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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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Health is still not too good. The low temperatures here plus rain and lots of wind chill are keeping me awake at night. I long to get back to mainland UK. Thank God I sail next monday.
The results of the work here has been rewarding but the financial side has been desperate.
Tuesday 05th 2019f February 2019 09:30:20 AM

It is really cold here with hail and a little snow yesterday.
The forecast is promising snow tonight and I am dreading it coming. I will be totally isolated if it happens.
Monday I went to a prayer meeting and last night I had visitors.
I have been asked to speak at the lunch event again on saturday in Saint Helier so hope I won't be snowed in.
Finances are getting very low and food prices here are much higher than in the UK.
I know God will supply but need prayer for the situation.
Thursday 31st 2019f January 2019 09:28:58 PM

It is getting very cold here but I still have to stay for another two weeks.
Last night I joined the men of the FGB for a prayer meeting. Please pray that my health continues to improve. I feel much better than when I was when I arrived here.
Tuesday 29th 2019f January 2019 11:36:46 AM

All going well even though it is hard to keep warm.
I spoke at the Lighthouse Pentecostal church and really enjoyed my time there. At the end of the service an appeal was made for those who wanted to CHOOSE JESUS. Quite a few made decisions and now at least six people have begun a walk with Jesus during this tour.
How can we ever thank the Holy Spirit for moving in peoples hearts.
Monday 28th 2019f January 2019 10:57:36 AM

I am not getting many speaking engagements but really taking advantage of the time to relax and heal.
The FGBMFI dinner was a resounding success with much feedback at the end.
Saturday I was at the parish church where a lunch was held for the lonely and the street people. I really enjoyed talking to my kind of people and listening to the stories they shared with me.
The camp site is not very good because electricity is rationed even though I paid for it.
I am only able to use one thing at a time and have to turn off my heater to use the the kettle or the fuse blows and then I have to wait up to a day before they come to reset the mains.
The weather is cold with rain most days.
I know I am in My Father's will so I WILL make the best of it.
Tuesday 22nd 2019f January 2019 11:20:32 AM

The weather in Jersey is normal, Cold and Rain.
Up to now I have had the opportunity to speak on a couple of occassions and tomorrow I am speaking at an FGBMFI dinner. Saturday I am with a group of alcoholics followed by the afternoon with the local street preachers.
My health is improving but the voice has not yet returned properly.
Wednesday 16th 2019f January 2019 09:26:29 PM

Health is improving very slowly but I am able to cope.
John and Jan have really looked after me whils't I have stayed in Weston super Mare.
Tomorrow I head for Poole in Dorset to meet up with two very close friends I have not met for a number of years.
Marjorie gave me a caravan in 2000 and I travelled the coastline of Ireland praying for so many people. I really look forward to renewing my aquaintance with Marjorie and Jim as I head for the boat and a new ministry of prayer on the Island of Jersey.
Wednesday 09th 2019f January 2019 11:35:16 PM

I left Belfast on new years day and travelled to Lancashire via Scotland.
Three days of meeting my sister I have not seen for over 30 years. It was a very good time with her.
Dinner with Doctor Rob and Sara.
The hospital told me to keep on with the tablets etc and I am keeping on with their programme.
They also told me to continue eating food that has been pureed but that is impracticle in the van.
I prayed about it!!!
Now I am eating food that I have not been able to swallow for years and reallyenjoying eating two or three meals each day.
I am now with the mechanic in Cannock and leave for Weston super Mare this afternoon for a three day break.
Next friday I sail for Jersey and a month of speaking engagements beginning with a half hour programme on Radio Jersey and then a dinner at the local FGBMFI where I am the speaker.
Please keep on praying that My throat will continue improving.I am still finding hitting high notes a challenge when singing.
Saturday 05th 2019f January 2019 10:27:59 AM

Feeling much better and getting ready to head for the mainland.
Speaking tomorrow morning at Riverside Apostalic and then Joining my friend Norman Somerville on Radio limavady on the midnight slot.
Still trying to find a ship on monday.
Saturday 29th 2018f December 2018 11:44:07 PM

Slow but sure is what is happening to me at the moment.
It has been good to sit and rest for a few days but I will be moving onwards tomorrow.
I am eating better and managing to swallow food at last.
How I thank those of you who have spent much time in prayer on my behalf. It really is working and I can feel my strength growing.
I am taking my time as I head for the mainland next week and getting to my regular doctor in Lancashire.
Friday 28th 2018f December 2018 12:12:09 AM

