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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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The last two daysin Hofors have been wonderfull.
Iwas greeted with the news that a young lady (Catherine) had given her life to Jesus after the youth meeting I spoke at last week
Yesterday was another day of street work followed by a praise and testimony meeting in the pentecostal church. At the close a young man gave his heart to Jesus.
This safternoon I was requested to baptise Catherine and her older brother Daniel in the lake at Hofors. It was a real privelidge to imerse such lovely people even though the water has only just lost it's ice covering and was just above freezing point.
Please pray that my final month here will bring even more Glory to the Lord.
Wednesday 29th of April 2009 06:01:55 PM

It was a great day in Hofors on Friday and on saturday a film day was held at the Roxy Cinema in Sandviven. Around 100 people came during the day to watch three different films.
The evening service in Jarbo was terrific and it was good to see new people coming to church because the congregation went door to door with leaflets advertising the event.
This morning I spoke to two classes at Sentra Skolan.
Leaving on the journey to Hofors later this afternoon for another day on the streets tomorrow followed by a service in the evening.
Monday 27th of April 2009 01:04:27 PM

Having a great day of street ministry in the town of Hofors. The sun is blazing down and I am beginning to get a real tan.
Quite a few visitors into the bus today and a team of around seven christians are wandering the streets giving out invitations to the meeting here next tuesday evening when I give my testimony.
This evening I speak to the young people at the Pentecostal church and tomorrow is an all day film event in Sandviken.
I am totally amazed at the amount of visitors to the web site but would love to see even more.
I am in negotiation with the printers for the Gospel of Luke in Swedish and John in Finnish. It all depends upon the availability of funds in Britain.
Can you please pray that money will be sent to "Caleb Initiative" 4 West Road. Bishops Stortford. Herts.
God Bless.
Friday 24th of April 2009 02:49:18 PM

The trip here is going extremely well and I am seeing quite a few people returning to hear me speak at the different venues.
Yesterday I spoke to a gathering of seven pentecostal churches and their pastors, it seemed to be the correct message and I had good feedback.
In the evening I was the speaker at the parents evening at Montessorri Skola (school) and my translator was a young lady of ten years old. The gathering of parents were very positive and listened to all I had to say about my life and the way I spoke to young peole. At the end I was given a booklet of the pictures that the 6 and 7 year olds had drawn of the bus.
Today and tomorrow are rest days for me. I have been suffering from cramp in my chest for a couple of says and feeling very tired. I am not too concerned as I am sure that the attack is not of the Lord and not the beginning of heart problems. Please pray that the Lord will enable me to continue without having to return to England.
I am instructed to bring greetings to all of you from the people of Sandviken Sweden. God Bless.
Happy seventh birthday Brian. I am sure the Lord is proud of all you are doing for him in Northern Ireland.
Wednesday 22nd of April 2009 04:08:45 PM

Yesterday was a great day culminating in a service for dry alcoholics and family and friends. The service lasted for nearly three hours and was a true blessing.
We found a leak on the exhaust system this morning which must account for my tiredness over the past few weeks. It is now repaired.
Tonight I am at Jarbo pentecostal church for a youth outreach.
It is good to see the visitors Antrium being used to get over the Easter message. Keep it up PLEASE.
Saturday 18th of April 2009 01:03:47 PM

At last I am able to catch up with my messages an the Visitors Forum.
It is always a great encouragement to me to see the messages from my dear friends both old and new.
My time here in Sandviken is proving a great blessing to me with many engagements over the last week. Sunday Afternoon was a great street meeting with many christians attending to thank Jesus for his great Victory over death. I spoke at an Alpha meeting on Wednesday evening and have been to many school classes. The age range has been from 6 to 19 so I have been truly challenged.
Please continue to pray for the work here in Sweden that the Lord will bring in many more engagements over the coming weeks.
I am informed that the computer will take another two weeks to fix so please continue to leave messages.
You are sometimes a real life line to me.
My life story in Swedish is going down very well
Friday 17th of April 2009 03:57:28 PM

Clifford says:- The fan in my computer has failed and the computer will have to go back to the makers. I will be without it for about three weeks. I will be able to access other computer when invited. The Lord is risen !
Saturday 11th of April 2009 09:35:59 PM

I must be doing something right because everything is going wrong here.
The fan on my computer has stopped working and it has had to be sent back to the manufacturers for repair. This means no computer for around two weeks. Please be patient and I will access as I have the opportunity.
The life story in Swedish should have been here on monday and has still not arrived.I am promised delivery tomorrow but I am losing faith in the carriers.
The bookings are coming in fast and furious but very few donations are being given to me.
This morning I spoke to a group of street alcoholics who came for coffee and I believe some of them listened to what I had to say.
Much prayer is needed as I feel under constant attack from the enemy.
Tonight I am in Jarbo speaking and I have a visit from a group of African Bible students tomorrow morning in the bus.
Wednesday 08th of April 2009 01:40:56 PM

