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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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Stefan has gone home today in time for work tomorrow morning. In a way it was good to have company for a couple of days but I am finding it easier on my own. I have been alone for over twenty years and find it strange to share my small home with anyone. I think with practice it will happen one day.I have spent the last two days at a christian camp with a group of pentecostal youth. I was amazed to find myself in the same conference as those who had promised to join me. It was very good but a little too noisy for my aged ear drums. I am now parked within sight of the first glacier. It is a fantastically beautiful country.
Monday 03rd of September 2007 12:17:35 AM

New Day, New Clallenges,New Beginnings. But God is the same, Yesterday, Today and for EVER.
Sunday 02nd of September 2007 11:16:33 AM

A good day of witness in Selfoss with many children and young adults calling to see me. I have been praying for the opportunity to meet the local pastor since I called here in January and today he called in with his family. He stayed for half an hour but after I has greeted him Stefan started taking to him and I just could not get his attention. It was unfortunate but they only spoke in Icelandic and a real opportunity was missed for me to find out more about the ministry in this town. At times I feel very left out of things by my lack of language skills.
Saturday 01st of September 2007 11:07:44 PM

On the way at last!!! The second round trip of the country began at 8pm and one young person has turned up to join me.I was afraid that having a companion would be too great a responsibility and would become a burden to me as I like to be alone. I have been pleasantly surprised and very blessed this evening.Stefan is 23 years old and comes from a similar background to myself. He really loves Jesus and is ultra polite (at the moment). I pray he will settle down during the three days he is staying. I have heard that at least 3 more are coming tomorrow to help with outreach in Selfoss but it would be great if even more turned up. The tv programme has been held up until monday evening.
Saturday 01st of September 2007 12:58:30 AM

God is so good!!!!!! The interview with tv went like a dream and was so easy to do. The normal crew would be three people, Sound engineer, Camera Person and the person doing the interview. Five people turned up as no one at the studio wanted to miss this interview. The programme was shot in two locations with a cameraman hanging out of the back of the car as we negotiated the roads of Reyjkavik with him filming the journey.I was told it would be shown tonight but I have my doubts about the time they had to edit and add translation. After a very short break it was off to prison to speak to a mixed audience of drug offenders. Most of them were dealers and smugglers and I was made really welcome by the inmates and guards.I know they listened to every word and pray that when the have completed their sentence they will follow and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.Off tomorrow on a short 1,000 mile trip round the country evangelising and praying.
Friday 31st of August 2007 01:05:03 AM

Not a lot has happenned today. I drove the last 200 miles to Reyjkavik and the television station directed me to a garage for new fuel filters. It cost nearly 150 but was really needed quite badly. I am having a night looking out at the rain and mist and nearly enjoying it.The tv programme is to be filmed tomorrow afternoon at 3pm Icelandic time, 2pm British.Down to my last 10 but feeling on top of the world.I remember when I didn't have 10p so I am really blessed.
Wednesday 29th of August 2007 08:42:19 PM

Thanks to those who have really encouraged me today by leaving a message.I am just a few kilometres from Blondous and the bus is having fuel problems.I must have got some dirty diesel from somewhere so the fuel filter eeds changing. It is going uphill that I am really having problems and there are many more mountains before Reykjavik. I was supposed to pick up a crowd of volunteers on friday for a prayer and evangelising tour round the country. Last week there were at least 8 who wanted to come but I have just heard that everyone has decided to go to a conference instead. I am really upset about it as I have travelled many miles and given my word to so many people that we are coming and now I have to let down the small churches who looked forward to the fellowship of new christians.( when will I ever learn?)
Wednesday 29th of August 2007 01:47:02 AM

A real day off with nothing to do but relax. The trip out to see the whales was stunning. It is unfortunate that most of them have now migrated but we saw two Minke whales feeding and breaching out of the water. It was far to quick for me to take photographs but I hope to return next year, earlier in the season. I have recieved a text to contact the national television station who want to do an interview. This is considered to be a major christian breakthrough. Is anyone out there reading what I insert on this page, it is frustrating to keep updating when there is no response from the readers.
Monday 27th of August 2007 10:58:26 PM

