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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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This week has been a nightmare for me as I have been too ill to do anything.
Eating has been virtually impossible but I am slowly recovering.
Tonight I speak at the evening meeting at Burra Baptist followed by the youth fellowship.
I now have to make up my mind as to whether I stay a little longer or head south to Orkney.
Sunday 29th of September 2013 09:21:52 AM

Getting internet connections has been a nightmare. So many hills and valleys prevent computer and phone access.
I spoke at the Burra Baptist Church on sunday evening but was very unwell.
I had been given a new gas fire to keep me warm but it was leaking carbon monoxide gas, I have been very weak and ill for a few days and could not eat a thing.
I am feeling much better today but it will take a few days before I am completely free of the symptoms.
I speak to the adults and then to the youth at Burra on sunday.
Still having a number of visitors so I am not feeling so rejected these days.
Tuesday 24th of September 2013 03:38:46 PM

The sun has come out and it is good to sit with the door open waiting to see who the Lord will send to say hello.
I am in the village of Cunningsburgh and parked outside the Church of Scotland.
I am still receiving calls from people who have read my book and feeling very positive about everything.
In the last three weeks I have only received one donation of 20 but thanks to Caleb Initiative and my regular donators I am still going on. Thank God for the Freezer and a fishing rod.
Friday 20th of September 2013 01:06:58 PM

The weather has improved but it is still quite stormy.
I have met up with quite a few people who remember me and are making me very welcome. I have stayed on the caravan site until the storms pass but I must leave here tomorrow as I cannot afford to stay longer.Please pray as I head south tomorrow and park near Sumburgh Head and the main airport.
Tuesday 17th of September 2013 08:09:21 PM

I have parked on the caravan site in Lerwick for a couple of days.
A storm has hit the islands and the wind and rain looks like it could cause a lot of damage as it makes it's way through Scotland and the UK.
I wanted to get to church this morning but it is too dangerous to drive there. If the rain eases I will walk there but it is now up to the weather, I don't fancy a 2 mile walk in torrential rain.
All is still going well here.
Sunday 15th of September 2013 09:39:45 AM

Sorry I cannot update as often as I desire but I can only get a signal in Lerwick.
I am spending most of my time on the outer islands where a signal is not possible. Some of the roads are too narrow for the motor home to negotiate but I am still meeting people and distributing tracts and also calendars for 2014.
My fishing spot has been taken over by a very large male grey seal who is scaring away all the fish in the area. It has learned how to wait for a fisherman to catch a decent fish and then it swoops and takes the fish and also the spinner and part of the line.
I will update as I can but rest assured the work progresses well.
Finance is a small problem but I am not worrying about it.
Saturday 14th of September 2013 10:46:09 AM

At last I have arrived in the Shetland Isles and have driven to Toft.
The weather yesterday was horrible and I did not get to the Agricultural show on Yell as I desired. The show site is part way down a very narrow single track road and the moorland mist made it far too dangerous for such a wide wheeled vehicle.
I am sitting at the ferry terminal and also doing a little fishing.I have just caught a good sized mackerel for tea.
Plenty of opportunities to witness here to the tourists and give out next years Gospel calendars to the children.
A couple of people have called in and many are having photographs taken beside the motorhome, ( they seem to think I cannot see them ) but I can and also pray for them as they discuss the verses.
Sunday 08th of September 2013 02:48:39 PM

I crossed into Scotland yesterday and have driven through Perth as I head for Aberdeen and the ferry to Shetland.
I will probably sail tomorrow evening for Lerwick.
I must say I am really excited to be back at work. It is three years since I last visited Shetland and hope to meet up with many friends.
Thursday 05th of September 2013 11:43:27 PM

Norman is still in pain but is now home and recuperating from his triple by pass.
I am meeting a good number of people and very happy with the motorhome.
I hope to leave for Scotland later this week and head north for Shetland.
Sunday 01st of September 2013 05:44:36 PM

I have just spoken to Norman. He is very weak and in pain but the operation was a success and he should be back home in Limavady tomorrow.
He sends his thanks to all who have prayed for his health at this stressful time.
I am still very busy talking to people and once again watching the many folk who stop and take photos of my new home.
It is costing more than I thought to run this motor home but it is certainly worth the extra finance as I see the results.
Wednesday 28th of August 2013 05:59:02 PM

All is well as I travel the perimeter of Northern Ireland praying for this beautiful land.
I am spending time blackberry picking and making jam. This will be given away and I hope it will encourage many more to pray. At the moment I am in Fivemiletown and heading towards Enniskillen.
More pictures of the motor home on pictures page Motorhome.
Monday 26th of August 2013 11:44:47 PM

The operation went very well and the surgeons are pleased with Norman's progress. He still requires much prayer as his body heals but thank God the heart is functioning normally.
I am delighted with the home and once again I am very busy. It is really great to see so many people calling in to wish me well and also to welcome those who call in for prayer.
To be truthful, I have found the fire that was slowly dying and now have a purpose in life without the negative thoughts. Praise the Lord for Prayer Warriors.
Saturday 24th of August 2013 10:00:25 AM

