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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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It was a great night at Nilsea Alcoholic Centre. Even though the meeting was arranged at short notice a good crowd turned up.
Two ladies did the translating for me and they admitted they had never done anything like it before. I was delighted with the way they interacted and did a splendid job.
The highlight of the day was meeting the resident priest. He is in a wheelchair and has celebrated his one hundred'th birthday. He is so much in love with Jesus that it literally shines from him.
Last night I spoke and said goodbye to the people at Kuhmo Free Church, A few of the congregation were in tears at the end but we must move on. I wonder if the Lord will allow me to return sometime.
I have driven over 600 kilometres today and have parked outside Tampere, I should sail for Sweden tomorrow night and hope to leave Demark on tuesday to arrive in the UK on wednesday.
I will try to update if I can get a connection. Please keep on praying for me, I don't feel well and I am very tired.
Thursday 09th of August 2012 11:45:52 PM

I got back into Finland yesterday and I am slowly making my way to Nailsea to speak at the alcoholic centre there tomorrow evening.
Wednesday I speak at the Free Church in Kuhmo.
I spoke to my doctor in England on saturday and he has told me to come home for tests. It looks like I have picked up a parasite from the water over here and it is causing me to lose energy and concentration through it's activity in the bowel.
My date for leavng Scandinavia has not yet been fixed but it will be in the next few weeks.
The lorry I am driving has been a Godsend for the last two years but I am finding it harder to manage so When I come to Britain I will be looking for a vehicle that will give me comfort for my last years of mission. A large motorhome would fit the bill as I do not intend to continue carrying vast amounts of heavy literature.
Please pray that God will give me wisdom as I seek " HIS " will.
Monday 06th of August 2012 12:13:24 PM

The gospels are delivered in Estonia and I have spent a couple of days with the family in Latvia.
I am truly amazed at the change a year has made with the whole family in just one year.
I have now said goodbye to them as my assistance is no longer required and it is time to "Let Go and Let God"
I am now back in Estonia and heading for Finland.
My health has not been good recently and I am finding driving the lorry and living in such cramped conditions is really wearing me down.
It looks like I will have to downsize the vehicle if I am to continue working the roads for Jesus.
Please pray that I will be given wisdom to make correct decisions regarding the work. I intend to head out of Scandinavia and take a break from driving on the wrong side of the road for a few months ( or weeks )
Friday 03rd of August 2012 11:31:00 PM

Yesterday was a double birthday party for me. The first was a barbeque after an afternoon meeting with over forty people singing "Happy Birthday" in Finnish. The birthday cake was decorated with Cloudberries and looked and tasted incredible.
The evening meeting at the Free Church was great with a cake decorated with Strawberries and must have contained a million calories.
Ileft Kuhmo at lunchtime today and write this after a 12 hour drive to Helsinki.
I sail for Estonia in the morning and deliver thirty boxes of Russian Gospels in Estonia before I drive to Latvia.

Tuesday 31st of July 2012 12:22:07 AM

Yesterday in Juuma was incredible. The open air was very unusual for us. Not many people listening outside but through just the trees we had a captive audience of the inmates of the local prison.
The evening meeting was a true blessing and went on for over three hours. The people would not go home!
Today was an open air in Kaajani and a small talk in the local christian bookshop.
Friday 27th of July 2012 09:05:02 PM

Yesterday saw high temperatures and millions of mosquitoes.
The International Night at the church in Kuhmo went very well with good audience participation during my singing spot.
I am still feeling pain from my shoulder and find it difficult getting in and out of the van.
I am speaking at the other side of Nurmes tonight and Kajaani tomorrow.
Two years ago we got a load of gospels delivered over the border and assisted another mission in obtaining supplies. I have been told that Every Home Crusade in Northern Ireland is printing another 18 tonne for them for delivery ASAP.
Isn't God Good.
Thursday 26th of July 2012 08:13:05 AM

I must first of all pass on my deepest sympathy to my friend Brian and his family on the loss of his mother. I wish I could be with him at this time but he knows that our prayers are with him.
Today has been a day of sunshine and showers with tonights meeting the high point of the day. I was able to sing a hymn in Finnish and it really pleased the congregation. I don't know who was the most surprised ! them or me.
Open air in the morning and a meeting in the evening.
Please pray for me at this time. I hurt my bad arm getting out of the van this evening and it is causing me pain. I think it is time for me to drive a NORMAL vehicle these big lorries and busus are beginning to take their toll on me.
Monday 23rd of July 2012 09:01:36 PM

Back in Kuhmo and very busy.
Because it is the chamber music festival here the town is over run with visitors.
Each morning it is open air meeting with many coming to hear the word in the market place.
Yesterday I was invited to speak at a caraven site and the tent was full to bursting. I got a terrific response to my testimony and many life story books were taken.
Tonight it was free church meeting and two meetings tomorrow.
Sunday 22nd of July 2012 07:41:36 PM

