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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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The meeting at Elim Evangelical Church in Runavik area went very well.
I went to join the prayer meeting and enjoy the sermon which I did, but was asked to speak.
Everyone seemed to have enjoyed listening to my testimony.
Last night I spoke at Siloa Church in Fuglafjord to the youth.
A great meeting. I left a number of English Bibles for the young people ( A V )
Today I rest.
Friday 05th of June 2015 03:21:36 PM

All going well!!
I move on to Runavik this afternoon to visit the Elim Church for prayer meeting this evening.
Prayer needed as I have had another puncture and the nearest tyre of the right size is in Sweden. Please pray I have no problems for the next month.
Wednesday 03rd of June 2015 03:42:40 PM

I was truly astounded at the Youth Meeting in Klaxvik on thursday.
Over a hundred young people turned up and the message was really listened to. The Lord was very evident from the tart of the meeting and after the message was finished it was really refreshing to witness young people coming to the microphone to give their own testimony.
Isn't the Lord Wonderful???????????????????????
Sunday 31st of May 2015 12:15:07 AM

All is still going on at a påce I can keep up with.
Wednesday I spent the day at Zarepta. A childrens camp near the airport. This week is was family camp and a true blessing.
I spoke at the evenng meeting and sang at the late night adults meeting.
Just on my way to Klaxvik and speaking at the youth meeting tonight.
Thursday 28th of May 2015 12:30:41 PM

The sun is shining this morning and the snow capped mountains look wonderful.
Yesterday I attended the morning service at Gorta and was asked to speak about the work.
Once again I really felt the presence of "The Holy Spirit" and spoke for just under an hour.
It is so good to be feeling the way I do at this moment and looking forward to the rest of my time on these beautiful islands.
Oliver is one of my friends here and has done so much for me since I arrived.
I have been having problems with the electricity for a few months and knew it was in the lighting circuit. Oliver has replaced all the lights in the van with L E D lighting and seems to have solved this problem.
The micro wave was not working properly so I bought a new one and Oliver has kindly installed it for me.
Today all shops and businesses are closed to celebrate Pentecost.
It all reminds me of the U K in the sixties when Christ was honoured by the whole of Britain and Holy Days were truly celebrated.
Monday 25th of May 2015 11:09:43 AM

All going very well and feeling on top of the world as the Arctic is not far away.
I called at the village of Kaldbak on Wednesday to meet up with a friend of mine.
He is a teacher at the High School in Torshavn and he invited me to the school . I took the first lesson of the day to a class of 16 year old's and told them my story. They sat and listened as the Holy Spirit touched their hearts. It was a real thrill for me as I have tried to get into the city schools for years without success. God is really in charge of timing.
Last night I spoke at a home meeting in Torshavn.
Friday 22nd of May 2015 10:12:56 PM

Health improving daily but still taking my time.
A great weekend at Klaxvik where I met up with many old friends and was very encouraged by the spiritual growth of many I have prayed for. Now heading towards Torshavn and will update as I can.
Tuesday 19th of May 2015 12:06:47 PM

Days are passing very quickly but I know without doubt that I am walking the path the Lord has chosen for me.
This morning I visited and spoke at a very small congregation in Kambstal.
It was good to be back to nearly full health and able to be of service.
I move on to Klaxvik in a couple of hours and hope to visit Betesda this evening.
No internet for a few days.
Sunday 17th of May 2015 03:16:45 PM

A very successful time on Suderoy with good spring weather. It is good to know that once again a life was changed because I heard and listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
Yesterday the shops throughout the Faroe Islands closed as the people celebrated Ascention day.
I am back on the main island and awaiting instructions.
Health much better, PTL:
Friday 15th of May 2015 12:09:25 PM

I went to bed last night around midnight and rain was lashing down. This morning I awoke to over a foot of snow surrounding the van. I also once again had trouble with electric but managed to get some heat by lunchtime.
All is now ok.
Tomorrow I drive to Torshavn to board ship to one of the islands. I really look forward to meeting up with my friends on Suderoy and speaking on Sunday.
My dear friend Barbara will be admitted to hospital on monday in Hereford. P,ease pray for her as she goes through an operation on her legs and also for Brian her husband. These people have been friends of mine for 18 years and are a cherished part of the work.
I will update when I can, no signal on Suderoy next week.
Thursday 07th of May 2015 11:58:42 PM

