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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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The wipers are fixed and body damage has been filled. I hope to leave Weston super Mare this morning heading for Bishops Stortford then on to Histon to meet friends there.
Tuesday 28th 2006f March 2006 07:38:10 AM

Lands End yesterday and the weather was not very summery with high winds and heavy rain.I had to leave Cornwall because of the risks of an overturned bus.I was bodily lifted off the road as I left Lands End and sustained some bodily damage but hope to get it put right here at Weston.I met up with some friends at Newlyn Fishermans Mission and joined David and Ann for a cuppa after morning service.I must apologise to Christine and Natanya for having to leave so quickly but if you would email your telephone number I would be delighted to speak to you, how I wish you had come and seen me whils't I was on the car park for a chat. You would have made my day.
Monday 27th 2006f March 2006 01:46:51 PM

I left Exeter early this morning heading for Cornwall.I was privelidged to meet up with Tyrone, a friend who put me up on the first tour in 1996 and has been a true friend ever since. His wife Vera sent me a real cornish pastie and it was a pleasure to consume it. If I don't watch out I will begin putting on weight with all this home cooking.Tonight I am just outside Helston and will reach Land's End tomorrow morning. The weather is not good with high winds and lots of rain, I hope it clears up soon as British Summer Time starts tonight.
Saturday 25th 2006f March 2006 10:29:51 PM

It is GREAT being back on the road and meeting friends old and new. Today I was in Yeovil with Marjorie and Jim who fed me like a king.Shepherds Pie without any shepherd in sight. Marjorie is the lady who gave me the caravan in 2000 and gave me the desire for this kind of ministry.Tonight I am sleeping at Exeter Services and will be in Cornwall tomorrow. The inverter and the windscreen wiper has packed up today. ALL THESE PROBLEMS, I must be doing something right to get all this attention.
Friday 24th 2006f March 2006 08:36:49 PM

Yesterday was terrific!!!! The morning was spent in Weston Super Mare getting ready for the journey west to Lands End and watching John doing runing repairs to the bus, He not only gave of his time but he also filled up the diesel tank for me before I set off. It is wonderful how the Lord answers prayers as I was worried about the diesel levels as they had got very low.A very successful interview with radio south east in County Wexford was conducted by telephone and an invitation to appear live on the show at the end of May. The station has a vast following throughout the area and many listeners throughout Wales. I met up with a friend in Shepton Mallet and the bus attracted much attention. During the time there the bus was the focal point for the youth of the district riding round it on their bikes and having GREAT TIME. The inverter is having problems which means I have to use the generator to run the electrics and it is very noisy. I am praying for a new one as I left the best one in the other coach for Robert & Russell.
Friday 24th 2006f March 2006 08:36:14 AM

What a time I have had to get to Weston Super Mare. I travelled through Dublin heading for Wexford to sail from Rosslare. I met a friend who I first came across in 1996 during my first visit to southern Ireland. After a haircut given to me by Pat who is a hairdresser, we had a great time of fellowship and during our after prayer conversation Pat realised that the town had NEVER been visited by a double decker. An hour later the newspapers had arrived for photographs and then I left to get the ferry.The door to the ferry was too small to get the bus on board so I had to travel to Dun Laoghaire ( Dun Leerie) and I just managed to fit on that one. I travelled to Bristol and had lunch with Commander Ellis who was present at the first meeting on the first day of the ministry in August 1996. then down the motorway to Weston Super Mare. I believe that tomorrow morning I have a telephone interview with radio Wexford.
Wednesday 22nd 2006f March 2006 07:48:36 PM

