there. The young man just radiated "Jesus" and I knew I was on Holy Ground.
He is totally paralysed down his left side. Cannot walk or talk very well and is dependant upon the nurses for everything, Yet was content and at peace with the world.
The bus has had brake problems today due to the air system freezing as I drove away from the town.
The two men came out to help me even though I was fifty kilometres away and thawed out the offending parts. I have returned to the town for the weekend. I think I made an error leaving and the Lord found the only way to get me to return. How I wish that I did not make such stupid mistakes and listened more closely. I know He will forgive but it is better not to need forgiveness.
Friday 14th of November 2008 11:21:23 PM

To the readers in the United Kingdom. I write this at just after 8pm and the temperature in the unheated section of the bus is minus 12 and still falling.
This morning I was asked to do a school assembly and take an english class in Pelkosseniemi. It was a great time and not only Anna Maria ( my interpreter in this area ) but the young people joined in with interpreting from English to Soumi.The bus was open most of the day and much time was spent clearing snow from the inside of the bus. I am parked tonight at Kemijarvi and will head back towards Potio to meet up with the priest there before I head out of Finland next week.
Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom during the next days as I endeavour to serve him.
Thursday 13th of November 2008 09:17:42 PM

The young peoples meeting was a time to treasure with 5 young ladies turning up and 4 leaders. The topic I spoke on tonight was the great value we must place on young people as we meet them. Christ said " Let the little children come to me" and we often think " Children should be seen and NEVER heard "
After the meeting in the church the young people came for a visit and a short ride in the bus. You should have heard the squeals of excitement when the children realised the bus was moving.
Happiness sounds the same in ANY language.
I have left Ivalo heading south again.The roads are not good and the promised snow is falling as I climb into the mountains.
A picture of the children is now on the Finland Pictues page.
Tuesday 11th of November 2008 08:26:48 PM

The road to the Russian border lived up to expectations and was not an easy drive. The rain was falling and the whole route was a skating rink. Thank God that I had listened to the locals and fitted snow tyres on four of the wheels.
I was able to chat to a couple of the border guards and leave my life story with them. The bus caused a load of interest amongs't the soldiers at the border.
When I left the border at the south I registered my milage on the tachograph and the distance travelled was just over 1,800 kilometres.
I joined the local church for a prayer meeting this evening and spoke for a short time.
Tomorrow evening it is the 9 to 14 year old children and then I must find out the Lord's desire.
The border pictures are now on the Finland photo page.
Monday 10th of November 2008 07:48:47 PM

When they said the road to Russia was bad I believed them but my concience would not let me rest last night.
I arrived there at 8am Finnish Time. 6am GMT.
Will write more and update pictures later.
Monday 10th of November 2008 11:45:42 AM

We did it!!!!!!
Isn't God GREAT. I arrived at the town of Ivalo this morning ay 11 30 am Finland time. 09 30 uk.
The last Finland / Russian border crossing is 50 kilometres away but down bad roads so I am content that the work of praying the border is over for this year.
I believe that I will return here when the weather is more suitable to drive a double decker bus.
I spoke in the pentecostal church this evening and have been invited to stay and speak again tomorrow evening. This depends upon the financial situation when I contact the bank tomorrow as the tyres have used up most of my monthly allowance for travelling and no money is being donated into the bus collection boxes at the moment. Please Pray.
Sunday 09th of November 2008 07:46:16 PM

Town for the weather is a little better today but still vile.
Driving these icy and snow covered roads is not for the faint hearted and even the lorry drivers are keeping under the speed limit.
Dinner today was a little different to the normal, Elk and chips. I was given a small joint of moosemeat in Posio and saved it until today. I must say that it was really good and I hope I manage to get some more before I leave, to salt and save for a special occassion. I am getting a little tired of horsemeat from Iceland. I am heading for the town of Ivalo.and when I get there I will be at the end of this part of the tour and can head south for the warmer climate, ( above freezing point)
The Finland picture page is updated with new photographs from Santa Clause Village at the Arctic Circle. Enjoy!!!!!!!
Saturday 08th of November 2008 09:18:25 PM