It was a great weekend in Eide and made new friends there.
I spoke at the sunday morning meeting and enjoyed the children singing at the evening service. Weather was cold but good.
I left for Kambsdalur in sunshine but by the time I got here the snow was blowing and gale force winds are battering the van.
I have to keep returning here to get internet connection but if it keeps people praying it is worth it.
Wednesday 06th of May 2015 08:37:51 PM

Not quite there but gaining strength slowly.
I have spoken at meetings every day this week with good reception.
Now on my way to Eide for the weekend where I SHALL rest "I Hope"
Friday 01st of May 2015 02:18:28 PM

At last I have the strength to write but finding concentrating difficult.
I got stuck in a blizzard two weeks ago and had no heating in the van. It got serious when I started to shake with cold and I think I passed out for a while.
I managed to get the engine started and slowly I came round. It looks like a classic case of hypothermia as my mind process has slowed right down.
I have not eaten for two weeks but I am beginning to force food down today.
Last night I spoke to over a hundred 15 year olds and even though I needed a walking stick and a lecterne for balance "Christ was The Victor"
Sunday 26th of April 2015 05:51:17 PM

Clifford is ill.
I am writing this on behalf of our dear brother who has been very ill through this past week. He is now slowly recovering, still in his motorhome. He doesn't have internet connection nor strength to go on his computer. Please pray that he will get well and strong again. He had to cancel two appointments in two churches, and this is the first time in 19 years this has happened. I am glad he shared a wonderfull word from the Lord last Sunday morning in Siloa in Fuglafjørdur. His phone number is +298 763333, please text instead of calling, he is still weak. Blessings to you all from brother Clifford. (A friend)

Saturday 18th of April 2015 12:55:11 PM

I wonder what is happening with the weather in the Northern Climes.
It snowed and hailed on saturday but today it is rain, wind and sunshine.
I spoke at Siloa Evangelical Church on Sunday morning but went to listen to George Verwer of Operation Mobilisation on Friday and Saturday Evening.
It was good to speak to him as I was present when he first prayed for a ship over fifty years ago.
Had a constant stream of visitors bit now I move to Runavik.
Speaking at Skale tomorrow evening and Gorte on Thursday.
Tuesday 14th of April 2015 01:40:40 PM

Still windy with lots of rain.
All going very well and meeting up with friends.
The work really begins on Sunday. Speaking engagements are coming in and I hope to be able to speak at some youth meetings during my stay here.
Friday 10th of April 2015 10:40:44 AM

I arrived in the Faroe Islands at 6am after a very boring crossing from Denmark.
I am truly worn out after driving for five days and then the sea crossing on Norrona.
I met a few old friends on board ship and on the way to Kampstal I stopped to let the traffic pass. A knocking on my window revealed the happy face of Mike. I have known him from junior school and now he is driving a car. I hope to call on his family in Klaxvik later this week.
I am sat on top of a mountain overlooking the Atlantic and being battered by high winds.
Monday 06th of April 2015 01:19:52 PM

A Hot Spot at last!!!!!!!
After a tedious sail to the Hook of Holland the trip began with me getting totally lost as I followed the Sat Nav through miles of road works.
The journey across Holland was great with plenty of spring flowers and windmills.
I am now passing Hamburg in Germany and hope to enter Denmark tomorrow.
Sail for Faroe Islands on saturday.
Thursday 02nd of April 2015 12:25:32 PM

On tour at last!

Leaving Horwich and heading for Holland, sailing by the Faroe Islands.
Sunday 29th of March 2015 09:47:39 PM

Now in Weston Super Mare and meeting lovely people.
The van has passed the M O T with flying colours and after a full service it is driving like a bird.
I hope to get to Leicester by thursday for the windscreen replacement and then off to Scandinavia.
Saturday 21st of March 2015 09:58:15 AM

I am now in the Cannock area and the van is being prepared for M O T.
I do not know when the test is arranged for but will leave all these details to the Lord who has everything arranged in "His Plan"
I hope to move on in a few days and pray the windscreen will arrive soon.
Wednesday 18th of March 2015 12:43:36 PM