What a time I have had to get to Weston Super Mare. I travelled through Dublin heading for Wexford to sail from Rosslare. I met a friend who I first came across in 1996 during my first visit to southern Ireland. After a haircut given to me by Pat who is a hairdresser, we had a great time of fellowship and during our after prayer conversation Pat realised that the town had NEVER been visited by a double decker. An hour later the newspapers had arrived for photographs and then I left to get the ferry.The door to the ferry was too small to get the bus on board so I had to travel to Dun Laoghaire ( Dun Leerie) and I just managed to fit on that one. I travelled to Bristol and had lunch with Commander Ellis who was present at the first meeting on the first day of the ministry in August 1996. then down the motorway to Weston Super Mare. I believe that tomorrow morning I have a telephone interview with radio Wexford.
Wednesday 22nd 2006f March 2006 07:46:36 PM

I spoke at Limavady Christian Fellowship this morning and really felt the true blessing of the Lord as he filled my mouth with his words. As I ministered in the church the sunday school was being held in the bus and was a great success. This evening I am at Whitehead Baptist car park receiving visitors and getting very positive comments on the bus. I leave in the morning for Wexford.
Sunday 19th 2006f March 2006 11:03:17 PM

But for a couple of small jobs the bus is now completed. I set off yesterday on a five or six week tour of England and Wales. Why not keep an eye on the site as I once again travel for Jesus and find out what he has in store for me. Because of the difficulty in the south of Ireland with telephone signals I will NOT be updating on monday and tuesday. Please keep on praying.
Sunday 19th 2006f March 2006 08:56:06 AM

Passed !
Tuesday 14th 2006f March 2006 06:57:25 PM

Hey John. what do you mean ( At my age ) Moses only began at eighty and he needed a real driving licence for his journey. I have twenty years to go before I really start work. Eric as always you come up with inspiration when desperatly needed, THANKS. I booked into a motel last week to be rested for the test and was kept awake all night by people on the floor above me and got to the test centre after only two hours sleep even though I was in bed by 9pm. I don't think the fallen angel from the pit of hell wants me to succeed.He has now got my back up and with your support in prayer I WILL SUCCEED.
Wednesday 08th 2006f March 2006 06:47:10 PM

The mechanics have now completed their work on the bus and Gerald and I are now able to complete our work before I go back on tour. The work has cost 1660 and now prayer is required to find the finance to fill the diesel tank ( about 900 )and general living expenses until I hit the road.
Tuesday 07th 2006f March 2006 07:13:24 PM

Failed again. I did not realise the pressure that could be loaded upon me by the constant enquiries as to how the lessons were progressing. As I was preparing myself this morning and trying to get ready for the test the telephone and texting never ceased. To be honest I was mentally drained before I began my lesson. I thank everyone for their good wishes and will endeavour to win next time, but I won't tell anyone untill the test is passed what the next test date is. Please try to understand and don't be upset. I am sixty years old and trying to do something that many young people would find very difficult and I am trying to do it to a deadline.
Saturday 04th 2006f March 2006 10:59:26 PM

Sometimes it is hard to accept the way the Lord works. All week I have waited for an opportunity to witness to the folk at the driving school. Today an opportunity occurred as I was driving to the test centre for the test. More time was needed than was available but I prayed for another opportunity in the Lords time. I failed the test by one mistake but got the chance to return and follow up the witness I so desired. Yes I am dissappointed at failing but I know that the Lord's plan is far bigger than a pass the first time. Keep on praying that I get more chances to witness next week and pass the test next time.
Friday 24th 2006f February 2006 08:49:39 PM

Please keep on praying. I take the test tomorrow ( Friday )and need a miracle to pass it. Tonight I feel very tired and a little discouraged as I cannot seem to get out of habits picked up since my last test over forty years ago. The people I am working with continue swearing and using the Lord's name in the wrong way. Thank God that I have been able to make even a small winess to these children of God and I am able to pray for them from a distance.
Thursday 23rd 2006f February 2006 08:21:00 PM

So much to do and so little time to do it. I have now completed four full days of driving lessons and it is really difficult. I did not realise how many bad habits could be picked up in forty years of driving. The test is on friday afternoon and I will be so relieved to get it over. If I pass it will be a real miracle. The coach has now been taken away by Russell and Robert and I pray that it will soon be answering prayers with stories of Salvation and Encouragement.
Tuesday 21st 2006f February 2006 08:04:20 PM

