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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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I never realised how lonely it would be when I returned to Ulster. I had got so used to passing traffic and the occassional visitor during the summer,but sitting here at the end of a country lane with very few visitors is making me want the open road again and the thrill of opening the website and being encouraged by the many visitors.This summer has been the best year of my life and how gratefull I am to those who made these pages such a tremendous success.I am praying in the extra finance for the double decker but it seems to have dried up for the moment,I pray that the Christmas season will bring in all that is required.I would like to thank my young friend who sent me a cheque for 50. It is a great amount amount of money for someone still at college.God Bless you my dear.I have had trouble getting a signal but hope things will now improve and I will have things to share in the coming days.
Sunday 27th 2005f November 2005 03:37:12 PM

The bus has passed the PSV test and has been offered to me if I want it. The problems have now begun as they will not move on the price and I am 3,000 short of the purchase price.The licence authorities have changed the information they gave me and I now require a test so I am joining The Web Master studying the Highway code. Much prayer is required if God wants me to have this Bus.
Tuesday 22nd 2005f November 2005 04:59:04 PM

Home at last; I have driven over 1500 miles since Wednesday and looking forward to a night in.I saw a bus in Glasgow that seems to fit the vision on the inside.I have not yet heard it running but have put in an offer for it subject to it passing the MOT.I hope John will be able to fly down and see it during the week.
Sunday 20th 2005f November 2005 07:21:39 PM

I met up with John in Weston Super Mare and we drove to Sleaford in Lincolnshire. How pleased I was that we had not paid in advance for the vehicle. It was falling apart with rust and the bodywork was full of holes. The picture of the vehicle was nothing like the reality of the bus that awaited us. The bus would not even start when we got there and a new starter motor costs 700.The picture I saw on his website was taken a long time ago. I am now on my way to Glasgow to look at a far more expensive bus of the same type. Another 5,000 is now required if I am to get a totally roadworthy vehicle.How I look forward to getting home, it is the middle of the night and I cannot sleep because I am too tired.
Sunday 20th 2005f November 2005 04:17:33 AM

Busy, Busy, Busy. I leave here again on Wednesday to meet a new friend I met in Weston Super Mare a few weeks ago. I met John again two weeks ago when he travelled to Hull to check a double decker which we turned down as unsuitable.On Thursday we go to pick up the new vehicle in Linclolnshire.I pray it is good as it looks on the photographs but we will see when we meet up. I will keep you informed about the progress. Ideas are now needed as I try to find a new home for the current vehicle. ( Any good ideas out there)
Monday 14th 2005f November 2005 07:50:43 PM

Having a rest is a very tiring time as the telephone, visitors and chasing around Ulster trying to catch up takes far more energy than touring.How I long to be back on the road doing what I like best.I have heard of a Plaxton 4000 in Surrey and if the price and condition is right I will be going to look at it next week, I hope.I must say that I am a little disturbed that the Youth 2 Youth page is not doing anything even though I was asked by a number of young people to set it up for them. Come on you young people and use the facility provided or contact me by email with suggestions to improve it.
Thursday 10th 2005f November 2005 04:43:53 PM

Prayer needed as I search Britain for a fresh bus. I found out during the last tour that even though I had a longer coach it was really not big enough for the amount of people coming to visit.I am searching for a Plaxton 4000 double decker coach with toilet, heating,air conditioning and with enough space to take others on the road for Jesus. Some of the finance is already promised but the more I have the better the vehicle. Please help if you can by praying for a vision to come true BEFORE christmas.
Monday 07th 2005f November 2005 09:28:29 PM

I had a great 36 hours off before setting off to meet a friend in Hull. John and I went to view some double decker buses because the coach I am using seems to be so popular more space is required.From Hull I drove to Stafford but saw nothing suitable to convert.It was bood to meet up with The Web Master for a fewe hours before sailing back to Northern Ireland via Holyhead and staying with friends in Dublin. I called on Gwynfor in Holyhead to see how he was coping after stopping drinking three months ago.It was a terrible dissapointment to find him back on the bottle.Please uphold him in prayer.
Sunday 06th 2005f November 2005 12:44:14 PM