Once again I had a good day on the streets of Sandviken yesterday but it got really warm in the afternoon so I closed down at 16 00 hrs.
Two young men came to translate for me on the streets and both turned up this morning to hear me speak at the Bjorgsåtrakyrka.
Larry the priest invited them to translate for me when I spoke and they did a really good job.In fact for young men of 15 years old they did really well.
It would be nice if a few people left me a message on the Visitors Antrium.
Tonight I speak at a pentecostal meeting.
Sunday 05th of April 2009 02:50:49 PM

It is really good to be back in Sandviken and feeling a true part of the church community .
Today and tomorrow is a special time for the as the street market and fun fair come to town. This only happens five or six times a year.
The bus has been parked in the market today and over two hundred people came to say hello. I parked up at 09 15 and left at 19 00 hrs.
I was thrilled that five people came along to help me and they really put me under pressure as they kept inviting people in. I pray it happens again tomorrow.
More school and church meetings sre being booked and it looks like it will be even busier than last year.
The snow is still around and the ice on the lake is two feet thick but it was very warm in the bus today and I needed to put the cold air blower on to keep the temperature down.
Friday 03rd of April 2009 08:25:53 PM

A day of wandering around the town and meeting people on the street who recognised me.
The temperature in the bus was unbearable today as the sun really shone and it got too hot to sit inside.
This evening I joined the local pentecostals for a fantastic prayer meeting and really felt the quiet presence of the Holy Spirit ministering to me.
Another prayer meeting tomorrow morning at 08 30 with the ministers of all denominations joining together.
Wednesday 01st of April 2009 08:50:37 PM

The welcome in Sndviken has been incredible.
I spoke to two classes today followed by a Passion Play in the main church. Tonight it is the local cinema for Passion of the Christ and then I join the local pastors and priests to answer questions.
It looks like I am going to be busy. "Praise the Lord"
Tuesday 31st of March 2009 06:46:58 PM

After a very long drive I am now parked on the outskirts of Sandviken in Sweden.
Most of the snow has gone and the temperature is a very warm zero degees.
The churches have been very busy preparing for my visit and tomorrow I take one or two classes of young adults at the Bessemer High School 17 TO 19 year old students.
In the evening the churches have hired a cinema and are showing "The Passion of The Christ" I believe I will be joining the priests and pastors for question time afterwards and sharing a little about my life.
My friend Brian has emailed me that his grand daughter was buried in Northern Ireland yesterday.
Please pray for Brian Daphne and the family at this sad time.
Monday 30th of March 2009 09:59:12 PM

On board the Stena Line ship from Greena in Denmark and should be in Sweden this evening.
I have not been able to get internet connection for a few days, but I am able to hire a computer on board ship here.
My final days in the Faroe Islands were a true blessing and I really look forward to returning next year or when the Lord Permits.
The messages on the visitors Atrium are doing me the world of good.I read them over and over again when I am feeling a little isolated
25,000 copies of my life story in Swedish are being printed and I hope they will arrive in Sandviken early next week.
The church has told me they do not have the finances to support me financially so I will throw myself on the Lord who will somehow supply my needs and wants." He has not failed me yet"
I had to sell the projector and screen in the Faroe Islands to pay for the Swedish books. It does not worry me as I do not use them too much at the moment and God will replace when He see's the need.
I am trying to get a Swedish and Finnish translation of Lukas Gospel to be printed in Ireland. Please Pray.
Sunday 29th of March 2009 03:00:22 PM

All going well. Now in Denmark waiting to go across to Sweden. Everything coming together.
Saturday 28th of March 2009 07:08:12 PM

I was delighted to join Jack and his friends at an outreach in Funningsfjiorder on saturday evening. They had hired a school for the occassion and we had a full house for the meeting.
Sunday evening was once again speaking at Siloa in Fuglifjiordur and it seemed to go down very well.
The new generator is working well and does not fill the bus with fumes.
Lots of hailstones and snow here at the moment so I will bre glad to get on board Norrona on thursday for the sail to Denmark.
The finances are still critical but I believe a solotion will soon be found.
Monday 23rd of March 2009 07:07:00 PM

I have spent all week sitting still awaiting a diagnosis on the condition of the generator.
To put it in the words of the locals it is. "Kaput"
It is needed for the trip to Sweden as there is still snow there and minus temperatures for the next few weeks.
Today I spent the last of my reserve money buying a new one. I got a discount of over 40% but it has left me stoney broke.
I hope it will be installed tomorrow.
I keep visiting the Visitors Page and my emails to cheer myself up but finish off feeling despondant because no one seems to love me any more.
"Thank God for Jesus"
The cost of printing the ,ife story in Sweden has proved prohibitive so I am awaiting a quotation from Northern Ireland at the moment. I have no money but I am not too short of "Faith".
Friday 20th of March 2009 08:20:00 PM

