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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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It was evident that Warriors were praying when Dylan and His Mother Helen came for prayer.
THERE IS power in the name of JESUS.
I have arrived at the CATTLE mart in Enniskillen ad tonight I will attend Stauros and really looking forward to it.
Wednesday 12th 2019f June 2019 02:47:39 PM

All going well.
Preached at RIVER OF life church last night and had a great time.
Now parked up in Dungannon andwaiting for a young man and his mum to come for prayer.
Please pray for Dylan.
I leave for Enniskillen tomorrow.
Monday 10th 2019f June 2019 07:26:24 PM

I arrived back in the North yesterday after an eight hour drive.
It gave ms a great big booste to my confidence. Thanks to the nebuliser I am able to operate without using Anti Biotic tablets. on advice from the doctor.
Went to the Lifeboat Church this morning and will be speaking in the Monaghan area on wednesday.
I will be taking a couple of days off to recover from the 300 mile drive.
Sunday 02nd 2019f June 2019 10:21:57 PM

I leave County Kerry tomorrow and head back to Northern Ireland.
It has been a very good and very satisfying time and leave here with many good memories. Health has been up and down but Christ has the Victory.
I pray that I can get a better internet connection when I leave here.
Many thanks to all you wonderfull prayer warriors.
Friday 31st 2019f May 2019 12:35:25 AM

A good night on Monday but I felt vey tired after an hours speaking.
Now back in Listowel and receiving occassional visitors.
It isgood to have time to Watch and Pray.
Wednesday 22nd 2019f May 2019 03:49:42 PM

It has been good to be able to get back to the work I love.
On thursday I was able to share at the prayer meeting and the Lord gave me the strength and voice I needed.
This morning I spoke at the morning service and even though the throat was rusty I believe no one noticed the slight tremble when I eached for the high notes.
YES "Jesus" is alive and able.
I speak at the community centre in Limerick tomorrow evening "monday"
Monday 20th 2019f May 2019 01:01:39 AM

I have been in Listowel. County Kerry for a week now. It has taken the whole week to be able to sort out an internet connection.
The staff at Vodaphone have changed here and the new people are not very well trained so I had lots of persuading to do before they realised I knew what I was talking about.
I have been very well received here and will stay here for anotherweek.
Health went downhill for a while but thanks to antibiotics, all is now under control.
Saturday 18th 2019f May 2019 09:40:33 PM

At last I am feeling better and ready to get back to work.
I have been parked up in Dungannon for a week and head for Limavady tomorrow. I hope to stop at the Famers Mart in Enniskillen on Wednesday and Thursday before I drive to County Kerry for a couple of weeks.
Please don't write me off yet !!!!! I am still breathing.
Monday 06th 2019f May 2019 11:13:55 PM

At last I feel so much better and have driven to Cairnryan in Scotland for the boat to Belfast.
We sail at 03 45 and arrive at 6am.
I thank you all for continued prayer and a special thanks to John Lawrence for His SPOT ON Bible verse. It really gave me a much needed boost of confidence.
Thursday 25th 2019f April 2019 03:08:03 AM

Prayer is answered and I am feeling much better today. It is really good to be able to have a window open at night and breathe fresh air at last.
I wanted to take a walk today but I am still not well enough or capable of climbing the penine hills.
Friday 19th 2019f April 2019 03:37:45 PM

Still improving healthwise but easily exhausted by even minor activity.
The sun is shining and even though the I am enjoying it, it is still quite chilly here on top of the Penines.

Wednesday 17th 2019f April 2019 10:44:09 AM

Prayer is being answered and I am feeling much better.
For me this is a dangerous time as by nature I rush back to work and undo all the good work the Lord has done.This is not going to happen this time and I will only return when I feel I am doing exactly what the Holy Spirit instructs.
Please keep on praying as I listen very carefully for the inner prompting of my Best Friend "Jesus".

Monday 15th 2019f April 2019 12:08:31 AM

So sorry for the delay in updating the website.
I set off from Weston super Mare but had to call in the doctors surgery in Lancashire. He was quite alarned and insisted I took time off because the COPD had once again taken hold.
I am parked up on a campsite and in daily contact with Doctor Rob and on a long course of antibiotics.
It looks like I will be taking it easy for a while as my body needs time to recover.
Finance is at a critical level as I have not been able to work or preach for a few weeks.
Please pray for The Lord to be Glorified as I search for "HIS" Will.
Saturday 13th 2019f April 2019 12:29:17 AM

Once again I am having health problems and finding walking and breathing very difficult.
I hope to be able to make my way to Ireland next week but will take my time driving there.
Please pray that I hear the way forward from The Holy Spirit.
Tuesday 02nd 2019f April 2019 10:21:39 PM

The van has passed the MOT test and is now ready for the next stage of the mission plan.
It is unfortunate but once again the problems of health has once again put a stop to movement for the moment.
I was hoping to sail to Ireland today but instead I am sitting still and using the Nebuliser that John Lawrence bought for me this week.
Sunday 31st 2019f March 2019 11:21:50 PM

The van has gone into the garage for the annual service and mot. I am staying at a hotel in Weston until early next week and then I will be heading for Ireland.
Health is OK but still very tired.
Saturday 23rd 2019f March 2019 11:56:31 PM

Still in Lancashire and enjoying the time here.
The weather is cold, rain and miserable but the hot water bottle is now a constant companion.
Still having problems with the computer but hope to get it fixed very soon.
Saturday 16th 2019f March 2019 12:08:51 PM

