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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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I am having difficulty getting onto the web. I am snowed in in KLAXVIK. All roads were impassible last night, but they are starting to be opened. We have had a lot of snow here, it is just like winter. I am hoping to get the boat on Thursday, but I have 2 or 3 mountains to cross.
Tuesday 20th of April 2010 10:49:15 PM

Please, Please. pray for Kaaja ( Katy ) as she once again prepares to go to Russia. ( Check her entry on the Visitors Atrium ) Kaaja goes over the border every couple of months and keeps me informed of her work over there, she is also one of the team members who join me on the streets of the towns and villages in Finland. I will be in Finland in time to supply all the literature she needs.
As I expected, the climate in Russia is getting very cold towards the gospel and it is imperative that the gospel is got inside the country urgently before the government once again ban Christian Outreach.
I woke up to white mountains this morning and it has been hailstoning all morning. My cough is getting worse and needs much prayer to control it.
Saturday 17th of April 2010 11:29:26 AM

All windows now removed and many parts in stock for future repairs.
I hope the old bus will be transported to the scrapyard on monday or tuesday. A few phone messages have started to alert friends of my intention to arrive in Sweden by the first of May for approx three weeks.
The ash from the erupting volcano in Iceland is causing problems to my breathing. Dust particles are making it a little difficult to breathe at times and reports of cars being covered in a film of ash in the Salla district.
Many thanks to Gordon Martin for sending two of his men to strip out the windows of the old bus. I could not have done the job myself.
Saturday 17th of April 2010 12:04:31 AM

A very busy weekend on the Island of Suderoy.
I went to a concert in the Salvation Army on saturday evening and was delighted when they asked me to sing a couple of gospel pieces for the audience.
On sunday I visited both Evangelical churches on the island and was very well received at both churches.
I am now back on the mainland and await help to remove the windows from the old bus tomorrow.
Monday 12th of April 2010 08:15:58 PM

Things are moving very quickly here as people contact me from Finland.
The work of the Gospel of John which I am carrying for the Russian people is catching the imagination of many people. I am bringind 20,000 Gospels with me but it looks like this will not be enough to supply the need.
I can get more sent to me from Northern Ireland but will have to pay the carraige to Finland. I am making enquiries about a container full being sent over for distribution but will not have the finance to pay for it. Please pray.
Thursday 08th of April 2010 09:48:24 PM

It is great to hear from Brian and Eric, along with other contributors to the Visitors Atrium. (But what about YOU)
Please drop an occasional sentance or two to keep my spirits up.
Thursday 08th of April 2010 02:53:42 PM

Non stop rain for three days and the roof is leaking.
Much of the rubbish has now been removed from the old bus and a start has been made to remove the windows for spares.
Whils't I was away in the UK. Someone has been hard at work with a can of red spray paint defacing the old bus.It has really upset me that anyone on these islands could do such a terrible thing but I must put it down to the way the world is at this time.
Please continue praying for the work as I prepare to go onwards in the next three weeks and head for Sandviken in Sweden before moving on to Finland.
Wednesday 07th of April 2010 07:08:08 PM

Once again in the Faroe Islands and enjoying the rain.
The boat arrived at Torshavn last night, it was eight hours in front of schedule.
This gave me the opportunity to contact Radio Limavady in Northern Ireland and broadcast during the final hour of the easter radio broadcast.
I enjoy being interviewed by Norman Somerville as he is very sensitive to the way I like to work on radio.
I should be speaking on Suderoy this sunday evening.
Please leave a short message on the visitors Atrium to encourage me as I prpare for a hectic summer.
Monday 05th of April 2010 03:21:22 PM

A good day in Histon.
I was delighted to greet Katy and her mum for a visit. Katy was very unwell the last time I visited but was her radiant, beautiful young lady I know when I saw her yesterday. A true miracle has occurred in her life in the intervening period.
Well done Katy and thanks for your prayers over the past years.
The Baptist Church held a passover meal last night and I was invited to join them. The meal was fantastic and the ceremony of passover was a true delight to me. It brought Holy week to a high for me.
Eric from Caleb Initiative also called in to join me for the meal and wish me "God Speed" as I head off for the north.
Please have a "Blessed Easter" and if you remember, please pray that the "Lord" shall receive much Glory in the coming days as the bus heads for the Northern Hemisphere.
Friday 02nd of April 2010 09:00:53 AM

Things going quite well here.
I spent three days at the garage in Nailsea and many problems have been sorted out. When I arrive in the Faroe Islands on monday I hope the remainder of the problems will be sorted out.
It was really good to meet John Lawrence again and go out for dinner with John and his wife Jan. John is a coach operater and has been a close friend since 2003.
I will spend today in Histon and sail tomorrow for Denmark and then on to Torshavn.
Thursday 01st of April 2010 09:30:35 AM