Home at last with all facilities at hand,it is really good to be able to turn on a tap and get HOT water without rationing it.It was good to hear from Les and to know that people are being directed to the site by the Holy Spirit.If you want more information you can get it from me via As many of you are aware the work is a ministry of faith but approx 10% of the income is sent from Caleb Initiative who reclaim tax for me. This afternoon it is Sleep and eat time.God Bless you all and many thanks for BEING THERE. Brother Clifford Edwards
Tuesday 01st 2005f November 2005 01:03:27 PM

The weekend was stupendous and I for one was sorry when it finished on Sunday afternoon.I am now home for a couple of weeks and really enjoying having a nice warm fire blazing up the chimney.
Monday 31st 2005f October 2005 03:28:12 PM

I am now on the causeway coast and will spend the weekend with my friends from Whitehead Baptist Church on an away weekend.A new newsletter is on the homepage.
Friday 28th 2005f October 2005 06:27:28 PM

After a busy day I am now parked outside the castle in Carrickfergus.I move on towards the Giants Causeway tomorrow.
Thursday 27th 2005f October 2005 09:19:50 PM

After driving from Wexford I have now crossed the border into Northern Ireland.I am at the moment in Kilkeel
Wednesday 26th 2005f October 2005 05:18:38 PM

Sorry I have not updated for a few days but as the tour comes to a close I find myself extremely tired after seven months on the road without a break. I was in Nuneaton on tuesday,Bristol wednesday.Cardigan thursday,Mid Wales Friday,Milford Haven on Saturday and Sunday,and tonight I sail from Fishguard to Wexford at 2 45am.I will spend untill wednesday travelling Ireland and heading for the Northern Ireland Border.
Sunday 23rd 2005f October 2005 11:28:46 PM

Check the Histon page
Wednesday 19th 2005f October 2005 07:05:36 PM

Friday night was quite well attended and I believe it was a success. The youth did a great job of tract distribution on saturday and really were a credit to the Lord for their enthusiasm. I met little Ben this morning and was told that he needs another operation.please keep on praying for a total healing. I leave tomorrow to meet up with Eric in Bishop Stortford.
Sunday 16th 2005f October 2005 09:39:48 PM

An extremely successful meeting last night with great food and wonderful people. It is so satisfying when I am invited to visit groups in their own homes to share the love of Jesus and answer questions in a relaxed atmosphere.(Thank You Commander Ellis for being such a good Friend) the commander was at the first meeting I attended as an evangelist in 1996 on the first day of the first tour. I left at 10 30pm and drove through the night to meet Eric Curnow in Bishops Stortford and arrived at 4 30am.Eric led me to the Lord in 1979 After fellowship I drove to Histon Baptist Church to begin the outreach weekend. ( Please Keep PRAYING )
Thursday 13th 2005f October 2005 02:42:01 PM

On the way to meet up with Commander Ellis in Bristol who has once again invited friends round to meet me this evening.I really enjoy this type of work where I can talk to people individually over coffee and snacks.Later I begin the drive to Histon near Cambridge and will stop just outside London tonight.Please pray for both these outreaches.
Wednesday 12th 2005f October 2005 11:35:09 AM

I to was in Teighnmouth on saturday and met some real good friends. Sunday I travelled on to the Yeovil area and then to Frome. On the way I had a blow out of the back tyre but because they are double wheeled I was able to continue driving. I called on Monty in Frome and it was great joining him for a meal. Monty was the first person to accept Jesus on my first tour in 1996.Onwards to Weston Super Mare but A tyre could not be found anywhere in Somerset.I stayed the night on a lorry park and made many enquiries for a tyre with no success.As I got ready to move on a coach pulled up beside me and the driver was a christian who had stopped to encourage me. He said he would pray for the work and I asked him to pray for a tyre. An hour later he returned with a fresh wheel he had in his garden and the tyre was the right size. Thank you Lord for sending John.
Tuesday 11th 2005f October 2005 04:52:07 PM