Still in Lancashire and being used as a prayer channel for friends in need of healing. Seeing some very encouraging results.
Weather is still very cold but the hot water bottle is working overtime.
The van goes in for annual MOT next week so I will leave here very soon and head for Bristol.
I hope to be back in Northern Ireland in about six weeks, God Willing.
Tuesday 12th 2019f March 2019 05:24:49 PM

I just cannot believe the way winter has returned and the constant low temperatures.
I am back in Lancashire and enjoying visits from two of my sisters.
I am taking time here to try and heal family relationships but it is an uphill struggle
The Lord is calling me to remain here and pray so I will do what I am told.
Having computer access problems but hope they will be sorted when I next pass through Bristol.
Wednesday 06th 2019f March 2019 12:53:58 PM

I just can't believe the sun is shining every day. After two years of rain and cold I think I could get used to some warm weather at last.
I am not doing very much at the moment because I am constantly tired and the lung infection continues to take away my energy.
How I wish I had the stamina and breath to take a long walk or a short run to blow away the cobwebs from my mind.
The presence of God still feels very close so I know I am still in the centre of His will.
Please keep on praying.
Monday 25th 2019f February 2019 11:20:29 AM

It is good to be back in mainland UK.
My trip to Jersey was a personal challenge,but a Spiritual success with people saved and many rededicating their lives to Christ.
I met up with friends Marjory and Jim on Tuesday and had a lovely meal with them on tuesday.
I am now in Weston and taking time to get warm and have a rest. I may even find time to walk on the beach.
Tuesday 19th 2019f February 2019 10:02:01 AM

Someone is praying out there. I am feeling much stronger and alert today.
Chris from the Lighthouse Church took me out to lunch today and we had a very successfull time together.
Weather is still not too good and the boat has been delayed on Monday because of high winds and rough seas.
Still hearing encouraging news about the sermons preached, Praise the Lord.
Thursday 07th 2019f February 2019 08:44:36 PM

Health is still not too good. The low temperatures here plus rain and lots of wind chill are keeping me awake at night. I long to get back to mainland UK. Thank God I sail next monday.
The results of the work here has been rewarding but the financial side has been desperate.
Tuesday 05th 2019f February 2019 09:30:20 AM

It is really cold here with hail and a little snow yesterday.
The forecast is promising snow tonight and I am dreading it coming. I will be totally isolated if it happens.
Monday I went to a prayer meeting and last night I had visitors.
I have been asked to speak at the lunch event again on saturday in Saint Helier so hope I won't be snowed in.
Finances are getting very low and food prices here are much higher than in the UK.
I know God will supply but need prayer for the situation.
Thursday 31st 2019f January 2019 09:28:58 PM

It is getting very cold here but I still have to stay for another two weeks.
Last night I joined the men of the FGB for a prayer meeting. Please pray that my health continues to improve. I feel much better than when I was when I arrived here.
Tuesday 29th 2019f January 2019 11:36:46 AM

All going well even though it is hard to keep warm.
I spoke at the Lighthouse Pentecostal church and really enjoyed my time there. At the end of the service an appeal was made for those who wanted to CHOOSE JESUS. Quite a few made decisions and now at least six people have begun a walk with Jesus during this tour.
How can we ever thank the Holy Spirit for moving in peoples hearts.
Monday 28th 2019f January 2019 10:57:36 AM

I am not getting many speaking engagements but really taking advantage of the time to relax and heal.
The FGBMFI dinner was a resounding success with much feedback at the end.
Saturday I was at the parish church where a lunch was held for the lonely and the street people. I really enjoyed talking to my kind of people and listening to the stories they shared with me.
The camp site is not very good because electricity is rationed even though I paid for it.
I am only able to use one thing at a time and have to turn off my heater to use the the kettle or the fuse blows and then I have to wait up to a day before they come to reset the mains.
The weather is cold with rain most days.
I know I am in My Father's will so I WILL make the best of it.
Tuesday 22nd 2019f January 2019 11:20:32 AM

The weather in Jersey is normal, Cold and Rain.
Up to now I have had the opportunity to speak on a couple of occassions and tomorrow I am speaking at an FGBMFI dinner. Saturday I am with a group of alcoholics followed by the afternoon with the local street preachers.
My health is improving but the voice has not yet returned properly.
Wednesday 16th 2019f January 2019 09:26:29 PM

Health is improving very slowly but I am able to cope.
John and Jan have really looked after me whils't I have stayed in Weston super Mare.
Tomorrow I head for Poole in Dorset to meet up with two very close friends I have not met for a number of years.
Marjorie gave me a caravan in 2000 and I travelled the coastline of Ireland praying for so many people. I really look forward to renewing my aquaintance with Marjorie and Jim as I head for the boat and a new ministry of prayer on the Island of Jersey.
Wednesday 09th 2019f January 2019 11:35:16 PM

I left Belfast on new years day and travelled to Lancashire via Scotland.
Three days of meeting my sister I have not seen for over 30 years. It was a very good time with her.
Dinner with Doctor Rob and Sara.
The hospital told me to keep on with the tablets etc and I am keeping on with their programme.
They also told me to continue eating food that has been pureed but that is impracticle in the van.
I prayed about it!!!
Now I am eating food that I have not been able to swallow for years and reallyenjoying eating two or three meals each day.
I am now with the mechanic in Cannock and leave for Weston super Mare this afternoon for a three day break.
Next friday I sail for Jersey and a month of speaking engagements beginning with a half hour programme on Radio Jersey and then a dinner at the local FGBMFI where I am the speaker.
Please keep on praying that My throat will continue improving.I am still finding hitting high notes a challenge when singing.
Saturday 05th 2019f January 2019 10:27:59 AM

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