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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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It is good to be back in the Faroe Islands amongst my many friends and prayer partners.I have been really busy since I arrived back and am really enjoying myself. I was knocked up early this morning by a man who needed to talk about his drinking problem and the pressure continued all day. I was asked to speak at a house meeting this evening and felt a true sense of the Holy Spirit as I spoke about our responsibilty to tell others about Jesus.I have been informed that a new tunnel is being opened on the island of Suderoy tomorrow and I am now first in the line for the boat trip across in the morning. We must use every opportunity to publish abroad the name of Jesus.How can we face an eternity in heaven if we have been too ashamed to tell others that the only way to heaven is "Jesus"
Saturday 20th of October 2007 12:30:26 AM

No one could ever imagine how much the success in Iceland has been due to the messages on the visitor page of this web site. At times I have felt so alone and reading your words of encouragement have really helped to get me through. I have made many friends in Iceland but I understand the position they had been unwillingly placed in due to the problems that occured there. For those who spent time in prayer I really thank you from my whole heart. I am now back in the Faroe Islands for a couple of weeks before sailing for a few days in Norway and then home to GB. The weather is much warmer but the wind is cooling it down. The generator is still not working so I need to wear heavy clothing in the evening to try and keep warm.
Thursday 18th of October 2007 08:40:41 PM

Over the mountain and awaiting the cruise liner 'Norrona' to arrive in port. The ship sails tomorrow at 5pm and the passage takes around 20 hours to the Faroe Islands.The road over the mountain was very icy with blowing snow and more than once I thought that it would be impossible to ascent the 1300 feet to the top with the horrific hairpin bends,then the descent was even worse even in first gear.I know that prayers were being answered all the way.
Within ten minutes of arrival at port the snow really came down and obliterated the whole of the top of the mountain. If I had left later than I did the journey would have been impossible but even in a blizzard the SON shines on me.
Tuesday 16th of October 2007 07:12:47 PM

South Africa, New Zealand, Ulster, Ireland, England. Wales, Scotland, Australia, Czechoslovakia,Denmark,France, Germany, Faroe Islands, Orkney, Shetland and so many other countries who have yet not contacted me.
Thank You so much for your prayers and words of encouragement during the last few weeks of ministry in Faroe and Iceland. I am now poised to cross the last mountain range before leaving Iceland on Wednesday evening. At the moment I am filling up my batteries so that I have electricity when I get to the Faroe Islands on thursday.
It was a terrific disappointment to me that I was not able to meet up with my friend Colin from Ulster who came over this weekend to visit the country, but he was nearly two hundred miles away and the concerts stopped me going to Reyjkavik to meet him. The snow has now set in in the north part of the country so I must get to the port by tomorrow or risk an accident.
One final note for your information. I have been give meals here by various people but only found out this weekend that I had been eating HORSEMEAT. It was a shock to find out that the dish I enjoyed most was probably a runner in the 2 30 race at Ascot.
Monday 15th of October 2007 04:25:18 PM

A night that will be talked about for years to come. What a great event and a truly magnificent success for the town and people of Akureyri.The local choir and young people who made up the groups of modern music were a credit to themselves and stole the show with their positive attitude. The hall was practically full and for three and a half hours the Lord was Glorified.I have worked on thousands of concerts in my lifetime but I was proud to be part of this truly God Inspired Event. I pray I shall have the opportunity to be with them all again next year. All participants have asked me to use this page to thank you for your prayers and good wishes.
Sunday 14th of October 2007 11:43:36 AM

Fantastic,Loud, Out of this World,Exciting but most of all, BLESSED.
The concert was a resounding success with over a hundred young people attending and hearing the gospel in music? and words.The evening finished with He Raised Me Up and by golly he did. Four young ladies came into the bus at the end to ask about Jesus and I was able to pray with them.
This was the first concert ever of it's kind in the town and now looks set to be an annual event and will hopefully help bring the church denominations together.
Tonight looks like a full house if what I hear is true but we will wait and see. If only one turns up and hears about the saving power of Jesus,It is success as far as I am concerned.
I heard the town choir rehearsing earlier and I have to admit to shedding tears of Joy at the tremendous sound the made.It was totally Heavenly.
Saturday 13th of October 2007 06:22:11 PM

