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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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Last weekend in Enniskillen was terrific with a soul coming to Christ during the sunday evening meeting at th Independent Methodist Church.
Please pray for Geoffrey who made the committment and for David who has witnessed to him for over five years.
This weekend in Londonderry was great. 2 different age groups at the youth club on Friday. Sunday school in the bus on Sunday morning and a very beautiful service on sunday evening, Followed by a Scandinavian Buffet for around fifty people after the service.
Tonight was prayer meeting.
I am having great trouble connecting to the internet here in Ulster and it may get worse in the Republic.
Please leave a message to encourage me as I head for County Cork and County Killarney.
Monday 01st of March 2010 11:02:51 PM

A truly great weekend in Londonderry at Riverside Apostalic Church.
I head for Tralee tomorrow to speak at a housegroup on Thursday evening.
Monday 01st of March 2010 10:52:52 PM

Still in Enniskillen.
I spoke at the Independant Methodist Church last night, giving my testimony.
Geoffrey, a young man I have been praying for, for over five years made a decision for Jesus last night. Many thanks to David Tubman for taking time to bring him to the meeting. They both called to see me tonight and I can already see a massive difference in Geoffrey's life as we spoke and prayed together.
I also was able to meet up with Simon who has been praying to meet up with me for quite a while.
I hope to head slowly for Strabane tomorrow. I will be speaking at Londonderry Apostalic Church on sunday evening and will be doing street outreach in Strabane on Saturday.
Many thanks to the people of the Independant Methodist Church for making me so welcome here.
Monday 22nd of February 2010 10:46:29 PM

Once again I woke up this morning to a rather heavy snow storm here in Enniskillen.
Archie and his friend Marion came over from the Isle of Mull in Scotland to meet up with me and it was good to see them.
The day has been very busy and really enjoyable. Freezing temperatures are forecast for tonight and if it is at all possible to drive the roads tomorrow I will be on duty at Enniskillen cattle mart.
Wednesday 17th of February 2010 09:41:03 PM

A good day of being a witness in a lay bye with hundreds of vehicles passing the bus with many people looking over and pointing as they passed by.
This evening I spoke at the Independent Methodist prayer meeting and really felt the presence of the Lord in the whole meeting.
Tomorrow I am meeting Archie from the Isle of Mull in Scotland, He is flying to Ulster to spend a couple of hours with me for a chat.
Wednesday 17th of February 2010 12:51:08 AM

Back at work and enjoying life to the full.
I had dinner with friends David and Joy Tubman in Tempo last night and spoke at the sunday school and methodist church in Ballinamallard this morning.
I really enjoyed sitting in the congegation and listening to a special sermon at Enniskillen Independent Methodist Church this evening.
Sunday 14th of February 2010 10:08:54 PM

The work on the living quarters is nearly completed with much help from Gerald.
It has been good to be here surrounded by friends from the long relationship I have had with the Emerald Isle.
Many will remember my pet dog "Jirah" who went to live with Gerald four years ago. I was able to meet up with her again and I am pleased to say she is the picture of health and a very happy little dog who really loves Gerald.
I will be moving on to Enniskillen tomorrow.
Friday 12th of February 2010 09:03:54 PM

Here in Tobermore it is rather cold this morning at minus 6 degrees. It feels much colder in Britain due to the damp climate which turns the road to ice without any rain or snow in evidence.
I am parked outside of the house of my friend Gerald and have full facilities here including mains power. Today we will be repairing the living quarters damaged by the test driver when the clutch was replaced.
I feel far more positive today and really look forward to visiting Enniskillen this weekend. I pray that the new internet access I have bought will keep me on line during my few weeks here in Britain and Ireland.
Thursday 11th of February 2010 09:25:28 AM

Starter repaired and on the move again.
Thanks to all who have made entries on the Visitor Atrium, your messages are a continual inspiration to me.
I have just recieved my mail for the last ten months and have gone through most of it. I recieved many letters and cards and also cheques to the value of 190 for the years postal donations. If Caleb Initiative did not help me then the work would have to fold for lack of support.
I am in County Londonderry this week and will head for County Fermanagh on friday.
Wednesday 10th of February 2010 03:48:58 PM

