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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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Saturday morning I joined the group for outreach and in the evening spoke at the Free church.
Today I joined Timo at Ivantira Lutheran Church and spoke on the subject of prayer. This afternoon Spoke at a forest coffee house to a lovely group of older people like myself.
I am staying in the forest tonight it is very quiet here.
Sunday 25th of May 2014 08:57:12 PM

I kept my word to myself and headed into the forest for one of my favourite parking places.
Within minutes of turning off the engine I was surprised to hear a knock on the door. It was a long distance lorry driver from Murmansk who had spoken to me three or four years ago. He was really excited to see me again and went away with loads of English biscuits for his family.
I moved on this afternoon to try and get some peace but wherever I pull in I am being disturbed by Christians who want to know more about the work.This has never happened in Finland before and I wonder if this is the work of the enemy who want to wear me out. Please Pray that I shall have Divine Wisdom.
Thursday 22nd of May 2014 07:09:02 PM

The weather has settled down at last. During the day the temperature is around 28 degrees centigrade but it is raining during the night.
This evening I spoke at the free church and it was a really incredible night.
I am feeling rather worn out so have driven out into the forest until friday. It meant having to cancel a street meeting but I believe it is time to use a little wisdom.
A lady made a commitment to Jesus this evening and I am hearing wonderful things from those who are attending the meetings.
The numbers of readers of the web pages are increasing, but is no one getting excited about the contents of this page? Please leave a comment to encourage other readers and it would really help me to know who is reading.
Wednesday 21st of May 2014 11:00:53 PM

During the night we had a thunderstorm like I have never seen before. The wind was bending the trees and then the sheet lightening was more than the eyes could tolerate. I never thought that thunder could be so loud but for the hour the storm lasted the power of creation seemed to be unleashed.
I had made plans to wash the outside of the motor home but this morning it was spotless.
This morning I joined the singing group in the market place for outreach and this afternoon I was singing at the funeral of Benjamin. A man I have met over the last five years of visiting Kuhmo.
Tuesday 20th of May 2014 08:14:29 PM

I continue with the message of yesterday of the prayer time at the evening meeting on Saturday.
Yesterday I was taken on a 200 kilometre round trip to speak at an Evangelical church in Kajaani.
One of the ladies in the car was telling that through the prayer on Saturday she had been healed of a long standing problem.
A man of about my age had come for prayer with a serious stomach and intestine problem. He testified in the meeting that the problem had disappeared over a period of hours and he now had NO discomfort.
I felt great freedom during the meeting in Kajaani and after the service People came forward for prayer. " It took over Two Hours " before the prayer time finished. So many need a touch.
This morning I joined Timo at the local mentally handicapped home and we had a joyful and very clappy time together,
Tonight I joined the members of the music group as we prayed for a lady called Pirjo.
She has a brain tumour and goes to hospital for treatment tomorrow morning, Please pray for her. She always makes me so welcome here in Kuhmo
Monday 19th of May 2014 07:12:53 PM

It is a good thing to serve the Lord.
The words of the songwriter are so true. I have had a fantastic time today and wish it would never end.
This morning I met up with the Free Church music group for the first of the summer outdoor outreach meetings. I was able to speak on two occasions and as i sang, it seemed as if the whole town came to a stop.The shoppers just stood and listened to the message.
This evening I was speaking at a special meeting in the Lutheran Church with Timo translating for me. The meeting went very well and everyone seemed content. i thought it was all over until someone asked for prayer as I was entering the Motorhome.
People came from all corners and within moments the van was packed out and a queue had formed outside. The prayer time took well over an hour and I finished totally exhausted.
Keep on praying my friends, IT WORKS !!!!!!!!!!
Saturday 17th of May 2014 09:55:09 PM

I am being made so welcome here in Kuhmo. My friend Timo is the priest in charge of the Lutheran church here and is spending much of his time translating for me.
Yesterday evening I spoke at the prayer meeting at the free church.
Today has been busy!
Lunchtime was spent at the Pentecostal Church where I joined the local old age pensioners and the unemployed for the weekly free meal and distribution of food parcels.
Tea time I spoke at the Funeral Chapel to a group of 25 young people who are preparing for confirmation. I spoke on death and the promise of Life.
Two hours later I was at the youth cafe where we had a lively discussion about the REALITY of JESUS.
Friday 16th of May 2014 08:48:50 PM

The Lord works in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform.
After making up my mind to slowly drive to Kuhmo I was met with a feeling of urgency within.
I fought the feeling for a while then decided to give into it. I am now parked up in Kuhmo and I thank God for His intervention.
After days of sunny and calm weather, I have woken up this morning to heavy snow.
I will not be driving very far for the next few days.
Wednesday 14th of May 2014 07:42:52 AM