!!!!!!!!God never ceases to amaze me!!!!!!!!!!!
When I spoke to The Web Master earlier this week we discussed the numbers of visitors to the site. He then showed me how he managed to get the number of visitors and the statistics from each country. We discovered that some of the numbers had not registered because the domains were from non european countries.
I would like to welcome those visitors from Tonga, Russia and Czechoslovakia who have read the exciting updates over the past three years. May God Bless You All.
The number of visitors has been corrected from thirty five thousand to eighty eight thousand.
Your visits are registered from the domain you access the web site from and are not traceable, therefore you have complete anonymity.
As I get ready to drive back to Scandinavia next friday please pray for a successful year as I seek once again to bring Glory to our Heavenly Father.
Saturday 27th of March 2010 10:54:40 PM

Moved on once again. I am now in Weston super Mare and will be in the area for a few days to meet up with friends and have repairs done to the bus.
I am getting very excited about this years mission. If the finance comes in the mission will reach tens of thousands of people in the Baltic countries as tracts and gospels in 15 languages are given away in Finland and Lapland.
I hope that soon my friends in the Scandinavian countries will begin logging on to the web pages and leaving messages so I will be able to plan my itinerary for the Summer season.
I have been invited back to Kuhmo in Finland and Sandviken in Sweden.
I hope to be travelling to the Faroe Islands next saturday to complete the stripping down of the old bus
The gear box from the old bus was sold a few weeks ago but I am having problems getting the agreed money for it. ( Please Pray ) The money is needed for diesel and ferry fares to get to Finland.
Friday 26th of March 2010 10:25:18 AM

After a couple of days in Ayr I once again tuuk to the road this morning abd I am now in the Bolton area.
It was really great to meet up with The Web Master this evening.
I stayed for a couple of hours and really enjoyed myself. His father David has been a close friend for a good number of years and I pass on his greetings to you all from him.
I will stay in the area until thursday morning when I head for Bristol.
Tuesday 23rd of March 2010 11:46:04 PM

After Dungannon it was a quick trip to Carrickfergus and meeting up with dear friends there over two days.
I was able to stock up with sweets for the children of Sweden and Finland where sweets are really expensive I get them from African Child Ministries in Carrickfergus who use profits to send aid to Kenya. They let me have stock at a discount.
I ran out of money and had to pray for help. My dear friend Norman felt led to drive from Limavady to meet up with me. I did not tell him of my problem but when he left he gave me a money gift which was just what I required to sail to Scotland and get a meal on board ship. God is still in the Miracle Business.
I am in Ayr for 2 days.
Sunday 21st of March 2010 05:12:38 PM

Another great day today.
I have now got a good supply of Gospels and bibles in a number of languages including Russian, Roumanian,Arabic and Czech. It does me good to realise that the Lord has entrusted me with this task of getting the gospel into Russia befrore the borders close again to the scriptures.
I am parked outside the home of two very dear friends, Eleonar and Bobby Farquar who supply my English tracts and calendars.
Tonight I was able to speak at a house group in the Dungannon area and was really blessed by the way I was received by the full house of listeners.
Friday 19th of March 2010 01:20:43 AM

Having a truly blessed time here in Ireland.
I have now travelled the whole perimeter of the Republic of Ireland. It was good to meet up with pastor Pat Murphy of Wexford Christian Fellowship and be given a tour of the new church. Pat is a hairdresser and has given me a free haircut.
From Wexford it was off to meet my friend Noel Cosgrove in Arklow and then to Footprints Bookshop in Dun Laoghaire to me meet up with Douglas who is a regular reader and contributor to the web site.
Today I have spent in Enniskillen and leave for Dungannon tomorrow morning to pick up 25 large boxes of gospels and tracts for the Finland / Russia outreach in six languages.
I am now getting impatient and want to get back to Scandinavia but still require more funding before I can set of for the desolate areas of Lapland.
Thursday 18th of March 2010 12:05:18 AM

I arrived in Bantry bay a couple of days ago and I am now parked in the village of Durrus. The people of Bantry Bay Christian Fellowship have made me very welcome and this morning I attended the Mens breakfast.
I will speak for a few minutes at the morning service tomorrow before heading back north.
Saturday 13th of March 2010 01:45:10 PM

The people of Listowel Christian Fellowship have been really good to me.and I must thank JP Walsh and his congregation for the way they have allowed me to stay here.
I now feel much better and will be moving on in a couple of hours and heading towards Bantry Bay for the weekend.
If I stay here much longer I won't want to move on.
Internet connections will not be good for a couple of weeks so please forgive me if I cannot log on. Please drop me a line on the visitor Atrium as you feel able and please keep me in your prayers.
Thursday 11th of March 2010 11:56:19 AM

Sitting in the sunshine and enjoying the peace and tranquility of My Father's Love.
I am able to get internet access so can catch up with long delayed work on the email page.
Each morning I am able to look out over the fields and watch the hares chasing each other across the grass and feel that at last the spring is coming ever closer and my travels can begin again to the battlefields of Scandinavia.
The rest is doing me the world of good and my lungs are clearing very nicely. I can really feel that prayer is working.
Tuesday 09th of March 2010 12:47:11 PM

Sitting in the sunshine and enjoying the peace and tranquility of My Father's Love.
I am able to get internet access so can catch up with long delayed work on the email page.
Each morning I am able to look out over the fields and watch the hares chasing each other across the grass and feel that at last the spring is coming ever closer and my travels can begin again to the battlefields of Scandinavia.
The rest is doing me the world of good and my lungs are clearing very nicely. I can really feel that prayer is working.
Tuesday 09th of March 2010 12:45:00 PM

