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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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The repairs have been done and have cost nearly 6,000. The problems have not been ironed out and I am a little disappointed with the results.
The heater still does not work and I had to bring out a mechanic to sort out an air leak.
I am still in the Fermanagh district and it is impossible to get a signal here. Please forgive me that I have not been able to update.
This week I have been in Ballinamallard and Enniskillen area. I spent last night at Bellinaleck but have moved on because I cannot get access to electricity.
I am heading for Carrickfergus today and will be speaking at Whitehead Baptist Church on sunday morning.
I will update as I am able.
Wednesday 28th of January 2009 01:00:49 PM

I cannot get onto the internet where I am and I will be here for a few more days getting the bus rejuvenated. Keep on praying
Sunday 18th of January 2009 10:56:19 AM

The sun has shone most of today and it was good to meet up with Gerald again. He sends his best wishes to all the readers who have met him or heard about his important part in the work.
I take the bus to the garage tomorrow for an estimate of the cost of all the repairs required. Much prayer required that the finance will arrive in the bank in time.
Wednesday 14th of January 2009 12:32:21 AM

I sailed from Scotland yesterday and arrived in Ulster at 6pm.
The night was spent on the Glenshane Pass but was disturbed by young people who seemed to enjoy honking their car horns and banging on the bus sides.
I hope to find somewhere a little quieter to park tonight.
I now await a phone call from my friend Mickey Stewart about the bus repairs. I believe they will be very expensive this winter because the sub zero temperatures around the Arctic Circle have caused much damage.
I will be able to recieve mail at my box number here for the next three or four weeks.
Tuesday 13th of January 2009 09:30:42 AM

After a day on the banks of Loch Lomond it is time to get going again.
The outreach at the Cumnock Cafe Outreach went very well and I was able to meet up with many friends. I am now outside the town of East Kilbride and ready to speak there tomorrow morning at the "Logos Christian Fellowship" in Kelso Road. In the evening I will take part at the Baptist Church service.
I am really thrilled to be askeed to speak in the Scotland area once again after a break of three years.
Saturday 10th of January 2009 06:34:24 PM

The last couple of days have been spent in Ayr relaxing and catching up with sleep.
Tomorrow I will be speaking at New Cumnock for the otreach cafe. On sunday I am booked to speak at East Kilbride.
Wednesday 07th of January 2009 07:14:34 PM

Having a great time in Britain.
I left the Bristol area and headed for Lancashire. There I met up with friends and was taken out for a meqal. I have a passion for Fish and chips at the moment so really enjoyed myself.
The Web Master and his family made me very welcome and we were able to discuss the web site and relax for a while.
This morning I spoke in Skipton and have now moved on to the Lake District. Most of this week will be spent in Scotland.
Sunday 04th of January 2009 05:29:37 PM

I was able to join with friends at two new years eve parties last night but got back to the bus before midnight to watch the firework displays from the car park. The sliding windows in the top of the bus gave me a great vantage point over the weston sky line and it was really enjoyable to stand and watch a dazzling display from every direction.
I left Weston this morning and met up with the christian author " Chris Wright" on Gordano service station. He wrote the book "Haslam's Journey" about the vicar who was converted during his own sermon. I was privelidged to be given a copy signed by the author.
If my book is ever written, It would have to be ghost written by someone like Chris who goes to a lot of trouble researching the facts to get everything correct.
Tonight I am parked up at Stafford service area.
Thursday 01st of January 2009 11:00:43 PM

Having a great time in Weston Super Mare.
I have been meeting my friends here and truly enjoying myself. At last the heating in my room is ok. I have been given two gas heaters and now it will be easier to heat the bus when I am stopped but I hope to get the bus heating sorted in the next few weeks.
I pray each reader has a blessed and safe new year and a year that will be a true testimony to the power and love of Jesus.
Wednesday 31st of December 2008 07:58:33 PM

Back in Britain at last.
I called to see some of my friends in Histon and then moved on to see Eric in Bishops Stortford. Eric is the person who led me to the Lord many years ago and has proved a true friend over the years. He is also one of the directors of Caleb Initiative, the charity that allows me to reclaim tax back.
At the moment I am on my way to meet friends in Bristol and Weston super Mare before I head north and across to Northern Ireland for around four weeks to have work done on the bus. I am having problems getting internet access so please bear with me.
Tuesday 30th of December 2008 08:52:26 AM