Saturday night did not come up to expectations. The parking spot allocated to me was too far away from the events so visitors were few and far between. I was encouraged by many church members who called to see me.Sunday was a busy day with many callers and two preaching sessions in local churches. Today I have travelled sixty miles to go on a whale watching tour in the surrounding area. I hope to catch sight of a whale but you never know at this time of the year.
Monday 27th of August 2007 11:51:02 AM

Wow!!!! Even I cannot believe the transformation in only a few hours. Somebody MUST be praying.It has been a full day of visitors and witness today on the local shopping mall. I have been falling over the feet of my translators as so many have called to help me. This evening I have moved into the town centre for the music festival and expect many visitors. Last nights comments were NOT negative, but a call to prayer as I came to the end of my resources and was ready to move on. A weekend of praise is now being planned with the help of the joint churches. Radio and TV have promised FREE advertising so let's fix our eyes on Jesus and await his plan.
Saturday 25th 2007f August 2007 08:04:12 PM

I feel very frustrated at the moment. Promises are being made and not kept and the mission does not seem to be going anywhere. I need translators for outreach work to be succesfull but each time an appointment is made no one turns up and I am left waiting on out of the way car parks not knowing what to do.At last a christian has turned up with some tracts in Icelandic so the situation is improving.I am seeking direction as to whether to remain here or to move on to a town where the gospel is welcome and assistance can be relied upon. I was told the culture weekend begins this evening ( saturday ) but it actually began yesterday. I feel so let down as was invited to come here and now feel in the way.Please pray that OUR HEAVENLY FATHER is somehow glorified in this tragic situation.
Saturday 25th 2007f August 2007 01:21:03 AM

Well done to The Web Master. The amount of work and time you must have dedicated to the mission as you endeavoured to salvage the lost items can only be imagined.I have just spent an hour reading the comments on the recovered visitors page and have been reinspired by the love that radiates through each message.When I get the opportunity I will of course try to find some of the pictures that have been lost. Once again from all who read the journals. ( Well done my Friend )
Thursday 23rd 2007f August 2007 11:55:17 PM

Back in Akureyri and getting ready foe the Culture weekend. Plans are now being made to take a group of young christian men on a prayer drive around the country.Most of them have been christians for only a short time and the experience could be of great benefit to them as they plan their lives with new goals to achieve. All of them are recovering addicts so it will be a challenge to myself also. Please pray for direction on this project which should begin within the next two weeks.
Thursday 23rd 2007f August 2007 09:59:37 AM

It is raining again so I will probably have a wet bed again tonight. I am parked just outside Blondous and will be back in Akureyri later today. I think I may head for Selfoss and park near the waterfall there. If it is not well attended I will go on to the mud geysers and bask in the smell of suphur.This weekend is culture weekend in Akureyri so I hope to have help talking to visitors,
Wednesday 22nd 2007f August 2007 09:36:06 AM

A great meeting this evening with a full house. It was a real privelidge to count a number of young people from Logos 2" among the assembled gathering. It brought back many memories as I was at the first prayer meeting with George Verwer of Operation Mobilisation when I was about 15 years old and we prayed that ONE DAY the Lord would supply a ship.At the end of the meeting a blind man accepted Christ into his heart and a lady came back to Christ. I think it was worth the long drive to get here, Don't You.?
Tuesday 21st 2007f August 2007 01:05:07 AM

At last I have been able to get back to Reyjkavik and have an interview with the Customs. I have had my visa extended untill October 28th so can really get on with the work here until the weather breaks.Calling on Omega the Gospel Channel later then speaking this evening.
Monday 20th 2007f August 2007 03:50:25 PM

