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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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I have just left GRENSE JAKOB SELVA (70N 31E), which is on the Finnish/Russian border on the BARENTS SEA. A village? of 7 houses. I am now heading west to Norway and will probably be out of touch for some days.
Saturday 26th of September 2009 10:46:24 AM

I reached Raja-Jooseppi, the last Finland - Russia border crossing this afternoon. This is situated 40 kilometres from Ivalo.
Now the hard work begins as I reach Sami ( the reindeer herders ) country.
I now head for the top of Finland and into Norway as I head for the furthest possible Europe Russia Border crossing and then on to the most northerly point in Europe, The North Cape.
I do not anticipate doing much stopping on this part of the trip because the weather will soon defeat me if I hesitate.
Much prayer is needed as I travel unknown terrain and head for the Mountain roads of Norway.
Please leave a comment on the visitor page. I am beginning to feel a little lonely.
Wednesday 23rd of September 2009 06:48:08 PM

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God to thee. "How Great thou Art"
Those words are ringing in my heart as I write this message of Hope to this troubled world.
I have just left the small town of Salla ( 5,000 population ) and have parked for the night at the closest point to the Russian border I will achieve on this trip other than at the border crossings. I can look out of the upstairs window and see Russia over the treetops.
Salla was incredible and I received a rich blessing from the people there.
On saturday it was a day of outreach and sunday a great morning service in the pentecostal church.
Today ( monday) I spoke to over a hundred students at the high school as I was the english teacher for six lessons. I left there with an invitation to return and speak to the other classes when they were not doing exams.
This evening 12 people turned up for a two hour prayer meeting in the bus and tears were much in evidence as we prayed for the town and for Lappland.
I wait upon the Lord to reveal the next steps of the journey but have been warned that it will be below zero tonight. It looks like a mad dash to the top of Europe and hopefully a leisurely drive back. Only around a thousand miles to go to the North Cape.
Monday 21st of September 2009 08:02:29 PM

How thrilled I was to get a message from my friend Titti in Sandviken. She promised to leave a message last year when I left the town, but with a minibus full of children she just cannot find the time. In Sandviken she takes food to those who are needy and is on fire for Jesus. Please remember her as you pray.
Today a team from Kemijarvi joined us in Salla for an outreach in the market square and it proved to be a success. Quite a few teenagers visited the bus and around ten people went into the shopping area with tracts and my life story.
I pray that another Kuhmo is waiting to happen in this area that is a short distance from the Russian border.
I speak in the pentecostal church at 11 00 tomorrow. (9am britain)
Saturday 19th of September 2009 06:27:45 PM

Another good day with time to relax and clean my living quarters at last.
I was amazed how much rubbish can be collected in only a few weeks of travelling.
A call came through from the pentecostal pastor in "Salla" that I have been booked at the junior school there on monday. The session begins at 08 45 and ends at 15 30.
Please remember that there is a two hour time difference between Finland and the UK. 08.45 is 06 45 in the UK.
This evening I joined the ladies prayer group just outside of Rovaniemi and was able to thank them for their tremendous prayer support over the last few weeks. I hope some of them will join me in Salla on saturday.
I pray that more prayer and home groups will invite me to attend and speak in the Lappland area.
A prayer day has been arranged for the north of Finland in November and I hope to be able to attend ( snow permitting )
Wednesday 16th of September 2009 11:49:28 PM

My day of rest did not happen as people found me and the bus was as busy as normal.
Here in Finland the people I know are getting quite excited.
I have been invited to speak at the pentecostal church and do an outreach on saturday in the town of Salla.
This is the nearest town to the Russian border on the Arctic Circle and very few young people attend a place of worship.
Street work is virtually unknown so it is a very big challenge.
Negotiations are going ahead to get me to speak in the schools and I am quite optomistic.
This whole area needs a touch from God and I beg for much prayer in the coming days.
Please pray that workers can be found and hopefully musicians who are willing to join us.
I have promised to stay for two days,but could extend if the helpers turn up and forward bookings are made for me. I will make decisions on a daily basis.
Tuesday 15th of September 2009 10:57:12 PM

Arrived in Lappland at last. More later this evening.
I am having a day of rest. ( I Hope=
Tuesday 15th of September 2009 09:03:03 AM