I am parked in a different lay-bye and feeling pleased that this part of the tour is nearly over.
Today was a little lonely as only two cars stopped here and no one came over to speak. The drivers just went to the toilet then drove away. Lunch was fried eggs on toast and my day has been spent cleaning and reading a nearly good book.
As I look back on today I realise just how fortunate I am. Only 13 years ago I would have given everything I had to be able to even remember christmas day and by this time in the evening I would have been drunk and probably in tears as I remembered the good times.
Today I did not eat very much. Today was spent doing the menial jobs I have kept putting off.Today I felt sorry for myself. Today I remembered why I was sitting in a cold bus in the middle of a foriegn country, and as I remembered why I was here. I felt content that I was walking the path the Lord Jesus gave me.
It was not my birthday I celebrated today, It was the birthday of my Lord Jesus and he did not want worldly celebrations, He wanted to share it with me.
I AM CONTENT. God Bless.
Friday 26th of December 2008 12:26:09 AM

I managed to catch the ferry from Gothenburg this morning and arrived in Denmark at lunchtime.
Sorry to say that all the foodshops I found had closed early so there is nothing special for christmas dinner.
I think it will be tinned reindeer or moose with chips. Eric did say on the visitor page that he hoped someone would bring venison for me. ( I'll kill him when I next see him)
I am parked in a picnic area in the middle of now where for the yuletide season and will probably spend christmas day cleaning the bus. It takes for ever to get rid of the dirt from the wet snow of Sweden.
May I wish all my friends out there a "Blessed Christ--mas" and a turkey filled New Year.
Wednesday 24th of December 2008 10:44:29 PM

I have arrived in Gothenberg after a really tiring drive. ( Over 400 miles today.)
There is only one ferry from here tomorrow to Denmark. If I cannot get on it I have an extra 600 kilometres to drive to get to my next ferry on saturday from Esjberg. I don't really fancy driving the route through Copenhagen during the christmas period.
I am ever so pleased that a few people are at last leaving me messages on the visitors page. It makes me feel that someone is actually standing beside me as I read them and I have a human being to communicate with.
I know the Lord is Always with me, BUT, how I miss the hug of a fellow christian on christmas day-
Wednesday 24th of December 2008 12:46:58 AM

It is now decided that I shall leave here today before the new fall of snow makes driving more dangerous on the roads. My gas heater packed up on friday and the elecric fan heaters are not really strong enough to combat the temperatures here in the bus, they only make draught which chills rather than warms.
I have been requested to return here when the winter is less severe and will do so at the begginning of April, then back to Lappland and keep my promises.
Christmas will be very lonely this year, but good sense must prevail.
Monday 22nd of December 2008 09:08:08 AM

Very little to do today. The schools have now finished for the Christmas break and this should give me time to relax before I begin the 2,000 Kilometre drive through Sweden and Denmark to catch the boat to Britain.
I am looking forward to a very quiet Christmas and because I am parked in the middle of a cemetery with only grave stones for company I don't think I shall be disturbed very often.
Friday 19th of December 2008 06:23:55 PM

Only five lessons to do today and I enjoyed speaking at most of them. The young adults of this town are really splendid to work with and most of them listen really well. Of course some get a little embarrassed when I begin singing to them, but that is only normal.
It is now agreed that I leave here on December 26th and return at the beginning of April.
The time here has been really enjoyable, but I am very tired after a non stop tour of nearly ten months. I am afraid the old body just cannot keep up the pace for ever. I look forward to Heaven when I don't need to sleep and I can talk about jesus without stopping. Some would agree that I would "never shut up"
Thursday 18th of December 2008 09:13:50 PM

As you will see by the time of this message, the day starts early here.
Yesterday I was booked to take a class of ten year olds at a fifferent junior school. I finished up doing two schools and six classes. The evening was spent speaking at a distant pentecostal church which was really well recieved.
Today I am speaking at another school with a full morning and afternoon of teaching. Feeling very tired at the moment, but I will soon be on form.
Thursday 18th of December 2008 06:12:16 AM

The second message for today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please check the "Prayer Forum Page" and look at Naomi and also Old workmate. Please treat these requests as URGENT.
Tuesday 16th of December 2008 10:15:37 PM

