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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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Just had a few days of health problems.
How I wish I could find a solution to the unceasing build up of phlegm which keeps dragging me down physically and mentally.
The people around me are really terrific but they get worried when I have a problems, this makes it worse for me as I worry for them.
If you can think of a remedy for me. please drop me an Email.
Thursday 11th 2020f June 2020 07:21:53 PM

When I write about bad weather and hard times, they continue to follow me.
I have found out this week that, when I write about sunshine and good times, they are terminated within hours.
The sunshine has gone and I am sitting here cuddling a hot water bottle to keep warm.
It has been a good week of ministry and I am getting on friendly terms with a few of the local farmers at last.
Much prayer is needed before a breakthrough will happen, but God is in control and He has a habit of surprising me even now.
Saturday 06th 2020f June 2020 12:19:01 AM

The weather is really good here.I have not seen a sunshine summer for at least five years and I am really enjoying the luxury of sunbathing.
On sunday morning I was surrounded by Methodists as the local church took over the car park for a drive in service.
They are now talking about having a service every week and even though I am taking a back seat I am looking forward to them returning.
What opportunities there are for witness during this time of corona virus.
Tuesday 02nd 2020f June 2020 09:03:06 PM

In the last ten days I have seen a monumental increase in the number of people logging in to the web site.
I would normally expect around a hundred viewings a week but in ten days the number is very close to two thousand!!!
It is no wonder my health situation has changed dramatically.
Thank You for your Believing Prayer. It truly works and problems with breathing have really improved.
Sunday 24th 2020f May 2020 01:02:23 AM

It has been an up and down week with a three day period when I found it very hard to breathe.
Today I am feeling much better and even though I feel very tired and having a bad time with phlegm I am able to function.
The newsletter I sent out last week had been an outstanding success and I have never had so many emails before. Nearly all of them very positive and very uplifting.
If you did not get the email just drop me an email and I will send you a copy.
Thank you so much my dear friends for your prayers.
Thursday 21st 2020f May 2020 04:26:52 PM

Another week has gone by but it was spring at last with sunshine.
I have had the opportunity to speak to one farmer on a number of occassions and last week he asked for copies of my life story.
He shared it with his young daughter and she came to visit today.
During the week she gave her life to Jesus. I praise the Lord for opportunities to witness even when we are absent.
Wednesday 13th 2020f May 2020 03:41:35 AM

WE have just gone through Victory in Europe celebrations whils't in lockdown.
How easy it can be to feel isolated and sorry for ourselves.
No visiting, No Church, No hugs,and no sport or outside recreation.
I know just how you feel because I am just as human as each one of my readers.
Then the Lord gave me a word to ponder.
What about those who are serving him in total isolation, sufferring abuse both physical and mental.In prison just because they love Jesus.
Use your time to Pray. Use your time to get CLOSER to Our Dear Heavenly Father.
Ring up people you have not spoken to for years.
It is also a great opportunity to contact those who need your forgivness or whom you need to forgive.
Don't waste this great opportunity to spread the Word.
Think of the Suffering Church and then THANK GOD it is not You.
Sunday 10th 2020f May 2020 10:34:36 PM

I am turning into the kind of person I do not want to be.
Allways complaining about health problems.
Once again I am having severe breathing difficulty and feeling constantly tired.
The drugs are not working but the words of encouragement from contibutors to Visitors Atrium give me the booste I require to geton with each day.
The sun is shining and I am trying to get a sun tan. Not much hope, too much flabby skin.
Monday 04th 2020f May 2020 03:32:29 PM

I am still in the land of the living but having a struggle.
I keep falling asleep during the day and have no energy. The nights are worse for me. I go to bed and can't sleep for more than an hour. Tonight I went to bed at midnight and was wide awake before one o'clock.
It is now 2 50am and I am wide awake with an overactive brain.
Praise the Lord for the situation. It certainly gives me more time to pray for the readers and contributors to the website.
Prayer has been answered today for me.
I spoke to two of my sisters for the first time in nearly twenty years. They turned against me when this mission began.
Sunday 19th 2020f April 2020 03:58:00 AM

Wishing you all a Blessed Easter and a healthy future.
Sunday 12th 2020f April 2020 11:41:24 AM

Just finished a conference call which has replaced the early morning prayer meeting for men.
I could not see the faces of the participants but it was a wonderful experience.
I already look forward to the next meeting next friday.
I really encourage others to do the same thing and encourage isolated Christians to join togetherin prayer.
Friday 03rd 2020f April 2020 09:21:18 AM

