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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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Not there yet, but feeling much better.
At last I can pray with thanks for the way the Lord is still listening and giving of His Goodness and Mercy.
I don't believe in Miracles, I depend On them.
What about YOU ?
Monday 28th 2021f June 2021 03:42:56 PM

At last I have been able to see a doctor and he is a christian.
Now on antibioticcs etc and expecting good results quickly. Ihave a very serious inflammation of my chest and it all stems from the COPD. I need to see the doctor again in a weeks time to get my tablets sorted out.
* Brian * I hope things are getting better for you. I will continue in prayer for you and yours.
Thanks everyone for your prayers. I know they are being answered.
Friday 25th 2021f June 2021 10:51:44 PM

In all things. Give Thanks.
I have so much to be grateful for. I could make a list but, If I wrote them all down , The whole world could not contain them.
Health is lousy and breathing is poor. Chewing food and swallowing is quite difficult but that is about everything in the poor me category so let us all live a truly positive life which can only be achieved by following *Jesus*
Blessings and Joy to you all.
Sunday 13th 2021f June 2021 05:55:22 PM

Still having bad health problems but why worry, I ain't going anywhere soon.
Trouble swallowing and too much phlegm also disturbed nights. The sun is shining during the day but I still feel very cold and need to use my heater to stop shivering.
I know this is not my end but just another illness that will eventually be healed through prayer and obedience. It ALL in my Father's hands and HE does Not make mistakes, so let us ALL Rejoice.
Monday 31st 2021f May 2021 01:47:09 AM

Not a bad week for me,just a few days of bad breathing but the weatherseems to help me.
I am having great difficuly with eating. One mouthful and I just don't want any more as my stomach feels full. I will struggle on but how I wish I could eat normally.
I joined in the early morning Mens Prayer Group today and really enjoyed it.
I was the only one on zoom, but I continue being careful and staying isolated.
The Presence of the Holy Spirit keeps me sane and He is a great comfort to me when needed.
Please keep praying.
Saturday 22nd 2021f May 2021 01:55:02 AM

Do You believe in Miracles? *I DO*
I spent a couple of hours this afternoon removing stuff from the van without any problems.The van started first time after not being switched on for over six months.
I attended the local Stauros meeting this evening and was invited to speak.
A couple of songs and a ten minute preach later I sat down again.
God has Not forgotten me and He has shown me in ways that I can understand that the work is not finished yet.
Thanks to ALL you wonderful Prayer Warriors.
Thursday 13th 2021f May 2021 12:46:59 AM

What a lousy week I have just experienced. Falling asleep at the slightest opportunity, no appetite and just forgetting when to eat.then the self doubt that can only come from the pit of hell.
When will the servants of evil realise.The more their works are evident, The Closer I come to Jesus. He is the Author and Creator, but most of all He is my Friend and I love Him with ALL my Being.
Keep on Talking to Him, He loves to hear the murmers of Your Heart.
Friday 07th 2021f May 2021 01:11:20 AM

Still struggling and fighting and I will be so pleased to see the back of Covid19.
I really miss the constant communication with members of the public and I am having problems with my voice due to lack of use.
I still sing at the rare meetings I take part in but I know the power and clarity of tone is missing.
I pray that it will return one day soon.
Sunday 11th 2021f April 2021 11:42:17 PM

Why all the pain both emotional and physical?
Why all the tears of confusion and frustration caused by covid 19?
Why has God allowed us to suffer for so long?
I have only one answer to give.
Because of each one of us experiencing the ups and downs of the pandemic and all it has thrown at us. We can now speak on equal terms with anyone we meet.
When we use those words "I know what you are going through" we are being honest because we have shared their pain and problems.
Use the pandemic as a tool in your armoury for witness.
My lfe has been hard at times, but I would not change one moment. Each memory is stored in my quiver of arrows, ready to shoot and use to bring others closer to Christ.
My Friend.let us fight the good fight using the whole Armour of God.
Sunday 28th 2021f March 2021 11:42:02 PM

