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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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A good time here in Bristol over the last two days.
Many thanks to Commander John Ellis for arranging the meetings for me and opening up his home for me to meet people.
It was great to complete my time here by speaking to the youth from the community around Saint Mary's church.
Heading for Weston tomorrow.
Friday 27th of May 2011 11:36:33 PM

I am now in England after a great time of blessings in Ireland.
Yesterday I went to see the specialist and was discharged from hospital with a clean bill of health. I will have to continue taking the tablets but an operation is not required.
I have spent the morning in Bristol and spoke at a house group this morning. I also have a house group this evening with John Ellis and a full day tomorrow.
The summer work has now begun and I leave for Scandinavia next week.
Thursday 26th of May 2011 03:51:27 PM

I was directed by the Lord to have a full wrap put on the van.
I thought it was impossible as people with the skill are few and far between.
This week I found the right people and the wrap is almost complete. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words.
The pictures have only been on the van for a day but have allready causing many favourable comments.
I leave Northern Ireland on Monday evening for an appointment with the specialist on wednesday in Lancashire.
I will park up in Carrickfergus on monday afternoon from 3pm till 6 pm.
Saturday 21st of May 2011 09:45:30 AM

After a terrific week in the Monaghan area I am back in Northern Ireland.
I was able to give my testimony nearly every evening and each time it was well received. It was good to see an entry from Leah in the Armagh area on the Visitors Atrium.
The children over here are really good and sit and listen to my extremely long sermons. " I think the lollipops have a lot to do with it."
Many thanks to Ivan Armstrong of Castlblaney for his hard work installing the diesel tank and to Elizabeth and Stanley for filling up both tanks.
Tuesday 17th of May 2011 10:21:59 PM

I'm currently in southern Ireland where I'm being kept very busy. I'm unable to get a signal so this will be my last message for a short while. Hopefully update you again soon. God bless!
Thursday 12th of May 2011 02:54:12 PM

Praying the rain and wind will cease before tomorrow.
I will be at the top of the highest pass in Northern Ireland giving away hotdogs and soup.
As I write this short message I am also watching a couple of gallons of minestrone soup simmering on the stove.
Please pray that helpers will turn up and many tracts will be given away on the Glenshane Pass.
Friday 06th of May 2011 10:42:35 PM

It was good to meet up with my friends in Enniskillen. I moved on from there to Carrickfergus and it was great.
I met people who I have not seen for a long time and the ministry section was packed out with people.
I have now got most of the food and sweet supplies I will need for Scandinavia.
I am now heading for the Maghera area.
Thursday 05th of May 2011 09:58:41 PM

Back in Northern Ireland after a terrific time in Scotland.
Yesterday I joined friends in Knockloughram area for morning service then moved on toLimavady for the evening service at the Baptst Church.
I am now on the edge of Omagh and will move on to Enniskillen tomorrow.
Allready I am entertaining visitors in the ministry area.
Monday 02nd of May 2011 07:26:23 PM

Still in Levens.
This morning I was able to watch the Royal Wedding on tv. It was followed by the first barbeque from the motorhome and it was a great success with around six adults andseven children joined me. I firmly believe it will be a great asset during the summer.
I leave here tomorrow for the ferry to Ireland.
Friday 29th of April 2011 04:19:54 PM

Last night was fantastic and a very well attended meeting.At the conclusion I was able to pray for quite a few people and heard good reports.
Today I unwound the awning for the first time and set up the tables and chairs in preperation for a barbeque tomorrow.
Thanks for your prayers, they were really answered.
Thursday 28th of April 2011 09:24:44 PM

I am now parked outside Blacketyside Farm Shop in Levens, Fife.
This evening I am privelidged to be the first ever speaker here this evening. Please pray that the Lord shall be Glorified as the meeting progresses. It is extremely important that as many people as possible pray for this event to encourage Robert Dodds and his family as they step out in faith.
Wednesday 27th of April 2011 04:10:00 PM