Excitement,Anticipation,Concern but most of all AWE as we await the first concert to begin. Young people have been hanging around the school waiting for the event to begin and from the screams of the girls it sounds like it is going to be a success. I have heard the groups who will play this evening as they tuned up their instruments and I know the concert will be a credit to all the participants.
Evening is now falling and how I pray that out of the darkness, Many will find the Light of the World.
Friday 12th of October 2007 08:47:39 PM

The meeting this evening has been cancelled due to gossip about the accident last month. It appears that even though I was not driving at the time and Snorri would not stop the vehicle to allow me to drive it was all my own fault.The main reason for the trouble has been the interview given to the television station after the accident when I was placed in the position of answering questions or not making any comments. No comment would have allowed the interviewer free reign to say anything she desired so I opted to comment and make it as short as possible. Ironically the interview was arranged by Snorri but the addition was taped just a day after the accident when I was still suffering from shock after the event.Since I returned I have rung Snorri four times and left a message as he will not speak to me personally or answer the telephone.As far as I am concerned the whole incident is over and done with, I cannot live a life of unpleasantness and lies.The last weeks have been virtually intolerable for me but I have carried on under extreme conditions and I believe that eventually the truth will find a way of coming out. I did not put anything on the web as I did not want to aggravate the situation here and divide a very divided church any more.I still believe that my time here has been extremely profitable for the kingdom and the newspaper, TV and Radio interviews have touched many hearts and lives.If Snorri had not told me that he had driven busses before he would not have been allowed behind the steering wheel and on the day in question he had driven over a hundred miles before the accident and I stress that word ACCIDENT.I forgive him, I forgive the gossips and forgive all who may try to halt the spread of the gospel in this needy country.This comment is not to begin a debate into right and wrong on the Visitor Page but to let You my supporters know a little of the pressure I am under at this time.
Wednesday 10th of October 2007 03:16:04 PM

Heading for Reyjkavik for a speaking engagement tomorrow and will be back by friday. TV is still not working and the part needed can only be found in Britain when I eventually get there. Booked my passage to Faroe on the 17th and I will be very glad to be on board ship and headind for warmer climes.I am passing steams that are beginning to ice over and the mountains are now holing the snow. Temperatures are minus at night and not over warm during the day, it should be a little warmer tomorrow.
Tuesday 09th of October 2007 08:47:06 PM

It is getting really chilly here and even though the snow looks good on the mountains I am aware that soon I will have to cross over thm without snow tyres as I head for the boat next wednesday.The concerfs this week are ready to go after much planning. I hope that a good number of people attend, but that is not in my hands but in the Lord's. It would be good to hear from a few more people on the visitor page with encouraging words as I feel very isolated and alone here at the moment. I will be back in Northern Ireland by late November and will spend christmas in the Faroe Islands again I hope.
Tuesday 09th of October 2007 12:27:32 PM

A day of sitting around and keeping as warm as possible with a very cold wind blowing. As I have travelled for the Lord in the last few years I have found that He has very Special People scattered around the world.These are the great Servants who are always on hand to do the Lord's work without thanks or reward.Paul tells us that the greatest gift of all is Charity "or Love".
In Akuryreri I have met one of these Great people.
When my bus broke down he repaired it, When the accident happened he was there to help.This morning when I was having problems with my bus and the tv would not work he arrived to put things right and he will never accept payment but does it for the Love of the Lord.
I take this opportunity to thank ELVER a True man of God for his constant witness by example as to what a Christian Really IS. "A Servant"
Saturday 06th of October 2007 11:35:33 PM

I spent yesterday outside the shopping centre in Akuryeri and had quite a busy day with new faces coming to visit the bus and ask questions.Today I was supposed to take a group of christians 'by their invitatation' from the pentecostal church out to Blondous for outreach. Once again I have travelled hundreds of miles to keep my word but no one has rung me or shown up.
I begin to wonder if the christians here have heard the words, " Let your Yes be Yes, and let your No be no"
The weather has deteriorated and it is in the minus range this morning with sleet blowing on the lower ground. I pray this is only temporary as I cannot afford to come out by freighter next week.I only know that God has it all under control and He has not yet told me to abandon this town and leave Iceland.
Saturday 06th of October 2007 11:39:35 AM

Back in Akureyi after a fantastic journey. I was being greeted by so many people who have heard or seen the TV coverage. People waving at me as I passed. Yesterday was very different as I indulged myself by going for a volcanic bath in one of the hot springs.I have heard of nude bathing before but praise the Lord I was the only one bathing. The temperature in the water was 50 degrees but the air temperature was 5 degrees.It is the first time in six years that I have been totally pain free. I think I will be doing it again before I leave here.
Friday 05th of October 2007 12:33:26 AM