Good days and bad days are the normal times for me at the moment.
How I wish I had more energy.It is quite normal for me to bring up this page and then My memory just lets me down.
This morning was not very good for me. I found it hard to breathe and then I could not stop coughing and this was followes by a bad bout of vomiting up a lungfull of phlegm.
An hour later I felt that I had nothing wrong with me.
I ask you to please continue praying for me because I will not give up.
Thursday 25th 2021f March 2021 12:20:46 AM

A bad weekend that is now getting much better.
There is light at the end of every tunnel I am told.I am so fortunate because The Light of the world is my constant companion.
How about You?
Tuesday 02nd 2021f March 2021 10:24:04 PM

Feeling much better today but still quite weak.
It will not be long before the summer arrives and the lockdown will end. I praise the Lord for the trials that bring each one of us closer to our Father, If we allow it.
Be Prepared for the future because it will be a time of opportunity to witness.
I pray for that great day.
Wednesday 24th 2021f February 2021 11:58:11 PM

Life goes on and Jesus gets bigger every day.
I have found it difficult to concentrate on anything for a few days. I have found that increacing the time I use the nebuliser is helping as it helps to break up the phlegm.
How can I ever thank my readers for the time you spend in prayer for me. I promise you that I actually do feel the benefit of answered prayer. God Bless you all.
Thursday 18th 2021f February 2021 12:05:23 AM

Still feeling very tired and I am having problems with phlegm.
I have taken most of the stuff out of the van but the van is now having battery problems from not being used.
It has been laid up for a year now and is showing signs of neglect because of lack of use.
The Lord is being very faithful and I can still look in the mirror and smile.
Thursday 11th 2021f February 2021 10:57:49 PM

I spent a couple of days clearing out the van. As usual I did too much and I am now suffering the consequencies.
Feeling very tired, not sleeping very well at night and breathing is difficult.
How pleased I am that I am staying in the cottage where it is dry and warm.
I will be so pleased when I can join others in church. I really miss the fellowship.
Sunday 31st 2021f January 2021 09:42:30 PM

So sorry for the delay in updating the page.
I am really enjoying the experience of living a nearly normal life.
I called to check om the van on thursday and wondered how I had survived the last few winters in such a small,cold and damp environment. I can only put it down to the power of prayer.
I am still having health problems and pray that I will soon have more energy.
The telephone is now the ministry and I am amazed at the number of people contacting me with problems.
Thank God for the experiences I have had over the years which help me as I speak to the broken people on the world.
Sunday 24th 2021f January 2021 08:13:37 PM

Eating, Sleeping and feeling much better.
It is good to be living in a warm environment and able to relax.
May I wish each one of you a truly Blessed 2021 and the Lord's protection from the terrible pandemic that is covering our wonderfull world.
Please try to isolate yourself as much as possible but keep an eye on the elderly and vulnerable near you.
Sunday 10th 2021f January 2021 11:30:39 PM

All going really well I am surrounded by good friends who really look after me.
I have finished the course of anti biotics and feel much better.
Still have breathing problems in the morning but soon get going. I am now able to take short walks and I am really enjoying my time here in the cottage.

Monday 28th 2020f December 2020 01:30:23 AM

Only one short message.
Monday 14th 2020f December 2020 04:36:59 PM

I was discharged from hospital this afternoon but not allowed to return to the van for the moment.
A dear friend "Brendan Jones" has given me the use of his cottage and I am enjoying the sweet scent of a log fire as I write this. It brings back many happy memories.
One of the student doctors came to have a chat with me in hospital and I was really impressed with him and His Love of Jesus.
I saw Him again this afternoon and once again we had a chat.
Please add "Joshua" to your prayer list because I am sure He has much to give in His walk with Jesus.
Illness is not always negative, but can become a time of opportunity if we listen to the "still small voice"
Friday 11th 2020f December 2020 11:15:02 PM

I have stopped fighting the invitable and yesterday I was taken to the local hospita
I was admitted straight away and I am now feeling much better. A day of warmth and tablets has given me a new lease of life.
Due to Covid I have been told I will probably have to leave tomorrow, but I feel able to look at the future with a more positive frame of mind.
Please keep on Praying as I am in the heart of a tremendous mission field.
Consultants and Doctors are bringing their students to examine me and ask questions. I saw quite a few today and have been approached to allow it to happen tomorrow.

