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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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How is it that each time I decide to take time off that it gets busier and I have to work even harder.This morning I was interviewed for the local paper and after the evening service at Fire From The North the bus was invaded by christians from the Faroe Islands.It may be that I will take time there next year by invitation of the Faroese christians.
Tuesday 02nd 2005f August 2005 11:58:03 PM

Last night I was at Garthspool Evangelical Church and even though it was only a small crowd we had great fellowship together.Today I have booked onto a caravan site to fill up with electric and just to take some time out.Tomorrow a week of revival prayer meetings begin and even though I am not speaking I intend to be in the background in prayer.Please pray for *Fire From The North* and all those who will take part in it. If we don't pray how can we expect answers?
Monday 01st 2005f August 2005 12:02:54 PM

Last night I was given a bucket of mackeral fillets and I wish I had a deep freeze on the bus. It will be mackeral until they start to smell the bus out.I am constantly amazed at how God supplies my needs each day.The fish came from a non christian who had caught far too many to take home and he had even filleted them for me and saved me a very smelly job. This morning I spoke at Brae Baptist Church and was really made very welcome. It was prize givving today and was a treat to see the children receiving the books that will develop their future character.
Sunday 31st 2005f July 2005 02:44:17 PM

Agood day today when I met a few old friends from the area and was madfe to feel very welcome.This evening six people turned up to pray for Lorretta in Cunningsburgh and it felt terrific to see the bus being used for it's real purpose. I took delivery of nearly 500 worth of bibles this afternoon and the same amount is due again before next week.Please pray the finance in for this VITAL part of the ministry as I not only spread the Word but also make it Available without charge.
Thursday 28th 2005f July 2005 10:39:03 PM

Thanks to those of you who have left birthday messages and cards to celebrate my 60th birthday. You have made me feel very special.This morning I washed the curtains in the bus but it is hard to dry them here,I had to wash them in a bucket as the sink is really not big enough. This afternoon I drove the length of Shetland and up to the top of Sumburgh Head. It was really dangerous driving up such a narrow winding mountain road with a vast drop awaiting the careless,I won't be doing it again in a hurry.I had to fill up with fuel today and was devastated that diesel is over a pound a litre up here.
Wednesday 27th 2005f July 2005 09:22:04 PM

Thanks to God's Grace and YOUR PRAYERS I have finally made it to the last church in Britain on the island of Unst.Haroldswick is a very small village with an air force base which is due for closure in the fiture.As the main employer on the island it will cause real hardship when it closes as there is so little industry on such a remote island.From there I crossed the island to Hermaness nature reserve. I will be in Shetland for about five weeks and hope to attend all the agricultural shows whils't here.It is really good to meet up with friends I have made over the last five years.Please pray that I will see God Glorified in the next month.
Tuesday 26th 2005f July 2005 06:36:20 PM

At Last! Here I am in the Shetland Islands and even though it is much closer to the Artic Circle the weather is much better today.The boat arrived at 7 30 this morning and after a visit to the shops this morning I set off for Unst.Travelling across the mainland I crossed onto the moorland island of Yell and then over the last strip of water to Unst.This afternoon was spent resting at Belmont pier and this evening will be spent fishing off the rocks for makerel and in the morning I will call for my annual visit to Haroldswick Methodist Church, famous for being the most northerly British church.Then on to the end of the island where for a short time the bus will once again be the most northerly place of worship in the United Kingdom.It seems amazing that with only ten pounds and a few litres of diesel I have "through God" travelled over five thousand miles. It really shows what prayer can do.
Monday 25th 2005f July 2005 06:30:18 PM

At Last! Here I am in the Shetland Islands and even though it is much closer to the Artic Circle the weather is much better today.The boat arrived at 7 30 this morning and after a visit to the shops this morning I set off for Unst.Travelling across the mainland I crossed onto the moorland island of Yell and then over the last strip of water to Unst.This afternoon waqs spent resting at Belmont pier and this evening will be spent fishing off the rocks for makerel and in the morning I will call for my annual visit to Haroldswick Methodist Church, famous for being the most northerly British church.Then on to the end of the island where for a short time the bus will once again be the most northerly place of worship in the United Kingdom.It seems amazing that with only ten pounds and a few litres of diesel I have "through God" travelled over five thousand miles. It really shows what prayer can do.
Monday 25th 2005f July 2005 06:28:58 PM

This evening I went to church at Firth church of scotland in the village of Finstown. It was a service to cherish and really gave me a boost.Most of the music wasplayed by the young people and I will remember the service for a long time to come. I sail for Lerwick at 23 45 and arrive in Shetland at 07 00. I wonder what God has in store for me in the coming few weeks?
Sunday 24th 2005f July 2005 08:04:20 PM

Yesterday turned out to be one of the best yet for visitors.Please pray for Tam. He came in with so many questions and was a really broken man.A catholic who has begun searching for the Truth of Jesus.He told me he has begun reading his bible and is halfway through Exodus. I gave him a new bible and told him to start at Matthew. How I pray that he will find the truth.
Sunday 24th 2005f July 2005 09:36:40 AM