" Bliss pure Bliss"
After I had had the tyres seen to I was allowed to stay in the tyre fitting shop overnight. No wind,snow, ice or rain was able to interrupt my peaceful slunbers. It was good to relax for a night with temperatures a few degrees above freezing point for a change.
This morning I was taken to visit the local alcoholic day centre for those who need long term follow up after quitting alcohol. The ten people who turned up listened very seiosly to my story and seemed to benefit from it.
I am hearing good news each day from my visit to Posio over last weekend. I now realise how my visit was timed perfectly for the visit.
I write this from Santa Clause Village on the Arctic Circle. I have kept my promises to the children and now ( with your help in prayer ) I will continue north towards to end of my journey following the Russian Border.
My final destination " weather permitting " is Ivalo about three hundred miles north.
Friday 07th of November 2008 07:23:12 PM

Minus 8 when I woke up this morning at 8am. I have been told that the temperarure dropped to minus 15 during the night so it was a little chilly sleeping in the bus.
I use a calor gas heater during the winter but unfortunately it did not work this morning as the gas was frozen solid and it took over an hour before I managed to get warm.
I have arrived in the town of Rovaniemi and it is a true winter wonderland.
The local Gideon leader called to see me today to make arrangements for my visit tomorrow to the alcoholic day centre. It was revealed during our conversation that he had something to do with the local tyre fitters and we went together to see about winter tyres. I leave this area over the weekend ( heading north )
It meant getting an overdraft from my bank, but I must keep my word to the people of Lapland and Finland.
By the way the weather gets colder as I travel north so!!!!! THANK GOD FOR HOT WATER BOTTLES.
Thursday 06th of November 2008 05:13:14 PM

The prayer meeting at Posio pentecostal church was a real time of fellowship and love. When I manage to get to know these wonderful people I find the people of Finland really friendly and we get along famously.I was given 4 cd's of Finnish hymns and will really enjoy myself as I continue with the tour.
I left Posio this morning and even though there was ice on the roads I managed to drive to the boundries of Rovaneimi and will complete the last 30 kilometres tomorrow.
I had only been parked up ten minutes when a visitor arrived. It appears that just about everyone reads the Lapland newspaper around here and no one has missed the half page spread about the mission.
As I was completing my evening meal a car drew up alongside the bus and the lady driver invited me to be the speaker at the local ladies prayer meeting. We had a terrific time together and I look forward to calling again next year.
I was going to call a halt to the tour here but because of the positive reaction to the newspaper article I am praying about going on to the top of Lapland.
To do so requires me fitting winter spiked tyres on at least four wheels and the estimate is 250 each and I do not have that finance available. Please pray because I only have until monday to make my decision. ( I have an idea what it will be)
Wednesday 05th of November 2008 08:43:53 PM

Still snowbound in Potio, but I hope to move tomorrow.
I am reliably informed that it is not advisable to move the bus during the day until the temperature is around minus 2 or 3. It appears that the hard packed snow on the road is not as slippery when it is frozen but extremely dangerous when there is a film of melted water on the surface. Thinking about it, it makes sense so I hope the temperature will be okay in the morning.
Yesterday I visited the centre for the handicapped and we had a great time together. Even though the singing was not up to the standard of recording companies I really enjoyed listening to their performance for me.
Tonoght is the main meeting of the week and I am really looking forward to it. I mean of course " The Prayer Meeting"
Have you visited the photo page of Finland yet?
A few pictures there for Eric and other train enthusiasts.
Nightime temperature are around minus 8 to 10.
Tuesday 04th of November 2008 03:34:00 PM

I did not move the bus yesterday or today. A coach slid off the road yesterday with a full load of teenage passengers. The driver was from Finland and used to driving in these conditions, but like me he still had summer tyres on his vehicle.
I will not take any risks with this bus.
I attended last nights service and even though I could not understand the language I came away feeling truly blessed. I was asked to take part in the service and found great freedom as I spoke and sang.
This morning I once again joined "Timo" the priest and his flock and again took part in morning worship and communion.
This evening I joined a few families at the church's forest camp where we toasted sausages over an open fire and really got to know each other better.
I will be attending the handicapped centre in the morning to meet the young people and speak a few words about Jesus.
The Lord really brought me to a village of good people when I needed help.
Sunday 02nd of November 2008 08:53:00 PM