I got a surprise phone call on friday informing me of a cancellation of a driving test next friday. This means a week of very intensive driving and ridding myself of habits ingrained over forty years. I was driving yesterday and today and I am finding it very difficult and really exhausting. Please pray for me at this time and it would be great if a few people actually left a message. The visitors forum is very slow at the moment and I would love to hear from YOU.
Saturday 18th 2006f February 2006 07:16:01 PM

Not a lot happening at the moment as I await my driving test appointment.The mail is on strike over here and not much is getting through. All I can do is wait and pray
Thursday 16th 2006f February 2006 09:16:51 PM

The bus has gone to have a fuel tank fitted along with other repairs required before it is able to take to the road properly. The clutch needs bleeding on the coach and then it will be able to be taken over by Russell and Robert, later this week I hope:
Tuesday 07th 2006f February 2006 10:16:03 PM

All is going well here but the season cannot arrive soon enough for me. The last coach has at last found a new home and will carry on the work very soon. I believed that somehow it MUST carry on doing the Lord's work and have approached two local christians who have agreed to use it around Northern Ireland. Russell and Robert have become great supporters of the work during the last couple of years and are great prayer warriors as well as having a real desire for soul winning.They have agreed to come and get the coach ready this week and I hope they will be on the road soon.A new page will be opening for their use during the week where I hope they will give us all regular updates on their progress. Please pray for them as they take up the challenge of street evangelism.
Sunday 05th 2006f February 2006 04:06:29 PM

It has been a heavy week of work on the bus this week getting it ready to go to the mechanics on Monday. They are going to lift the body by three inches and put a larger diesel tank inside. The one fitted only holds 150 litres but the new one will hold aroung 850 litres. I feel it is now time to address the question of smoking and drinking in the bus which seems to have dominated this weeks enquiries. Even though many do not agree with me I have no problem with people smoking whils't I am talking to them.The majority of visitors to the bus are non christians and most of them come to me to talk about personal problems. It would be unfair of me to put conditions on the interview and as the majority of my visitors are Addicts of drink, drugs or tobacco. Drink and drugs are totally banned on the bus but I have found that if tobacco is banned the interviews are normally extremely short and the visitor cannot concentrate as well as they do with the comfort of a fag in thier hands. I now have an advantage of two decks and can use another deck until the smell has gone. Please remember that it can take many interviews before a decicion for Jesus is even mentioned, I first have to gain trust and that cannot be given if I appear to be judgemental.
Friday 03rd 2006f February 2006 10:35:51 PM

It has been good to return to Whitehead and meet old friends. Today I have driven to Limavady and have not had a minute since I stopped at 4 30 pm. I am feeling really tired tonight but I think I will have get used to the feeling.A couple of comments have been made about my opinions on smoking on the bus. To be honest I have NO PROBLEMS with people smoking or drinking on the bus at all. It is a matter to be sorted out between the person involved and Jesus. It would be foolish to go out and evangelise to all and then not speaking to them because they were sinners and not fit to enter the bus. I believe the ministry is so successful because I don't JUDGE but leave that to Jesus. When I can look in the mirror and see a perfect person, then and ONLY then will I feel capable of judging my fellow human being. I will not remove a splinter from my friends eye whils't I have a plank in my own eye. Jesus told us not to Judge or Gossip and that is the rule I endeavour to live by.
Monday 30th 2006f January 2006 10:57:46 PM

A great day at Whitehead Baptist. Most signs are now on and some pictures are now on the site. Graham took some great photos which I hope The Web Master will get on the page soon.
Sunday 29th 2006f January 2006 10:04:39 PM