After a drive of over 1,000 Kilometres I am now over the border and into Finland. I hope to reach Kuhmo tomorrow morning and be in time for the first engagement.
I have been reading the last few enties on the visitors atrium and find it hard to believe the good things visitors are saying about me.
These messages give me the will to continue the task as long as I am able and in the Lord's will.
Please pray about the financial situation here. I have just used up all my Swedish money to half fill the diesel tanks but I know that "God" is able.
The trip to Britain cost a lot but the results have been fantastic with much Glory to our heavenly father.
Thursday 19th of July 2012 02:49:24 PM

At last I am back in Sweden after a great but very tiring trip around Britain. I am already hearing of answered prayers as God touched lives in special ways.
I leave here tomorrow for the long journey back to Kuhmo and a full diary for a few days.
Wednesday 18th of July 2012 12:25:23 AM

I have just heard that Ken was promoted to Glory yesterday evening.
He was a lovely man who had a deep faith in the Lord Jesus. I was able to pray with him last week and his mind was at peace. He was so grateful that I had travelled from the far north of Norway to pray for him.
I am now on board ship and heading for Wales before flying back to Sweden on tuesday.
Thursday 12th of July 2012 09:32:32 PM

A blessed day here in Enniskillen.
This evening I met up with a lovely young man who came for prayer.
Louis accepted Jesus a few weeks ago at a mission in the town. I spoke to him when I was last in the area and sowed the seeds and God provided the increase.Please pray for him as he fights the battle with alcohol. He is doing really well and it was good to meet and pray with him.
I move on to County Monaghan and will be speaking at Lurganearly church tomorrow evening.
Sailing from Wexford on thursday or friday.
Wednesday 11th of July 2012 01:04:43 AM

I cannot always get a connection so please bear with me on this part of the tour.
I am now in Northern Ireland and having a blessed time here.
I met up with many old friends and was able to pray with many people. In Magherafelt district I stayed with friends who have supported me for most of my touring career for Jesus. Ken and Norma Drennan put me up for two nights before I moved on to Enniskillen and am now staying with Derek and Doris Clarke who are truly on fire for Jesus.
Tonight a man called to do some gardening and it proved to be a time of witnessing.
I stay here until wednesdat and then head south before I sail for Wales on friday.
The two people I came to pray for, Ken and Doris seemed very pleased to see me and the prayers of the saints are working in their lives. Please keep on praying.
Tuesday 10th of July 2012 12:38:46 AM

At last I am back in England and meeting up with friends.
I saw Ken yesterday and he seemed much better now he is on a new course of tablets. He cannot go out to meetings etc because of the risk of infection to his lungs which are in a bad way.
Stayed the first night in Weston super Mare and last night I stayed with John in Bristol.
I leave here in an hour and head noerth to Lancashire to visit Doris.
Please Pray.
Friday 06th of July 2012 08:49:35 AM

At last I am parked up for my trip to the United Kingdom.
I fly tomorrow evening to London Gatwick then head to Weston Super Mare and pick up a car. I return to Sweden on the 17th July
Monday 02nd of July 2012 09:56:12 PM

I am now in Sweden and heading slowly towards Sandviken.
The trip from Narvik was very long and tiring. I hope to put my feet up when I get to my destination.
There has been a change in schedule and I now leave here on tuesday and head for London Gatwick and then Bristol.
Friday 29th of June 2012 07:53:59 PM

A good long drive today of arounf 400 miles. Lots of roadworks and potholes but shaken and not bruised I am parked in a national park for the night.
The sun has been very hot in the cab today but the wind from the snow capped mountains make it a chilly walk outside.
Thanks to my regular friends for coming on to the visitor page but it would be great to hear from a few other people.
The van is being a true witness and causing many heads to turn as I drive slowly through the many roadworks and at times converse with the roadworkers.
( We must NEVER mis an opportunity to speak of Jesus )
Wednesday 27th of June 2012 10:42:33 PM

Yesterday I crossed the arctic circle line, heading south.
The Norwegian Arctic Circle crossing is in a national park at the top of a 2,000 foot mountain and really a splendid place. It is surrounded by war memorials to Russian Soldiers who fought in the mountains of the area to bring freedom to the Norwegian people. We look so much at the results of the war to the free world that we often forget that Russia is made up of ordinary working people and not only politicians.
I still have a thousand miles to cover before I reach Hammerby in Sweden and then on to England.
Wednesday 27th of June 2012 11:15:45 AM

All is still going well but I received some bad news from England over the last 24 hours.
Doris from Lancashire is a lady of 95 years and has been a great prayer warrior since 1997. She has just been diagnosed with lung cancer.
Ken is also a supporter of the work and lives in Bristol. He suffers from a bronchial complaint and is very ill at the moment. After much prayer I have decided to travel home next week to pray with them and to try and give some support.
I leave from Stockholm on wednesday of next week and will stay in Britain for a week.
Please pray for these two servants of the Lord as they go through these trials and also for myself as I travel back home for a short break.
Tuesday 26th of June 2012 01:18:04 AM