I set off frok Kuhmo yesterday and headed north.
As I travel onwards thrrough the forest, Autumn begins to reveal herself as the trees show signs of their promised autumnal colours. The roads through the forest can be very dangerous and full of potholes. I slept last night in true wilderness surroundings and the silince was so intense I could nearly hear the trees breathing. The area is populated by brown bears so I kept within the confines of the bus area.
I believe the holiday season for visitors will begin soon as tourists fly into Lappland to see the shades of autumn in their Majestic Glory.
Last year I only travelled as far as Ivalo because of the snow storms. This year I am heading for the morth cape and into the top of Norway.
I am still experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulder and hope no damage has been done to it.
Monday 14th of September 2009 06:26:26 AM

The trip to see the police in Sounusalmi is over for the moment. I stated to the police officer that I prefer no criminal charges be brought and she offered a meeting of arbitration with myself and the boys and their parents along with a social worker.
The damage has come to 3'500 euros and that is only a quarter of the cost of replacing the glass. I had Aluminium installed and it is much cheaper and quicker than using laminated glass. I pray the parents can afford the bill as my insurance does not cover this type of damage.
I did not take into account the amount of money I lost because I could not work.
Timo Suutari drove me the 100 kilometres each way and came into the interview room as translator and negotiator for me. He is a true Godsend to me in Finland.
This afternoon 14 of us went out for drive in the bus and I was able to cook a meal for them. This evening a prayer and praise meeting was held and I spoke on the theme of " Giving ALL of yourself To God"
The meeting was spoiled at the end for me by a visiting preacher who kept hitting me on my shoulder. For days I have had no pain aroung the cancer scar area but tonight I am in agony after such rough treatment. He got quite offended when I refused His offer to pray for my healing. I did not need it until I met him.
Saturday 12th of September 2009 09:59:29 PM

The trip from Tornio was long but very Fruitfull.
I refer to the fact that a frost earlier this year wiped out the berry crop in many parts of Finland and has caused distress to many people. Lingonberries are red and about half the size of a redcurrant. They are used primarily as a jam that accompanies the meat joint and are a part of the staple diet in Finland.
I was told that the crop in the Vaasa area had been destroyed and some of my friends could not find any berries.
I managed to pick around 14 Kilo's on my way back and now there are a few happy christians in the Vaasa area, PTL.
Once again I am back in Kuhmo and was starting to get a little frustrated that I did not seem to be getting on with the tour.
All was revealed when I looked closely at the map.
I had made a mistake in my planning and somehow did not see a very minor road through the forest.
I will leave here on sunday or monday morning and HEAD NORTH.
Tomorrow Timo and I will travel to Soumusalmi to make a statement to the police about last weeks vandalism. Please pray that a satisfactory outcome can be arranged and a good witness left to the people involved.
Friday 11th of September 2009 09:27:31 PM

The trip to Tornio was very rewarding and if the finances become available I will be going there when I have completed the Lappland section of the tour.
Being a roving evangelist can cause unexpected problems from the most innocent of conversations. I refer to the occassional person who calls into the bus and begins a process of interrogation and becomes very upset when I refuse to answer personal questions which not even my closest friends would ask.
Many people ask me to tell them my personal opinions of the church and the way it stands in the world today. I cannot answer these questions, because, I am not "God" and I am certainly not His spokesman here on earth.
I received a very strong and upsetting telephone call from someone today who believes I should ask for the strictest punishment possible from the justice department for the boys who vandalised the bus.
I see no point in arguing with the words in scripture " Forgive those who Persecute you, Love your Enemies, How many more fit the point in question?
The words of Jesus are, Love, Forgive and compassion.
The words of the old testament are primarily the laws given to the children of Israel and their descendants.
I am Adopted into the family of God through the Death and Resurrection of Jesus and must remember that "He forgave all of my sins" and He expects me to do the same for those who offend me.
I hope this makes my position clear to those who want to stand in judgement of myself and the work I try so hard to do in the name of, and for the Glory of My Heavenly Father.
Thursday 10th of September 2009 11:18:37 PM