On the road after a week of total frustration.
The clutch has been replaced but during the test drive the driver must have thought he was on a race track. I could not gain entry into my living quarters as ALL the kitchen units had been torn from their fixings and just about destroyed. It could only have happened if the bus was going too fast round a tight bend or a very dramatic emergency stop.
2oo kilometres down the road I stopped the engine for a coffee break but the bus would not start when I wanted to resume my journey. The wiring had been damaged during the clutch replacement and shorted out the starter motor. It took two breakdown call out's and a new starter motor before I was able to get going again plus 2 nights at minus 6 on a motorway service station.
The weekend was spent in Lancashire and I was visited by my sister who has never been in the bus before. I was also called by my twin sister who I have not spoken to since early 1973. God is working his purpose out at last.
I hope to sail for Northern Ireland later this week.
Please keep praying as finances are at a critical level.
Tuesday 02nd of February 2010 02:57:14 PM

Feeling a little more positive today. I can really feel the power of prayer as you beautiful people hold me before the Throne of Grace.
The vicar who invited me here has not been in touch for days and as is usual in these circumstances, I have been left holding the financial burden and left to work everything out.
It is surprising how people in a secure job with a secure financial reward expect me to bring a double decker bus into their area by invitation and then expect "God" to supply when they turn their backs on the person "God" sent.
In answer to a comment on the visitor page, I will NOT wipe my feet as I pass by. God alone makes these decisions in this ministry.
Friday 22nd of January 2010 02:30:27 PM

Since getting back to the UK it has been all pressure and negative reactions from the community.
A few people have made me very welcome but most have said hello and then promptly buried their heads in the sand.
The reaction from the people of Chavely was very disturbing as the youth threw snowballs at the bus and the gossip had to be heard to be believed. This was before I had the opportunity to even speak to anyone and I was made to leave my parking area outside the Church and Village hall because it was not a fitting place to park a bus with the name of Jesus on the side.
During the interview with BBC "Look North" my friend was attacked by a pensioner and was hit by his walking stick.
How sorry I feel for the local true followers of Jesus.
I am now parked up outside Boston with clutch problems and the garage will begin work on the bus on monday.
I am taking a few days off as I have to travel to get internet access. Please pray.
Thursday 21st of January 2010 03:00:27 PM

The work here is not easy.
Yesterday I spoke in a primary school and was really well received by staff and pupils,the parents were a different matterm Parking in the village is not very easy as the only place to park is outside the village church hall and the vicar is getting complaints because the Jesus Bus is parked on church property.
This morning I did an interview with radio Lincolnshire on the breakfast show and later this morning BBC Look North are coming to do a news item.
This afternoon there is another junior school booked and tonight I meet local christians at Gosberton Clough church hall.
Problems are developing with the clutch slipping because of the icy conditions, I pray I can get it fixed this weekend.
Thursday 14th of January 2010 10:10:11 AM

The weather is still cold but I am enjoying meeting new people and the experience of not needing an interpreter.
Tomorrow and thursday are booked at local junior schools during the day and meeting people in the evening. Please pray for a breakthrough as I travel these minor roads around Spalding in Lincolnshire.
Tuesday 12th of January 2010 09:21:28 PM

Just a couple of hours from Harwich and concerned about the weather situation.
I have given myself two days to travel to Gosberton in Lincolnshire even though it is less than 200 kilometres fromHarwich.
Ian the vicar and Tony Quinton my friend have worked very hard for this mission in their area.
Two schools have been booked along with youth activities so I pray that many will hear and believe the Good News of Salvation.
The news on John's father is better, He is still on a respirator and in an induced coma. His pressures are stabalising and he has control of finger and leg reactions. Please keep praying for a FULL recovery from this blood clot on the brain.
Sunday 10th of January 2010 10:54:43 AM

Now in Denmark and due to arrive Harwich tomorrow. The sea here is frozen over and I expect heavy weather as I drive to Gosberton in Lincolnshire. Keep Praying.
Saturday 09th of January 2010 12:56:45 PM

After a struggle driving on very slippery roads I am now in Torshavn and will sail this evening for Denmark to arrive in Ejsberg on saturday morning.
It looks like the snow is awaiting my return and I may as well have stayed in Finland for christmas.
The news on John's father is not good!
He is in a serious condition in hospital in Copenhagen. The headache is diagnosed as an crushed artery in the brain which was not recognised because of the strain of flu currently sweeping the Faroe Islands which begins with headaches. Please pray for the family. John organised and paid for the wording on the new bus and is a rock to the ministry.
Thursday 07th of January 2010 12:13:08 PM