Since I began taking tablets for prostrate problems I have suffered from constant tiredness and have not had the energy to do any manual labour around the bus.
Today has seen an answer to prayer and I have managed to complete the signwriting on the van and I am very pleased with it.
I have taken some pictures and will email them to The Web Master to upload when he returns from his family holiday.
I was able to do it myself with the last computer but unfortunately I cannot access any of my old programmes on this computer. This is also the reason I have not sent out any newsletters. I do not have a programme to write any documents.
I am now parked just outside Perth and will be speaking in Leven tomorrow evening. Please Pray.
Wednesday 27th of April 2011 12:00:40 AM

I have had good reports of the interview on Radio Limavady.
Today has been wonderful. The weather has been perfect and the long drive over the mountains and through the glens has been a true joy.
I have passed through Glencoe and have parked for the night in the Bridge of Orchy area.
Tuesday 26th of April 2011 12:27:35 AM

It has been a trial,as I have tried and tried to upload a message to everyone.
I spent a couple of days in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. It was great to meet up with my friends from the past. Archie Darling sends His regards to all.Archie was converted in the bus about six years ago here on Mull.
Today I took the long winding narrow road to Iona. It was a really special time for me on the Island and a great treat because of it being Easter Day. I wanted to go into the ancient Abbey but it cost 5 50 to gain access so I refused to pay it and came away very dissappointed. I will not pay to enter God's House.
I leave Mull tomorrow for Glencoe and have a speaking engagement on wednesday in Levens.
Last night I was interviewed by telephone for a live broadcast on Radio Limavady by Norman Somerville. A true christian friend I have known for years.
Sunday 24th of April 2011 11:21:53 PM

After a three day trip to Barra I have now left the Outer Hebrides and have just arrived in Oban.
I leave here in the morning for the island of Mull to visit Tobermory and Iona for the easter holiday. I expect to leave there on sunday.
Please visit the prayer page if you can. My friend Brian has a grand daughter who urgently needs our prayers. Please leave him a message of support.
Thursday 21st of April 2011 02:19:24 AM

The sun is shining but it is still not too warm out here.
I crossed the islands of Lewis, Harris,North Uist and South Uist and now I have arrived on Eriskay.
I have met so many lovely people out here and the post office staff now have a large quantity of literature ti give to the visitors as they catch the ferry from Leverburgh, Harris.
I should sail for Barra tomorrow.
Please pray for Ivan of Monaghan who flew out to Roumania with christian friends this afternoon to do some work at a battered ladies home.
Ivan fit the windows in the motorhome and will fit the new fuel tank when I get back to Ireland in May.
Saturday 16th of April 2011 08:15:52 PM

After a quick sail across the Pentland Firth to Scotland I once again travelled the sinle track road around the the top of Scotland. Over 150 miles of very narrow road through the most beautiful scenery in the United Kingdom. From Ullapool I took the ferry to Stornaway.
Last night I slept outside a Free Church of Scotland church in the village of Barabhas (Barvas )
This small village is remembered as the main area of the Hebridean Revival last century, mainly because of the well known evangelist "Duncan Campbell".
In fact the revival swept through nearly every Island of the Hebrides.
I will stay in this area today praying before heading acoss Harris to catch the ferry to North Uist.
Thursday 14th of April 2011 02:07:47 PM

Back in Kirkwall for a couple of days before I head back to mainland Scotland on tuesday or wednesday.
The weather was glorious today and spring was certainly in the air.
I am waiting for a delivery of chairs from "Lidl" for the outdoor work. They are easily stored on board and not too expensive, I hope they arrive before I have to leave.
In reply to Eric, I do not require a butler at the moment and why should I want a Tigerskin Rug when I serve "The LION of Judah".
As for "Old Masters" .
The Master I have at the moment is perfect and will last me until the sun forgets to shine and even longer than that!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday 11th of April 2011 12:41:12 AM

I hear that the weather is perfect throughout the United Kingdom but here on Westray the wind is blowing a gale. I sit in the van and feel that I am in the middle of a rough sea crossing with no where to shelter.
The prayer meeting at the Baptist Rectory last night was extremely beneficial. I am having a great time here in the Islands of Scotland.
Thursday 07th of April 2011 11:46:45 PM

