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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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A full day of work today, the morning and afternoon have been spent on the market square in Kuhmo.
This evening I spoke at the War Veterans Home and then was rushed by car to preach at the Free Church.
Thanks to The Web Master a new page has been added in the Pictures category. If you would like a tour of the new bus just click on Pictures and then on the Bus.
You even get a view of my overcrowded living area.
Thursday 03rd of June 2010 12:47:35 AM

A fairly easy day today.
Timo and I went to a ladies 80th birthday party today. She was a real lady who radiates the love of Jesus as she sits in her wheelchair. She was born with no hands or feet and needs care for everything.
She is a real prayer warrior and told me through a translator that she had prayed that the evangelist from England would visit her sometime as she upheld him regularly in prayer. She was delighted when the bus appeared at the roadside opposite her house and was a picture of joy as I witnessed and sang for her guests.
Tonight I was invited to a concert by a Russian ladies choir. All the ladies live locally and even though I did not take part I just could not resist singing in the hall when the concert had ended.
I was digging worms at 11pm as I have a full day off tomorrow and intend doing some fishing in one of the local lakes.
80,000 gospels of John will be on their way to Finland this week along with children's tracts and sunday school lessons. They are all for thr Russian speaking people.
Monday 31st of May 2010 10:52:04 PM

One school has now been completed and much is still needed to be done.
On friday a bus full off people came with me to Kaajani to sing and apread the good news. So many people turned up at the venue and I was really encouraged.
Saturday was summer fair at the school and we had quite a few visitors.
Today (sunday) I sang and spoke at the retirement service for a very dear brother who has given his working life serving the church in Finland and Russia. May God bless Ekko as he devotes his retirement to His Saviour and his Family.
I have not been well for over a week and thought the Pneumonia was returning, It appears that once again the exhaust is blowing and I am living in a carbon monoxide environment. I will attempt to fix it today or tomorrow as the work cannot afford a mechanic at the moment.
Sunday 30th of May 2010 02:28:58 PM

The meeting at the free church was very well attended and was made up mostly of friends who desireded to support me with their presence.
Today I have spoken to five more classes from the school.
One class brought me to tears, they decided to sing a local song for me and the voices were so good that I could not contain my emotion. I have asked for a CD and hope they make one for me.
All the young people understood my words through translators in their own classes and now the teachers are talking about how good their pupils are at English Language.
Thursday 27th of May 2010 01:49:09 PM

Iwas booked to speak for one lesson at two schools this morning. The first lesson went very well with quite a crowded bus of 16 to 18 year old college students.
The second lesson fot 11 to 12 year olds was fantastic as each student attempted and managed to translate for me. It brought a rapid response from the school and I finished up doing five classes. Tomorrow from 9 until 3 the agenda is fully booked with no lunch break. Tonoght I join with friends at the Free Church.
Much prayer is being answered here.
Wednesday 26th of May 2010 04:15:29 PM

All is going well here but I am suffering from a very painfull back problem.
I was sweating too much and my clothes dried on me when driving. With the window open I must have been sitting in a draught and it has caused the problem.
Yesterday a party from India came around the bus and took the booklet and DVD back with them.
I learned from one of the visitors that India has a three percent population of christians, but 20 percent of the social work is run by christian organisations.
The work begins in Kuhmo tomorrow with school visits and evening meetings.
Tomorrow it is the professional school for 16 to 18 year olds followed by an evening meeting at the free church.
It was good to hear from Mona and Kaaja but how I wish that more people from Sweden and Finland would make commentson the visitor page.

