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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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Back in Fuglafjorder but feeling very tired and mentally drained.
So much has happened in a short time and am now finding it is getting me a little confused. This happens sometimes but I know it is only the enemy and he has NO power over Me or The Work.
Please pray that I can get restful sleep.
Very cold this morning, it snowed on the mountains around me. This could be my sign for leaving soon as I don't want another attack of hypothermia.
I am delighted to say that my little book of my life story is now available on Kindle.
Amazon would not do it for free so all money will go to a children's charity.
Well done to Chris Wright, my editor.
Thursday 19th of November 2015 10:45:41 AM

Basking in the Glory of Prayer.
How can I ever thank the supporting warriors of prayer for their vigilance over the years.
The past few days have been incredible. I can actually feel the peace and love that can only come from the many prayers being offered to our Heavenly Father for the work and for myself.
The prayer meeting on Monday evening was great and because of safety trials on the ship I had to stay a extra day. This meant I could go to a prayer meeting last night.
An hour of Blessedness.
I now await the ship to the mainland and back into the fray.
Wednesday 18th of November 2015 10:51:32 AM

The weather is lousy and I feel like a Rock and Roll Evangelist. No cover available but who cares when everything is going well.
I spoke three times yesterday and the Gospel is well received by the congregations.
I am getting ready to go to a united prayer meeting at 7pm.
Today has been a day of visitors who are really excited about distribution.
Please pray that Our Heavenly Father is Glorified.
Monday 16th of November 2015 07:35:26 PM

I have now arrived on the island of Suderoy and feeling very blessed.
I was greeted by my friend Remee who seems very pleased with the Gospel. He has been in touch with other churches on the island is is ready and willing to organise distribution to every home on this large Island.
We are trying to organise a prayer meeting on monday to pray for the Gospels and the teams of volunteers.
Thanks Eric, your warning about last night was spot on. A bus was blown off the road here last evening but I was snug and warm on top of a mountain.
Saturday 14th of November 2015 09:50:52 PM

All is going as well as can be expected at the moment.
We are having heavy rain on most days and even though the people of the Islands are well used to getting wet. I cannot expect young people to give out booklets in this terrible weather.
A saturated Gospel is unreadable and useless. Also the youth have the added pressure of school and HOMEWORK:
I leave the mainland for Suderoy this evening and will meet up with church leaders over the weekend and will speak in TvØroyri on Sunday evening.
Friday 13th of November 2015 11:19:14 AM

I have decided to take a break from delivering Gospels today.
The rain is pouring and my bones are aching from constant walking and lifting.
Numerically, I have delivered to over 5% of the homes on the Islands and even though I will continue. I believe I have set the example required of me.
Please pray for more helpers for this mammoth task ahead and more inspiration from readers of the website.
Tuesday 10th of November 2015 11:09:30 AM

A very successful meeting last night. This morning I attended the City Pentecostal Church in Torshavn.. I did not speak but the whole church have been told about the Gospels and will be used for City Distribution.
The winter storms are now here with high winds and torrential rain.
Sunday 08th of November 2015 08:04:19 PM

All going really well here but rain is a constant nightmare for Gospel delivery.
I am taking today off but will be speaking at a home meeting tonight.
I hoped to leave the Faroe Islands in two weeks time but that now looks impossible.
At the moment I have not got enough contacts for the Torshavn area but I know God will supply.
It's raining again today !!!!!
Saturday 07th of November 2015 11:42:42 AM

"Oh You of Little Faith"
Yes it applies to me today!!!!
Within a couple of hours of my last entry I was moving again. I managed to deliver Gospels to three small villages along a long winding road.
When people PRAY GOD MOVES.
I am really tired but very satisfied. The shoulder is still giving problems but I am getting used to the pain and it is bearable.
Today I walked more than I have done in six months.
This delivery is certainly getting the OLD CHAP moving again.

Thursday 05th of November 2015 03:23:11 AM

The weather is perfect to deliver gospels to the small communities.
I have been loaned a car as these isolated are hard to get to.
Yesterday the car broke down so work was stopped.
I was loaned another car last night and guess what
Warning lights are flashing on the dashboard. I wonder if I will EVER get this work done!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday 04th of November 2015 12:21:54 PM

Weather very good today but having transport problems. I managed to do the village of Kambstalur today.
I had a sleep this afternoon and have woken with piercing shoulder pain which is causing problems for me. Even writing this is agony.
You were correct on the Visitors Atrium.
40,000 Gospels of John and 17,500 houses, spread over 18 Islands.
One copy per house and the rest for future evangelism.
We have to think of those who are still to hear the Gospel.
Tuesday 03rd of November 2015 07:40:20 PM

