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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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A highly successful trip around Ireland meeting so many friends.
Finance is slowly coming in but it is really hard work.
I called to see the gospels being printed in Ireland and was truly amazed at the speed of producion.
Another consignment is being printed for delivery in August. 10 pallets of John, Mark and tracts will be delivered soon.
I return to Kuhmo on wednesday and hope the engine will be fitted by then and ready for the trip north.
Saturday 03rd of July 2010 09:48:24 AM

After a couple of days rest I am now on board ship and heading for Northern Ireland from Scotland.
It was good tostay with the Hailwood family and join them for a barbeque yesterday. Doctor Rob has loaned me a van for my time in the UK.
Please pray for Timo and his friends as they travel into Russia today. They are taking gospels to the White Sea area.
Monday 28th of June 2010 06:27:47 PM

Arrived in Manchester last night after a very tiring journey across Finland by bus and train and then onwards by aeroplane.
I was picked up at the airport by Doctor Rob who has put me up for the weekend and loaned me a van for a few days.
I leave for Ireland early in the week and pray that finance will come in.
I will update as computers become available to me.
Saturday 26th of June 2010 09:51:51 PM

The financial situation is not too good at the moment and causing concern.
I leave Kuhmo today for Helsinki and fly to the UK tomorrow.
I hope to meet up with a few of my friends and take a few days holiday as I hope to raise some funds for the bus repair and the future.
Please help .
Finance can be sent to Caleb Initiative or if in Finland the bank details are in one on the messages from " Timo " on Visitors Atrium.
Thursday 24th of June 2010 07:24:02 AM

The financial situation is not too good at the moment and causing concern.
I leave Kuhmo today for Helsinki and fly to the UK tomorrow.
I hope to meet up with a few of my friends and take a few days holiday as I hope to raise some funds for the bus repair and the future.
Please help .
Finance can be sent to Caleb Initiative or if in Finland the bank details are in one on the messages from " Timo " on Visitors Atrium.
Thursday 24th of June 2010 07:23:55 AM

The final diagnosis is horrific!!!!!!!!!!
A new engine is required because of the amount of damage to various components and the work will take two weeks. An engine has been found in Helsinki and the garage will go for it next monday after the Mid-Summer festival is over.
The cost will be around ten thousand euro's so finances are desperately needed.
I fly to Britain on friday to try and arrange the finances. The peculiar thing is the amount of peace I have at this time.
Please pray that the engine is the one we need and that people will read this and contribute.
Wednesday 23rd of June 2010 03:53:28 PM

It was supposed to be a fairly minor repair to the bus but things have changed.
The sump was removed this morning to check the engine.
The crankshaft is damaged, all 8 bearings need replacing. At least one piston needs replacing or repairing and the flywheel needs new teeth.
The estimate is around 6,000 to 8,000 Euro's.
The engine is now removed and the work will take at least a week.
Prayer is urgently required as the gospels for Russia need delivering.
A great and powerful prayer meeting at the Pentecostal Church tonight followed by prayer over the literature.
Tuesday 22nd of June 2010 08:24:24 PM

Thr trip to the rehab was a great success. Many turned up to listen to the gospel and once again the Russian work brought much excitement.
The bus is still causing concern. The starter motor is repaired but now there are engine problems.
The sump will be taken off tomorrow to check what is wrong.
The Russian literature has now arrived in Kuhmo.
120,000 Gospels of John. 10,000 Children's Tracts. A box of assorted tracts and colouring books. 48 sets of Childrens Sunday School Lessons using A3 Pictures. A dozen Bibles and also 20,000 childrens Tracts to be delivered by me to Child Evangelism Fellowship ( Finland )
Everyone is really excited about the generosity of Every Home Crusade who have supplied them.
Monday 21st of June 2010 05:22:26 PM

Thanks to the local priest " Timo Suutari " taking on the job of driver for me I was able to visit another youth camp yesterday. I spoke twice, in the evening I spoke at the local Lutheran Church about Angels.
Today I am being driven to an alcoholic rehab project a hundred miles away to speak to the residents and guests.
I am still waiting for the starter motor to be repaired and the fly wheel to be taken out and welded. I pray that the engine has not been damaged due to the fly wheel not working. ( I am extremely worried about it )
The bus has never worked properly since a clutch was fitted in february. The mechanics damaged something and it has been a nightmare ever since I left them.
Sunday 20th of June 2010 11:33:55 AM

