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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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The rain is still pouring and it is really quite miserable here.
I am still feeling a great peace about the future but cannot understand why, when everything seems so hopeless.
I am being bothered by nightmares most nights and wake up very tired.
The shock from the accident may have triggered them off because the event keeps coming back to me. I pray the bus is soon ready because I really need to drive it again to restore my confidence.
I hope you enjoy the pictures on the Greenland section of the pictures page.
I hope to get to church a couple of times tomorrow to enjoy a good sing and get rid of the cares that seem to hang about me whils't I am in semi retirement.
It would be really terrific if some of you would leave a message or email me during this rather trying time. Please do not get the wrong impression about everything. I am NOT feeling sorry for myself. God Bless You my dear friends.
By the way I will be celebrating my 63rd birthday next weekend. Time does fly when you are enjoying life.
Sunday 20th of July 2008 12:31:22 AM

I am hearing good reports about the tv programme I recorded in Iceland. It was shown twice worldwide and continues to be shown in Iceland. The programme has the advantage of a translator in the background and can be understood by everyone in Iceland.
The last few weeks have been very traumatic for me with many worries about the future of the mission after the bus accident.
Last evening a total peace came over me and even though the problems are still there, I am no longer concerned about them.
The peace of God " really " passes All understanding.
The windows are on their way and should be here in around ten days. This means I will travel to Iceland three weeks late and should arrive on the first weekend in August. I will keep you all updated. Thanks for your believing prayers.
Friday 18th of July 2008 03:17:52 PM

Back on the Faroe Islands and it is raining as always. Even though the bus is still in the same condition it was great to be back on familiar territory and meeting really friendly people.
Many problems are being experienced getting the windows here. It is also hard to contact people from the remote areas I normally work from.
If the windows are not here within a week I will have to abandon the plans for Iceland and even the future of the ministry is under threat if I cannot get moving soon.
I trust God to supply All my Needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.
But I also have to trust others to hear his voice and respond both materially and physically.
Tuesday 15th of July 2008 08:59:26 PM

Back in Iceland and preparing to fly back to Faroe this evening.
The weather in Greenland was good but it is not a very friendly nation when you mention Jesus. This could be just the area I was in but I do not think I will return to find out.
I recorded for the Gospel Channel yesterday in Iceland and I believe it was aired in this country last night.
The programme will be aired on Wednesday at 1400hrs GMT and again on thursday morning at 0800 GMT.
Please tell your friends to watch. I hear it is one of the best I have been part of.
Monday 14th of July 2008 06:15:33 PM

It is very laid back here with nothing to do but look at nature and pray.
Only one shop available with very littla to buy.
My first night was spent on a mattress on somones floor. Very uncomfortable and NEVER to be repeated at my age. I hastily found better accomadation the second day. Tuesday I climbed a couple of minor mountains and today was taken out into the fiord to get some snaps of real icebergs.
When I get back to Faroe I will download some great photos onto the Greenland page.
A wonderful country, but very difficult for the visitors to cope with. Temperature is a comfortable 1 degees in the sun at noon.
Thursday 10th of July 2008 10:09:17 PM

It is very laid back here with nothing to do but look at nature and pray.
Only one shop available with very littla to buy.
My first night was spent on a mattress on somones floor. Very uncomfortable and NEVER to be repeated at my age. I hastily found better accomadation the second day. Tuesday I climbed a couple of minor mountains and today was taken out into the fiord to get some snaps of real icebergs.
When I get back to Faroe I will download some great photos onto the Greenland page.
A wonderful country, but very difficult for the visitors to cope with. Temperature is a comfortable 1 degees in the sun at noon.
Thursday 10th of July 2008 10:09:16 PM

Ready to go to the airport for journey to Greenland. Who will join me in two days of prayer and fasting for the Northern Hemisphere.
I begin the fast at midnight tomorrow and complete it on Friday morning at lunchtime.
Drinks only will be allowed.
Thanks to the donor mentioned on the visitor page. I need to find around five thousand pounds to get myself and the bus to Iceland. How could I manage without people listening to that quiet voice in their hearts. I may have connection problems in Kulusuk.
Monday 07th of July 2008 12:11:33 PM

