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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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My time in Chichester was truly amazing and very satisfying.
I am now in the Bristol area and hoping to meet up with friends old and new.
My phone has been playing up and the computer needs replacing, it has done great service but is falling apart.
I will stay in this area for a few days.
Friday 30th 2016f September 2016 10:50:53 PM

I have been made to feel so welcome here in Chichester.
I spoke at Saint Pancras church on sunday morning and the joined Rev Mark Payne and a room full of students for lunch. I hear that many people are encouraged and talking about the strange evangelist.
I have been invited to lunch with addicts at the Pentecostal Church tomorrow.
God is answering my prayers.
Monday 26th 2016f September 2016 10:24:09 PM

Driving slow but sure towards Chichester.
I am parking at the side of the road and I am highly delighted with the results. Thousands of cars are passing by daily and cannot miss the texts on the van.

Thursday 22nd 2016f September 2016 07:38:43 PM

It is really good to be in home waters again.
I spent the weekend in Ramsgate and was informed that a dear friend had died and I had missed the funeral by only a couple of days.Jean has prayed for me daily since 1985 and warriors like her are hard to replace.
I am heading for Chichester this weekend to speak to a group of addicts.
Tuesday 20th 2016f September 2016 12:40:59 AM

Sweden, Latvia,Lithuania,Poland and then Germany. It was a journey that seemed never ending, but it is now over.
I arrived in Dover last night and headed for Ramsgate in Kent. The next couple of weeks will be taken at a more relaxed pace I hope.
Thanks for your prayers during the tour, it has been the best ever.
Sunday 18th 2016f September 2016 08:20:39 AM

From Bro Clifford asking for prayers for safe travelling as he heads
back to the U.K.just slightly ahead of the timeframe that was made when
the mission started out.And it has been a hectic time and feeling very tired
spoke with him earlier tonight and he asked that I would let all his followers
know that he was heading looking forward to seeing him so lets just do what he asks
pray for him.
Tuesday 13th 2016f September 2016 11:35:19 PM

Another great meeting in Hofors.
Sheila met me on Tuesday in Jarbo at the prayer meeting and asked me to come and speak today in Hofors.
She hired a hall that has not been used for years and then scrubbed the floors and cleaned the place.She contacted her neighbours and went on the street inviting people to come. 17 turned up and she now plans to continue the meetings on a two weekly basis. "That is Faith"
I leave Scandinavia on Monday and sail for Riga in Latvia.
I am heading back to Britain earlier than expected.The van is sounding a little tired.
Friday 09th 2016f September 2016 11:59:04 PM

The tour goes on but I have banking problems. My Debit Card has stopped working and if it cannot be resolved from here I will have to come home.

The meeting in Jarbo on Tuesday was incredible and even two days later I feel the peace that only the Holy Spirit can give.
Speaking tonight In Ockelbo and tomorrow in Hofors.
Thursday 08th 2016f September 2016 08:44:32 AM

A busy weekend for me.
Last night I went to a family service and really enjoyed myself. It was good to hear that four young adults made a decision for Jesus at the end of the meeting.
This morning I spoke at the Pentecostal church and this afternoon relaxed and attended the local Lutheran Church. Few people but a great blessing.
Sunday 04th 2016f September 2016 09:04:34 PM

After a mammoth drive I am now in Sandviken and ready to get on with the work.
The trip here seemed to go on for ever but I got many opportunities to talk about our dear Saviour.
Only Eternity will allow us to know the results of our labours.
I am having computer problems and it looks like I will have to invest in a new one. I have had this one for around eight years so I think an update is about due.
Thursday 01st 2016f September 2016 11:34:00 PM

A memorable weekend in Tromso.
Now in Sweden and heading south.a couple of thousand Kilometres to drive but out here there is nothing to see but fir trees. Few people to meet for a few days but I will be soon be south of the Arctic Circle.
All told a good trip so far.
Thursday 25th 2016f August 2016 02:01:23 PM

