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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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It is holiday season here at the moment and many families are on summer holidays.
This means I can take a few days off.
I have decided ( in Prayer ) to keep a promise I made to Wesley many years ago.
I said that if I was needed I would come.
I fly to Edinburgh this evening and depending upon the situation I will get to Northern Ireland in a few days time. On the way I hope to pick up medical supplies I need from my doctor.
Sunday 25th 2017f June 2017 01:58:56 PM

Raining again and still cold.
I have just returned from a house party in the home of my friend Sofus. A time of food and witness.
I have just had an urgent call from my dear friends Wesley and Carole in Dungannon, Northern Ireland.
Wesley's mum has been in hospital for a few weeks after a fall. They are at the hospital tonight because the doctors have taken mum off all medication etc.
Please pray for them at this sad time and also for Wesleys dad who is missing his wife of 64 years.
Thursday 22nd 2017f June 2017 11:53:58 PM

No engagements yesterday and with the atrocious weather I was very pleased.
Today, sunshine is expected but all we have is rain.
I am working on a new project with Oliver and will update if the vision becomes reality. Today I will spend time producing CD's. I have not used them for some time but I think it is time to reintroduce some of my singing.
Monday 19th 2017f June 2017 12:09:37 PM

On wednesday I spoke at the Elim Brethren Church in Runavik.
My translator had great difficulty as the sermon progressed, he kept bursting into tears ( so did many in the congregation). It is amazing what a personal testimony can do to the hearts of believers and those seeking Salvation.
Today has been spent getting the van a little tidier and hoovering.
This evening I go to meet Jens Beck in Skala to have some compute problems sorted out.
Thanks to Brian in Antrim, my mail has caught up with me at last.
Only two personal letters, one a Christmas Card and the other an Easter card.
Friday 16th 2017f June 2017 02:20:45 PM

Yesterday I Spoke at Betesda in Klaxvik and tomorrow I am speaking at the Bible study in Runavik Elim.
We have had three glorious days of sunshine but now the rain clouds are gathering.
It was good to read the comments from Eric about the Gospels for the local Phillipino people. How I wish I could carry everything I may need but I would need a removal van or a train.
Tuesday 13th 2017f June 2017 11:54:32 PM

The sun has been shining today but it is cold here because of the Atlantic.
I was invited out to dinner with Oliver and his family last night Icelandic Lamb was the main course and I really enjoyed myself. I met a young man there and was delighted that he came from The Phillipine Islands and was a follower of Jesus. Durind conversation I was informed that the Phillipine population here on the Faroes was over one hundred and many still spoke or read in their native dialect.
The last time I called at the printers in Northern Ireland I felt led to include the John's Gospel in the language of Tagalog (Philipines)
They are now in my new friend's possession and will be distributed in the next few days.
Ain't God Great.
Thursday 08th 2017f June 2017 09:50:22 PM

Yesterday was a day off,but still I had visitors.Praise the Lord.
MY OLD COMPUTER HAS PACKED UP ON ME after nearly ten years. It is fortunate that I bought a second hand replacement on EBay during the winter and Jonathon had set it up for me.
Today the sun is shining and I am on my way to Klaxvik and I am taking the opportunity to buy a couple of new [second hand] shirts from the charity shop.
I also hope to meet up with old friends this afternoon.
Tuesday 06th 2017f June 2017 01:41:47 PM

Weather very strange here. Too much rain,too often. We have had a couple of sunny days during the week though.
Yesterday I went to a birthday party in Skala.
Jans was three years old when I first met him but now he is a fifteen year old "Soldier of Christ".
This morning I spoke at "Siloa" Evangelical Church in Fuglafjordur.
I look forward to a busy week but it depends upon the weather.
Sunday 04th 2017f June 2017 09:51:06 PM