A day of hanging around awaiting telephone calls that have been promised but never arrived.
The weather here is perfect today and this morning was spent sleeping and catching up with much need rest.I would like to thank " My Frend " who left the right message at the right time.
How I wish others would encourage me so positively.
I don´t know about the web master, but I am delighted with the number of visitors who are logging on to the site. I pray my adventurs give you much cause to praise our Heavenly Father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday 06th of July 2008 06:39:40 PM

A good day of partial relaxation and telephone work.
This afternoon I went out whale watching and had a terrific time. The boat stopped for a while and allowed everyone to do some deep sea fishing on the way back to harbour. I was totally in my element.
I ordered ice cream this evening to finish off my meal and was astounded when they charged over twelve pounds for one small scoop of vanilla flavour.
They tell me that the country is on the verge of bankrupsy. If these prices continue,I will beat them to it. But it is pay up or starve.
Saturday 05th of July 2008 11:26:28 PM

I arrived in Iceland yesterday afternoon to brilliant sunshine and soaring temperatures. Even though I tried to keep a low profile and spend the weekend resting I was stopped on the main street within five minutes by someone who recognised me.
The prices here have rocketed since last year with diesel costing over 2 pounds a litre.
All the guest houses and hostels are full in Reykjavik and it has took most of my rescources to stay here until monday when I leave for Kulusuk in Greenland.
May I thank those who have come to my aid financially during this trying time, it really is getting more difficult to make ends meet as each year passes.The same people keep on contributing but even though I recieve many promises of financial help, they do not seem to come to anything when the people leave the the bus and go home.
Tomorrow will be recording for the Gospel Channel in Selfoss.
Saturday 05th of July 2008 12:19:34 PM

At last the insurance company has agreed to sort the bus out and enable me to continue the work. For a while everything was very doubtfull, but the Lord stepped in and once again I can look forward to the trip to Iceland in a couple of weeks. I have a large excess insurance to pay because of being in a foreign land but somehow we will get through. The food situation is a little hard at the moment. Many tins of food but not a complete meal. I will soon look like a rice pudding if it carries on.
Please pray that finance arrives soon. At the present time, nothing is coming in because I cannot work normally. Many visitors, but mostly passing by to look at the damage.
Thursday 03rd of July 2008 01:41:42 AM

The bus is going to be off the road for two or three weeks awaiting insurance claims and parts.
I will keep my appointments in Iceland this weekend. I fly out on friday and will spend the weekend in Reyjkavik meeting up with old friends.
It has been suggested to me many times that I travel to Greenland. This is not possible with the bus as the country only has one short road. The rest of the country is serviced by helicopter or small planes of unknown vintage.
I leave Iceland on Monday 7th July for the tiny village of Kulusuk for a stay of one week before returning to Faroe via Iceland.
My main rerason for the remoteness of the village is to spend a week of prayer and total rest. I believe it is one of the closest villages to the magnetic North Pole so it will not be too hot for me.
Tuesday 01st of July 2008 06:27:18 PM

Once again the threat of my coming to iceland has caused problems to little demons who follow me everwhere. The bus had a bad accident this morning resulting in the two front windows being broken and other damage. The trip to Iceland has been delayed until replacement parts are sent.I was driving at the time and fortunately no one was hurt.Please pray for the work to continue,at the moment I am feeling very despondant. This trip has been plagued by lack of finance and for a while I thought the whole work had come to an end. It can keep going but desperately needs regular commitment from those the Lord touches.
Monday 30th of June 2008 06:31:56 PM

I now know just how Noah must have felt at the time of the flood. Yesterday morning in the bus registered 37 degrees, just like the desert. In the evening it went down to 6 degrees and began raining. It has not stopped since then for more than an hour. Because I have been preparing for the sea trip I have been able to isolate the leaks in the bus. I filled four buckets with the drips last night and I am ready to empty them again before I retire for the night. I hope that I can manage to seal them soon or it will be a miserable time if the deluge continues. A lovely little prayer meeting this evening in the bus when four people from Betesda called in.
Monday 30th of June 2008 01:29:07 AM