I got out of Estonia very quickly. it seemed the sensible thing to do.
I am now driving along the border in Finland and have driven down to three entry points up to now.
Weather is mixed with sunshine yesterday but very heavy rain today.
I ashould arrive in the Kuhmo area by thursday or friday.
Sunday 11th of May 2014 09:04:05 AM

The weather is not very good. Snow and bright sunshine make driving very difficult.
I am now crossing Estonia and listening very hard to find the plan for the way.
There is a heavy presence of soldiers on the roads which I have never seen before.
Please keep your prayers ascending for the Lords will to be done.
Tuesday 06th of May 2014 12:43:30 PM

I am now parked in a forest clearing & on my way to the city of Vilnius. Yesterday I spent a few hours in Poland. Move on to the border tomorrow.
Friday 02nd of May 2014 01:03:44 PM

I am now in latvia. This afternoon was spent visiting the jewish ghetto in riga. I have moved on to the concentration camp site at salapils and will stay here overnight.
Wednesday 30th of April 2014 06:51:40 PM

Due to the political situation in the Baltic region I have prayed about the tour in that region and have now left Sweden.
I arrive in Riga ( Latvia ) tomorrow morning and then await directions from the Lord. There are problems in Estonia I believe but that cannot prevent the mission going onward.
It may be a few days before I can get back on the internet but I know that many of you will uphold me in prayer as I put my head in the Lion's den.
Tuesday 29th of April 2014 06:16:22 PM

Thank you to the many visitors to the web site. It is good to see the numbers of visitors increasing which means more are involved in the vital prayer cover the mission desperately requires.
I spent a couple of days in the forest amid the great splendour of Our Father's Creation.
The only sounds were of birds singing and the babble of the tiny river.
This morning I preached for the final service of Easter at the Jarbo Pentecostal Church.
I sail from Stockholm to Latvia on May 1st.
My first task will be to The Jewish Ghetto in Riga followed by a visit to the forest concentration camp at Salapils.
Sunday 27th of April 2014 09:40:40 PM

How I thank God for the speaking engagements over the past two weeks.
The numbers of people attending the meetings are on the increase and I feel the Lord is speaking to many hearts. Only Eternity will reveal the truth.
I have been told of a visitor site in the neighbourhood where I can park up and recharge my batteries. It is miles from anywhere and should be very quiet at this time of year.
I hope to head there today and spend a couple of days retreat.
Wednesday 23rd of April 2014 08:56:35 AM

All is still going well and I am finding a true peace in my heart.
The radio interview went very well on Easter Eve. It is such a joy to be able to be used by my friends in their ministries.
The sermon on Easter Sunday Morning went very well and The Holy Spirit was very evident throughout the service.I speak at the Pentecostal church tomorrow evening.
Monday 21st of April 2014 10:09:13 PM

Just finished an afternoon meeting at Vallhorskyrkan which went very well.
At midnight UK time I will be broadcasting by telephone to Limavady Baptist Church who use radio every Easter to promote the Gospel. If anyone desires to listen in.Just log on to Limavady Baptist Church and you will be able to access the broadcast. Please pray that many will hear the Good News as my dear friend Norman Sommerville interviews me.
Easter Sunday morning I will be speaking at Jarbo Pentecostal.
Saturday 19th of April 2014 09:15:12 PM

I was working on the streets of Hofors last night from 11pm until 2am this morning.
it was very cold sat in the motorhome but a number of helpers stayed with me and translated into Swedish. Most of the visitors had taken alcohol but treated us with respect. A conversation was struck up with a young man from Afghanistan and His Friend.They stayed for nearly an hour and the interpreters were very encouraged.
I found out at the end of the evening that these late nights are getting too much for this old croney.But I did enjoy myself.
Day off today and parked up at the roadside.
Friday 18th of April 2014 06:26:13 PM

Tired but happy is how I sum up my condition this evening.I spoke at Jarbo pentecostal church last night and I believe it was a very blessed meeting.
Tonight I was speaking in the Sandviken area at Stensatra Lutheran church where the priest Michael Wistrand translated for me. It was a truly Blessed meeting. Tomorrow I am visiting friends in Hedesunda and tomorrow night will be on the streets in Hofors during the nightclub hours.
Wednesday 16th of April 2014 10:43:00 PM

After a journey that never seemed to end I am now in Sandviken. I did not realise how I was missing the forest until I arrived in Sweden on saturday.
I made it to my appointment to preach in Hofors on Sunday morning with just ten minutes to spare after a five day journey.
Tonight I am speaking in Jarbo to a group of recovering alcoholics.
Tuesday 15th of April 2014 11:45:28 AM