Yesterday I heard from a visitor who last called over 20 years ago. I am finding that many of my callers are from the distnt past and many only visited the van once.
A Spirit of fear is descending over the world and many are now turning to prayer in their fear.
Remember ther words of the old hymn which we rarely hear today.
Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching on to war. With the Cross of Jesus going on before.
Let us pray that the Army of God is ready for the Battle for Souls and will allow the Holy Spirit to work through us.
Take advantage of the isolation to bring you closer to Jesus through Prayer and Listening for the "Silent Voice" of The Spirit.
Thursday 02nd 2020f April 2020 10:31:18 AM

What an encouragement to receive messages on the Visitors Atrium. It takes away the sense of isolation.
I am getting more phone calls than usual and I am beginning to realise just how much the work is needed and that it can be done without face to face contact.
Please pray that He will touch hearts during this time of waiting.
Sunday 29th 2020f March 2020 02:43:33 PM

So sorry for not updating for so long. Just sitting and doing nothing just seems to make me tired.
I am hanging on to the promises of God but Psalm 91 is still giving me real comfort.
I have driven back to Enniskillen and I am now parked up at the Cattle Mart. I am totally isolated and not allowed to move for three months unless the government changes it's rules.
No visiting, No driving, Little income. All Churches closed.
Just God's Promises and me, I am certainly on the VICTORY Side.
Keep on Praying and Believing, ( it works )
Wednesday 25th 2020f March 2020 10:51:34 AM

I have spoken to Doctor Rob a have decided to take his advice and isolate myself as well as is possible.
Because I have COPD I am very vulnerable to Corona 19 and would be unlikely to survive because of my breathing problems and age. I will stay here in Listowel until the end of the month and then make my way back to England to have the van tested for MOT.
The congregation here at Listowel Christian Fellowship are looking after me with food and electric.
Please continue praying for me as I depend upon the Lord to Supply my needs in the coming days.
Thursday 12th 2020f March 2020 10:32:49 AM

I spoke this morning at the Christian Fellowship and had great feedback.
Health is up and down but I am coping with the problems.
Once again I have someone working on the roof as I dare not use a sander with lung problems.
There is much rain here but we are getting the odd couple of days sunshine. I just wish the wind would cease for a ehile as the wind is the main problem for my breathing.

Sunday 08th 2020f March 2020 06:15:35 PM

At last I can inform you all that Clifford is on the move.
My friends in Enniskillen really looked after me both bodily and spiritually and last monday I set off for Southern Ireland. After calling in on my friend Noel in County Wicklow I headed for County Wexford and then across the bottom of Ireland to Cork.
A night was spent on the Dingle Peninsula and from there to Tralee.
I arrived in Listowel on thursday in time to go to the prayer meeting at the Christian Fellowship.
I anticipte staying here for approx three weeks and it looks like it could be a busy time for me.
Thank you for your continued prayer and I beg of you to continue lifting me up before the Throne of Grace.
I am trying to plan for the summer but I must keep in mind the dreadful virus so must be very careful that I am a faithfull carrier of the Good News and not serious infections.
Monday 02nd 2020f March 2020 12:34:32 AM

I am now in Enniskillen again.
The health has not been too good butAnty biotics and Steroids are helping me to function.
I am once again parked at the cattle mart and being well looked after.
I will bw so glad to see the end of this dreadful winter, it snowed last night for the first time this year and now it is raining very heavily.
I thank God that He is in TOTAL control of mt life.
Wednesday 12th 2020f February 2020 10:24:24 PM

I left Riverside last week after nearly a month of great blessings.
I keep meeting people who I have not seen for years and hearing the stories of how this little mission has affected their lives as they follow Jesus.
I am now back in the Enniskillen area and once again finding internet connection very difficult.
Health is better but still having problems breathing.
Sunday 02nd 2020f February 2020 01:00:50 PM

I am still parked up at Riverside Apostalic and enjoying my time here.
The weather is still vile but thanks to the lovely Christians I am getting food and rest as I need it.
I think I will be here for another week, but it could be longer.
Health is up and down at the moment but I am not over concerned about it at the moment.
I updated this page twice this week but I have no idea where the entry went.
Saturday 18th 2020f January 2020 12:13:12 AM

May I wish all my friends a decade with a difference.
" Every hour filled with the Love of Christ, and each day may you know and feel the Presence of the Holy Spirit".
I am now parked outside Riverside Apostalic Church in Londonderry.
I have been here for a week but struggling with the very wet and cold weather.
I have had many visitors and finding my time here is being very usefull.
I have had many replies from my very short Email I sent out last week and they have really touched my heart to find out how much people love me.
May God Bless you ALL:
Saturday 11th 2020f January 2020 12:48:35 AM