Back in Fuglafjørder for the last two days. The evenings have been dvd shows in the bus. If you look at the visitors Antrium you will see the messages left by the children this evening.I cannot read them yet I can understand what they are trying to say.
Friday 27th of June 2008 11:06:02 PM

At last I know a little more about the programme for the tour. I fly to Iceland next friday and the bus follows by container ship o sunday 6th july.
It means staying in a hotel for a week, but will give me time to catch up on much needed sleep and relaxation before once again driving many thousands of miles.
I am expected by Omega Television and hope to record some more worldwidw tv before leaving Reyjkavik. I believe the temperature is around 4 degrees and I really look forward to once again seeing some really great people.
Wednesday 25th of June 2008 02:40:42 PM

I broke my rules last night and took a cabin on board the Smyril for the journey to Torshavn. It was pure bliss to be able to have a real shower without the pressure of a strip wash in a home full of windows.
Even on board I was visited by someone. There is no where I can hide on these islands ( and I love it )
Tuesday 24th of June 2008 11:10:27 AM

It has been a wonderful time on Suderoy and even though exhausting it was very worthwhile. Saturday began at 04 30 and continued untill 02 30. A day of 22 hours with very little break.
Around 700 people came through the bus during the two day event and most of them were young teenagers and children. Over 4,000 pieces of literature were given away and once again my book of testimony was well received with many questions being asked.
Drink is a problem among the young people at these events and I had to bar a few 13 year olds from the bus because they were carrying bottles of vodka and well under the influence of drink.
Youth clubs are desperately needed and I am praying at the problem at the moment.
Monday 23rd of June 2008 03:18:34 PM

Having problems with the bus roof again. The rain here seems to come from the sky horizontally and is getting into the roof air vents needed for air conditioning. Last night was very bad and the rain caught the computer which now does not work any more. I hope to be able to save all my files and then try to get the computer fixed.
I am still very positive about everything as something major always seems to happen before great blessings arrive.
A new alternator is beeing installed today to charge up my indoor electric supply. It should save a considerable amount of expence and inconvenience in the long run as I will not have to carry so much diesel for the generator.
Thursday 19th of June 2008 05:10:40 PM

The weather has changed drastically and it is pouring down with rain. I am spending a few days in the northern parts of the islands before I travel to Suderoy on thursday or friday for the Reggetta.
I am a little dissappointed that the visitor page is not being used. Perhaps all the interesting things in the christian community have ground to a halt or I have missed the rapture.
Please leave a message to encourage the saints who take time to read the journals.
I had dinner with a lovely family last night and had great fellowship with them. Prayer is desperately needed for the fare to Iceland. The ship will be booked today and I have a week to pay the fare of around £1,700.
Tuesday 17th of June 2008 11:48:03 AM

At last I have found a computer to update the site.
After a very busy week in Suderoy I am back om the mainland and really enjoying myself. The television I have installed in the visiting area is proving very populay amongst the young people. It means I can show films to everyone without using the cinema screen. Last night it was a full house to watch a childrens dvd and I was disturbed early this morning by the local school going out on a trip to a farm to see the cows. They had to come into the bus before the teacher could take them to the farm.
Yesterday I spoke in the pentecostal church in Runavik and visited Skala church for the afternoon service.
I will travel the mainland untill thursday or friday before returning to Suderoy for the Regetta weekend.
Monday 16th of June 2008 11:36:14 AM

The weather has got quite chilly with lots of wind. I hope to travel to Suderoy tomorrow and spend about a week there.
I have met many friends since I arrived and I am made to feel very welcome.
Gordon from Fugliafiord is trying to get a price for the container ship to Iceland and if it is possible I hope to travel there in early July and spend around two months there.
Tuesday 10th of June 2008 05:02:53 PM