Last night I parked at Stromness and will spend the day there hoping for visitors.On the way here I halted at Firth where three young children called to find out what I was doing there.As usual I did not invite them into the bus as they had no adult supervision, but went outside to speak to them.It was soon revealed that they went to church,sunday school and youth club at the local kirk.None of them had a bible but thanks to answered prayer I was able to meet their need and off they went full of childish excitement to tell about the Jesus Bus.
Saturday 23rd of July 2005 11:31:36 AM

At last I am up and running again. I really missed my daily web page meeting and I am so pleased to be in touch again.The computer has to go back to the manufacturer when I return home as the problem was beyond anyone up here. This has meant buying another lap-top to keep the web page going.It is impossible for me to send any pictures for a month but when I do you will certainly have a lot to look at.I hope that you will be kind enough to leave messages to make the pages interesting until the webmaster gets back to help me.
Friday 22nd of July 2005 03:34:03 PM

Don't give up, I continue the work out here. I have Just left Eday and will spend until next thursday on the Orkney mainland. I have got a fresh lap-top and I now await the phone conections to get up and running within the next few days.The weather is very bad with much rain and wind yet I am still seeing people.Keep praying and even though I cannot add new photos at least I have access to an internet cafe. God Bless and please help out by leaving messages until The Web Master is available/
Thursday 21st of July 2005 03:25:29 PM

I am on Eday at the moment and doing my best to witness in very bad weather. The LAP-TOP has been to the shop and requires to be sent back to the manufacturer. Please pray for this desperate situation but I will keep up to date as the opportunity presents itself
Tuesday 19th of July 2005 12:55:51 PM

It has been a good day but finished up with real problems. The lap top has broken down and it could be a while before I can get it fixed. I am using someone's home computer for this message but I don't know when I can get access to a computer again.Please pray for a speedy repair.
Saturday 16th of July 2005 10:46:48 PM

A quiet day in the bus but I was visited by the local Baptist pastor. Steven is sold out to Jesus and we had a great time of prayer and fellowship together.The phone has been non stop today but that is why I am here isn't it.The PUFFIN PAGE has gone down a treat and it would be great if you can think of an original or humorous caption for any of the pictures. If you email me after you have inserted a prize will be given to the best entry at the end of the tour with a few consolation prizes.
Friday 15th of July 2005 11:07:27 PM

I do hope you enjoy the new Puffin Picture page. It was raining all day but I believe the photograghs have turned out well.I hope to have captions on all the Scotland pictures before Sunday. I went to a prayer meeting this evening and met some wonderfull christians who really love Jesus
Friday 15th of July 2005 01:28:37 AM

It is unbelievable how well the tour and web page is going.I set out with over two thousand pounds worth of books and bibles which would normally last the whole year.Praise the Lord I have just ordered another shipment from my wholesaler with a retail value in excess 2,500. Of course I get a massive discount but I am praying in a thousand pounds by September to pay for them. Please pray that the books and bibles given away are read and understood. I am still on Westray and hope to get some photo's of puffins tomorrow.
Wednesday 13th of July 2005 10:32:00 PM

The weather has improved and the sun is shining as I sit on the Pier at Westray surrounded on three sides by a pure blue sea and sands so clean you cannot imagine them.Last night I was kept awake by until nearly four o'clock by young people revving cars and shouting abuse.But that is the norm throughout Britain when the bus turns up. How we must pray for revival on the islands of Britain and Ireland.I will wait here for a week and prepare for the next half of the tour. meanwhile I am producing another newsletter which is allready installed on the home page ( well done Web Master ). It takes at least four days to print,Fold.Address,Insert and finally stamp nearly a thousand newsletters so the days will soon fly by.
Sunday 10th of July 2005 06:37:02 PM

The weather has really changed and it is very wet and cold.I stayed last night outside the Italian Chapel on Orkney,The chapel was erected by Italian prisoners of war between 1941 and 1943 as they built the Churchill Barriers,the Causeways connecting three islands. On each side of the barriers they sank battleships to prevent the U Boats gaining quick access to Scapa Flow and the Atlantic convoys. Today I once again took ship and will spend a week on Westray.
Saturday 09th of July 2005 08:42:56 PM

At last I am on the Orkney Islands and will stay until the end of July. This morning I passed the Queen Mother's castle in Scotland.The castle of Mey, but it was closed to the public. I know that amongst the followers are folk who pray for the Royal Family so I rang the castle manager and was kindly given permission to drive down the drive and take some snaps. It caused quite a stir amongst the staff and they came out into the courtyard to watch. Please pray that as the security cameras are checked that HRH also hears and reads the GOOD NEWS.
Friday 08th of July 2005 08:55:12 PM