When it rains in the Faroe Islands it comes down in torrents.
Friday and Saturday was not only wet and windy but dangerous. The teams had to cancel delivery or the gospels would have been soaked.
The work began today and I came home totally shattered.I was alone delivering to isolated houses and villages.
I managed to deliver 175 gospels in five hours.
The walking defeated me in the end but I hope to be out again tomorrow!!!
I never ask anyone to do anything unless I am willing to do as much myself.
Monday 02nd of November 2015 09:32:58 PM

At last things are moving!!!!!
The Gospels arrived on Monday and it has been a mammoth task moving 40,000 Gospels into the right locations for distribution to the team leaders. The teams are not yet put together but will be found as the Lord leads.
It has been hard work as I have had to move the heavy boxes during working hours by car and with no help until yesterday.
Klaxvik will be done on Saturday and other teams are champing at the bit.
I will be speaking at two youth meetings tonight so would value your prayers.
Finance is desperate as I have had no engagements because of this very important project.
I have enough food and diesel so I can certainly manage.
The Gospels really are first class and Worthy of the Lord. Laminated covers, Good paper and clear bold print.
Thanks to all who are Praying, and NOW the real hard work begins
Thursday 29th of October 2015 12:51:23 PM

The gospels missed the ship and will arrive on Monday, only one ship a week from Hirtshals.
I have had 2 more youth meetings this week and tonight is a prayer meeting in Gorta.

Thursday 22nd of October 2015 10:50:17 AM

Last night I spoke to the youth of Klaxvik. The meeting began at 11pm and we had a great time.
An appeal was made for volunteers to help distribute the John's Gospel next Saturday. It looked successful but I will let you know what happens next Sunday.
Sunday 18th of October 2015 02:12:18 PM

All going well here!!
I have spent the past few days in Klaxvik and met up with many friends.
Last night I visited the youth at the Evangelical church. I return there tomorrow as the speaker. The Gospels of John arrive on Monday and I am trying to get organised for Nationwide distribution next week.
Please pray that others will get fired up and willing.
Friday 16th of October 2015 02:05:49 PM

Arrived in the Faroe Islands at 5am and now basking in Friendship as I meet up with lovely people.
A man I have met on numerous occasions stopped to speak to me this afternoon.
He told me that he prayed for me on a regular basis and was pleased that I had returned to the Faroes.
Just an ordinary person who loves Jesus.
Towards the end of our time together, He informed me that he works for the people of the Islands " He is the Vice President of the Government"
Monday 12th of October 2015 04:39:18 PM

It has been a heavy but a truly blessed time. I poke at a small Pentecostal church on Tuesday in the village Of Floby. We had a super time and I hope to return next year.
I have just parked at the harbour in Gothenburg and sail for Denmark at midnight.
The next boat is on Saturday for the Faroe Islands.
Sorry but very little chance of an update until Monday or Tuesday because of Internet Access.
Thursday 08th of October 2015 02:11:11 PM

Not dead yet!!!!!!
Feeling much better today and I can only blame the Prayer Warriors.
Thank You to ALL who pray for me on a daily or a sometimes basis. You keep the work going forward-
I have a week before I sail for The Faroe Islands and will be able to rest up for a while.
Only about seven hundred miles left to drive.
Saturday 03rd of October 2015 08:56:14 PM

All is going well as I slowly make my way through Sweden towards Hirtshals in Denmark for the ferry to the Faroe Islands.
For the last few days I have been spending a lot of time in the forest collecting berries and talking to my wonderful Father.
It has been very special to me as I was getting exhausted with the constant pressure of witnessing and preaching.
I woke up very early this morning and could not stop coughing and shivering.
As the day progressed it has got worse and now I ache all over. I hope it does not get any worse. I have contacted Doctor Rob and He is monitering the situation.
Friday 02nd of October 2015 08:32:29 PM

All is going very well but the Autumn rain seems to have arrived.
The colours in the forest are spectacular and the Northern Hemisphere is getting ready for winter.
I have had two speaking engagements this week and enjoyed them both.
Tuesday was a prayer meeting and as I spoke I knew the Holy Spirit was working in people's hearts.
Last night I spoke at Srensatra Lutheran Church. It was a tremendous meeting and the first Alpha Course meeting of the winter.
I now head into the forest for a couple of days to prepare myself for the Faroe Islands in two weeks time.
Thursday 24th of September 2015 02:43:19 PM

Well that was a short holiday I took. It only lasted a few hours before people found me!!
Tonight I spoke at a house group prayer meeting and it was terrific.
Sixteen people in Love with Jesus. The meeting lasted for over three hours, yet it felt like minutes.
I may have to go for LPG Gas tomorrow.
Thursday 17th of September 2015 11:25:21 PM

All is going well but the temperature here is dropping.
I went to church yesterday and was delighted to have a day off from speaking. It is good to LISTEN sometimes and I rarely get the opportunity to just soak up the Blessing.
I have decided to go into the forest and Hide for a few days. I believe the Lord is calling me to rest for a short time and not being asked to speak on Sunday was part of His confirmation.
I know many friends will support me in prayer at this time.
I spoke to Brian Fleming last night.
The operation went well and the surgeon was very pleased with the result. We ow await the results of the biopsy before the next stage can begin.
The treatment of the prostrate cancer.
Brian sends His thanks to all who prayed.
Please pray for His wife Daphne, Brian will NOT be a model patient!!