Most of the comments about the van are complimentary but as always I cannot please everyone.
More to the point, I like the van and can see and feel the potential.
Yesterday I had some of the graphics made and put on the sides. Now we shall await results.
Norman goes to theatre at lunchtime for a triple heart bye pass. Please join me in praying for this dear and faithful friend of mine.
I am parked in the Dungannon area today.
Thursday 22nd of August 2013 09:51:46 AM

I sailed from Scotland last night and arrived in Belfast at 2 am.
Before leaving Cairnryan I parked in a lay bye just outside the town. I met a lorry driver who recognised the motorhome as he had seen it in the garage before I bought it. He also has an American motorhome so he was very interested.
We got talking and I found out that he was on the way to Ireland delivering bathroom equipment.
We got talking about my story and I was able to speak about my dear friend Jesus.
Please pray for Gary as he thinks about the things that are important.
I called on Norman this afternoon in the hospital just outside Londonderry. He is very cheerful and doing much witnessing to those he meets.
I was able to pray for him as he prepares to leave for Dublin tomorrow and Heart surgery on thursday.
Gary rang me and tonight we has time to talk again.He is parked behind me for the night and will continue on his way tomorrow.
The new van is really working. Praise the Lord.
Tuesday 20th of August 2013 10:57:49 PM

I am now parked up in Ayr and enjoying the quietness and beauty of this lovely border town.
Last night I had three visitors who joined me for a three hour prayer meeting which ended with us sharing communion.
I am so pleased that my time seems to be being used in a more profitable way for the Kingdom.
I have had problems with the starter motor on the motor home and was delighted when I found a supplier who sent me a new motor overnight. It looks like parts are easier to get for American Motorhomes than I was led to believe.
The starter will be fitted on monday and then I head for Northern Ireland.
My friend Norman will be moved to Dublin on wednesday and will have heart surgery on thursday. Please continue praying.
Saturday 17th of August 2013 07:10:05 PM

The endoscopy went well but was very uncomfortable during the process. The doctor removed 2 polyps for analysis and will give me the results when pathology have checked them.
I anticipate a call from the nurse today and results in a few weeks.
My plan is to drive to Cairnryan in Scotland to catch a ship to Ireland but must pray in the fare.
Thanks to Caleb Initiative I know the money will be in the bank within a few days.
Many thanks to those who have been praying and may I ask you to please continue.
Wednesday 14th of August 2013 11:42:28 AM

I am really enjoying myself in my new home.
What a joy it is to have ice cream whenever I desire and not having the food going off and smelling out the vehicle. I still find the motor home a little difficult to drive but will soon get used to the automatic gear box and the extra width.
I go to the hospital tomorrow at 3 15 for the bowel examination but I pray the Lord has already solved all problems for me.
A few friends have visited the new home and all have been impressed with the new facilities.
Monday 12th of August 2013 09:27:48 PM

The memorial service went very well and I am so pleased I was able to attend.
I have now made my way to Lancashire to be in place to go to hospital on tuesday for a colonoscopy. I must say I am dreading the operation but hope the doctors cannot find any trace of cancer.
Living in the motor home has caused me great problems as I have never liked enclosed spaces. After much prayer I have extended my bank overdaft and now I have changed the vehicle.
I have purchased a Damon Daybreak and even though it will take me some time learning how to drive it I am now much happier.
I have a real bedroom now with a proper bed and last night I slept like a child.
It also has a fridge freezer and full toilet facilities.
The great advantage is the space in the living area and now I can invite people in for a chat.
Please pray that the finance will come in soon and the Lord will help me as I move on for Him.

Saturday 10th of August 2013 11:22:16 AM

On my way to Weston super Mare to attend the memorial service for the Mother of John Lawrence.
John has been a tremendous help to the work since I met him about ten years ago.
He has fixed my vehicles and done so much more for me.
Please pray for him and his wife Jan today as they go through a tremendous trial of a family funeral and memorial service.
Wednesday 07th of August 2013 11:09:58 AM

I have spent the last few days parked on a caravan site in the pennine hills.
The water and electric has now been filled and I can get back to work.
I did not realise how tired I was. It seems to me that the time has come to take a couple of days rest each week and I will begin to pray and find out what the Lord desires of me.
Saturday 03rd of August 2013 11:37:04 AM

It has been an incredible weekend in the Dungannon area of Northern Ireland.
I have been directed to one particular spot on the road to Stewartstown on many occasions and even though I have had little success there I have persevered for a number of years.
On Friday and Saturday I was visited by quite a number of visitors.
Two people wanted me to park on their land but I felt the roadside was my designated spot. If I had moved I would not have seen some very vulnerable and needy people.
I was most upset that the motor home does not have the space to invite more than a couple of people inside for a chat and I have to talk to many visitors outside. This can be embarrassing to some people who need more privacy.
I sailed over to Scotland last night and I am now looking for a motor home with more room for visitors and also space to give me a little privacy. It would also be great to have a cooker and not have to spend my life sitting within a metre of the toilet.
Please pray.
Wednesday 31st of July 2013 01:22:20 AM