Yesterday I spoke at "Hermon Evangelical Church" Nordepil.
A small church with very faithful members.
I did not even know of the church until Oliver mentioned it and then he was kind enough to make arrangements for me to give testimony.
Eric has been hoping I would speak to small churches for years.
Here on the Islands, my main work is encouraging isolated communities and small groups.
Monday 29th 2017f May 2017 10:25:20 AM

All going well but feeling tired and cold.
I am meeting a few old friends and making new ones as well.Spoke at a small church on Sunday morning. I always enjoy going to Kvalbak. Everyone, including the children seem to really listen as I speak to them.
Tuesday 23rd 2017f May 2017 09:37:03 PM

All going well.
Phone in constant use and many conversations.
Weather LOUSY.
Wednesday 17th 2017f May 2017 10:40:54 PM

Tired of the constant rain and last night brought back memories if the double decker buses. I had a very wet bed!
I have now found the leak and hope to fix it tomorrow.
This morning I spoke at Hebron Gospel hall in Torshavn and was very well received.
This church took a major role in distributing John's Gospel for me last year.
Sunday 14th 2017f May 2017 10:31:34 PM

Cold and very wet.The van is certainly getting an extended car wash and the waterfalls I can see from here are in full flow.
I do not need to move as visitors are coming here.
Praying for my date to leave for Denmark on Norrona.
Friday 12th 2017f May 2017 12:34:00 PM

I arrived back to the mainland last night, just in time to greet the rain.
I believe my time on Suderoy was a success, but only time will tell.
I have spent today praying for direction but will now wait and see what the Lord requires of me.
Wednesday 10th 2017f May 2017 05:36:31 PM

I am now on the Island of Suderoy and enjoying the sunshine.
Eric has left a comment that John Wesley preached 40,000 sermons. Sorry Eric but I just preach but don't keep a record. Every sermon is given to me by the Holy Spirit and I have NO intention of starting ANOTHER DENOMINATION !!!!
Blessings to ALL.
Friday 05th 2017f May 2017 07:08:19 PM

After a busy few days in Eida it is time to move on.
I leave here later today and head for Torshavn and then sail for Suderoy where I am speaking on Sunday.
The wind is gusting but the sun is shining and it is still cold.
Tuesday 02nd 2017f May 2017 09:51:55 AM

I am told that Sunday is a day of rest, so why am I so tired this evening.
I think the commandment means to work for six days and preach on Sunday-
It is good to be tired after a day of Blessings.
I spoke at the Brethren Assembly in Gorte this morning and at a Pentecostal Home Meeting this evening.
I go to bed tonight Tired but Content.
Sunday 30th 2017f April 2017 10:45:57 PM

Internet connection at last!
I am amazed by the number of people I have had the opportunity to speak to since I left the shores of the U K.
God is so faithful and certainly honours those who Love Him.
I am now on the Faroe Islands and arrived with the FIRST SNOW of the winter.
Today the sun is shining and the snow has gone. Now comes the rain.
Tonight I am going to dinner with Jack and his family and looking forward to local lamb and good fellowship.
Thank You to all who pray for me and how I hope to continue serving our Lord for the forseeable future.
Also thanks to Brian Fleming for his help with this page when I could not get access, and CONGRATULATIONS on his 15th Birthday in Jesus. Well Done my Friend.

Friday 28th 2017f April 2017 04:26:54 PM

Hi there a further message from Bro Clifford he wants you all to know that he is still
unable to get internet connection at the minute,He has just left Norway heading for the Faroes and give him a few days to get broadband setup.Clifford you will only see this when you have made internet connection forgot to say to you that 15years ago you led me to the Lord on 21/4/2012.So thank you lord for our divine appointment.
Saturday 22nd 2017f April 2017 09:00:10 PM

Message from Bro clifford he asks that I pass on this message
at the minute he cannot get internet connection,he is passing through
Germany and hopes to be able to make the internet connection when
he reaches Holland as he heads towards the Faroes islands.So just keep
the prayers going for many meetings when he gets there.
Thursday 13th 2017f April 2017 06:29:26 PM