Major problem today as I travelled to Whitehead. I could not find a filling station that the bus would fit in and ran out of diesel on the motorway. After a long wait I managed to get help but the mechanics caused me even more problems by knocking a wire off the dynamo. This was eventually solved by another breakdown crew after a wait of nearly three hours. This meant that I was too late for the photographer but hope that Graham can fit me in tomorrow after church.The day was NOT wasted as I was given the opportunity to witness to the three mechanics involved and now know how to bleed the system. I am like everybody else and suffer from the ( IF I HAD) syndrome. It is now vital that a larger fuel tank is installed with a fuel gauge fitted. Passenger vehicles do not have this luxury as they are normally filled up daily at the depot. Even after the lousey day I am still totally satisfied with the new vehicle and it's only drawback is human (Clifford) error. Thanks are due to Brian Fleming a covvert fron the first bus who came out to try and help me even though he had not bus knowledge. It is nice to see the fruits of the mission going the extra mile.I was thrilled to notice that Sylvia from Czechoslovakia had left a message on the visitors atrium.
Sunday 29th 2006f January 2006 02:08:32 AM

Sorry but I didn't get a chance to move the bus for more pictures.I leave here on saturday for the weekend at Whitehead. The pastor Mike Ewan has gone to visit an orphanage that the church supports in India. Please pray for him and the team with him as they visit and minister to the vulnerable children who depend so much on the people of the west.I hope to have more ( proffessional ) pictures taken over the weekend.
Thursday 26th 2006f January 2006 09:13:40 PM

At last I am seeing the Word of God on the bus. I don't think I will manage to complete the graphics until the weekend when I am once again in Whitehead and I have a wall big enough to reach the top sections. The widow graphics are put on inside for easier access but the main graphics need a stable platform for me to get them in line.Sorry the pictures are dark but I only finished painting at 5pm. I will try for better piuctures tomorrow and will publish them in the evening.The work inside is going very well but still plenty to do in the next three or four weeks.
Wednesday 25th 2006f January 2006 06:33:04 PM

A big welcome to the people of Kilkeel who have promised to follow the website, I pray you will find it a real blessing. This morning I spent painting part of the outside of the bus and it is looking good. This afternoon and evening has been spent in ministry and was very successful with not much spare time for me. I have been requested to stay until thursday morning and speak at two girls brigade meetings tomorrow evening. The work load has been exhausting but a great joy to me. This evening 12 year old Jack came back to say thank you for last night and brought two of his brothers to meet me.
Tuesday 17th 2006f January 2006 10:30:22 PM

PRAYER REALLY DOES WORK. I spoke at two BB bible studies this evening and then all the boys and leaders came to look round the bus. It was a real good night for all and the Holy Spirit was really in charge. I had an appointment to attend a home group afterwards but felt I should stay with the bus instead. As the boys came out of the church hall, one came to the door of the bus as I came downstairs and just said to me. ( I want to become a christian ) Please pray for Jack as he begins His walk with Jesus. The leaders came into the sanctuary after the meeting and we all joined in prayer for a young man who really needed to meet His Lord. It really is a comfirmation that on the first weekend out with a new but unfinished vehicle the Lord blesses me with the JOY of a Salvation.
Monday 16th 2006f January 2006 11:23:44 PM

Thanks for prayer yesterday the services went very well and I was truly blessed. Today I have had a few visitors and this evening I am speaking to two boys brigade groups. Yesterday turned out to be SIX times preaching and seven services. I will be in Kilkeel until wednesday or thursday.
Monday 16th 2006f January 2006 06:59:37 PM

I have arrived in Kilkeel, a town surrounded by the mountains of Mourne and a real welcome from the boys brigade awaited the new bus. The number of people who remember travelling on a double decker but ( not for years ) is already proving a big hit even though the bus is no where near complete. Tomorrow sunday will be very busy with six sermons to preach. 09 15 Confirmation class talk. 10 15 joint sunday school. 11 00 morning service. 6 30 evening praise. 7 15 junior youth club. 8 30 senior youth club. It will be bus ministry from 1 30 till 6 pm and your prayer support is really needed. It is possible more will happen on a very busy day here in County Down. I am having problems with my electric supply today but I will get it sorted next week.
Saturday 14th 2006f January 2006 08:38:04 PM

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