Well || another Christmas Day has passed me by leaving me tired and feeling quite ill.
I was so gratefull to Wesley and Carol for bringing Christmas Dinner to me and allowing me to have electric power to keep warm.
Each day will bring an improvement in health but thank God for the time to rest.
I pray that the Joy and Peace of Christmas will be your portion.
Wednesday 26th 2018f December 2018 12:54:56 AM

Sorry for the delay but I have been feeling very tired and unwell.
The eating pattern is getting better but finding the energy to even warm up soup in the microwave is a constant battle.
This morning I will attend the Lifeboat service but dread the crowds as I get a bit confused due to tiredness.
Please keep praying, It does work. P T L
Sunday 23rd 2018f December 2018 07:48:05 AM

Discharged from hospital but still feeling rather unwell.
I have been diagnosed with a swallowing disorder (amongs't other problems) yet I have to somehow swallow tablets that can take up to three hours to get down my throat.
Last night I was at the Christmas party for the Stauros Organisation.Today I was not too well but managed pack and put around 200 calendars under the windscreen wipers of farmers vehicles. I got good response from those I was able to speak to.
The fields are white unto harvest!! It is time to get out the Combine Harvester.
Friday 21st 2018f December 2018 01:37:20 AM

Feeling a bit better but still not A1.
Doctors are concerned with my weight which is very low at around 50 Kilogrammes.
I had another CT Scan yesterday which showed up one of the throat problems and I now await doctor decisions.
Constantly hungry but pureed food is not very filling.
Tuesday 18th 2018f December 2018 09:54:42 AM

Feeling a bit better but still a long way to go.
The antibiotics are still being injected but are clearing up the infections and making breathing easier.
Getting quite a few visitors each day and many of them are nurses from adjacent wards who want to meet me. This means I still feel useful whils't resting.
I should be released next week.
Saturday 15th 2018f December 2018 05:10:30 PM

Thank you Jonathon for doing the update for me, I was just too weary to think.
I am now in Enniskillen hospital and could be here for up to two weeks. Being poked and prodded by an army of doctors and nurses is not my idea of fun.
Neither is the ammount of stuff they are injecting into me.
Things are not too good in the chest with masses of problems.Both lungs have pneaumonia along with a massive infection.
Swallowing is difficult because the gullet keeps contracting for some mysterious reason. The answer is Pureed Hospital Food which has to be seen to be believed but do not try the taste test. I did and it will give me bad dreams for years.
My weight is now down to 8 1/2 stone from 14.
On the positive side. I will be speaking for the F G B M F I in Jersey and will
remain in the Channel Islands for a month beginning 11th January.
Much prayer needed but WE WILL NOT be beaten.
Wednesday 12th 2018f December 2018 06:07:32 PM

Hi all,

This message is on behalf of Clifford who has asked that it be shared that he is currently in hospital and won't be able to access the website for a week or two as he is suffering shortness of breath and is very tired. He is in a hospital in Enniskillen in Ireland. Please can everyone pray for him.
Tuesday 11th 2018f December 2018 11:15:10 PM

The weather here is NORMAL. Torrential rain and yesterday I had to seek shelter because of high winds with severe gusts from Storm Diane.
I will stay here for a few days to recuperate and catch up with normal life again.
I am pleased with the way the ministry is going but must take on board the Lord's message to slow down and be alert to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
Thursday 29th 2018f November 2018 02:42:41 PM

I thought that the new ministry would be restful and give me much time to myself, but I was so wrong.
The work may be different but God is still the same.
I left Listowel on monday morning and spoke in Limerick on monday evening at Moyross Community centre.
Tuesday was an all day drive to Enniskillen to be a witness on wednesday and thursday at the cattle mart. WEdnesday evening I spoke at the Stauros Foundation meeting in the evening.
Friday and saturday was spent in Dungannon but I drove to Letterkenny on Saturday evening.
This morning I spoke at the Christian Fellowship to a very attentive and alive congregation which meets in the Phsyciatric Hospital.
Just getting ready to move on.
Sunday 25th 2018f November 2018 03:40:31 PM