I am back in mainland UK.
The van goes in for M O T this week and I am praying it will pass.
Last year the front windscreen was damaged by a stone and the screen is now showing a crack which is growing daily.
A new screen has been ordered from America and will cost around £2,000.
Please Pray.
Saturday 14th of March 2015 10:44:22 PM

I will cover you with my feathers.
What wonderful words to get us through life and I can certainly testify to the reality of this promise.
I feel so much better but still finding damage to the bottom of the van.
It looks like I will be leaving Northern Ireland early this week but still have things to do and I really look forward to meeting up with Brian Flemming before I depart.
Saturday 07th of March 2015 09:43:03 PM

Parked up in Dungannon and taking a lot of rest.
The shoulder is still giving trouble but I feel much better and know that the Prayers of the Saints is really working.
Thank you my dear friends for all your prayerful help.
Friday 27th of February 2015 05:41:36 PM

Suffering from an attack of wind at the moment.
I left Listowel on Monday morning in beautiful spring sunshine and headed towards Limerick.
The nearer I got towards Limerick the more the weather changed and the winds began to increase.
On the way I spoke to the meeting leader and Steve and I decided the meeting should be abandoned for safety reasons.
I carried on driving and had to leave the motorways because the wind was catching the van and branches were falling from trees.
It was very late before I pulled into a parking area and needed to rest my weary body.
I pulled on the brake and stopped the engine. As I rose from the drivers seat I heard an almighty BANG and I was thrown the length of the the visiting area and landed in an untidy heap and in intense pain in the shoulder area.
The wind picked up the Motorhome and tossed it across the parking area. Thank God it landed on it's wheels.
After disentangling myself from the contents of cupboards which had emptied themselves all over me I was able to start the van and drive on before another tree hit me and finished the work the devil tried to stop me.
I drove on until the wind abated and was able to park up and tend to a badly hurting shoulder.
I am now in Dungannon again and being fussed over by the Forde family.
I have ten more days to serve here in Northern Ireland before heading for England then sail for the Faroe Islands at the end of March.
Please Keep on Praying, "It Works"

Thursday 26th of February 2015 11:36:14 AM

Really looking forward to moving onwards on monday.
Health is now much better and I feel able to get back to work. Speaking in Moyross on monday and then heading north again.
Many thanks to those who prayed for me, IT WORKED!!!!!!!!
Saturday 21st of February 2015 06:35:38 PM

Feeling so much better and eating again.
I will stay here a few more days and rebuild my strength.
Thursday 19th of February 2015 02:12:10 PM

Feeling a little better but eating is a problem.
I really feel the power of prayer surrounding me and thank all you wonderful people who pray for me.
I did not get to church today but spent the day restimg.
Sunday 15th of February 2015 11:06:50 PM

Thanks to all who pray for me.
I will be staying here in Listowel for a few more days. I am taking antibiotics but still feeling grotty.
Hard breathing and little appetite.
I am concerned because I must sail from the top of Denmark in six weeks and the van neets an M O T before I leave at the beginning of April.
Friday 13th of February 2015 11:19:28 PM

At last I am able to reach out to my many friends worldwide.
It has been a busy and eventful trip from Dungannon to Listowel. My first stop was in the village of Cobh in County Cork where I met up with lovely Christian family.I have known Kathryn and Rick since before they married. They brought their two daughters to meet me and I was delighted to hear that this family make time for prayers together every evening.
Next stop was Bantry Bay where I met up with Bridie and her son Jimmy. Such lovely Christians.
Last Sunday I spoke at Bantry Bay Christian Fellowship and was very well received.
When I left Bantry I headed for Kenmare but on the way became unwell and thought I had caught the flu.
I took my time driving with plenty of rest stops.
I pulled in to a lay bye neat Tralee and not long after I heard a knock on the van window.
The visitor was from Kerry Radio and he wanted to do an interview.
I believe the broadcast was aired today.
On arrival in Listowel I called at the chemist who said the symptoms I showed pointed to Bronchial Pneumonia and sent me on my way with instructions to go to bed.
I am now parked outside Listowel Christian Fellowship and have electrc and water.
My doctor had given me a course of antibiotics last year and already I feel much better but very tired.

Wednesday 11th of February 2015 07:27:08 PM

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