At last the time has come for me to head for other countries to serve Our Beautiful Saviour.
I am now waiting for the ferry to arrive and and leave for Denmark this evening and arrive in Esbjerg tomorrow afternoon. On Sunday I will be speaking at Hofors in Sweden, a drive of around one thousand four hundred miles.
I know I can depend upon many of my readers to pray for me. But it would be lovely to actually read your comments on the web site.
I hope to return to the UK in early October.
Wednesday 09th of April 2014 12:01:56 PM

The operation on Syl has been successful and she is now out of intensive care. My prayer is for a speedy recovery and that ALL cancer nodules have been removed-
I am now in the Bristol and Weston super Mare area and getting ready to leave for Denmark next week. I pray that this shall be a tour of a lifetime and that Our Heavenly Father shall be Glorified during each stage of the journey.
Thanks to Eric and Brian for your very uplifting comments. I pray that even more will contribute to the Visitors Atrium in the next months.
Yesterday was a very special meeting in the home of John Ellis and the presence of the Holy Spirit was very evident.
Thursday 03rd of April 2014 01:08:17 PM

I am so pleased to announce that the Motor Home has passed the MOT test and I can now concentrate on getting ready for the forthcoming tour.
The garage bill is far more than I thought it would be but I am sure the Lord will supply my needs as always.
I have heard that Syl's operation has been delayed for a week and she must attend the hospital on monday. How I pray that this dear friend will soon be on the road to recovery.
I am still hearing good reports from Buckie in Scotland which proves that people are praying out there.
Friday 28th of March 2014 01:03:49 AM

I have had a few pleasant days in the Bolton area and met up with or spoke to a number of people whom I have not seen for years. I had dinner with Doctor Rob and Doctor Sara on wednesday and it was good to catch up with their news.
my dinner appointment on thursday had to be cancelled because of sickness.
Steve and Syl have been friends for years and we meet up when we can. Syl goes into hospital today to have a section of her lung removed tomorrow ( Tuesday )
She was afraid of contracting an infection and the surgery being cancelled. Please Pray for this lovely couple of saints.
Today I am in Hereford and have spent a few hours with Brian and Barbara which I really enjoyed.
I move on to Cannock tomorrow and the Motorhome goes for expensive repairs and an MOT on thursday. Please pray for the finances.

Monday 24th of March 2014 07:32:26 PM

I left Buckie on Monday evening and after a long and often windy drive I am back in Lancashire.
I left a very excited church and since leaving I have had a number of phone calls telling of the Blessings received during the Sunday meeting.
I have asked the people to share their excitement on the Visitors Atrium but I can only hope they do.
Please pray for Gavin and Claire who only took over the pastorship a few weeks ago. They are doing a great job but need our prayerful help.
Wednesday 19th of March 2014 08:58:51 AM

The trip to Buckie was long and very tiring. I arrived here after a three day journey and really enjoyed the drive over the Cairngorm's but was pleased when I finally arrived.
My friend Gavin was the preacher this morning and during the service he dedicated a young girl and then baptised a young man. It was a great time of fellowship.
I was able to give testimony this evening and really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during the meeting.
It was incredible to see evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit as a number of people rededicated themselves to the Lord's service and we also saw a couple of people gloriously saved.
I should leave here tomorrow but may delay until tuesday.
Sunday 16th of March 2014 11:58:46 PM

I firmly believe that my trip to Ireland has been my most successful since the Prayer Tour of 2000 when I drove the caravan around the whole coastline.
I have met many new people and have seen great results for the Kingdom. I pray that those who made decisions continue following our wonderful Saviour.
I have now left the Emerald Isle and I am now heading for Buckie in the far north of Scotland.
I will be speaking at Buckie Baptist Church on sunday evening before I head south to Lancashire.
Please keep on praying, It Really Does Work.
Thursday 13th of March 2014 10:39:41 PM

my time in County Fermanagh was very well spent and the feedback from the Stauros group was very encouraging. I am back in County Tyrone for the weekend and will spend tomorrow being fed at the Lifeboat Fellowship as I prepare to leave Ireland on wednesday.
Please pray as I move onwards and upwards.
Saturday 08th of March 2014 08:28:38 PM

I am now back in the north and enjoying myself. Unfortunately I cannot always get a connection on the internet.
I have been very encouraged by the number of people accessing the web site but cannot understand why no one is leaving a message on the Visitors Atrium. What would I do without Eric and Brian? they seem to be the only regular contributors.
I will be speaking at the Stauros Group meeting in Enniskillen on Wednesday and will be at the Enniskillen Farmers Mart on wednesday and thursday.
Monday 03rd of March 2014 02:02:04 AM

I will be speaking at the Moyross Centre in Limerick tonight and at a home meeting in Castlebar tomorrow night.
My time in Kerry is now at an end and I leave here feeling well rested for the journey.
I will not be able to access the internet for a few days, until I reach Northern Ireland.
Monday 24th of February 2014 10:02:53 AM

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