I wrote in my last report thar the four converts were spoken to eight weeks ago. I must apologise, the meeting was held on June 16th. Time means nothing out here and I often have to check morning newspapers to find out what day it is. I believe this is normal for people of my age, I will be sixty ( 60 )at the end of this month.
Thursday 07th of July 2005 08:24:27 AM

I crossed back to the Isle of Skye this afternoon and I am once again parked on the Kyle of Lochalsh for the night. The trip to yhe Outer Hebrides was a tremendous success and I really look forward to my return. For those of you following by map, I travelled ALL the roads on Harris and Lewis and prayed the whole way through the Outer Hebrides. Have you visited the PRAYER FORUM yet? It is a great addition to the web site, yet so few are leaving any messages to let those in need know that you are praying.We don't ask you to commit yourself to pray daily but as the Lord prompts you. PLEASE ENCOURAGE those who need it.I expected to have under a thousand visitors on the whole tour and you wonderful people have passed that figure in just a few short weeks. I heard today of four people making decisions for Jesus from the cafe meeting in Ayrshire eight weeks ago. ISN'T GOD GREAT.
Wednesday 06th of July 2005 11:19:28 PM

The last time I came to Barvas I had great pleasure meeting a lady called Susan. This trip I met the whole family and today the bus was packed out with new friends (mostly children) Much literature and a few bibles were left and also enough calenders to place in every home in the town of revival. I pray that next year I will be able to spend a whole week on the island but if enough finance is left I will return this year.I return to the mainland and head for Orkney tomorrow.
Tuesday 05th of July 2005 09:51:58 PM

All is going well but due to the mountains I cannot update as I desire due to lack of signals. Since last update I have travelled EVERY road from Vatersay to Berneray and crossed to Harris. Tonight I attended a great Spirit Filled meeting in Barvas, the village renowned worldwide for the Lewis Revival. Tuesdat I will spend on the main street waiting for visitors.m
Monday 04th of July 2005 11:57:15 PM

The first picture on the Scotland page is not somebody's driveway but is a typical road ( in good condition,but most are worse ) on the islands. Up to now I have travelled over 200 miles of these roads but many more have still to be encountered before I finish travelling the island communities.
Saturday 02nd of July 2005 07:46:10 PM

Sorry for not updating but the mountains get in the way of the signal. I sailed from Uig at the tip of Skye on Thursday afternoon and landed at Lochmaddy in North Uist. I then drove through Benbecula,South Uist and to the furthest point of Eriskay. This morning ( Friday ) I sailed across to Barra and then across the causeway to Vatersay. The roads over here are a nightmare for bus drivers, the tarmac is literally only as wide as the bus wheels and by the time I have returned to the English border I estimate I will have driven over 400 miles on this type of road.I called in the largest village on Vatersay, (Bhatarsaigh) and left literature for every house there, also books for the 14 children of the village. Please pray that seeds will be planted for the Gospel. I will now take my time and return from Barra tomorrow to the top of North Uist to sail to Lewis.
Friday 01st of July 2005 06:35:41 PM

Miracles,Miracles and even MORE Miracles. I am so privelidged to serve Jesus and to have so many wonderful friends. On Friday in Mallaig I did not know how I was going to get to the outer Hebrides. The normal fare had increased from under 200 to well over 500 and I was struggling to make ends meet. I prayed and felt I had to stay until monday. On Monday evening I was informed that a barbeque had been held for me in Northern Ireland and 400 was put into my bank account,(that opened Harris & Lewis.) This morning I opened an email from "Caleb Initiative" (the charity that reclaims tax for me) and the money they have deposited covers, South Harris, North Uist, Benbecula, South Uist, and time permitting Benbecula. What an AWESOME GOD we serve.KEEP ON PRAYING.
Wednesday 29th of June 2005 03:50:52 PM

At last I have crossed over the sea to Skye,but have had a real problem getting a signal. The place is full of mountains and the poor bus seems to have climbed them all but it keeps on rolling along.Yesterday, Monday I was delighted to welcome Tom McClean aboard the sanctuary.He rowed across the Atlantic and when his record was beaten he did it again. Up to now he has crossed five times single handed and now works with problem children at his adventure centre in the wilderness of Scotland.I picked up a young christian hiker from ausralia and gave him a lift to Kyle of Lochalsh. Last evening I was visited by an R E teacher and I know the bus and the ministry has had an EVERLASTING influence on his life. Parked by a river on a campsite tonight as I have run my power supplies right down. Please pray for Tom that an ex S A S member will be Saved And Secure
Tuesday 28th of June 2005 05:11:20 PM

I arrived in Mallaig yesterday (Friday)but have only had one visitor up to now. I intend to stay here until Sunday or Monday and just hope that more visitors from the village will pluck up the courage to call.I am parked within a metre of the sea and within 50 metres of a seal colony.I will get better photo's further into the islands.Just across the water is the isle of Skye and I will probably sail there on Monday.
Saturday 25th of June 2005 12:21:55 PM

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