Once again I am on the road and heading north towards Lappland.
" Bo Haggblum " has done a great job on the bus and it is a pleasure to drive.
New brakes on the front, new wheel bearings fitted, the heater is working properly and all the signwriting is in place.
Last night I was at a prayer meeting just outside Kokkola and it was a truly blessed time.
The police in Soumusalmi have requested I return to the police station to make a statement as they have have now charged somone with the vandalism. I will attend on saturday afternoon after I have kept my word and visited Tornio.
Requests keep coming in for me to visit other towns and communities but I cannot accept any more until I have completed the work set before me. I must drive the border to the top of Finland before the snow arrives.
Please pray for my wisdom on saturday. If these young boys are charged and prosecuted for their stupidity they will be at a disadvantage for the rest of their lives. A criminal record is a barrier to a good career and I know all about being disadvantaged from the way I was treated on the streets of London.
The damage has been repaired to the bus, Yes it still caused me to be afraid when anyone comes near the bus during the hours of darkness, This will pass.
Can I as a christian help ruin a child's life by following the road of vengeance.
This now depends upon the law of the land and the attitude of the police and the those responsible. If it is at all possible I will ask that a caution is given and the damage paid for.End of story, Please Pray.
Wednesday 09th of September 2009 08:43:08 AM

The youth night on friday was a great success with many young people turning up.
Yesterday turnred out as a total surprise as I expected to be in a market for the day. It turned out that I was parked at a local steam railway who take people for train rides up and down a 3 kilometre track in the forest. It only happens for two days a year so I was in the right place at the right time.
I spoke to the gathered crown about three vehicles in their view at the time. A train that was on a short piece of track and has not moved in years ( worn out because it is going no-where) The train that comes out twice a year to great acclaim and then sits in the shed and is polished and fussed over to be ready for the next one day event.
Then I spoke of the Jesus bus that is broken yet keeps on travelling day after day with little maintenance or rest and no tracks but prayer to guide it.
The question asked of everyone is." What kind of vehicle are you for Jesus "?
So many people apologise when they press a few coins or a small note of money in my hand. Sorry but I can only give you a little because!!!! and then the reason.
Please don't forget that this work began with only 1.00 fourteen years ago.
A few little's can make a lot. God Bless
Sunday 06th of September 2009 11:43:43 AM

"How I Thank God for His Manifold and Great Mercies towards Us"
I have had a stange feeling for a few weeks that something was not quite right with the bus. I could not fault it's performance yet felt uneasy as I drove the vast distances I am called to do.
Yesterday I walked around the bus admiring the new texts in Finnish and Swedish and felt that some real benefit had come from the catastrophic weekend.
"Bo" the mechanic had just finished an engine oil change when He decided to grease everywhere he could. A front wheel grease nipple would not accept the grease so after much debate He stripped the grease assembly down. All He found was rust. The bearing had not been greased for a long time.
He decided to check the main front wheel bearing and found it was on the point of collapse. This happened to the other wheel just a few weeks ago.
Thank God for a listening mechanic.
Up to yesterday nothing had been deposited into my account to help pay this massive bill but I am informed that over 600 has been sent from "Caleb Initiative" I pray that when I leave here next week that All my bills are paid.
Tonight I am speaking at a youth club and tomorrow I am out at a local market outreach.

Friday 04th of September 2009 07:18:40 AM

Once again I am back in Jacobstad and confined to sleeping in the garage.
Bo has worked like a true soldier and the windows are now replaced with aluminium and painted blue. I hope the texts in Finnish and Swedish will arrive tomorrow morning before I head off to a local high school and speak to the students.
The damage was done by three young boys and they have been caught on video camera. The police will now be able to find them and find out from their parents why three boys of around 13 years old were wandering the streets at 03 30 am and causing so much distress.
As well as the three windows that were broken, a picture I have treasured for over ten years has had the glass broken and the picture is now damaged. I was given the picture of the crucifiction by a drug addict in Wexford, Ireland right at the beginning of the work and it has caused much discussion in the buses in the past few years. In fact it has changed lives because of how dramatic the scene has been painted.
Please pray for the three boys and their families.When the people of the town find out who has caused the damage it could be very unpleasant for the family members.I have forgiven them for their stupidity in causing the damage and ask everyone who prays for them to do the same.
I can only change cannot be expected to forgive us.the present, I cannot do anything about yesterday so let us live in forgiveness or God
Tuesday 01st of September 2009 10:27:45 PM