Parked opposite the Arctic Cathedral on the outskirts of Tromso and still in the High Arctic area of Finnmark.
I am speaking at the Free Evangelical Church this evening. The pastor drove by yesterday and saw the van parked up. He has arranged a special meeting for me.
Tomorrow evening I speak at the students meeting in Tromso.
Saturday 20th 2016f August 2016 12:33:04 PM

All is going really well out here. I have passed the town of Alta and I am now taking my time driving along the Alta Fjiord.
Had good conversation with three German Gypsies who are on holiday here.
Met them last week and spoke of the Lord to them before they headed to North Cape. Yesterday they turned up again and we had a blessed time together.
Please pray for Cill who has just been diagnosed with cancer after twenty years of remission.
Wednesday 17th 2016f August 2016 10:16:51 AM

A great time at the North Cape and the Midnight Sun experience lasted over four hours. An incredible Sunset.
I am now slowly making my way to Alta Fjiordur and will be in Tromso next weekend.
Please keep on praying.
Sunday 14th 2016f August 2016 07:15:19 PM

Once again I am parked at the North Cape.
For those who do not know of this place. I am now on the most northerly mainland tip of Europe.
Nothing but water and ice lies between the van and the North Pole.
I could not reach here yesterday because of the very powerful Arctic winds blowing off the sea. I lost count of the number of mountains I had to drive over and the roads are very narrow with many twists and turns.
I will stay here until tomorrow and take the opportunity to pray for the Christians and others who are to the South of me.
"That means EVERYONE on Earth" Please join me.
Thursday 11th 2016f August 2016 07:32:47 PM

Heading for North Cape and I have just arrived in Norway.
It is a very strange feeling in my heart today. As I write this update to you all. I am aware that my sister is being buried in another country.
So much sadness in my heart, Please Pray.
Tuesday 09th 2016f August 2016 11:45:51 AM

I am so thankful for the prayers and thoughts of so many of you out there.
It has been a very hard week for me with family problems and constant telephone calls from my sisters.
The funeral of Florence will take place on Tuesday but I will continue the work here in Finland.
I am now well past the Arctic Circle and will arrive in Inari later today.
Please forgive me for not updating the site but I am sure you will understand the reasons why!!!
Sunday 07th 2016f August 2016 09:38:04 AM

Heading for the Arctic Circle again!!!
I received a call last night to let me know that my sister had died. Her last few months had not been good for her so it is a relief that she is out of her suffering.
I cannot get home for the funeral but will be praying for my other 4 sisters.
Monday 01st 2016f August 2016 04:01:27 PM

What a terrible week I have had.
Last week I left the computer running whils't I did another job. I got back a few minutes later to find Windows 10 had loaded and I had no idea what to do.
I just could not find my way around and could not even access my Web Site.
On Monday I got a call from England to tell me that my eldest sister had been rushed into hospital with no chance of survival. Her kidneys and bowels had stopped functioning and I had to make the decision as to whether I remained here or went home.
I decided to carry on with the work here in Finland.
This morning I was told that Florence is now in a coma and it is a waiting game.
Please pray for her son "Sheldon" He lives in Australia and he lost his Father with cancer a few months ago. He hopes to arrive in England early next week.
My birthday was celebrated in the forest and I look forward to another year of travel.
I rand Chris Wright a little while ago and he helped me get rid of Windows 10.
All is back to normal.
Saturday 30th 2016f July 2016 08:35:36 PM

After driving through Lithuania I headed onwards towards Riga in Latvia.
I was shocked to receive directions to meet up with the family this ministry helped five years ago.
I really felt that the work there was completed.
First I met up with Liga ! She shares the same birth date as myself and now works as a nanny to three young boys. She is still the same lovely young lady who goes out of her way to help others.
Next I drove for miles along forest roads to meet the family.
A celebration tea was put on for me and then at their request a meeting was held in their home.
It lasted for over two hours and showed me the deep love they all had for Jesus.
I have now arrived at Tallin in Estonia and await instructions.
Do I sail for Finland today or tomorrow?
It is out of my Hands !!!
Sunday 24th 2016f July 2016 11:11:26 AM