A day of many visitors in Faskrudsfjordur with many asking about the work. It seems that just about everyone in Iceland has heard about the bus and the peculiar Englishman that has come to visit. Tonight I have driven through the mountain tunnel and parked at Reydarfjordur. I will continue driving tomorrow towards Egilsstadir.
Tuesday 02nd of October 2007 08:42:51 PM

Much prayer is required as I move into the last three weeks of the work in Iceland. I hope the Lord will enable me to be used to bring the christians of this great country into a time of reconciliation and unity. The accident and gossip generated after it has caused much damage. I pray that everyone involved will realise that our only aim and the true aim of Jesus is forgiveness and looking forward.I have forgiven everyone UNCONDITIONALY. the bus is running and Jesus is still in control of my life.
Monday 01st of October 2007 10:52:56 PM

A day of great blessings here at Hofn.The service this afternoon was a real time of Joy and Love. I think I will leave here tomorrow heading back towards the Arctic coastline.
Monday 01st of October 2007 12:39:00 AM

The outreach in Hofn was a tremendous success with nearly every child in the town calling to view the Ruter as a bus is named over here.I gave away around forty new testaments in Icelandic with countless tracts and pictures to all.When I was parked up on friday I did some fishing in the glazier lagoon and had a new experience there.
In my fishing life I have lost my lures in many ways. tangles, rocks, big fish, seaweed and even on wrecks. But on friday I had a definate first. The line got caught in the current and was swept under the ice. Two large Icebergs collided and snapped the line in two and that is a real first for me. I got my own back by carrying away a bucket full of ice pieces and the water that has been frozen for a thousand years is the best I have ever tasted.
Who said that serving the Lord was BORING?
Sunday 30th of September 2007 01:27:47 PM

Heavy mist and light drizzle today as I drove towards Hofn. I have pulled in by the Icebergs that have broken off the largest glacier outside the Arctic area. It feels very eerie but is still extremely beautiful and one of my favourite places in the country.Tomorrow I meet the christians from Hofn for an outreach followed by a concert by the Reykjavik Gospel Choir.
Friday 28th of September 2007 08:05:00 PM

Back on the mainland and slowly heading for Hofn to speak on sunday afternoon. I should be in Akureyri by next wednesday or thursday and hope that by then I will be able to do some outreach. The weather has turned milder again but I don't know how long for.
Thursday 27th of September 2007 11:23:25 PM

The weather is very cold and it looks like the winter is well on it's way.I am now placed in the position of needing to make decisions about my length of stay here.I am getting very few visitors now as people prefer to stay at home and keep warm.It is a little disappointing that the people of Iceland are not using the visitor page as feedback to me. Much has happened here this last few weeks with souls for Christ and churches getting out into the community so I can leave with gtreat peace of mind if the Lord directs me to leave.If the snow hits the mountains before I make my decision it will cost five or six times as much to use a freight company for the bus to be transported out of the country. Please pray hat I will be given great wisdom. The newspaper article comes out tomorrow morning here and I shall make my decision in the next few days.
Wednesday 26th of September 2007 12:56:56 PM

The only visitor today was from the local newspaper wanting to do a write-up for this weeks edition.The sun is shining but it is bitterly cold with very high winds.It looks like I will be staying here a few days to enjoy the scenery and encourage the local church.I am informed that the weather is going to improve.I think I have managed to fix the generator temporarily.
Monday 24th of September 2007 08:42:00 PM

Bitterly cold with high winds tonight. The generator is having problems so I have no heating tonight. It looks like a very early night for me just to get warmed up. I can hopefully fix the generator tomorrow as it is only a rubber gasket required to stop the fuel leak.I spoke at the pentecostal church this morning and really felt the power of God throughout the whole meeting. How I pray that my time here will bring great blessings to the people of this lovely Island.Many people are driving past the bus and there is much speculation as to why I am here.The Islanders seem a little timid about stopping and calling in,I pray that soon I will be inundated with visitors.
Sunday 23rd of September 2007 11:08:02 PM

On the volcanic island of Westmannea. The crossing was great with a big swell most of the way and th boat rocking and rolling, My kind of sail!!! The pastor here is at conference in Norway but I am looking forward to meeting old friends from January.The weather is getting very cold now and I may have to leave the country before the concert I cannot risk driving over the mountains without snow tyres.
Sunday 23rd of September 2007 12:26:45 PM