A great service on sunday morning at Listowel Christian Fellowship in County Kerry.
The voice was not up to normal as I have been feeling ill for a few days. Once again I have a touch of bronchial pneumonia and find the nights and mornings very trying as I cannot stop coughing and clearing my throat. The pneumonia is caused by having no immune system since the cancer operation in 2001.
I would expect it to clear up in a couple of days with bed rest and plenty of fresh air and sunshine.
I WILL be in Bantry Bay by saturday.
Please keep praying for strength to carry on. The work depends upon donations and they are few and far between at the moment so I must witness to keep the finance coming in.
God Supplies, but He also depends upon his workers to fulfill their appointed tasks and that includes "ME"
Monday 08th of March 2010 05:49:22 PM

After a long journey down here the sun is shining and all is going very well.
I spoke at a house group in Tralee on thursday evening and I am now in Listowel for the weekend meeting people I have not seen for over three years,I will be at Listowel Christian Fellowship on sunday morning.
Later next week I head for Bantry Bay and Durrus for a few days.
Signals are non existent here so I have to use internet cafe's.
Finance not great but I do have enough food and diesel so no worries.
Saturday 06th of March 2010 11:47:10 AM

Last weekend in Enniskillen was terrific with a soul coming to Christ during the sunday evening meeting at th Independent Methodist Church.
Please pray for Geoffrey who made the committment and for David who has witnessed to him for over five years.
This weekend in Londonderry was great. 2 different age groups at the youth club on Friday. Sunday school in the bus on Sunday morning and a very beautiful service on sunday evening, Followed by a Scandinavian Buffet for around fifty people after the service.
Tonight was prayer meeting.
I am having great trouble connecting to the internet here in Ulster and it may get worse in the Republic.
Please leave a message to encourage me as I head for County Cork and County Killarney.
Monday 01st of March 2010 11:02:51 PM

A truly great weekend in Londonderry at Riverside Apostalic Church.
I head for Tralee tomorrow to speak at a housegroup on Thursday evening.
Monday 01st of March 2010 10:52:52 PM

Still in Enniskillen.
I spoke at the Independant Methodist Church last night, giving my testimony.
Geoffrey, a young man I have been praying for, for over five years made a decision for Jesus last night. Many thanks to David Tubman for taking time to bring him to the meeting. They both called to see me tonight and I can already see a massive difference in Geoffrey's life as we spoke and prayed together.
I also was able to meet up with Simon who has been praying to meet up with me for quite a while.
I hope to head slowly for Strabane tomorrow. I will be speaking at Londonderry Apostalic Church on sunday evening and will be doing street outreach in Strabane on Saturday.
Many thanks to the people of the Independant Methodist Church for making me so welcome here.
Monday 22nd of February 2010 10:46:29 PM

Once again I woke up this morning to a rather heavy snow storm here in Enniskillen.
Archie and his friend Marion came over from the Isle of Mull in Scotland to meet up with me and it was good to see them.
The day has been very busy and really enjoyable. Freezing temperatures are forecast for tonight and if it is at all possible to drive the roads tomorrow I will be on duty at Enniskillen cattle mart.
Wednesday 17th of February 2010 09:41:03 PM

A good day of being a witness in a lay bye with hundreds of vehicles passing the bus with many people looking over and pointing as they passed by.
This evening I spoke at the Independent Methodist prayer meeting and really felt the presence of the Lord in the whole meeting.
Tomorrow I am meeting Archie from the Isle of Mull in Scotland, He is flying to Ulster to spend a couple of hours with me for a chat.
Wednesday 17th of February 2010 12:51:08 AM

Back at work and enjoying life to the full.
I had dinner with friends David and Joy Tubman in Tempo last night and spoke at the sunday school and methodist church in Ballinamallard this morning.
I really enjoyed sitting in the congegation and listening to a special sermon at Enniskillen Independent Methodist Church this evening.
Sunday 14th of February 2010 10:08:54 PM

The work on the living quarters is nearly completed with much help from Gerald.
It has been good to be here surrounded by friends from the long relationship I have had with the Emerald Isle.
Many will remember my pet dog "Jirah" who went to live with Gerald four years ago. I was able to meet up with her again and I am pleased to say she is the picture of health and a very happy little dog who really loves Gerald.
I will be moving on to Enniskillen tomorrow.
Friday 12th of February 2010 09:03:54 PM

Here in Tobermore it is rather cold this morning at minus 6 degrees. It feels much colder in Britain due to the damp climate which turns the road to ice without any rain or snow in evidence.
I am parked outside of the house of my friend Gerald and have full facilities here including mains power. Today we will be repairing the living quarters damaged by the test driver when the clutch was replaced.
I feel far more positive today and really look forward to visiting Enniskillen this weekend. I pray that the new internet access I have bought will keep me on line during my few weeks here in Britain and Ireland.
Thursday 11th of February 2010 09:25:28 AM

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