A great week. Three days of complete rest before heading to Gdynia in Poland to meet up with friends from the Faroe Islands.
I spent tuesday in Gdynia with Gordon Peter and Oliver where I visited a shipyard.
They have some ships being converted to Salmon Feeding vessels. I was able to go on board and pray for the project.
This morning I am parked on the Polish Border and head into Lithuania in a couple of hours.
Thursday 21st 2016f July 2016 09:49:17 AM

Back in Poland and I have parked in a caravan site until Monday.
I sent out the newsletter last night and I have been astounded by the positive reaction from my supporters.
I had never realised how many of you had such an interest in the Jewish heritage and recent history.
How we must pray that my visit to Poland and Germany bears much fruit.
Friday 15th 2016f July 2016 06:30:50 PM

I have just left Ravensbruk Camp in Germany and have completed the mission set for me " I Believe"
It has been very tiring but also very rewarding with many rewarding conversations from people worldwide. I never realised how many people visited these camps and the number of teenagers and people of the Jewish faith I was able to speak to made me feel very humble.
A portion of one exibit told the story of the Heroins of the camp.
I was delighted to read of the witness and clandestine Bible Studies of one of my Hero's.
Corrie ten Boon.
Yes. I am tired out, But it has been a truly rewarding week for me with many memories I shall treasure.
I now head for Gdinia in Poland and will take a few days break before heading North.
Monday 11th 2016f July 2016 10:26:44 PM

Yesterday was very difficult and totally frustrating as I spent hours driving narrow roads and not being able to find my destination.
All camps have been visited in Poland except Chelmo. I just could not find it!!
Today I am driving towards Gdynia where I meet up with Gordon and Oliver from the Faroe Islands on Monday. Weather is changeable.
Pictures from Austwich are now on the Pictures Pages and worth spending some time on.
Saturday 09th 2016f July 2016 09:10:08 AM

A week of non stop travelling and prayer as I visit the Death Camps in Poland.
Up to now I have been to.
Austwich. Birkenau. Sobibor and Belzek.
Today I arrived at Treblinka and feel worn out mentally and physically. I feel this job is beyond me and my understanding but must continue until the end.
Tonight I am parked in the grounds of Treblinka and tomorrow will move on to the final camp at Chelmo.
I hope to send a newsletter in the next few days.
Thursday 07th 2016f July 2016 10:54:53 PM

At AUSTWICH and I have spent three hours this morning slowly walking around the camp and feeling my heart would break and never recover.
I now travel five kilometres to BIRKENAU. This is the main centre for extermination of MILLIONS.
I will never know why I have been told to do this work, but with your prayers I will somehow get through.
In just over an hour I will celebrate communion in the camp grounds and pray that Christians WORLDWIDE will join me.
Sunday 03rd 2016f July 2016 12:43:02 PM

Clifford haa aaked me to pass on this message,this sunday at 1.00pm our time
he will be holding a service in AUSTWICK CONCENTRATION CAMP for all the jews
killed there during the war,and would ask that we would join him at that time.
He is hoping time permitting to travel round all the other camps in and around Poland offering up prayers for all those killed in those camps.I would ask for safe travelling in this area

Saturday 02nd 2016f July 2016 12:45:14 AM

The weekend in Kuhmo has gone very well and everyone heard the true message of the Cross.
For various reasons I have decided (in prayer ) to move on and will be heading South for Helsinki and onwards towards Poland.
Please pray for the financial requirements of the work at this time, it is getting a little tough.
Sunday 26th 2016f June 2016 06:31:08 PM

I have just heard that my friend in the Faroe Islands has just been made a Grandfather.
Please join me as I wish many Congratulations to Gordon and his family on the birth of a little girl.
Friday 24th 2016f June 2016 01:17:41 PM

What a trip!!
What a Glorious Saviour I serve !!!!!
The home group meeting went very well in Ockelbo and I pray it touched many hearts.
I drove all night because of roadworks and diversions all the way to Umea. A five hour journey took over nine hours.
I managed to get passage on board a ship to Vaasa and then onward to Kuhmo.
I reached here last night.
I am now parked up at the camp site and getting ready for the midsummer festival,
Please pray for the next two weeks of mission.
Thursday 23rd 2016f June 2016 04:54:38 PM

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