Snow and Hailstones still falling with a bitterly cold wind. I awoke to a rather mild morning with temperatures in the bus at only minus 6.
The plan is still on schedule to leave on thursday but it depends upon road conditions of course.
For the past three weeks I have been really priviledged to have the help of Hanus and Atli as the old bus has been taken apart bit by bit. Tonight they cut out the engine and gearbox and over the past weeks they have worked unstintingly to help me. They were both complete strangers and now are close friends.
God really moved in their hearts for they have given all their time and labour for nothing.
Please pray for these wonderful people.
I hope to finish clearing the old bus tomorrow and depart for Torshavn on wednesday.
Please also pray for the father of John from Suderoy who has taken his father to hospital in Denmark today, He has had a very bad headache for three or four weeks with no respite from the pain. He has gone to try to find out what is causing this unusual condition.
Monday 04th of January 2010 11:57:00 PM

Wishing all of the readers a Blessed and Christ Filled 2010
I have been undercover for the last few days with no internet access (in the garage)
The bus is now just about completed and I am in the final stages of stripping the old bus.
Tomorrow we hope to cut out the old engine and gearbox and then begin taking out the windows. I am still planning to sail for Britain on thursday.
Sunday 03rd of January 2010 05:39:21 PM

It is getting quite cold here now. I brought water into the bus last night in a two gallon watering can, When I came to uae it this morning it was frozen solid.
The work on the old bus goes on and we hope to remove the engine and gearbox later this week and begin removing windows very soon for storage.
Please continue praying for the financial side of things. When I do not work I earn no money and things are getting very tight here.
I hope to leave the Islands on January 7th for Lincolnshire.
Tuesday 29th of December 2009 12:33:13 PM

Thr roads are still not suitable to drive the bus from here so I remain and continue emptying the old bus of all that can be removed.
The temperature is just below zero and quite pleasant. How I wish the government here had heard about salting the roads, they are very treacherous on the mountains.
Yesterday I had one visitor and on christmas day Atli the mechanic called with his girlfriend to wish me all the best.
As I write this, the snow has once again begun to fall making conditions even worse for driving.
I am fortunate that JT Electric has provided power for me so it is quite warm in my area of the bus.
The vynil has arrived on Suderoy so the bus lettering should be ready to install quite soon.
Sunday 27th of December 2009 11:29:27 AM

As the great day of "CHRIST" mas comes closer and the children of ALL ages and nationalities get excited about the coming festivities.
I would ask that you stop for a moment, Remember what we celebrate and give thanks.
Not only for "CHRIST" mas day, but also for Good Friday and Calvary, For Easter Sunday and the miracle of the Ressurection, For Ascention Day when "Jesus" returned home to Heaven and prepared a place for His People, and also for The Gift of Pentecost and the indwelling of "The Holy Spirit".
I ask each one of you to pray that through these wonderful gifts we each thank our "Heavenly Father" and pray that "He" SHALL BE GLORIFIED in our lives today and Every Day until "Jesus" returns.
As I wait on the snow covered mountain in the Faroe Islands awaiting instructions and looking out over the Great Atlantic Ocean,
I wish you all a Tremendous, Glorious, Happiness Filled, but most of all, A Blessed Christmas Day.
Please Remember me at this time, but most of all,"""""Remember Jesus"""""
Thursday 24th of December 2009 06:51:09 PM

Snow, Sleet, Hailstones, Wind and often gale force winds have put a stop to any movement of the bus. I moved it a few hundred feet last night and found it very difficult to get wheel traction. Even the cars are finding it very difficult driving in these road conditions.
I am parked beside the other bus and have begun stripping out the parts that may be useful in the future.
Today I am trying to trace a second hand container with doors to put the parts in. It is vital that the job is done quickly and the old bus removed or complaints will be made.
Many thanks to the workers of Normek who are spending many off duty hours doing vital jobs on the new bus.
Monday 21st of December 2009 10:18:02 AM