Four pictures have been added to Finland Pictures Page showing a little of the damsge to the bus.I was too upset to take any more,Sorry.
Sunday 30th of August 2009 06:15:30 PM

All day cleaning up the glass that was shattered. It has got everywhere and it has been very difficult to clear. Two of the lads came and have boarded up the windows and once again I have a 1,000 Kilometre round trip to Jacobstad to effect repairs.
It looks like I shall be off the road for a few days when I get there as the replacement glass will have to be ordered.
If the law allows I will have the glass replaced with metal and repainted. This will give me the opportunity to put up the gospel texts in Finnish and Swedish. !!!!!!!!Some good may come of this catastrophe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I left Soumusalmi last night to begin the drive and once again the ministry was out of pocket. I wonder why people invite me to their towns if they will take no responsibility for the upkeep of the bus they desire so much.I am given the collections from the meetings but it is not enough to keep such an expensive project going forward.
Timo Suutari arrived before I left and seven of us gathered for a prayer meeting and asked God to bless those who did the damage. He has promised some financial assistance from Kuhmo who's team of evangelists just cannot get enough of witnessing.
Sunday 30th of August 2009 07:05:29 AM

I was woken at 03 20 hrs with a loud bang and before I could get out of bed another loud bang seemed to shake the bus around me. I put on the light and went downstairs where all seemed okay.
Outside was a totally different story !
Glass everywhere around the bus. Someone had smashed two of the bus windows and had got into my rear luggage area.Blue paint was everywhere.Inside the luggage bay, over the engine, into both exhaust pipes and the grass around the bus is now bright blue.
I rang the emergency number and before the police arrived another loud bang. This time it was the upstairs emergency window that had been smashed.
The police arrived and told me that whoever had done the damage was probably going to set it on fire but was disturbed when I put the lights on.
I am parked outside the lutheran church in Soumusalmi where I was speaking last night. It was a great meeting and this has made me even more determined to stay in Finland.
Please pray as this repair could be VERY expensive.
Saturday 29th of August 2009 06:43:32 AM

"Why Me Lord"
The question I have been asking for days now. The work is hard, The hours are long. Rest is in short supply and the food is not agreeing with me.
"Why not You"
Was the reply to my heart.
The time here in Finland is every evangelist's dream and yet when it arrives without any prior warning it can certainly take anyone by surprise.
Another soul entered into salvation today as a local christian led her to Jesus. Two lives changed in a moment on the top deck of the bus. The new christian was glowing and the man who prayed with her looked like he was walking on air.
I try to make it that each salvation prayer is led by a local person. I move on after a short time and it is VITAL that new christians get follow up for the first few months at least.
I have heard people saying that Brother Clifford led them to the Lord. This is untrue because Jesus calls us unto Himself through "The Holy Spirit" and man is only a tool in "His Mighty Hands".
During the day I was priviledged to speak to four classes of 16 to 18 year old students and a pin could be heard dropping in the silence as they hung on to every word.
Tommorrow is another day on the streets of Soumusalmi followed by testimony at the local lutheran church in the evening.
Thursday 27th of August 2009 09:35:28 PM

I am now in the Soumusalmi area and poised to strike north next week.
Yesterday morning I spoke to the pupils of a small junior school.Only 28 children attend and I was really impressed with their good manners and attempts to speak English. A very charming and caring headmaster made me very welcome. In the evening I spoke at the pentecostal church in a town who's name I cannot pronounce.
Today is a hang around day and not much to do. I am still in the church car park and was delighted to get 8 hours sleep last night.
I wonder if everyone got their newsletter?
Only four people have responded and let me know. I often wonder if it is worth all the work of writing and sending it as so few respond to it. I can of course depend upon one or two old faithfulls who always reply to me when I ask.
Wednesday 26th of August 2009 08:32:00 AM