Everything is now back to normal.
The bus broke down today with a full load of people going to mission in Kaajani.
The starter has packed up and one of the teeth on the main flywheels has broken off and has got trapped between the gears and the clutch.
Another very expensive repair.
Please pray that finance will come in to meet this need so that the gospels can be delivered and the work continue.
Friday 18th of June 2010 11:12:04 PM

The camp is now at last over.
I am still awaiting the date of delivery for the gospels.The work is now held up for a few days but I am not really concerned as more engagements are coming in as I write.
Tomorrow I take the bus to Sodkamo and pray that I will find out the reason when I get there. ( God is NEVER wrong )
The bus went to the garage today for a few running repairs and now seems to be working fine. It needs to be on top form when the Gospels arrive.
Tuesday 15th of June 2010 09:37:04 PM

The drive to Soumosalmi seemed to go on for ever, but was less than a hundred miles.
The team from Kuhmo and a few local people did a great job of witnessing in song and then a few shared short testimonies. I was able to speak and sing a couple of times. Much literature was handed out until rain stopped play.
In the evening a service was held in the local school and once again I was guest speaker.
There was much excitement in the team at the end of the service when two ladies offered to be couriers of the gospel into Russia.
They took three large boxes home with them and will smugglem the into the country in the next few weeks. The town is only twenty miles from the Russian border.
We celebrated with roast chicken on the way home.
I like to cook for the team when they are with me. A late night picnic seems to go down a treat and binds the team together.
A workman is worthy of His or Her hire.
I decided to sleep in this morning but it was still raining hard outside. Guess what ?
It decided to rain inside the bus as well and I was awakened at my normal time with a cold shower. !!!! The roof still leaks !!!!!!
Sunday 13th of June 2010 09:58:36 AM

I have just spent two days at the confirmation camp with a group of 29 fourteen year old and the helpers.
It was a really uplifting experience but very challenging. It is rather difficult to keep their attention at times as being christian is " Not really Cool"
Bags of sweets soon got everyone on the correct wavelength though and we all enjoyed the lesson on " Who recognised Jesus as the Son of God "
This afternoon it was outreach in the market place in Kuhmo and tomorrow we return to Soumosalmi. The town where three youngsters did so much damage to the bus last year.
Friday 11th of June 2010 05:11:57 PM

The bus is unrecognisable this evening.
Six ladies from the evangelist team have spent hours cleaning inside and outside.The bus even smells clean. I had to keep moving or they would have cleaned me as well.
Tomorrow it is the beginning of a two day camp for the Lutheran youth who will soon be confirmed.
I expect the bus will not be shining as much when I leave on friday morning.
Tuesday 08th of June 2010 09:33:19 PM

A quiet morning and evening printing children's tracts for the local Russian children.
This afternoon I met up with the local pastors in Kuhmo, Lutheran, Pentecostal and Free Church.I went into the meeting with a concern about the next lot of Russian literature. 5 pallets seemed such a lot at 2pm.
By 4pm all the literature was spoken for in the Northern towns of Lappland. The literature is not even here yet and it is ALL heading for Russia.
It will be a major task delivering the gospels and diesel will be required for around 5,000 Kilometres.
Please pray that the funds will arrive in time for the delivery.
I trust God will move hearts and wallets in the next week.
Tuesday 08th of June 2010 12:18:46 AM

Yesterday a party of 12 people joined me for the fifty mile trip to the Russian border crossing at Vartius.
The youngest was four years old and the oldest was ninety.
We had coffee at the restuarant before returning to the town of Kuhmo for an evening prayer meeting.
Not much is happening at the moment as I await the five pallets of literature from Belfast.
Pictures of the group at the Russian border are now on Pictures Page ( Finland.)
The 2 youngest boys and the little girl are my adopted grandchildren ( they adopted me )Emma. Jesse and Kaapo.
Monday 07th of June 2010 12:08:37 PM