I left Gwynfor and Carol this morning on Anglesey withreal Joy in my heart for the tremendous miracle that has been done in Gwynfor's life in the last six months. He looks really well and is now in a positive state of mind. Tonight I am outside Aberystwyth and head for Cardigan tomorrow. I apologise to the people of Histon that I got the dates wrong but all is now OK and I will be with you a week on Thursday.
Thursday 06th 2005f October 2005 08:31:56 PM

Thanks for your prayers.The meeting was a tremendous success
Thursday 06th 2005f October 2005 12:07:46 AM

May I say a big thank you to all of you who are using the prayer page.I am astounded at the response to JB and his problems.Please keep praying for him and I am sure many of you know someone just like JB and can really imagine how he feels at this time.Catherine is a personal friend of mine and a tremendous prayer warrior worldwide.I met her in Bristol when she flew over from New Zealand to attend a prayer conference in Bala, North Wales. Today I am on Holyhead and have spent the afternoon catching NO fish in the harbour. Please pray for this evenings meeting beginning at 7pm.
Wednesday 05th 2005f October 2005 06:10:51 PM

I saw the doctor this morning and once again was given the total all clear for cancer.I am now on Anglesey in North Wales and will be speaking at a house group here tomorrow evening before travelling to Histon on thursday for a weekend of preaching and evangelism.I met Gwynfor today whom I asked you all to pray for a few months ago. I was astounded at what the Lord has done for him, He looks younger and healthier than before he had a problem.How I Praise our Father for his goodness.
Tuesday 04th 2005f October 2005 07:41:28 PM

I write this in the comfort of a sitting room with all the Mod-Con's of life around me. I preached in Skipton this morning and wa so pleased to meet once again a couple who made a special journey to renew my aquaintance after meeting me a`couple of months ago in the Scottish Borders.I am now at the home of The Web Master surrounded by a family who know computers backwards and have been such a vital part of this years ministry. On Tuesday I have to see the Cancer Surgeon who will once again be amazed at god's healing power.
Sunday 02nd 2005f October 2005 05:44:26 PM

Last night I spent three hours driving up and down Blackpool prom. It was a treat to see people pointing out the bus and the look of Joy on the faces of those who must have been believers.Tonight I am on a campsite in the Yorkshire dales and NOT resting. Have you checked out the new Why and How page yet?Tomorrow and Sunday Skipton. Monday Lancashire.Tues Thurs Holyhead. Friday Monday, Histon,Cambridge.
Friday 30th 2005f September 2005 09:20:27 PM

I have spent a couple of evenings with The Web Master and have learned a little more about how to run the web site. This evening I am in Blackpool and will spend a few hours travelling up and down the prom when the lights are switched on.I can see no reason why the Blackpool Trams should monopolise the advertising,so the Gospel Bus will join them and hopefully someone will remember why Christ came to earth. Please pray as this new method of witness is tried out for the first time.
Thursday 29th 2005f September 2005 03:50:05 PM

After travelling all day I am now in Lancashire and for the next few days I will be travelling the area. Tonight I had a great time With The Web Master and his parents. Two new Domain names have been registered to make finding the web site easier. and
Tuesday 27th 2005f September 2005 01:09:51 AM

The Lord knows Best. Today he moved me on and I was once again a guest speaker at Hollybush Christian Centre.I pray that the Lord will direct my path during the next few weeks.
Sunday 25th 2005f September 2005 11:14:51 PM

Filey, Hull and now Scunthorpe. Last night I spoke at the local FGBMFI and it was a really great meeting with quite a few addicts in the audience.Much prayer afterwards. I will be in Scunthorpe untill next Saturday with street mission etc. I will keep you all updated as time allows
Saturday 24th 2005f September 2005 10:01:24 AM

Spent the afternoon in Whitby and I am now outside the Sealife Centre in Scarborough. Lots of youngsters came to find out what the bus was about. A little trouble later with teenagers throwing stones, but I am now quite used to that.
Wednesday 21st 2005f September 2005 08:51:50 PM

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