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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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I had another bad attack this week when I was vomiting phlegm and coughing at the same time.. It really took away all my strength but certainly eased thr tightness in the chest area.
Sleeping a lot at the moment but trying my best to remember to eat at least once a day.
Thank God for the training the Lord led me through during my years in the work so I rarely feel hungry.
Thank you so much for your prayers.
Today I feel much better.
Sunday 22nd 2020f November 2020 11:53:38 AM

Praise the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness.
The improvement of my breathing appears to have stabalised and I am now leading a normal life but still very weak when I try to move too much. A long walk is still in the distant future.
The phone has been quite busy for the last few days so I am now getting back to normal.
Sunday 15th 2020f November 2020 12:17:28 AM

At last I can share Good News with you all.
I took notice of the entry made by Doctor Rob and got a course of vitamin D tablets.
Within a day I noticed improvements in my breathing and now after five days I am breathing much better.
I must thank you all for your ongoing prayers and ask you to Please continue Praying for me.
I will continue staying here until things are much better.
Wednesday 11th 2020f November 2020 11:36:13 PM

Thanks to all my contributors for the words of encouragement and truth.
I really did need a few strong words to get back on track.
I now have a better understanding of isolation and depression, but it was a hard lesson to learn.
I cannot mix with people but compensates by using the telephone.
Why not ring someone you have not seen or met for a while.A five minute conversation is worth a thousand doses of medicine.
Thursday 05th 2020f November 2020 10:09:14 PM

To answer the question posed by Eric.
At the moment I cannot find anywhere that brings total relief from dreadful shortage of breath. It can be very frightening when you cannot inhale and each time you move your body it just gets worse.
My prayer at this time is for bodily strength. I find that on most days I just want to sleep and the thought of taking a walk of more than 50 metres is quite daunting. My muscles lock and my throat gets full of phlegm which leads once again to the breathlessness.
Of only ONE thing am I truly Certain.
Jesus Loves Me and YOU>
Wednesday 28th 2020f October 2020 11:54:34 PM

I had three good days before another drastic setback.
I am living hour to hour at the moment.The morning and afternoon seem to be the worst times when I have no energy at all.The evenings give me a little relief.
I will never be able to thank each one of my readers for your prayers.
My inspiration comes from Jesus "who Never gave up"
Wednesday 21st 2020f October 2020 08:38:31 PM

I have not had the energy to log on to the website for a few days. I woke up this morning feeling much better.
I hope to attend the early morning mens prayer meeting tomorrow and even though I will be isolated it will be good to see my friends again.
Please keep on praying out there.It is the only way to make a difference.
Thursday 08th 2020f October 2020 10:30:06 PM

How I pray for more energy and a better appetite.
I thank the Lord for being able to communicate with Doctor Rob who puts my mind at rest by telling me the truth when I call him.
The lockdown looks like it is going to be around for at least 12 months but I pray it will bring many to the Lord as so many face the possibility of end of life.
Please keep on praying for the work and Revival WORLDWIDE.
Friday 25th 2020f September 2020 11:44:37 PM

With much prayer back up the meeting on wednesday went really well and was a true blessing.
Thank God I do not depend upon myself for inspiration'
Health seems to be improving bit I am tired of the Lock Down.
Still getting visits to the van so I am not finished yet.
Sunday 13th 2020f September 2020 10:50:23 PM

Sorry for spelling mistake.
I will be speaking at the Stauros meeting next wednesday.
Thursday 03rd 2020f September 2020 11:33:31 AM

I am sorry to say that my dear friend from Bristol Commander John Ellis was called home last week.
I met John at the first ever meeting I attended on the first day of the ministry 24 years ago. I know I will meet him again, but I still miss the sound of His very refined voice.
Last night I was at the Tauros meeting and next week I will be speaking for the first time since lockdown began.
I have so many reasons to "Praise the Lord"
Thursday 03rd 2020f September 2020 11:31:21 AM

Still hanging in there.
It has not been a good week but today I was able to walk to the local shop and back. A distance of about a mile.
That is nothing short of a miracle. If I could get rid of the phlegm problem I would be on top of the world.
The local christians are a blessing to me, but you my friends, are my life and prayer line that is keeping me sane.
Thursday 20th 2020f August 2020 12:07:27 AM

Once again I must apologise for not updating but not a lot to report.
Health has been bad for over a week but today I am able to breathe a little better.
For I know who I have believed, and HE is ABLE.
What more do I need.
God Bless You.
Friday 07th 2020f August 2020 11:39:08 PM

Health a little better.
Today I celebrated my 75th birthday. I was taken out for lunch by Stuart Johnston and really enjoyed myself.
This morning I was busy answering the phone and chatting to well wishers throughout the Noerthern Hemisphere.
The main celebration is next month when I complete 24 years on the road for Jesus.
Thank you for your prayers and thank God for His answers.
Monday 27th 2020f July 2020 08:32:10 PM

After a period of good health,everything has gone downhill over the weekend and exhaustion is now the norm.No appetite and hard to breathe.
I take note from the message from Bengt in Sweden that it is dangerous to travel to Sweden. I have faith, but also face reality so if and when I leave here, I will not be heading for Europe. I will look at the situation after the winter.
Please keep on praying, I often feel the power of prayer touching me.
Wednesday 22nd 2020f July 2020 09:38:35 PM

Feeling much better at the moment and praying for directions in the coming days.
The borders of Denmark and Germany have been opened so please pray that I make the right decisions when I leave here in August.
Wednesday 15th 2020f July 2020 03:26:13 PM