All still going well and I am very busy.
Evenings are taken up helping with shoe boxes for Africa and each evening around twenty people turn up to help. Great to hear the laughter and chat from friends.
Many churches are represented amd also people with no church background.
I would not have missed it for the world ||||
Lorenzo and his wife are on TV tonight. They are being interviewed about Lorenzo's experience when he was washed out to sea.
He has already appeared in the newspapers and has been a terrific witness. I have great hopes for tonight and will certainly be praying.
Friday 16th 2018f November 2018 06:50:31 PM

I have just had a visit from Anne who is supp;ying my dinner each evening.
She was telling me that Lorenzo, a very close friend has been involved in a dreadfull accident last night.
He was walking on the beach when the wind blew him into the sea.
Rescue boats were allerted and it was over seven hours before he was found many miles away. Alive but exhausted.
I believe he is now at home recovering but with the sea temperature at around freezing point it is a major miracle that he survived at all.
How I thank God for His faithfulness.
Monday 12th 2018f November 2018 07:11:02 PM

I will be staying in Listowel for a few days.
Pastor JP and Fidelma are visiting their son in Japan so I will not meet up with them this time.
United Christians are filling shoe boxes for Africa here every evening. Up to now they have completed two thousand and are halfway to their target.
Great to see a church "On the Move"
Saturday 10th 2018f November 2018 07:14:41 PM

After a hectic few days of travel I have arrived in County Kerry for a few days.
I sailed to Rosslare on friday and stayed in Wexford over the weekend. Then on to the town of Cobh to visit fiends I have not seen for a number of years.
Onwards to Bantry Bay and visits from Jimmy and Bridie who continue following the Saviour.
Today I am in Listowel and intend to stay here for a few days before I head north.
Wednesday 07th 2018f November 2018 11:07:56 PM

The weekend in Devon was truly successful and a real Blessing for me. As anticipated, only 15 people turned up for morning service but we had a great time.
Visitors for prayer on Sunday and Monday made the whole trip worthwhile but the narrow country lanes were a nightmare.
I am now preparing to head for the ferry to Ireland and will head along the coast to Cork area.
Wednesday 31st 2018f October 2018 10:36:15 AM

I have had a great time in Weston Super mare for the past few days.
I have met up with a young couple from Hungary a few times and have been able to advise them on many issues. I pray that Attilla and Agnes continue to follow Jesus.
Now on my way to Devon to speak at a very small Baptist church in Devon on Sunday.
Friday 26th 2018f October 2018 11:32:11 PM

Good News|||
After meeting up with Chris and lots of hard work on His part,I am now using a new Dell computer and I am really pleased with it.
I have had a nunber of opportunities to witness today and feeling on top of the world.
Saturday 20th 2018f October 2018 11:00:08 PM

After a trip via Hereford to have lunch with friends I have now arrived in the Bristol area.
I am awaiting a visit from the Author, Chris Wright who is a dear friend and encourager of the work.
He is bringing me a lap top as this one has seen much better days. I pray he can transfer everything onto the new computer in a way I can understand.
Health is much better.
Friday 19th 2018f October 2018 12:20:05 PM

Blood tests find little wrong with me except over tired. and too much fasting.
I now plan to adjust diet and limiting my hours of work (if possible)
I have had good results from the trips through the illuminations in Blackpool where I only need to drive and smile with the occassional wave and have a congregation of tens of thousands.
I will return there tomorrow for the weekend
Friday 12th 2018f October 2018 06:56:20 PM

Feeling much better but awaiting the results of blood tests from the hospital.
Over the weekend I was able to visit Blackpool Illuminations and drive the Golden Mile. I hope to be able to spend another couple of days soon just driving up and down the promenade being a visual witness.
Today I am at the mechanics having a check over before continuing the Prayer Work in England.
Tuesday 09th 2018f October 2018 09:32:54 AM

My time at the Prayer Mountain was a never to be forgotten experience and a true personal blessing.
The journey to the UK was long and very arduous as I was not feeling very well.
On monday I visited the doctor for a check up and was alarmed to find out how much weight I had lost in the last few months.
I now weigh less than nine stone and suffer from constant fatigue.
An appointment was made for blood tests on wednesday where the nurse not extract any blood because the veins kept collapsing.
Thursday I returned to the sugery and a doctor managed to get a blood sample with a little difficulty.
I now await the results from the hospital but told to stay within driving distance of the hospital.
Please pray that this small problem will not affect the work to seriously and I am soon back to "nearly" normal.
Friday 05th 2018f October 2018 10:51:06 PM

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