The meetings wet extremely well and I have an invitation to return to Akuryri on friday for a week of outreach. I am now on my way to Reyjkvik to sort out the customs formalities this afternoon.It is a 250 mile journey over the steepest mountain roads yet experienced this tour. The bus is holding up very well and is certainly made for this terrain.I speak in a converted brothel this evening to a group of ex addicts and friends.They now use the building exclusively for the Lords work.
Monday 20th 2007f August 2007 06:47:17 AM

I did not contribute yesterday. God seemed to instruct me to leave the last message to help bare fruit for the kingdom.Yesterday was spent waiting for people to turn up and until 4pm today it was the same. I then joined the officer from the Salvation Army on a car park outside a shopping precinct and we had a tremendous time speaking to many young people who had never been in a double decker bus before. I am finding it very difficult to get hold of literature in Icelandic. The method here seems to be just giving away new testaments which is great for some people.But others desire a smaller package like a tract so I am praying them in.Two speaking engagements tomorrow 1 15 AND 5PM.
Saturday 18th 2007f August 2007 09:34:04 PM

This is a rare occassion. For the first time this tour I have been given the opportunity to just sit in the bus and take stock of myself and the mission. I believe the Lord is satisfied with the progress made. I know it by the feeling of total peace that He has given me.I write this in the most majestic of surroundings. In front of me is a calm and peaceful bay with the Arctic circle just a few miles away. To my right is a chain of snow capped mountains that dominate the whole skyline. The valley between myself and the mountains is enveloped in cloud which make it look like the complete mountain range is sitting on cotton wool. Behind me is a hill, covered with small green shrubs and billberry plants. I was able to collect some today and had them stewed with ice cream after a main course of fried fish I caught myself in the harbour. I cast out my line three times and caught three rather large pollack.I am situated for the night in a lay-bye and in the past three hours only half a dozen cars have passed by.Many will not realise, but this week I completed eleven years of the ministry I was led by the Lord to begin. I don't think I should complain because I should have died within a couple of weeks of setting off. How can I ever thank God, not only for trusting me and saving my worthless life, but for using me to bring the news of salvation to so many people in that time. I often wonder just how many lives have been permanently changed because God trusted ME.The web site is a real scource of encouragement to me, it stops me feeling lonely when things are going wrong and rejection by the unsaved starts to affect me. Thank you to all you wonderful people who make up the team of Highways For Jesus.That means YOU.........God Bless
Thursday 16th 2007f August 2007 11:42:43 PM

The work here in Iceland is going slowly but I am more than satisfied with the results.Souls are being saved nd thanks to the friends I made in January a number of speaking engagements have been arranged and completed. The cost of living is very high here.I bought a small loaf of bread yesterday and it cost me 2 50.At the present moment I am on a Prayer Drive around the country and have completed 3/4 of the circle. This morning I will be in Dalvik which is only 35 miles from the Arctic Circle. On sunday morning I speak at the Pentecostal Church in Akureyri and really look forward to meeting he people again. Much prayer is needed that Swansea DVLI will hurry up with the bus log book. I sent it to them in May and still have not had it returned to me. If it is not here by early next week I have to leave the country. The customs officials bent over backwards to allow me to enter the country without the correct documentation but Britain is now the stumbling block. Please also pray that the person who cannot be contacted will soon returnand then The Web Master can put the orrect web pages back on line. We will be transfering our main server when The Web Master can once again access the files. Thanks for your patience. God Bless and please, please put something on the visitors page.
Thursday 16th 2007f August 2007 10:26:23 AM

Arrived in Holyhead at 2 30am. The work can now REALLY begin. I have just been visited by two lovely people on fire for Jesus. Huw brought me a map and guide to The Faroe Islands and His brother Allan was a young christian who is being baptised next Sunday. It was really good to converse with young people who desire to know more about Jesus. Will update later.Please pray for Alan as he prepares to be obedient to the Word by being baptised.
Saturday 27th 2006f May 2006 12:35:26 PM