The prayer meeting was a tremendous success with over twenty people calling in to welcome the new bus into Kingdom Service.
Many young people called in to eat sweets and take part in the prayers. Four minutes before nine o'clock I began taking in the signs and preparing to leave with a very low morale as so few had turned up to join me. At nine o'clock the bus was half full and at last the work really began.
The trip to Suderoy has had to be cancelled because of the weather. Gales and heavy wind are expected and in the last hour nearly an inch of snow has fallen. I am not risking driving the bus in snow until I am more confident and have really got used to it.
A photograph of some of the first visitors is now on the Faroe Islands Pictures page.
Saturday 19th of December 2009 12:41:19 AM

Still much work to do before the bus is ready for full operation.
I hope to get the radio and video working soon so that visitors can watch TV as they wander through the visiting areas.
Thousands of books,tracts and gospels in around five languages need transferring to the luggage areas and the final task of putting texts on the outside will soon be done.
The bus will comence work in it's present state this afternoon at Fugliafjiord with an open prayer meeting from 19.30 until 21 00 hrs GMT on the carpark at the harbour.
Many of the readers cannot get here but you can take part by joining us in prayer for a few minutes during the times given.
Tomorrow I head for the Island of Suderoy.

Friday 18th of December 2009 09:50:47 AM

The decision to buy a bus of the same model has already paid dividends in the past week.
During the gales I experienced in the UK a large top window got smashed with flying debris and would have cost over two thousand pounds to replace.
On arrival in the Faroe Islands the bus skidded into a pavement kerb and smashed part of the differential which could have cost up to ten thousand pounds.
Both parts have been removed from the old bus and they fitted perfectly.
Atli, Magni and Oliver have worked all through the night to get me on the road and they have just gone home for a cuppa before starting another day's work.
Thanks Boys.
The bus will be dedicated in Fugliafjord tomorrow evening with an open prayer meeting and will then proceed to Torshavn on saturday morning to catch the boat to Suderoy on saturday afternoon.
Thursday 17th of December 2009 08:44:07 AM

All is looking good here.
The reconstruction of my living area has now begun and I hope to assemble the kitchen area tonight. It will be a tight fit as I have given up around two metres of my living area to the meeting room. This will allow more classes of school children to use the bus and eliminate the need for me to use classrooms. The children will benefit more from using the bus area and all the things I need will be at hand for me to use.
Karl has been a true Godsend to me and has refitted the Webasto Heater into the new bus, I will try it out over the weekend.
I hope the wording for outside arrives next week so that I can do a tour of the Islands before Christmas.
Still not feeling well and very tired but the work of renovation cannot wait.
I am sure that " God " will give me the strength I require to complete " His " task.
Wednesday 09th of December 2009 05:48:59 PM

The work goes on and the bus is looking very good.
The electricians from JT Electric have done a great job rewiring the upstairs and now I have light and power in the meeting room and in my area.
I will begin moving kitchen units and clothing from the old bus tomorrow, A new bed would be a godsend but finances are being stretched to the limit and beyond to get the bus moving again.
Please pray for my health and strength at this time. I had to go to bed today as I did not feel well at all. I think I may have been overdoing it a little for the past couple of weeks since the old bus broke down.
Many thanks to all you praying people who have moved heaven and earth for me to fulfill the desire the Lord has placed upon my heart.
" Go ye into All the World and proclaim the Gospel to EVERY creature."
Monday 07th of December 2009 10:32:41 PM

Bus photographs are on PIctures Page, "Faroe Islands"
The last train I travelled on from London to Manchester was " Mission Accomplished"
The name plate is on the same page.
Sunday 06th of December 2009 01:28:47 AM

The work goes on and the bus looks a treat in it's new livery of blue. The roof has been repainted white as the temperatures in Finland last summer merited a change from dark blue to a colour that reflected the sun.
I look forward to getting the letters cut and the words of "LIFE" once again surrounding me.
Many thanks are due to the six men who joined me today and did such stirling work. I did not expect such a good result and I am simply delighted at the beautiful job they made of the "Jesus Bus"
I must thank all the people who prayed for me during this trying time as I asked "God" for the impossible once again and Knew in my heart that He would give me just what " He " desired, "For His Glory."
The effects of the paint have left me very tired and feeling very sleepy.
I think an early night is called for tonight.
A special mention for " Eyeun " who is fourteen years old and painted most of the roof for me. I gave up after the more dangerous parts had been done and my young friend worked on for another five hours.
Sunday 06th of December 2009 12:06:32 AM

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