Winter is really happening here this morning. I awoke to a white world as everything is cocvered in snow.
The sides of the bus are a sheet of ice and the bus batteries are totally flat.
Thank God for the booster charger which should have me up and running soon.
Today Finland celebrates "All Saints Day" and just about everything is closed down in respect for the dead. The cemeteries will be ablaze with lit candles tonight and if it seems appropriate I will be close by with the bus open playing christian music. I will wait and see.
Saturday 01st of November 2008 09:22:13 AM

Winter has arrived here in Finland!
The snow began to fall about four hours ago and it already three inches deep around the bus. If it continues to fall it will be impossible to venture further north and I will have to call a halt at the arctic circle.
Today has been extremely busy with the scool work in the bus. I parked in the school playground and from the start until the finish the bus was totally packed out. I was able to take over the english lessons for the whole school day and really enjoyed myself telling about what God has done for me.
Three newspaper reporters called for interviews including one that covers the whole of Lappland.
This evening was the youth club and the young people made me very welcome.
Friday 31st of October 2008 08:06:48 PM

Temperature zero degrees and dropping.
The air system was really playing up today and I at last found a garage in the village of Potio. The mechanic was very friendly but unable to help me but directed me to another garage two kilometres away. As I prepared to leave I saw a single decker coach on the forecourt and was delighted that the driver spoke english. He directed me to his workplace and I decided to park up for the day. The man in charge of the coach firm explained that his mechanic was on holiday this week but allowed me to park up for the day.
This evening he returned and fixed the air problem for me and allowed me the luxury of mains electricity to charge up all my batteries.
The local priest arrived with his confirmation class to ask questions and I have agreed to stay here until monday.
Tomorrow( friday) I will be in the main school all dat. Youth meeting in the evening.
Saturday is a special saints day and everyone will be visiting the cemetery to honour their relations.
Sunday I will be attending two services and taking part.
Thursday 30th of October 2008 07:41:10 PM

I have just passed the town of "Kuumsamo" and have turned off the main road onto the 81 road. This leads me to the signpost for the Arctic Circle at the town of "Rovaniemi" This small town is reputed to be the home of Santa Clause and he lives in a wooden hut in the forest. You can only get to see him if you travel on a special Santa train, but you must believe in him as well.
I promised to leave a few addresses of children I have met and for a few euros he will write to them. All proceeds go to charity so I don't mind helping a child's dream come true.
I am aware that some may criticise me for doing this,but as a child who had nothing to look forward to. Father Christmas was very real to me and I see no reason that a child cannot dream and anticipate some pleasure in this wayward world.
Once again I am having big problems with the air system on the bus and the brakes keep coming on when I am Driving, Also the cab and bus heater are not working at the moment.
Today I met my first ice and it looks like the trip will be terminated before I reach the end of Finland. I will not put the bus into any risky situations.
Wednesday 29th of October 2008 04:46:02 PM

I write this from the town of NURMES on the 74 75 road. The weather is good but raining every day. Thank God that there are so many lakes around here because after a days journey the writing on the bus is covered with mud. I am having to do a wash down nearly every day but it is good to see the words of the Lord Jesus appear from the haze,
Most of the roads I travel are forest tracks stretching for hundreds of miles so I navigate by map and compass untill I reach the arctic circle.
The entries on the visitors page are really giving me a terrific boost. It is good that my had is stretchable
Monday 27th of October 2008 11:59:45 AM

Now in the very small town of Kittee and still heading north. The next fewdays will be a bit hair raising ( I believe )
The road I need to take is very narrow for quite a way but it is the only road that is close enough to the border for me to actually be within seeing distance of Russia.
No man's land is three kilometres wide along the border but this way I will be seperated by water and will often be within shouting(or singing)distance from the Russian people.
Please pray for no low bridges or trees in my path. I will update as I can or get someone to make an entry via phone message.
I feel like many are praying out there, but need many more.