Here on Westray the weather is very changeable with rain, wind, sunshine and heavy rain.
I am being given the opportunity to sort out the visitor area and hope to sort out the living area in the very near future.
I will be moving to the other side of the Island tomorrow.
Wednesday 06th of April 2011 10:07:15 AM

A glorious sunny but cold day here on Westray.
It was really great to meet up with so many friends during the morning service and also during the visit and service at the old folks home.
I had forgotten how wonderful the sail to the island was. Sailing the area that had seen much U Boat action in the last war. There is still a lot of evidence of that period of history with sunken ships along the Churchill Barriers and many gun emplacements along the edge of the Islands.
Sunday 03rd of April 2011 11:15:02 PM

I am really enjoying my time on the Orkney Islands. The weather has improved and I do not need to use the heater in my home area too much. The temperature is now above 6 degrees and quite cosy.
The trip down from Shetland was very good and I met up with the pastor and his wife from Burra Baptist church onboard. They were heading south to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary and treated me to a splendid meal on board.
This afternoon I head out to Westray, one of the more remote islands for as few ays. I am not sure that I will get a signal there.
Thanks for all your prayers out there, I can really feel their benefit at this time.
Saturday 02nd of April 2011 08:38:23 AM

My time in Shetland will soon be over !!!
I leave this week for a couple of weeks on the Orkney Islands and then a tour of the Inner and Outer Hebrides.
It has been good here in Shetland but all the churches have speakers booked for many weeks in advance and I have very few chances of doing the job I love and have been called to.
I went to a very refreshing prayer meeting last night at Bridge End church on Burra Isle. Only a few people turned up but it lasted nearly two hours and was very uplifting for me. These people " Knew Jesus"
Tuesday 29th of March 2011 11:09:41 AM

Spending my time in the South of the Islands at the moment. The cost of diesel here is probably the most expensive in Britain even though it is pumped here from the north sea before going to the refineries elsewhere.
I spoke at the prayer meeting in Cunningsborough last night and will speak at the evening service today.
I believe my time here is limited as the opportunities to speak are very limited. If I don't speak it means the financial burden here will take away the money required in the next few weeks as I prepare to return to Scandinavia. Please Pray.
Sunday 27th of March 2011 11:40:33 AM

Parked up in Lerwick.
The weather is getting better and the wind has dropped.
I am speaking at Girlsta tomorrow evening. Not many visitors yet but this is because the signs are not yet finished. The winds stopped me doing them.
Thursday 24th of March 2011 10:26:31 PM

Enjoying myself here but the wind is really strong over the islands.
I went to the Pentecostal church yesterday morning and travelled to Hamnavoe Baptist church to speak at the evening service.
Many more people to meet in the coming days.
Monday 21st of March 2011 11:47:27 AM

The ship from Aberdeen to Shetland left on time, but arrived in Lerwick five hours late. It took nearly twenty hours to get here.
The ship rolled and pitched all the way and it was nearly impossible to walk around." I had the time of my life " because I love travelling in rough seas.
I have been made very welcome here and I am really pleased to return after a break of nearly five years.
I hope to take some pictures of the motorhome very soon. I still need to stick some texts on the side.
Thursday 17th of March 2011 11:02:08 PM

On board ship in Aberdeen and heading for Lerwick.
I pray the people have not forgotten me because I have not visited for four or five years.
Wednesday 16th of March 2011 06:51:46 PM

On the way at last. I am parked in a lay by just outside Perth.
I hope to sail for Shetland tomorrow from Aberdeen. I will stay there for two or three weeks before sailing to the Orkney Islands.
Wednesday 16th of March 2011 12:10:00 AM

After much heavy rain here the caravan park is waterlogged. The motorhome did not leak so I am truly delighted.
I am still waiting for a clear weather forecast to Aberdeen. I hear that the snow is still falling.
Monday 14th of March 2011 11:48:31 AM

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