A very happy and Blessed CHRISTmas to each one of you
I am still parked up at the Cattle Mart in Enniskillen and being well looked after by the Johnson family.
I am still having vehicle problems!
We cannot paint the roof because of the wet weather and now I am having Generator problems.
I am so grateful that My Dear Lord Jesus answers Your prayers and Mine. I cannot imagine living without Him.
Wednesday 25th 2019f December 2019 04:28:46 PM

Once again I must apologise for the long delay updating my news.
I have not had the energy to paint the van roof or even to really do much work.
I am parked up at the Cattle Mart in Enniskillen and have access to electicity for heating.
I don't know how long this situation will last but I will be very pleased to get back to work.
Your prayers are invaluable at this time.
Monday 16th 2019f December 2019 11:34:22 PM

Roof is now repaired but needs a couple of coats of paint when I am able.
Health not good but not bad enough to complain.
Many thanks to all who are praying for me, I really feel the benefit.
Many have read entries on this page from Brian Fleming. He is a true friend to myself and the ministry. Brians wife Daphne has been ill for quite a while and needs much prayer. Please join me as I uphold this lovely couple before the throne of Grace.
Wednesday 04th 2019f December 2019 12:30:54 AM

I am still in the Enniskillen area and awaiting the roof repair.
This will take time as the roof area needs lots of drying out before the fibreglass can be used.
Health is not good and my voice is not up to much and needs lots of rest.
Telephone calls are very hard as I have to keep repeating myself so I am only answering text messages.
Thursday 28th 2019f November 2019 07:39:10 PM

AT last!!!!!
So sorry for the long delay in bringing you up to date.
It appears that I overstretched myself coming back from Sweden.By the time I got to Lancashire I was totally exhausted and had to go to see the doctor.
She gave me extra strong antibiotics which have caused a bad inflamantion of Thrush in the mouth.I have had bad trouble swallowing anything "even water"
Weight is now under 9 stone and health critical.
I am parked up in a caravan park outside Weston super Mare and hope to move on by Monday.
Friends have invited me to Enniskillen and they hope to repair the roof for me.
By the way, The mice have dparted.
Please keep on Praying ( it works )
Saturday 09th 2019f November 2019 12:16:22 AM

My time at Lidnes Prayer Mountain was a great challenge for me.
My friends have repaired the roof with plastic sheeting and I hope to get it fixed with fibre glass when I return to England. Doctor Rob has a local contact.
The inside of the bus looks like a tornado has hit it! A problem was noticed on thursday eveningwhen I saw a shadow moving near the drivers area.
It turned out to be a fieldmouse and it had brought it's family along for the party.
Three days and six mice later along with very little sleep I think the problem has been solved.
I preached on Friday and Saturday evening and at the early prayer meeting on Saturday morning.
The local help centre asked me to speak on saturday evening and it turned out to be a truly Spirit Filled meeting with most of the congregation sitting totally spellbound.
I have left Sweden and sailed to Kiel in Germany and today have Driven to Holland.
I hope to catch the ferry to Hull later today and get ready for the winter season.
Health__Lousey. but God can do Great things in fact I believe He can STILL USE ME.
Tuesday 29th 2019f October 2019 01:56:57 AM

My last post mentioned the heavy rain!!!!
During Friday night we had a torrencial downpour and I was wakened by the waterfall in my living quarters. The driving area was the worst area affected.
The storm I experienced in the Faroe Islands had ripped a good third of the fibre glass off the roof and the water was just pouring into the van.
A friend from the Prayer Mountain came yesterday to affect a temporary repair and we are protected for a few days.
A repair is not possible until I reach GB.
Please pray for protection when I drive to Holland next week.
Sunday 20th 2019f October 2019 10:47:44 PM

Weather is better here but until last night I had not realised how much noise a fox could make when it is barking. Reynard stationed himself outside the van at 2am and barked until 3 30am. I must admit that he sounded very healthy and I wish my lungs were as good.
Raining today and I had to start on another course of antibiotics and steroids.
I really thank God for doctors at this time.
Wednesday 16th 2019f October 2019 11:02:38 PM

I had a great time in the Sandviken area but once again had breathing problems.
The prayer group in Jadraas made me very welcome and and the presence of the Holy Spirit was very evident throughout the meeting.
I left Sandviken on Saturday and after a two day drive I have arrived at "The Lidnes Prayer Mountain" near the town of Varnamo.
I will be here for two weeks and finish the tour with a three day conference before I head back to the United Kingdom for the winter.
Monday 14th 2019f October 2019 06:27:33 PM

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