Enjoying myself as I travel backwards and forwards in Northern Ireland.
I have been made so very welcome by friends old and new.
I met Mike and Shona Ewan in Coleraine on wednesday and then travelled onwards to Limavady for the prayer meeting.
I was so encouraged by the people there and was so glad that I attended.
I once again met up with one of the people who support the work in prayer. I have known Norman Sommerville for a number of years and he has always been a rock for me in Northern Ireland.
I was distressed to hear that this Great Man of God is having health problems and is now facing a triple heart by-pass. Please pray for this tireless worker in God's Kingdom and also for Betty his wife.
I got seven birthday cards today and they look great in the motor home.
68 TODAY, I wonder how many more years I can continue? Many I hope.
Saturday 27th of July 2013 02:12:22 PM

Yesterday was truly "Out of this World"
The wedding of Gavin and Clare was a truly memorable and moving time. The presence of the Lord was really evident and the service was of Glory to our Heavenly Father.
After a three course wedding breakfast I was able to watch the guests from Scotland wear themselves out doing the dancing that the Scot's are famous for.
I was able to sing and speak during the evening reception and the message went down very well.
I now head towards the northern coast of Ulster for a few days

Sunday 21st of July 2013 01:09:45 PM

I am now in Dungannon and preparing to make my way to the Lifeboat church.
How I pray that our Dear Heavenly Father will bless the wedding and Marriage of Claire and Gavin.
I spoke to Claire this morning and she is very nervous but also very much in love with Gavin. I know he feels the same way about her.
I will be singing "How Great Thou Art" during the service.
This is such a special day that I have bought a new "NEW" suit for the occasion.
Please Pray.

Saturday 20th of July 2013 01:04:36 PM

It was good to return to Moyross Community Centre on Monday to speak to a group of Christians who had travelled from many places in Limerick Area.
After speaking for over an hour I was inundated by people who desired prayer for many different reasons.
I am now in Enniskillen and will be parking at the Cattle Mart tomorrow.
I am getting ready for the wedding on saturday.
Wednesday 17th of July 2013 09:24:57 PM

We all have special places in our lives. The place where we each feel a freedom to pray and worship and the special area where God can truly speak to us.
I have found this place to be parked outside a small church in Listowel, County Kerry.
I arrived here on thursday and have spent a lot of my time catching up with God and just being silent.
The church has just finished holiday bible week and I believe it was a great success.
A team of 42 people came from the United States to help out the congregation and it was good to meet up with a few of these wonderful people.
The motor home is performing very well but I am finding it virtually impossible to use it for ministry. There is just not enough space to invite more than two or three people in at a time.
Please pray the Lord will resolve this for me in the near future.
I have read the comment from Eric about visiting smaller churches around Britain and I am praying into this at the moment.
Sunday 14th of July 2013 05:59:33 PM

It is so strange for me to find myself wearing short sleeve shirts and shorts. The temperature in the van was over 90 degrees today.
Doctor Rob has made arrangements for me to begin tests on August 6th at Bolton Hospital.
I am not worried about this as I don't know yet if anything is wrong.
It does look like I will have to stay in the UK this year but I will take this opportunity to visit the islands around Britain.
I was amazed to receive a visit from a stranger when I was parked in a lay-bye just outside Enniskillen on Wednesday evening.
The stranger turned out to be from Canada on a visit to County Sligo. As we talked about the work I do he revealed that he was the bishop in charge of the Arctic Area in Canada. It was good to find out that others are working with the people at the end of the earth.
Friday 12th of July 2013 08:33:25 PM

I was amazed when I saw that the web site has clocked up over three hundred thousand hits since it was set up by The Web Master.
This is a true accounting of daily visitors. No matter how many times you log in during a 24 hour period it only counts the first visit.
I had brake problems as I drove down to County Kerry and had to find a mechanic to fit brake pads when I arrived in Athlone.
My doctor has been in touch with me and I have to have tests done before I leave Britain.
I may have to stay in the UK this year until I get the all clear.
Thursday 11th of July 2013 09:34:06 PM

I am now in Northern Ireland and I have spent the last few days meeting up with my friends.
It is very difficult getting internet access here but I keep on trying as I move about.
This week is the week of the Glorious 12th in Northern Ireland so I am deciding where to spend it. The last time I was in Ireland on this day I had windows broken in the bus. I will keep you all informed as the Lord directs me.
Sunday 07th of July 2013 07:39:05 PM

The Sunday meeting at Blacketyside Garden Centre was a real success.
I left there yesterday but before my departure I was presented with nearly a hundred punnets of strawberries and raspberries. I spent a few hours last night making jam.
I leave Cairnryan tonight and will arrive into Northern Ireland tomorrow morning.
Tuesday 02nd of July 2013 02:25:22 PM

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