WELL DONE JONNY!!!!!!! It has been a great week with another soul into the kingdom on wednesday evening. The day on the main street in Tobermore was brilliant with visitors all day. The last visitor left the bus at 11 30pm and then I had breakfast. I have given back the cottage keys and I am now FREE TO SERVE. Heading for Dublin and sailing either this evening or tomorrow morning asI head for Shetland.
Friday 26th 2006f May 2006 01:13:17 PM

I came to Whitehead Baptist this morning and expected to be away by 4pm but it has been just like old times. the bus has been busy ALL day with many visitors. Tonight a film show on the top deck with a full house. 9 children, a mother to help supervise and keep the work within the law and myself.I ALWAYS have someone with me when children are allowed in the bus for the good reputation of the ministry.Back to Tobermore tomorrow and NO SIGNAL UNTIL Thursday
Sunday 21st 2006f May 2006 09:49:05 PM

Here at last!!!!!! I am so sorry I have not been able to get a signal for over a week, but to be honest 18 & 19 hour days don't really give you much time to update. The house WILL be empty by wednesday evening and thursday I will be on the main street of Tobermore saying goodbye to the residents before I head off for Wexford on Friday. I must admit to being very emotional and a little scared of the future as I set off into the unknown. I will need so much prayer from you all as I begin the tour of a lifetime. I would really love to complete twenty five years on the road which will take me until 2021 and I would be 75 then. Or with enough prayer I may keep up until I am 100. The bus is now completed and as I write the speakers are blasting the gospel into the surrounding area around Whitehead Baptist Church. On a more serious note I need personal prayer for habits in my life picked up and still not YET eliminated and which are causing me a lot of distress. Please will you pray for a Totally Christlike Witness.
Saturday 20th 2006f May 2006 06:02:14 PM

Home at last and clearing out my old home ready to really begin work. It will take a very large bonfire to clear out the home.
Wednesday 10th 2006f May 2006 09:56:08 AM

From Bristol it was down the motorway to Lancashire and onward to Anglesey before boarding the ship to Ireland.The tour has been really successful with hundreds of visitors including many who would not normally visit church. By allowing visitors to act as they normally do I have found that many are sending in their friends to meet me as I am not being judgemental of them or their way of life.Please pray that wisdom will be used as I speak too and ultimately challenge visitors to follow Jesus. I will be home untill late May when I give up my home and then set off for Shetland, The Faroe Islands and Iceland before going onwards for our dear Saviour.
Thursday 04th 2006f May 2006 04:41:25 PM

Sorry for the delay in updating but it has been a non stop week of driving and meeting people. Sunday Skipton. Monday Retford. Tuesday Bishops Stortford. Today Ramsgate meeting a lady who was a true friend when I was drinking and helped me many times. She has always prayed for me and still does on a daily basis. I am now just outside Bristol for the night.
Wednesday 26th 2006f April 2006 11:50:25 PM

Last night was an evening to remember. The cafe was packed too the doors with many addicts hearing the gospel for the first time. At the end of the night I was kept busy talking to people and the highlight was when a young lady asked Jesus into her life. Please pray for Sadie in the coming days. It was nice to read Eric's contribution when he returned from Spring Harvest. Eric led me to the Lord in the 1970's and has been a good friend ever since.I tell Eric more than anyone else what is going on because of our long term friendship and he has come to realise that when I ask for prayer on the web, it means that I really need it. The road I have been given is often lonely and with no one to talk to it can become difficult.Christ will never leave nor forsake me, but I am human and need and miss familiar faces sometimes. Tonight I am miles from anywhere on the way to Skipton.
Friday 21st 2006f April 2006 08:32:12 PM

Ayr at last. The weather is terrific. Tomorrow I am speaking at a curry outreach in New Cumnock.
Wednesday 19th 2006f April 2006 10:17:29 PM

I have had a great Easter and hope yours has been just as blessed. Preached twice on sunday and a 6 30am radio broadcast. I leave the north east later heading for Ayrshire.
Tuesday 18th 2006f April 2006 08:36:02 AM

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