Tuesday 25th of May 2010 09:37:52 AM

Good to be back at work again.
This afternoon it was a full bus upstairs as we went out to picnic in the forest. The majority of the team from last year turned up and it was a time of celebration as we prepared our hearts to get back on to the streets of the local towns.
Tonight a good crowd turned out to welcome me as I spoke for the first time in Kuhmo. The christians here are very excited about the Russian gospels and will surely pray.
Sunday 23rd of May 2010 09:38:48 PM

At last I have made it to Kuhmo and received a real warm welcome.
I was asked to divert to Tornio but did not feel led to do so. Thank God I was listening and did what I was told.
Parked up last night and getting ready to go to bed when I heard two trucks pull up beside the bus. When I went outside I realised that both vehicles came from Russia. The drivers were really pleased to receive a bible each in their own language and even though the language barrier was a problem I found out that they came from the Black Sea area. It was great that the first people I witnessed to were Russian and the first bibles were handed out directly to ordinary Russian people.
Saturday 22nd of May 2010 07:17:41 PM

Parked up for the night at last.
It is midnight and still daylight outside the bus. The daytime temperature inside the bus is now exceeding 100 degrees and it is not much cooler outside. I smiled when I heard about the mosquitoe's in Lapland but do not laugh any more. They are as large as a british wasp and the Hares are as big as greyhounds. It is certainly a land full of "Big Critturs".
A school class in Rovaniemi and a meeting a hundred miles away was yesterdays schedule. Today I spoke at the ladies prayer meeting and really enjoyed the fellowship.
I have now moved on and will be heading south. I will update as I can.
Thursday 20th of May 2010 11:08:05 PM

It is far too hot in the bus at the moment. Not a breath of wind and sunshine for 18 hours a day. It is now daylight for almost the whole 24 hours of the day.
Anna Maria has excelled herself this week and I am really enjoying myself.
Last night I spoke to a small group of people who work with the people of the street and it was really a great opportunity for me. This morning it was a class at the High School and tonight I speak at the local pentecostal church at a specially arranged meeting.
I was visited by an old friend from this area this morning. Pekka ( Peter) has been a regular visitor for around three years.
He told me that he is going to visit the pentecostal church in Murmansk soon. It is a new church up there in the north of Russia. I was able to supply Gospels, Childrens sunday school lessons and John's gospels to him for the work. Please keep on praying that the right people will call to see me in the coming days. I also need to find storage facilities here on the Arctic Circle for stockpiling literature.
Tuesday 18th of May 2010 04:39:39 PM

After a trip of around a thousand miles I am now well and truly in Finland.
The trip took five days and I could not get internet connection. I stopped for a couple of days to meet up with friends a a conference but left before it ended.
As I crossed the border yesterday I received a message that I was wanted at a church nearly a hundred and fifty miles north, in Sodankyla.
It was a great time and most of the seven people who attended were recovered or recovering alcoholics. How I praise the Lord that He allows me the Joy of meeting small groups as well as full churches.
I now have to travel back to Rovaniemi on the Arctic circle for a full schedule of meetings. Many thanks to Anna Maria who has once again organiseed ny schedule in this area.
The first box of Russian gospels has now been delivered and more will be placed during the week.
At last the financial side is improving and I will fill up with diesel this week at a cost of around £600.
Sunday 16th of May 2010 09:33:35 PM

Back in Finnish Lapland. Will update later.
Saturday 15th of May 2010 06:14:11 PM

[This mailing added by Eric Curnow as Clifford is not able to get on the net himself.] He phoned yesterday (Tuesday) evening, very excited at the possibilities along the Russian Border of Finland. He’s made good contacts and is dreaming big dreams (so what’s new?) Please pray that the contacts will be reliable, the resources come together for the proposed work, and that God blesses the people of this area.
Wednesday 12th of May 2010 01:16:55 PM

All is going really well here but time is now running out as I prepare to head north.
The people of Sandviken have really took me to their hearts and I love being with them. It is unfortunate that the leaders of the church here do not share the same view and only two churches heve asked me to speak.
If I do not speak in the churches and the adults in the town, there is very little financial support. The church has told me they have no money available to help the work.
I will leave the area on Sunday after speaking at Jarbo Pentecostal church at 11 am.
I have now had the silencer replaced on the bus and can already feel the difference.
Friday 07th of May 2010 12:41:55 PM