The day in Soumasalmi went well but slowly.
My new friends out there are raring to go and I will be with them late today.
I have been in discussions today with Timo and we have agreed that the time has come for the trainees to stand on their own feet so I will be leaving Kuhmo at around 10am for the long drive to Soumasalmi and a week of hard work. Schools are waiting and meetings booked and ready for my arrival.
Today was spent making up a couple of hundred bags of sweets for the children and getting the bus ready for a new venture. I also repaired the exhaust as it had developed a bad leak.
This evening I was guest of honour at a barbeque at Timo's summer house. A full crowd turned out to see me and there were many tears when I told them of my imminent departure.
I will miss these wonderful people so much, yet I must do as my master tells me and that is to move on and allow the Holy Spirit to do his work in peoples lives.
I called in the local supermarket for something and as I walked down one of the aisles I was stopped by a lady who could not speak a word of english. Using sign language she indicated that she needed prayer. It was a real Joy to me that someone whom I had never met had been able to find the courage to ask for prayer in such a public place.Of course I prayed for her and felt a beautiful peace fall over the spot as we conversed with our lovely Lord Jesus.
I was given a gift of a series of photographs taken on outreach yesterday. I chose 50 of them and have put them on the Finland Pictures Page. Also the newsletter has now been added.
Monday 24th of August 2009 12:23:06 AM

The school for the older young people has now been completed. I was asked to speak there for four days and teach for nine lessons. It was so popular that I taught an extra nine classes before my time was over.
In each lesson I chose a translator from the students and it was great to see young people gaining confidence and the respect of their teachers as the lessons progressed.
Las night it was once again street work in Kajaani with quite a good response from team members. A special prayer meeting was being held in one of the local churches and on the last minute I was asked to attend and speak.
My theme was committment to the commission of Jesus and it caused quite a few raised eyebrows until I told a little of my own story.
Today we drive over 200 kilometres to Soumasalmi for open air and will be back late tonight.
I depart for the same town on monday for a week of outreach but the work for me here is not yet clompleted.
Saturday 22nd of August 2009 07:43:29 AM

Another really busy and exciting day.
Four classes were booked today but I finished up teaching six classes as the students are demanding the opportunity of a lesson in the bus. Two classes of students also turned up without a teacher and had to be turned away as I was already teaching. A teacher has approached me and requested that I do two more full days and the school will reschedule the classes to give ALL students the chance to hear my life story.
Another town two hundred miles away has now come on to me asking that I visit next week for outreach and school work. I have given them the go ahead to book me for a week.
Timo requested that I joined him in full committee today and speak to all the church priests and lay workers about a week of evangelism next year. Around 50 people turned up and approved the venture for next May. A winter of evangelism and year of outreach has now begun here in Kuhmo.
Please pray that many will come to Jesus and that our Heavenly Father is Glorified during this tremendous outreach.
Wednesday 19th of August 2009 09:56:43 PM

An early start cleaning the bus ready for a day of hard work.
This morning I arroved at the school for senior youth with three lessons on the programme. It was increased to four before the day finished. Once again I was able to get the young people to translate and it seemed to surprise the teachers as to just how much our young people can do.
17 of us then set off for an evening of praise at the small town of Hyrynsalmi which is 100 Kilometres away. When we arrived the street work was already in progress as three car loads had set out before us.
The service was a great success and around a hundred people turned up.
I was delighted to meet four friends from Jacobstad who had travelled 350 kilometres to see me again. The had brought me a cylinder of Calor Gas that they had had refilled for me.
Tomorrow I am back at school for the day. I am a little tired as it has been a non stop 17 hour day and it is now time to go to bed, When I have moved everything off it after a long drive.
Tuesday 18th of August 2009 10:47:10 PM

Sunday morning at the pentecostal church was a great success with quite a few coming forward for prayer at the end of the meeting.
In the evening I was at the Free Church for a family meeting and it was a rip-roaring laughter filled experience. A true blessing for all including the speaker. The meeting ended with everyone writing their names down on a piece of paper and placing it in a hat., then each person drew out a name and committed to praying for that person daily for a year. I hope other churches will adopt the scheme and begin a mammoth prayer session each day for a person chosen by chance on a regular basis.
This morning I spoke at the local drop in cafe to quite a good crowd of people.
During the International concert a few weeks ago I promised to attend a home meeting for one of the ladies there. She stopped having meetings a few years ago due to moving to a smaller residence. This afternoon I spoke at the first meeting she has arranged for quite a while. It was a full house and a great success. Timo the priest and translator was so tired he fell asleep during the preaching and really added to the meeting by making the people smile at his sudden departure from the proceedings. It only lasted for a few moments but made me realise the amount of work Timo and I are doing here. Please pray for our health and stamina.
Monday 17th of August 2009 04:48:42 PM