The bus is back on tour at last!!!! I set off across the mountains to give the bus a trial run,It performed very well but I had to turn round because I ran into a snow blizzard. I believe it is very early for snow so I have to keep an eye on the weather now as I don't want to be marooned here for the winter.The meetings for the gospel concert are going well with great excitement from the members.The posters are printed and will begin appearing around Iceland this week. The young people of the area sre very excited and it looks like a success story already, but I will count my chickens after the event. Please pray for many souls.
Thursday 20th of September 2007 09:03:19 PM

Back in Iceland and the parts fitted perfectly.Elver and Harald are working on the bus damage and we should be back in business tomorrow.Much prayer is required as I once again go out to the people. It will be very difficult without translators helping but not impossible. The plans for the concerts in October are proceeding well and it should be a great success if we can get enough volunteers and councellors trained in the next few weeks.
Wednesday 19th of September 2007 12:37:19 AM

Spent the day in the lake district yesterday with my doctor *Rob* and his wife *Sara*. A good time of conversation, eating and relaxing was of real benefit to me.
Going to Vineyard church in Manchester this morning then driving to London Heathrow to fly back to Iceland with the parts. I hope I don't cause a bomb scare with all the metal bits in my luggage.
Tell your friends to search for Brother Clifford on Google. At the moment it is top of the search engine and if we can keep it there with constant logging on I am sure many people will hit the site by mistake ang maybe find answers to life's questions.People have been generous with contributions for the repairs but I am still short on the repair bill. Please Pray.
Sunday 16th of September 2007 10:02:13 AM

At last I have found the time and energy to leave a short message to my wonderful friends and supporters.
I have managed to get the parts and hope they are the correct ones. If anyone else in Europe had had a similar problem they would have beaten me to the last available parts for quite a while. God is really showing me his mighty power over all circumstances these days.
The bad news is that the parts cost over 70,000 Kroner and will cause me great difficulties if the Lord does not supply quickly. ( please pray)
I am spending the weekend with my doctor in Lancashire and fly back to Iceland on monday evening with the parts.
Thanks to all who have left messages they are such encouragement to me.
The video is great and The Web Master has another one to add very soon. Don't be afraid to download and copy them if you like.
The good news is that the temperature in Iceland is around freezing point, Just as I like it.
Friday 14th of September 2007 07:26:18 PM

Clifford has asked me to inform you of his current progress because he's currently stood here with a big cup of tea and wants a rest from typing :-)

Today Clifford's been driving around England from Bristol over to Bury to visit me (the 'web master') and in a few minutes will be driving through the night over to retford heading down the M62 to pick up parts from the only distributor he knows will have them (some kind of aluminium disk that is needed to fix the bus's suspension).

He has given me all his pictures he's taken over the last few years and a few videos of mud geezers and water falls to put onto the website. They should be on here soon :)

I've also been asked to simplify the "Prayer Forum" as he feels people aren't using it because of its complexity. There is also another video of Clifford from another Icelandic television broadcaster which I'll be uploading onto the site as well. I was quite surprised to hear that the other icelandic broadcast company that filmed him are (in comparison) as well known as the "BBC" are in the U.K.

Clifford sends his love and prayers out to everyone, he really appreciates all the support :)

God bless !
Thursday 13th of September 2007 08:20:58 PM

The bus goes into the garage tonight for repairs to the air system and wheel assembly. The damage is more serious than first anticipated and will take a few days to complete.I am praying about coming to England for a few days to see my bank manager about transferring funds to Iceland. The country is very expensive and I am struggling to make ends meet.Because I was not driving the bus in the accident I have to pay for the repairs as the pastor concerned does not seem willing to pay for the damage he caused.If I do come over I will be in the Manchester area for the weekend.
Monday 10th of September 2007 05:20:21 PM

The bus will be off the road for a few days for repairs and repainting. It is inconvenient but not a catastrophe. On tuesday and wednesday I am being used as a translator in the local school in the english lessons. I have also been asked to take the morning assembly on one of the days. If this is a success it will open up many more opportunities to speak to the children and youth and also help me to understand the culture and language better. This morning I spoke again at the pentecostal church followed by a birthday party in the church. This evening I was at another birthday party for the wife of Elver the mechanic. Everybody here is having birthdays every year,they must all be getting older!!!!!
Sunday 09th of September 2007 11:41:30 PM

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