God NEVER wastes my time |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Tuesday 08th 2020f December 2020 11:27:58 PM

It seems that I am back to square one. Finding it very hard to breathe and concentrate.
It does not stop me using the telephone and encouraging those who need to hear a friendly voice. I am having problems eating and swallowing but I am sure this is only temporary.
I am sorry that my entries are few and far apart but I really have to force myself to use the computer as I am constantly correcting mistakes due to lack of concentration.
Sunday 06th 2020f December 2020 10:53:37 PM

I had another bad attack this week when I was vomiting phlegm and coughing at the same time.. It really took away all my strength but certainly eased thr tightness in the chest area.
Sleeping a lot at the moment but trying my best to remember to eat at least once a day.
Thank God for the training the Lord led me through during my years in the work so I rarely feel hungry.
Thank you so much for your prayers.
Today I feel much better.
Sunday 22nd 2020f November 2020 11:53:38 AM

Praise the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness.
The improvement of my breathing appears to have stabalised and I am now leading a normal life but still very weak when I try to move too much. A long walk is still in the distant future.
The phone has been quite busy for the last few days so I am now getting back to normal.
Sunday 15th 2020f November 2020 12:17:28 AM

At last I can share Good News with you all.
I took notice of the entry made by Doctor Rob and got a course of vitamin D tablets.
Within a day I noticed improvements in my breathing and now after five days I am breathing much better.
I must thank you all for your ongoing prayers and ask you to Please continue Praying for me.
I will continue staying here until things are much better.
Wednesday 11th 2020f November 2020 11:36:13 PM

Thanks to all my contributors for the words of encouragement and truth.
I really did need a few strong words to get back on track.
I now have a better understanding of isolation and depression, but it was a hard lesson to learn.
I cannot mix with people but compensates by using the telephone.
Why not ring someone you have not seen or met for a while.A five minute conversation is worth a thousand doses of medicine.
Thursday 05th 2020f November 2020 10:09:14 PM

To answer the question posed by Eric.
At the moment I cannot find anywhere that brings total relief from dreadful shortage of breath. It can be very frightening when you cannot inhale and each time you move your body it just gets worse.
My prayer at this time is for bodily strength. I find that on most days I just want to sleep and the thought of taking a walk of more than 50 metres is quite daunting. My muscles lock and my throat gets full of phlegm which leads once again to the breathlessness.
Of only ONE thing am I truly Certain.
Jesus Loves Me and YOU>
Wednesday 28th 2020f October 2020 11:54:34 PM

I had three good days before another drastic setback.
I am living hour to hour at the moment.The morning and afternoon seem to be the worst times when I have no energy at all.The evenings give me a little relief.
I will never be able to thank each one of my readers for your prayers.
My inspiration comes from Jesus "who Never gave up"
Wednesday 21st 2020f October 2020 08:38:31 PM

I have not had the energy to log on to the website for a few days. I woke up this morning feeling much better.
I hope to attend the early morning mens prayer meeting tomorrow and even though I will be isolated it will be good to see my friends again.
Please keep on praying out there.It is the only way to make a difference.
Thursday 08th 2020f October 2020 10:30:06 PM

How I pray for more energy and a better appetite.
I thank the Lord for being able to communicate with Doctor Rob who puts my mind at rest by telling me the truth when I call him.
The lockdown looks like it is going to be around for at least 12 months but I pray it will bring many to the Lord as so many face the possibility of end of life.
Please keep on praying for the work and Revival WORLDWIDE.
Friday 25th 2020f September 2020 11:44:37 PM

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