Friday 24th of October 2008 01:13:16 PM

I reached Vaalimaa yesterday afternoon and was astounded at the line of trucks waiting to get in to Russia. The queue was over seven miles long because of a dispute with border control and the politicians. I did attempt to gain entry but due to a new regulation it was not possible to get a visa for even a cay trip.
I will now stick to the original plan and copntinue driving the border until I reach Norway at the top. This should take around three weeks because the speed limit is only 50 miles an hour. I am really enjoying the feeling of not rushing everywhere.I have completed the first thirty miles but stopped for a couple of hours to find this computer.
Please get your church and your friends interested in this task. Let them feel they are a part of something that is being done on the front line. Results can only come from the "Prayers of the Saints"
Thursday 23rd of October 2008 11:20:37 AM

Finding local libraries is no problem, Parking is a different situation and I have had a two mile walk to make this entry.
Tampere ( Tamperay ) was a delightfull time and it was real good to speak to the christians there. When I left they gave me a love offering of the collection from the tea and coffee time, it came to 62 euros.
I bought 2 litres of milk,2 euros, Had my tyres blown up 10 euros but found a leaking valve that needed fixing.
I then found a garage willing to repair the valve and check my gear oil. The mechanic found that the nuts on the prop shaft had come loose and irrepairable damage imminent. He traced the problem to a clogged air breather on the chassis and put it right. Cost 50 euros. Thanks Tampere for your willingness because I had run out of money.
This morning a red Lada car pulled up beside the bus and a man and his son got out. The man is a bus driver in Moscow and really wanted to call in the bus. They left with a full size family bible, a childrens bible, around a hundred scripture bookmarks and a pile of photos of the bus with the way of salvation on the reverse.
Don't ask me why, but I am getting quite excited.
I should reach the border of Russia and Finland tomorrow. Please Keep Praying.
Tuesday 21st of October 2008 02:32:29 PM

Still plodding slowly towards the beginning of the prayer route along the border of Russia.
Please ask your church and your friends to join me in prayer, as the Lord lays it upon their hearts. I am in a very small village on the border of Tampere where I will spend the weekend.
I believe the pentecostal church in Tampere have an English service tomorrow so I hope to attend it.
Friday 17th of October 2008 11:41:06 AM

The weather is perfect here with plenty of sunshine during the day but hovering in the freezing temperatures at night.
I write this note from the town of Pori where I will probably stay the night, unless I hear something different from the Lord. I was looking at the map of Finland last night and the Lord directed my eyes to a very small village about three hundred miles away.
"Vaalimaa" is situated on the border of Finland and Russia and as I spoke to our dear Father I felt the urge to follow the main road north with my eyes. It seems that in the northernmost corner of Finland is a town named "Virtaniemi". The road distance following the main roads is just over a thousand miles. I start the drive next week, praying the border areas as I drive. Please will you join me in prayer that "Total FREEDOM IN JESUS" will be brought at last to the Soviet Union. We also need prayer that my diesel supply will last out for the trip. Why not download a map of Finland and follow the trip?
Wednesday 15th of October 2008 02:45:22 PM

It was a great day yesterday"Sunday" with loads of visitors to the bus after morning service.I once again met up with Larry and his brother Oliver who is a proffessor of radiation at Umea university.( If I don't watch out I will start having brains meeting all these clever people) They must be clever because they know Jesus.
I sailed this morning to Vaasa and enjoyed the relaxing time on board.
This update is being written in the library at Vaasa and because of the difficukties I am experiencing getting on the web, I will either use library facilities or internet cafes as I can. Please keep leaving messages on the visitor page, It really does give me a boost in morale when I hear from you. Language is difficult here and in Sweden, but God WILL find a way.
Monday 13th of October 2008 05:28:49 PM

Clifford is unable to contact the net. At present he is in Sweden in the town of Umea and he is speaking in the church tomorrow. He is sailing to Finlad on Monday
Saturday 11th of October 2008 09:07:56 PM

I am sure that some of the readers of this page have not contacted me by email yet. Please do not get the wrong impression from other sites that you may have visited in the past. I do not divulge any information and only contact you to update with Newsletters or miracle letters.You can be assured of total anonyminity as I cannot possibly trace you through an email address unless you give me the information. Please drop me a line and be kept up to date.
I met my first roadworks yesterday and I was amazed to see how clean the roads were even though the men were resurfacing around 5 miles af the carraigeway I was using.
I am in a nature reserve for the day just ouside of Gavle.
Wednesday 08th of October 2008 02:24:01 PM

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