Another busy day in Kuhmo.
This morning the team joined me on a soup run to a small housing estate. The houses are the residence of ethnic minorities and people with social problems.
It was a really succesfull time there. Upstairs in the bus a group of children were given coulouring books and pencils I brought from Britain. Downstairs and outside was full scale witness with singing,soup and plenty of chatting to the residents.
I was able to give away a dozen Russian bibles to adults and children.
This evening I once again spoke at the Free Church and this was followed by a trip to the local lake to meet up with the young people who were having a party to celebrate leaving school.
Drink was much in evidence but no trouble was being caused.
So many of the young people knew me and I felt very privelidged to be able to talk to them.
No drink was allowed in the bus and it was crowded with partygoers for over three hours.
Saturday 05th of June 2010 11:38:47 PM

Yesterday was a day of rest and sleep until the evening.
I was able to address the organisers of the Kuhmo outreach week scheduled for early October. I believe they have an excellent programme of events scheduled. If the weather is kind I believe I may be able to join them.
Today it has never stopped raining and it is quite cold.
This morning I travelled 40 kilometres to speak to around a hundred children from three junior schools. They joined together to have an end of term service before they break for the summer holidays tomorrow.
This evening I was the speaker at the Kuhmo Lutheran church. The service lasted under two hours but Timo and I were still praying for people two hours later.
Friday 04th of June 2010 10:10:18 PM

A full day of work today, the morning and afternoon have been spent on the market square in Kuhmo.
This evening I spoke at the War Veterans Home and then was rushed by car to preach at the Free Church.
Thanks to The Web Master a new page has been added in the Pictures category. If you would like a tour of the new bus just click on Pictures and then on the Bus.
You even get a view of my overcrowded living area.
Thursday 03rd of June 2010 12:47:35 AM

A fairly easy day today.
Timo and I went to a ladies 80th birthday party today. She was a real lady who radiates the love of Jesus as she sits in her wheelchair. She was born with no hands or feet and needs care for everything.
She is a real prayer warrior and told me through a translator that she had prayed that the evangelist from England would visit her sometime as she upheld him regularly in prayer. She was delighted when the bus appeared at the roadside opposite her house and was a picture of joy as I witnessed and sang for her guests.
Tonight I was invited to a concert by a Russian ladies choir. All the ladies live locally and even though I did not take part I just could not resist singing in the hall when the concert had ended.
I was digging worms at 11pm as I have a full day off tomorrow and intend doing some fishing in one of the local lakes.
80,000 gospels of John will be on their way to Finland this week along with children's tracts and sunday school lessons. They are all for thr Russian speaking people.
Monday 31st of May 2010 10:52:04 PM

One school has now been completed and much is still needed to be done.
On friday a bus full off people came with me to Kaajani to sing and apread the good news. So many people turned up at the venue and I was really encouraged.
Saturday was summer fair at the school and we had quite a few visitors.
Today (sunday) I sang and spoke at the retirement service for a very dear brother who has given his working life serving the church in Finland and Russia. May God bless Ekko as he devotes his retirement to His Saviour and his Family.
I have not been well for over a week and thought the Pneumonia was returning, It appears that once again the exhaust is blowing and I am living in a carbon monoxide environment. I will attempt to fix it today or tomorrow as the work cannot afford a mechanic at the moment.
Sunday 30th of May 2010 02:28:58 PM

The meeting at the free church was very well attended and was made up mostly of friends who desireded to support me with their presence.
Today I have spoken to five more classes from the school.
One class brought me to tears, they decided to sing a local song for me and the voices were so good that I could not contain my emotion. I have asked for a CD and hope they make one for me.
All the young people understood my words through translators in their own classes and now the teachers are talking about how good their pupils are at English Language.
Thursday 27th of May 2010 01:49:09 PM

Iwas booked to speak for one lesson at two schools this morning. The first lesson went very well with quite a crowded bus of 16 to 18 year old college students.
The second lesson fot 11 to 12 year olds was fantastic as each student attempted and managed to translate for me. It brought a rapid response from the school and I finished up doing five classes. Tomorrow from 9 until 3 the agenda is fully booked with no lunch break. Tonoght I join with friends at the Free Church.
Much prayer is being answered here.
Wednesday 26th of May 2010 04:15:29 PM