When we got home last night, I was too tired to make any entries on the web.
Once again I was booked to hold an open air at Kuhmo Market and went there expecting to meet just a few people.
Even Timo was amazed at the number of willing helpers waiting on the market square and within minutes of arriving the speakers were set up and a prayer meeting was in progress.
The reception from the locals was amazing and some sat around the market area for over three hours listening and chatting.
Timo had to leave early to conduct a funeral service and he told me when we next met that the funeral was delayed by half an hour. During that time the mourners stood around listening to the open air being conducted a full Kilometre away. The still air over the town allowed the music to travel vast distances.
At four oclock we set off for Kajaani. A town 100 Kilmetres away and once again the bus was packed to capacity with willing evangelists and children.
At Kajaani even more helpers awaited us and it was moving to see so many people from different races, cultures and languages standing around the open air stage.
A church from the Congo and many Estonian's joined us.
During the day I witnessed 2 people praying to accept Jesus into their lives and was worn out simply praying for people and taking part in the action on stage.
Timo and I arrived home after 11pm and both of us were exhausted from the intensity of the day.
Sunday 16th of August 2009 07:39:04 AM

The people of Finland are dangerous for my rest and, "I like it"
I arrived at the printers to pick up the John's gospel for school outreach and was greeted by a crowd of people who had come to see the Peculiar Englishman.
After loading just over 14,000 gospels in the bus it was time for a prayer meeting, Then they all went away for lunch.
After lunch some of my new friends wanted a ride in the bus so we all finished up doing a street witness. I stood back and watched the joy on their faces as they each talked to strangers about "Jesus"
I am now parked up for the night and will arrive in Kuhmo tomorrow.
Thursday 13th of August 2009 08:08:02 PM

The mission to Vaasa has finished with a day of witness at the beach. It was slow but steady and five people turned up during the day to speak to the people.
I have really enjoyed being here but doubt returning unless the Lord instructs me.
I was invited to attend by the priest in charge who I met at Pieksimaki. He has joined up with us as he could but is on his annual holidays so his time has been restricted.
Of the five days I have been here my evening meal has only been supplied once.
I leave here tomorrow morning and up to now the church that invited me to come has not given anything towards diesel or the vast amount of literature used.
On the three occassions I have been invited by the Swedish church in Finland to participate in anything I have been left out of pocket. I have to remember that I must be a good steward of the Lord's rescources and even though I do not ask for or preach finance I still depend upon donations to keep the work going in this very expensive country "to quote from the priest Jari on the Visitors Atrium."
Tuesday 11th of August 2009 10:17:48 PM

I arrived back in Vaasa this afternoon with another 8,000 copies of my life story in Swedish.
The rest of the day has been spent cleaning my living quarters and now I can manage to find fresh clothing again. The work has been so intense that my own comfort has had to take second place for the last few weeks.
Much prayer is required for the financial aspect of the work. Tracts, Gospels and life story are going out to eager people but they will need replacing soon and the donations are only just breaking even in keeping the bus running.
Please pray that the churches I am asked to work for will realise that I work in faith and need financial help.
Until the Lord tells me I will continue giving away freely.
Monday 10th of August 2009 08:23:09 PM

A full day of travelling from Finland to Sweden. I parked at the port of Vaasa last night and did not get a lot of rest as the port workers seemed to be trying to outdo each other in the noise stakes. We sailed at 08 00 and after a really boring crossing of four hours the ship arrived at Umea and I set off on the drive to meet Bengt and his lovely wife who travelled from Sandviken with the life story books. He had really put his foot down and driven over 400 kilometres which meant I only had 100 kilometres to drive.
I hope the 8,000 books he brought will last me for a while, but I doubt it.
I am now awaiting the morning sailing back to Vaasa after taking time to sleep and catch up on mundane things like eating and emails.
Sunday 09th of August 2009 10:23:18 PM

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