Message from Bro clifford he asks that I pass on this message
at the minute he cannot get internet connection,he is passing through
Germany and hopes to be able to make the internet connection when
he reaches Holland as he heads towards the Faroes islands.So just keep
the prayers going for many meetings when he gets there.
Thursday 13th 2017f April 2017 06:27:56 PM

My time in the UK is nearly at an end and when I can get a access to the web site I will be booking my cross channel journey.
It has been a hectic week and I am pleased to say that I am now very happy with my new ( second hand ) settee.
Yesterday I joined my friend Doris as she celebrated her 100th Birthday at her nursing home in the Lake District.
She was pleased to receive a telegram from the Queen.
Friday 07th 2017f April 2017 11:55:11 PM

I am getting ready to leave Weston super Mare and will call at Bristol tomorrow before heading for the mechanic's in Stafford on Saturday.
I have asked my readers to pray for Syl as she has gone through cancer treatment.
She starts a new course of chemotherapy after Easter,Please pray for her and her husband and my dear friend Steve at this time.
Friday 31st 2017f March 2017 12:07:30 AM

Having a good time in Weston.
I should leave here in a few days and head back to Stafford to have a new bed settee in the van. The one in the Visitor section is in a bad state with btoken springs and peeling covering.
It looks like I will leave the UK on the 8th of April.
Tuesday 28th 2017f March 2017 12:41:32 PM

The Motorhome has passed the M O T. Praise the Lord.
It cost over £4,000 but now is running a lot better.
Thank You to all you wonderful Prayer WARRIORS who hold the work before The Throne of Grace.
I have driven down to Weston super Mare and will be in this area for about a week.
I will now take the opportunity to pack everything properly for the next stage of the journey.
Wednesday 22nd 2017f March 2017 05:29:25 PM

I have been at the garage in Cannock for over a week now.
I was aware of the van needing a full overhaul but did not anticipate the extent of repairs required.
The broken front windscreen has been replaced.
The rear brake drums were badly worn and have had to be renewed as well as the brake linings. Dave, the head mechanic was shocked to find the Prop Shaft was worn out. He says that he has never had to replace one in fifteen years.
Two mechanics have worked for six days to bring the van up to scratch.
It goes for MOT on Monday morning and I pray it passes.
Sunday 19th 2017f March 2017 01:03:53 AM

Today was a treasure !!!
The sun shone and it felt like spring. I joined Doctor Rob and Doctor Sara for the journey to Grange over Sands to visit my friend Doris. It was a time of true Blessings as we shared memories and talked about Jesus.
Tomorrow I head for Bristol to meet up with John before I retrace my steps to Stafford for the MOT.
Friday 10th 2017f March 2017 12:13:50 AM

I have spent the past few days getting the van ready for mechanical work to begin.
Today I will be going for lunch with Doctor Rob and on Thursday I will be visiting Doris.
A dear friend who will be 100 years old in a couple of months. She is a real treasure for the Kingdom and an inspiration to ALL who meet her.
Tuesday 07th 2017f March 2017 12:40:26 PM

All still going well but feeling the cold.
I am praying for direction to my next port of call but at the moment I am in the Bolton area.
I was parked up over the weekend and was pleased to welcome Neil to the van.
He was very interested and I pray we will meet up again in the future and He WILL make a decision for Jesus.
Wednesday 01st 2017f March 2017 11:50:19 AM

The battery shelf has been replaced along with two new batteries at a cost of £500.
Much more work needs to be done before the van can pass the MOT test but will have to wait for a couple of weeks before Dave can fit me in.
I have been driving this vehicle for four years now and it has been a terrific work horse for me Carried tens of thousands of tracts and Bibles through 28 Countries and still ready to roll.
Please pray that the Lord will supply all that is needed for this years trip.
Friday 24th 2017f February 2017 10:49:01 AM

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