All is going well here but I am suffering from a very painfull back problem.
I was sweating too much and my clothes dried on me when driving. With the window open I must have been sitting in a draught and it has caused the problem.
Yesterday a party from India came around the bus and took the booklet and DVD back with them.
I learned from one of the visitors that India has a three percent population of christians, but 20 percent of the social work is run by christian organisations.
The work begins in Kuhmo tomorrow with school visits and evening meetings.
Tomorrow it is the professional school for 16 to 18 year olds followed by an evening meeting at the free church.
It was good to hear from Mona and Kaaja but how I wish that more people from Sweden and Finland would make commentson the visitor page.

Tuesday 25th of May 2010 09:37:52 AM

Good to be back at work again.
This afternoon it was a full bus upstairs as we went out to picnic in the forest. The majority of the team from last year turned up and it was a time of celebration as we prepared our hearts to get back on to the streets of the local towns.
Tonight a good crowd turned out to welcome me as I spoke for the first time in Kuhmo. The christians here are very excited about the Russian gospels and will surely pray.
Sunday 23rd of May 2010 09:38:48 PM

At last I have made it to Kuhmo and received a real warm welcome.
I was asked to divert to Tornio but did not feel led to do so. Thank God I was listening and did what I was told.
Parked up last night and getting ready to go to bed when I heard two trucks pull up beside the bus. When I went outside I realised that both vehicles came from Russia. The drivers were really pleased to receive a bible each in their own language and even though the language barrier was a problem I found out that they came from the Black Sea area. It was great that the first people I witnessed to were Russian and the first bibles were handed out directly to ordinary Russian people.
Saturday 22nd of May 2010 07:17:41 PM

Parked up for the night at last.
It is midnight and still daylight outside the bus. The daytime temperature inside the bus is now exceeding 100 degrees and it is not much cooler outside. I smiled when I heard about the mosquitoe's in Lapland but do not laugh any more. They are as large as a british wasp and the Hares are as big as greyhounds. It is certainly a land full of "Big Critturs".
A school class in Rovaniemi and a meeting a hundred miles away was yesterdays schedule. Today I spoke at the ladies prayer meeting and really enjoyed the fellowship.
I have now moved on and will be heading south. I will update as I can.
Thursday 20th of May 2010 11:08:05 PM

It is far too hot in the bus at the moment. Not a breath of wind and sunshine for 18 hours a day. It is now daylight for almost the whole 24 hours of the day.
Anna Maria has excelled herself this week and I am really enjoying myself.
Last night I spoke to a small group of people who work with the people of the street and it was really a great opportunity for me. This morning it was a class at the High School and tonight I speak at the local pentecostal church at a specially arranged meeting.
I was visited by an old friend from this area this morning. Pekka ( Peter) has been a regular visitor for around three years.
He told me that he is going to visit the pentecostal church in Murmansk soon. It is a new church up there in the north of Russia. I was able to supply Gospels, Childrens sunday school lessons and John's gospels to him for the work. Please keep on praying that the right people will call to see me in the coming days. I also need to find storage facilities here on the Arctic Circle for stockpiling literature.
Tuesday 18th of May 2010 04:39:39 PM

After a trip of around a thousand miles I am now well and truly in Finland.
The trip took five days and I could not get internet connection. I stopped for a couple of days to meet up with friends a a conference but left before it ended.
As I crossed the border yesterday I received a message that I was wanted at a church nearly a hundred and fifty miles north, in Sodankyla.
It was a great time and most of the seven people who attended were recovered or recovering alcoholics. How I praise the Lord that He allows me the Joy of meeting small groups as well as full churches.
I now have to travel back to Rovaniemi on the Arctic circle for a full schedule of meetings. Many thanks to Anna Maria who has once again organiseed ny schedule in this area.
The first box of Russian gospels has now been delivered and more will be placed during the week.
At last the financial side is improving and I will fill up with diesel this week at a cost of around 600.
Sunday 16th of May 2010 09:33:35 PM

Back in Finnish Lapland. Will update later.
Saturday 15th of May 2010 06:14:11 PM

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