It is good to be back at work again and enjoying the mixed weather of these lovely islands. Rain, wind, sunshine all in fairly equal proportions.
The first couple of days resting and cleaning have paid dividends in giving me a contented mind.
I have prayed to be asked to speak at a particular church in Klaxvik for three years, but to no avail. On saturday I was asked to take part in an open air event and doors have really opened. After the open air I spoke to the young people at the youth club and was very well received by them all ( so were the chocolate biscuits )
Sunday morning I was asked to speak at the church of my prayer request and the response from the congregation has been truly amazing.
So many visitors to the bus and constantly being stopped in the street by passers by. Last night I attended a music event at the church and then once again was asked to take part in the open air.
It looks like it is going to be a busy summer.
Monday 09th of June 2008 05:02:43 PM

After a couple of days work on the bus I am at last ready to roll onwards.
I was given the use of a washing machine and all the curtains have now been wased and rehung. I believe it is the first real spring clean for 19 years and now the whole bus is sparling.
It was great to get into a really clean bed last night.
My friend Sofus took his son and myself fishing in his boat last night. Caught nothing, but really enjoyed it. Update again sooon.
Thursday 05th of June 2008 01:35:43 PM

Back in the Faroe Islands and very contented.
The exhaust was damaged coming off Norrona but a spare piece will be here today. Not expensive, but frustrating. I am able to do the repair myself, with assistance from my friend Gordon. The first few days will be spent in Fugliafiord before I travel around the islands.
Updates will not be so frequent this year. Because of telephone costs and the price of fuel and shipping I have to cut costs down to the bone. Thank God for a fishing rod. I caught a Pollack for my evening meal this morning.
Tuesday 03rd of June 2008 12:37:54 PM

Norrona is scheduled to leave here tomorrow morning.
I waited all last evening for a pastor to arrive but it appears he got caught up with other things. The weather here is very hot and sunny with inside bus temperatures exceeding 35 degrees.
Doctor Hailwood has set off for his holiday and heading for the northern areas of Norway.
Thanks to all who are praying for the work, the peace of the Lord is very evident in my heart.
Saturday 31st of May 2008 11:48:31 AM

Arrived in Bergen last night at 11 30pm. I missed the Norrona by 1 hour so will have to wait for a week for the next ferry.
It was a good trip over with many opportunities to speak to English and Norwegian people. I pray something will happen during my time here waiting.
The fare to Faroe has doubled in price since February so much prayer is needed to get the ticket.
I am having problems parking the bus here, I keep getting asked to move. The official car park is 48 pounds a day. That is impossible for me so please pray.
Doctor Hailwood travelled with me and sends his greetings to all.
Thursday 29th of May 2008 11:33:29 AM

Nearly ready to move out of Britain for Norway and my beloved Faroe Islands.
It has been a difficult winter this year with the diesel prices rocketing.
My expences have risen by nearly 30% and I wonder how other ministries are managing to survive.
If the Lord has spoken to you about helping the work. please contact me by email or contact Eric at Caleb Initiative.
I cannot access my po box when I leave Britain.
So many good things have happened during the winter and YOUR prayers will ensure that the Lord will continue to make the work grow, IF it is Our Heavenly Father's Will.
Monday 26th of May 2008 05:07:10 AM

The next few days will be spent in the Lancashire area.
On tuesday I leave for Norway from Newcastle accompanied by my doctor who is travelling through Norway for his holidays.
In the last few weeks many people have told me they would make entries on the web, but I still await their comments.
My back is still painful when driving but improving daily.
Friday 23rd of May 2008 08:09:31 AM

A blessed time since I last wrote.
I travelled through Wales to meet a friend in Newcastle Emlyn and then across country to Builth Wells. It was good to meet up with Martin in Llandindod Wells last evening after a gap of five years.
Today I am in Hereford and then heading for Lancashire and getting ready to leave for Norway on Tuesday.
The back pain is definately getting better. I know that people are praying out there because I can feel the improvement daily.
Much prayer is needed on the financial front as the pound is worth so little in Scandinavia and Diesel prices are soaring.
All I can say is thank God for my friends who send finance to Caleb Initiative. I will be needing them this year.
Wednesday 21st of May 2008 10:21:26 AM

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