Waiting for a ferry to continue my drive along the E6 today I was delighted to be visited by a clergyman from Streatham in London.
He and his wife are on a coach tour of Norway and it came as a surprise to them when they saw the van at the roadside.
I am so pleased to welcome so many new visitors to the website this year.A very special hello to Sigrid from the Faroe Islands. Her father wrote to me asking for a CD to be sent to the family as they had heard me singing over the Easter period. I pray it brings them many blessings.
Fishing today for dinner became something special. I only caught one fish but whils't waiting for a bite I heard a seagull cry just above my head. It was mobbing a Golden Eagle and for nearly five minutes I witnessed a real aero display as the Eagle was chased over the Fjiord and into the snow covered mountains. I never thought of taking a photo, I was so enthralled that a small bird could chase off a mighty predetor. "Is there a lesson in it for us* ?????
Saturday 23rd of June 2012 11:39:34 PM

I have passed through Narvik and continue heading south before crossing the border into Sweden.
The weather has been atrocious these last few days with so much rain I have only been driving short distances each day, Each evening I am surrounded by people from all nations on holiday when they park in the roadside laybyes. A real chance to witness.
I hope to travel further tomorrow before I cross the border and head north again using the roads of Sweden.
This is turning into a mammoth prayer tour.
This year three of the church denominations amalgamated and it is a time of real Spiritual Upheavel in Norway, Sweden and parts of Lappland. I believe this journey in prayer is VITAL.
Friday 22nd of June 2012 11:37:02 PM

I am parked just outside Narvik and the rain has to be seen to be believed.
It has been quite an experience driving through the long tunnels and over the bridges that span mighty chasms.
The waterfalls are tremendous and I don't comprehend how the sea can take so much water without bursting over the sea defences.
What a mighty God we serve.
He takes water through evaporation and sends torrential downpours on our heads. What human being would have thought of the idea in the thousands of years the planet has been in existence.
As for Global Warming.
There is still ice on the lakes and fjiords and the snow is still on the mountains.
I am parked at the side of the road but will be looking for a camp site later to recharge the batteries.
Wednesday 20th of June 2012 04:30:36 PM

A full house in the Upper Room this evening as I told my life story to a group of Students and workers.
It was great to see the way they reacted to me and it was a truly blessed evening. This was the first time I have spoken in Norway and it was worth waiting for.
The fish last night was wonderful and after the evening meeting I went out to try again. The first cast brought me a cod that weighed over three pounds and it was soon inside me.
I leave Tronso tomorrow and will update tomorrow when the Lord has told me where to go.
Monday 18th of June 2012 12:47:05 AM

A good trip to Tronso amongs't some incredible scenery.
I went fishing this morning and caught three small but good fish.When I packed up my gear I found I could not carry the fish because my hands were full. I left them and walked the 50 metres back to the van.As I returned to pick up the fish I beheld a remarkale sight !!!
Three jackdaws taking flight and each one carrying my hard won fish.
A few hours later I fished from a pier in Tronso and caught a couple of cod for my dinner. When I log off They are going in the frying pan.
God Bless you. If you want a fish supper look out for "Low Flying Jackdaws"
Saturday 16th of June 2012 10:15:33 PM

Prayer is truly working out here !!!!!!
I met four young ladies last night when I parked on top of a mountain. All of them were nurses and heading north for a very short break from their hospital in Tronso. We joined together in prayer before they carried on towards the north end of Alta Fjiord.
Today I got a message requesting me to speak at their assembly in Tronso. This will be the first time I have spoken in Norway so please back me up in prayer.
It is still very cold here and it would be great to get a few messages from home, ( I can get very lonely out here in the wilderness)
Friday 15th of June 2012 09:32:38 PM

Still going strong but the weather has turned very cold again.I seem to be attracting some very strange people this past few days. Today it was a chap who told me he was an emporer of a Scottish castle but he had never been to the UK.I am also getting visits from members of peculiar christian cults who do not believe Jesus is the Son of God. The people are very friendly but there are some very confused and superstitious folk around. I pray the literature I give away will be of benefit to them. After sending out hundreds of newsletters and appealing for readers to contact me I have received only three emails in the last week. Am I doing something wrong on the webpages or I am just imagining the hundreds of hits the site is getting?
Please Please drop me a line.
Wednesday 13th of June 2012 08:13:09 PM

I still cannot access my Hotmail Accounts. I don't know what effect it will have on Pay Pal but it is used very rarely anyway. I think it has received five donations in the last year and less than 200. All of which has been transfered into my account.
I am very happy with my new account and one or two people have emailed me. If you have not used it I would be grateful if you would just drop me a line of just a couple of words. I can then save your address to send you newsletters.
Back in Alta and the stunning scenery of Norway. I will stay in the country for a couple of weeks.
Wednesday 13th of June 2012 01:28:42 AM

I am using a little used route back into Norway. Majestic scenery,Lousy roads but a dhorter way back after filling up with diesel.
I pray people will use the new email address,
I have also signed up to another site!! !!!!! hope it sounds just right to you.
Monday 11th of June 2012 03:36:23 PM

New email address is,
Monday 11th of June 2012 12:11:27 AM

I spoke too soon !!!!!!!
I hope you received my newsletter. Hotmail has blocked my account and I cannot send or receive messages. For some reason I cannot unblock it and things are going to get quite desperate. I will endeavour to open another account.
Please PRAY.
Sunday 10th of June 2012 08:55:50 PM

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