The messages from the Visitors Page have been a true inspiration for me this weekend. I had nearly three days off and used it to rest and do a few other things I needed to catch up on.
Today has only been two meetings and at the moment I am parked outside the Junior school I am teaching at tomorrow. The children here are so wonderful and I expect to be inundated with screaming children at just after 07 30.
For health reasons I have decided to leave Sandviken just after christmas and take a few weeks break in the UK. If I continue working at this pace I will burn out or even worse so it agreed that I will return on the first week of April.
Finances are now critical and I need to return home to try and get enough to do the printing for next years work.
I brought five years supply of my book on tour in March and I am down to the last 4 boxes out of 500.
Tuesday 16th of December 2008 08:01:36 PM

A weekend of cleaning and catching up with computer work. Also I had to write a one page tract for translation into Swedish and Suomi as my book is nearly out of stock. Another 25,000 are being printed in Ulster this week so much finance needs to be prayed in to pay for them and then to transport them to Sweden.
My first appointment is this evening and up to now, three schools have asked me to visit this week. It looks like another heavy week of work for me.
Jesus must really love me to allow me to do these things for Him.
Please keep on prayind and if you find the time, Please leave an entry on the Visitor page.
Monday 15th of December 2008 10:17:54 AM

Resting today and tomorrow to be ready for another hectic time next week. For those who are interested, I have posted some new photographs on the Sweden pictures page. Some of the pictures will show you the bus parked today and the conditions I am living in. I hope it brings more prayer.
Much work coming in but nearly all of the engagements bring in no finance. It is not yet desperate but things are getting very tight here. I hope I can continue until the Lord releases me with the finance available.( This is not an appeal for finance yet, but that the churches here will begin to help me continue. Please PRAY.)
Saturday 13th of December 2008 03:29:14 PM

Still working hard out here. How I wish it would stop snowing here, I am going to finish up with a two storey igloo if it carries on. It is now too dangerous to drive the bus anywhere so I depend upon the good will of the local clergy to get me around the many venues I am speaking at. Yesterday I spoke 5 times, including another session at the the Bessemer school. The youth club I attended had to be visited by the police last night because trouble was starting to erupt. After the police had gone I spoke there for the second time in one night, My first translator was 14 year old Daniel who did a tremendous job for me. My second talk was translated by a young man who really did not want to attempt the task but made a valient attempt after much persuading. He really did a good job.
Tonight after a meal with the priest Michael and his wife I speak at a full church of Addicts followed by an ouside ice hockey by the youth where I will meet around 1,500 young people.
Who says " Prayer doesn't work "
Friday 12th of December 2008 04:45:49 PM

Bookings are still coming in and I am finishing each day tired yet satisfied. Today I was taken to the Bessemer school restaurant for a traditional Swedish Christmas meal. It was amazing how well the students had done in the preparation and was really enjoyable. I did not realise how much I had missed brussel sprouts and rice pudding until I started eating them. It was two meetings today including the Santa Lucia service performed by the junior school children. They were really good and sang like angels. I was not the only person weeping as they sang.The second service was a talk to the young people who were confirmed in May and was a reunion meal and speech. They listened really well and there was much laughter as I spoke.
Wednesday 10th of December 2008 06:56:18 PM

Yesterday I spent most of the day at an alcoholic recovery programme and was well recieved. The day culminated with a service of song and I gave some of my testimony. The whole talk was a treat for me as I canged translators three times. The boys of the home manager really did a good job and I was surprised how well the two youngest, 12 and 14 year olds managed to interpret without mistakes.
This morning was an early start with a meeting of the church workers and social workers at 08 30. Two meetings this evening went down very well. The throat is improving but I still cannot shake off this flue and stomach bug.
Tuesday 09th of December 2008 09:50:27 PM

The two services I took part in today were a real joy to me. The service at the pentecostal church just outside of Sandviken was really well recieved and I pray it was a blessing to those who came to hear me speak.
This afternoon at the carol service was a packed house with a very receptive congregation. The meeting finished with coffee and even more singing.
Prayer is required for the flu bug I am suffering from. I am finding it very difficult talking when I am not working. In the services I am having very few problems as the Lord is dealing with the voice each time and allowing me to work normally. I now seem to have a stomach problem due to my constant changes of diet.
Please pray that I will be able to keep up with the rather hectic schedule. No rest is possible at the moment because of the christmas schedule. It is do it now or never do it.
Sunday 07th of December 2008 09:40:34 PM