Tuesday 15th of September 2015 10:38:19 AM

The sun is shining and all seems well with the world.
I ask for prayer for one of my dearest friends and encouragers
Brian Fleming came to faith in the bus a few years ago, He is a tireless worker for the Lord.
Recently he has been diagnosed with prostrate and bladder cancer.
He goes into hospital this afternoon for an operation on his bladder tomorrow.
I have experienced a similar time of stress and I beg you to pray for this wonderful Saint at this time.
Every time I meet him he fills the freezer with Irish stew and Meat Pie.
Yesterday I spoke to Samuel of Every Home Crusade about the printing of John's Gospel in the Faroese Language.
As I write this, the printing has begun of the 40,000 I ordered. The cover has gone to be laminated and soon it will sail away to the Mid Atlantic Ocean.
Please pray that Many Souls will find Jesus and that everything will go without a hitch.
Thursday 10th of September 2015 02:15:26 PM

The journey is long but NOT boring.
I am spending a few hours each day in the forest collecting Blueberries. Up to now I have managed to gather two buckets full and I have backache.
The most tedious part of the harvesting is sorting out the berries and making sure the finished product is as clean as possible.
As usual the days are long and bedtime is fast approaching.
I had to go outside the van a few minutes ago to find out if the weather is ok and surprise surprise !!! It feels like winter out there. Low temperatures bring out the hot water bottles and other amazing things.
Yes I said Amazing!!!!!!
I only managed to watch for ten minutes or so but the sky was AMAZING.
"Aurora Borealis" or The Northern Lights were dancing and waves of pulsating light flooded the northern sky.
No matter how often I see them I am still captivated.
I have just looked outside again and the show is over
A night time Spectacular!!! Just for ME.
God is truly AMAZING.
Tuesday 08th of September 2015 02:04:31 AM

This morning I attended Ostersund Methodist Church and we had a great time.
Only eight people turned up but they had the faith of hundreds.
I hoped to have a morning off but Bengt announced me and my day off was gone.
So please I spoke as there were 2 new people in the congregation.Every year, this church hires a bus and the crew of Evangelist to join them on the streets of Ostersund. They had just finished four days of outreach.
It does my heart good to see Faith in action.
Sunday 06th of September 2015 09:22:50 PM

I remember how Awestruck I used to feel when a regular route was from Lands End to John O'Groats. The complete length of Britain was normally driven and took me months of driving.
I have just driven from Kuhmo in Finland to Ostersund in Sweden in for days. This is nearly two hundred miles further.
It was well worth it. Just to say thanks to Bengt who is my interpreter in Sweden and also a Pastor of Ostersund Methodist Church.
Last night I continued driving until quite late and really enjoyed the night driving in the forest.
Thousands of moths were attracted by the headlights and suddenly I was aware of other flying creatures.
Hundreds of Bats were having a rare treat as they swooped down for a flying Smorgasborg.
I am very tired but resting in awe.
Tomorrow I head for Sandviken. Another three hundred miles.
Saturday 05th of September 2015 09:44:00 PM

My work in Finland has drawn to a close and very soon I will enter Sweden for a time of work there.
Timo has left Kuhmo today with 35 people, they are heading For St Petersburg for a time of ministry and evangelism. Praise The Lord and GET PRAYING:
I hope you all got the newsletter this week, If Not, please drop me an Email and I will send you one.
Thursday 03rd of September 2015 07:05:30 PM

I will leave Kuhmo , probably today!
It has been a very worthwhile trip and I believe I have been of some help to my friends here.
The workload here has been very heavy and I have been constantly on the move and have had many opportunities to speak.
Last night I went to meet friends at a barbeque but left after a couple of hours because of the very cold wind. The temperatures here are dropping rapidly and I find I am not as hardy as I used to be.
Next stop is not yet decided but entails a drive of over a thousand miles in to Sweden.
I am feeling very tired but I put this down to constantly changing counties and time zones.
Tuesday 01st of September 2015 08:01:58 AM

I arrived in Kuhmo last night and the weather has changed. Torrential rain and the feeling that Autumn has arrived.
This morning I spoke at the Open Air meeting and I am now getting ready to go and preach at the Free Church.
Tomorrow morning I once again join Timo at the Forest Church in Iivantira.
This is the church I was given a surprise birthday party at just a few weeks ago. We follow this with a trip to the Russian Border.
Saturday 29th of August 2015 03:58:21 PM

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