Still awaiting the end of lockdown but it looks like I will be here for a few more weeks.
Health is not improving but is mostly tolerable.
How I depend upon You, my Friend, for your prayers are keeping me going.
Wednesday 01st 2020f July 2020 11:00:10 PM

I sit here receiving messages to wish me a happy midsummer, but I am sat cuddling a hot water bottle because I just cannot get warm. Outside the rain is pouring down but as I read your Emails my heart is on fire.
I am sure the lockdown cannot last for many more weeks and I look forward to once again heading ou into the wild blue yonder.
Tuesday 23rd 2020f June 2020 10:16:18 PM

Just had a few days of health problems.
How I wish I could find a solution to the unceasing build up of phlegm which keeps dragging me down physically and mentally.
The people around me are really terrific but they get worried when I have a problems, this makes it worse for me as I worry for them.
If you can think of a remedy for me. please drop me an Email.
Thursday 11th 2020f June 2020 07:21:53 PM

When I write about bad weather and hard times, they continue to follow me.
I have found out this week that, when I write about sunshine and good times, they are terminated within hours.
The sunshine has gone and I am sitting here cuddling a hot water bottle to keep warm.
It has been a good week of ministry and I am getting on friendly terms with a few of the local farmers at last.
Much prayer is needed before a breakthrough will happen, but God is in control and He has a habit of surprising me even now.
Saturday 06th 2020f June 2020 12:19:01 AM

The weather is really good here.I have not seen a sunshine summer for at least five years and I am really enjoying the luxury of sunbathing.
On sunday morning I was surrounded by Methodists as the local church took over the car park for a drive in service.
They are now talking about having a service every week and even though I am taking a back seat I am looking forward to them returning.
What opportunities there are for witness during this time of corona virus.
Tuesday 02nd 2020f June 2020 09:03:06 PM

In the last ten days I have seen a monumental increase in the number of people logging in to the web site.
I would normally expect around a hundred viewings a week but in ten days the number is very close to two thousand!!!
It is no wonder my health situation has changed dramatically.
Thank You for your Believing Prayer. It truly works and problems with breathing have really improved.
Sunday 24th 2020f May 2020 01:02:23 AM

It has been an up and down week with a three day period when I found it very hard to breathe.
Today I am feeling much better and even though I feel very tired and having a bad time with phlegm I am able to function.
The newsletter I sent out last week had been an outstanding success and I have never had so many emails before. Nearly all of them very positive and very uplifting.
If you did not get the email just drop me an email and I will send you a copy.
Thank you so much my dear friends for your prayers.
Thursday 21st 2020f May 2020 04:26:52 PM

Another week has gone by but it was spring at last with sunshine.
I have had the opportunity to speak to one farmer on a number of occassions and last week he asked for copies of my life story.
He shared it with his young daughter and she came to visit today.
During the week she gave her life to Jesus. I praise the Lord for opportunities to witness even when we are absent.
Wednesday 13th 2020f May 2020 03:41:35 AM

WE have just gone through Victory in Europe celebrations whils't in lockdown.
How easy it can be to feel isolated and sorry for ourselves.
No visiting, No Church, No hugs,and no sport or outside recreation.
I know just how you feel because I am just as human as each one of my readers.
Then the Lord gave me a word to ponder.
What about those who are serving him in total isolation, sufferring abuse both physical and mental.In prison just because they love Jesus.
Use your time to Pray. Use your time to get CLOSER to Our Dear Heavenly Father.
Ring up people you have not spoken to for years.
It is also a great opportunity to contact those who need your forgivness or whom you need to forgive.
Don't waste this great opportunity to spread the Word.
Think of the Suffering Church and then THANK GOD it is not You.
Sunday 10th 2020f May 2020 10:34:36 PM

I am turning into the kind of person I do not want to be.
Allways complaining about health problems.
Once again I am having severe breathing difficulty and feeling constantly tired.
The drugs are not working but the words of encouragement from contibutors to Visitors Atrium give me the booste I require to geton with each day.
The sun is shining and I am trying to get a sun tan. Not much hope, too much flabby skin.
Monday 04th 2020f May 2020 03:32:29 PM

I am still in the land of the living but having a struggle.
I keep falling asleep during the day and have no energy. The nights are worse for me. I go to bed and can't sleep for more than an hour. Tonight I went to bed at midnight and was wide awake before one o'clock.
It is now 2 50am and I am wide awake with an overactive brain.
Praise the Lord for the situation. It certainly gives me more time to pray for the readers and contributors to the website.
Prayer has been answered today for me.
I spoke to two of my sisters for the first time in nearly twenty years. They turned against me when this mission began.
Sunday 19th 2020f April 2020 03:58:00 AM

Wishing you all a Blessed Easter and a healthy future.
Sunday 12th 2020f April 2020 11:41:24 AM

Just finished a conference call which has replaced the early morning prayer meeting for men.
I could not see the faces of the participants but it was a wonderful experience.
I already look forward to the next meeting next friday.
I really encourage others to do the same thing and encourage isolated Christians to join togetherin prayer.
Friday 03rd 2020f April 2020 09:21:18 AM

Yesterday I heard from a visitor who last called over 20 years ago. I am finding that many of my callers are from the distnt past and many only visited the van once.
A Spirit of fear is descending over the world and many are now turning to prayer in their fear.
Remember ther words of the old hymn which we rarely hear today.
Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching on to war. With the Cross of Jesus going on before.
Let us pray that the Army of God is ready for the Battle for Souls and will allow the Holy Spirit to work through us.
Take advantage of the isolation to bring you closer to Jesus through Prayer and Listening for the "Silent Voice" of The Spirit.
Thursday 02nd 2020f April 2020 10:31:18 AM

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