Another cold night but not too disturbing for me.
I am preparing to speak at morning service in one of the smaller churches and this afternoon is a real treat for me.
The methodist church is having a carol service and all the carols are to be sung in english. Guess who the soloist will be?
My time yesterday at the Finland Soldiers Remembrance Day service was ver good. It was not a bit like the English service, more like a miniature concert of remembrance.
When the war began between Russia and Finland, the government of Britain was preparing to fight Germany. The Soumi government asked for British arms and help but were ignored by the government of the day as Britain did not want to fight agains't Russia.
The people of Finland were victorious but lost a lot of the border land to the Soviet Union.
I was able to speak yesterday and ask for forgiveness that we were not able to help in a time of need.
The Old Soldiers were truly gracious and accepted me as the only Englishman to have EVER addressed their gathering and made me feel really welcome amongs't them.
Sunday 07th of December 2008 09:06:37 AM

After much trouble getting a phone signal I have at last managed to log on to update you all.
I have managed to catch a Swedish flue germ and it is a struggle to talk in the mornings but the Lord is being gracious and giving me full ability when it is required.
The work here in Sandvegan is really beginning to grow and show results.On wednesday I felt just like the Pied Piper of Hamelin as I walked across a junior school playground with over a hundred children trying to speak to me at the same time. I spoke to all the classes during the morning. The highlight was a class of six year olds as I told them about my visit to Santa Land. Their eyes looked like saucers by the time I had finished.
Every day there are more meetings coming in from groups of small numbers to a rally for 1,500 youth at a sports event next week.
Saturday I have been requested to give the address at the remembreance day service for the people of Finland who live in this area.
The Russian border that I have just completed travelling in prayer is the place we shall be remembering as that is where the Finnish war was fought and won.
Next week I address a service of serenity when recovered and recovering alcoholics come together for a celebration of prayer and song. Many believe in a " Higher Power " but I will tell them about "JESUS"
I have lost count of the meetings I have spoken at but I have now given permission to book me up untill Christmas day.

Friday 05th of December 2008 11:19:17 AM

The newspaoer article has attracted much attention and many people are coming to meet me.
Yesterday (Sunday)was extremely hectic and I was at work for over 12 hours with only one ten minute break all day. The first meeting was the main church of the town where I spoke and sang at the Advent service. The meeting was disrupted when a man suffered either a heart attack or extremely high blood pressure. The service was halted whilst the ambulance came and took him to hospital.
The afternoon was a combined churches joining me on the streets and was very successful.
The evening at the combined churches meeting held at the pentecostal church was a packed house and was very moving as The Word of testimony penetrated the hearts of the people.
The stay in Sweden could be long and busy.
Monday 01st of December 2008 07:50:13 AM

At last I have found the time to update the web page. Please forgive me if I do not find the time to write my report on a daily basis but here in the town of Sandviken the work is flooding in. I arrived here on tuesday afternoon and it has been non stop speaking engagements.
I have worked at the senior high school for 2 days now giving lectures to the young people ( 16 - 19 year old ) and the response has been incredible. The town of 25,000 people is very beautifull and has many churches.
Yesterday I spoke to three classes and in one of them a reporter and cameraman from the local newspaper joined us. It was such a thrill for the young people to be photographed for the local press.
Tomorrow I have street ministry and two services to speak at. The evening service is combined churches and I fear that the church will not be large enough.
I originally came here for one week, but already two weeks of engagements have piled up. I have decided to stay here as long as I feel the need to remain. Much prayer is needed for the strength to last the course as there are very few times during each day to manage to stop and think and rest. ( I am thriving on it ) but I wonder what the Lord has in store for Sweden if this small town is anything to go by.
Saturday 29th of November 2008 10:42:56 AM

The bus is still acting the fool but no one is laughing at the way the air system is playing up. The promised mechanic cannot turn up until monday so another one must be found very quickly. It appears that the air system needs a shot of Methanol but I cannot get any from anywhere.
I am parked outside a beautiful church in Sandvekan, a suburb of Gavle. The snow is still here, in fact yesterday when I woke up I found a glorious snowdrift had formed whils't I was asleep. ( on the bottom of my bed it looked like a brides dress with train ) It found a gap in the roof window.
This afternoon I spoke at an old folks meeting and was extremely well recieved. I felt at home among my own age group.
Tomorrow it is the 16 to 18 year old youth at the higher school and I pray it will be a good time there.
Tuesday 25th of November 2008 11:18:37 PM

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