Still going strong in Sandviken.
There is so much to do and so few hours in the day. I am still at the same scholl and by this evening I will have sopen to fourteen different classes about my life, Addiction and the work I do.
It is unfortunate that I cannot remain here for very long but the church tells me they cannot help financially and of course I do not get anything when I work in the schools. In the last week the donations here are around thirty five pounds so it is a great struggle to live as food prices are double the cost as in Britain.
Please pray that I may have wisdom as I continue the work.
Tuesday 04th of May 2010 11:49:46 AM

Still finding it tough going but I will persevere.
Bookings are flooding in for different places around the area and today I spoke to four classes at one of the local high schools. They have also booked me for monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week for the rest of the classes in the school.
Tomorrow I speak to the youth at a venue in Gavle and sunday I visit the lutheran church in Jarbo to meet a representative from the cathedral of st Clara in Stockholm in regards to ministry from there onto the streets.
Yesterday was the class of communicants who are confirmed in two weeks. Please Keep Praying.
Friday 30th of April 2010 06:01:19 PM

After a thousand kilometre drive I am at last in Sandviken.
Already I am being stopped in the street by people who I met last year and I am feeling very welcome at this moment. Thanks to the diesel that was given to me by Gordon in the Faroe Islands the only pressure at the moment is finding the cash for meals.
I really feel a time of great blessing is just round the corner so the only way is to Keep hold of Jesus and persevere.
Tuesday 27th of April 2010 02:11:40 PM

Just arrived in Demark after a great sail from Faroe.
Bad news however, I went to the mens room just before the ship docked and my wallet fell out of my pocket without my noticing. I found the loss when I first stopped the bus and promptly returned to the ship.
The wallet had been handed in but all the money had been removed. Around 10,000 kroner or 1,400 pounds. This was my travelling money to pay for the next ship which I should have caught this evening.
Please pray for the THIEF that God will speak to his heart and bring him to Jesus.
The loss was reported to the Norrona staff but they were not really interested.
Saturday 24th of April 2010 11:35:48 AM

A great night at the Siloa church in Fuglafjiord with many friends in the congregation. Well done Paetur on your first entry on the Visitors Atrium. It is really great to have input from our young people (Enjoy your chips Peatur) the young man is 13 years old and the family are good friends.
The roads are clear but the snow has once again started and is getting very heavy. Will update next week.
Thursday 22nd of April 2010 02:02:21 PM

After a warmer night and rain the snow has now gone from the roads.
The old bus has been removed to the scrapyard and even though I found the event very distressing as the bus shall dissappeared from view I am now relieved to be able to get on with the work without being forced to spend time on the removal of spare parts.
I am so gratefull to Gordon Martin for all the time and effort that he and his employees have given to me stripping and crushing the old vehicle.
Most of the repairs are now finished on this bus and it is driving like a dream after the visit to Simonsen's Garage in Klaxvik.
I sail tomorrow for Denmark so may not be able to update until next week.
Wednesday 21st of April 2010 04:09:54 PM

I am having difficulty getting onto the web. I am snowed in in KLAXVIK. All roads were impassible last night, but they are starting to be opened. We have had a lot of snow here, it is just like winter. I am hoping to get the boat on Thursday, but I have 2 or 3 mountains to cross.
Tuesday 20th of April 2010 10:49:15 PM

Please, Please. pray for Kaaja ( Katy ) as she once again prepares to go to Russia. ( Check her entry on the Visitors Atrium ) Kaaja goes over the border every couple of months and keeps me informed of her work over there, she is also one of the team members who join me on the streets of the towns and villages in Finland. I will be in Finland in time to supply all the literature she needs.
As I expected, the climate in Russia is getting very cold towards the gospel and it is imperative that the gospel is got inside the country urgently before the government once again ban Christian Outreach.
I woke up to white mountains this morning and it has been hailstoning all morning. My cough is getting worse and needs much prayer to control it.
Saturday 17th of April 2010 11:29:26 AM

All windows now removed and many parts in stock for future repairs.
I hope the old bus will be transported to the scrapyard on monday or tuesday. A few phone messages have started to alert friends of my intention to arrive in Sweden by the first of May for approx three weeks.
The ash from the erupting volcano in Iceland is causing problems to my breathing. Dust particles are making it a little difficult to breathe at times and reports of cars being covered in a film of ash in the Salla district.
Many thanks to Gordon Martin for sending two of his men to strip out the windows of the old bus. I could not have done the job myself.
Saturday 17th of April 2010 12:04:31 AM

A very busy weekend on the Island of Suderoy.
I went to a concert in the Salvation Army on saturday evening and was delighted when they asked me to sing a couple of gospel pieces for the audience.
On sunday I visited both Evangelical churches on the island and was very well received at both churches.
I am now back on the mainland and await help to remove the windows from the old bus tomorrow.
Monday 12th of April 2010 08:15:58 PM

Things are moving very quickly here as people contact me from Finland.
The work of the Gospel of John which I am carrying for the Russian people is catching the imagination of many people. I am bringind 20,000 Gospels with me but it looks like this will not be enough to supply the need.
I can get more sent to me from Northern Ireland but will have to pay the carraige to Finland. I am making enquiries about a container full being sent over for distribution but will not have the finance to pay for it. Please pray.
Thursday 08th of April 2010 09:48:24 PM

It is great to hear from Brian and Eric, along with other contributors to the Visitors Atrium. (But what about YOU)
Please drop an occasional sentance or two to keep my spirits up.
Thursday 08th of April 2010 02:53:42 PM

Non stop rain for three days and the roof is leaking.
Much of the rubbish has now been removed from the old bus and a start has been made to remove the windows for spares.
Whils't I was away in the UK. Someone has been hard at work with a can of red spray paint defacing the old bus.It has really upset me that anyone on these islands could do such a terrible thing but I must put it down to the way the world is at this time.
Please continue praying for the work as I prepare to go onwards in the next three weeks and head for Sandviken in Sweden before moving on to Finland.
Wednesday 07th of April 2010 07:08:08 PM

Once again in the Faroe Islands and enjoying the rain.
The boat arrived at Torshavn last night, it was eight hours in front of schedule.
This gave me the opportunity to contact Radio Limavady in Northern Ireland and broadcast during the final hour of the easter radio broadcast.
I enjoy being interviewed by Norman Somerville as he is very sensitive to the way I like to work on radio.
I should be speaking on Suderoy this sunday evening.
Please leave a short message on the visitors Atrium to encourage me as I prpare for a hectic summer.
Monday 05th of April 2010 03:21:22 PM

A good day in Histon.
I was delighted to greet Katy and her mum for a visit. Katy was very unwell the last time I visited but was her radiant, beautiful young lady I know when I saw her yesterday. A true miracle has occurred in her life in the intervening period.
Well done Katy and thanks for your prayers over the past years.
The Baptist Church held a passover meal last night and I was invited to join them. The meal was fantastic and the ceremony of passover was a true delight to me. It brought Holy week to a high for me.
Eric from Caleb Initiative also called in to join me for the meal and wish me "God Speed" as I head off for the north.
Please have a "Blessed Easter" and if you remember, please pray that the "Lord" shall receive much Glory in the coming days as the bus heads for the Northern Hemisphere.
Friday 02nd of April 2010 09:00:53 AM

Things going quite well here.
I spent three days at the garage in Nailsea and many problems have been sorted out. When I arrive in the Faroe Islands on monday I hope the remainder of the problems will be sorted out.
It was really good to meet John Lawrence again and go out for dinner with John and his wife Jan. John is a coach operater and has been a close friend since 2003.
I will spend today in Histon and sail tomorrow for Denmark and then on to Torshavn.
Thursday 01st of April 2010 09:30:35 AM

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