The meeting in Runavik on saturday evening was a true blessing for me as I once again met up with christian friends.
When I first came to the Faroe Islands, my first outdoor meeting was in Runavik. During the meeting two young men came into the bus for help and prayer and I was able to tell them about Jesus. At the time I was not sure how much they understood but they both committed their lives to our beautiful Jesus.
It was a delight that one of those men came to the meeting on saturday and is a glowing testimony to the Power of Prayer. He still walks with Jesus and speaking with him was a real pleasure.
On sunday morning I went to the Philadelphia church in Gorte and spoke at the meeting after communion and then spoke to the young children of the sunday school.Sunday evening I was in Klaxvik and spoke at the Soli Deo Gloria church to a very receptive congregation.
My time here is a true pleasure to me and I know that many are praying as I travel these precious Islands for Jesus.
Monday 16th of March 2009 04:43:08 PM

Heading for Runavik where my friend Jack has arranged a house meeting this evening and I will be the main speaker.
It is still raining here and even though I have the fibre glass to repair the roof I am having difficulty finding a place to get it done.
The generator has packed up and it will prove rather difficult in the future if I cannot get it repaired. I depend upon it for a little heating when I get past the Arctic Circle in a few weeks time.
I am receiving emails from Sweden with bookings for my forthcoming tour there and getting quite excited about it.
I received two emails from Africa yesterday. One I have had many times before offering me a fortune from someones will and I know that it is a scam. The other one was a 26 year old offering to be my wife if she could get an an English passport. ( no comments please )
I put them both in the deleted box.
Saturday 14th of March 2009 02:10:25 PM

Still very busy here and meeting lots of people.
I spoke at the evangelical church in Skala last night and will be talking to the youth this evening.
I am spending a couple of hours with my friend Jens and his family and enjoying a relaxing break.
Thursday 12th of March 2009 05:52:43 PM

It is proving hard to get internet connection here. The cost of mobile connection is now too much for me so I need to depend on internet cafes and my friend Oliver to get on to the web page.
The weekend on the island of Suderoy was great but the winds last night had me fighting the steering wheel to keep on the road.
Once again I am having a great time here and meeting many new people.
Monday 09th of March 2009 11:07:08 AM

Having a good time meeting up with friends around the islands.
I spent yesterday in Klaxvik and was pleased to meet up with my young friend Mike and his family. It makes me feel like an Ancient when I return and see how the young children have developed in just a few short months.
I am making plans to head for Suduroy today or tomorrow and will be out of computer range.
Thursday 05th of March 2009 09:24:15 AM

Arrived in Torshavn at 1am and was feeling on top of the world to be back in my beloved Faroe Islands.
Today the weather has been very welcoming with torrential rain,sleet, snow,fog and wind. It made me feel really very much at home.
I was invited to a birthday party this evening and enjoyed myself meeting friends old and new.
I hope to find a mechanic tomorrow to fix the air problem.
Tuesday 03rd of March 2009 01:03:12 AM

Once again I have had trouble with the air supply on the bus. The brakes came on just as I pulled onto a lay-bye and I could go no further.
Knowing that if I missed the ship I would have to wait a week before the next sailing I rang my friend Oliver in the Faroe Islands. He said he would try to get help and half an hour later two men came to me who had just dropped off a lorry at the port. They fixed the problem in five minutes with a piece of string by isolating part of the brakes.
I "knew" I was going to miss the boat yet once again God intervened with yet another miracle.
The men rarely come to Esjberg yet they were literally down the road at the port when I needed help.
I wonder what other GREAT things are in atore on this trip of a lifetime?
Next entry from my beloved "Faroe Islands" on monday.
Saturday 28th of February 2009 12:24:06 PM

Just sitting here in the total silence reading "The Hobbit" for the tenth time as it is a real favourite book of mine.
I often go onto the visitor page hoping that someone has left a message for us all but it does not get as much visiting as my page unfortunately.
The bus is running like a bird and even though the diesel heater is not working until I can afford a new one I am quite snug with the Calor Gas Heater that was given to me.
I sent an email to some of my friends regarding a lady with Cervical Cancer. I have since found out that the original email was first posted in 2002 and the lady is still in remission. Because of this I will not forward any more emails to friends without knowing all relevent details.
Friday 27th of February 2009 06:02:37 PM

The ship docked on time and I am now parked up in a lay-bye awaiting the Norrona to sail for The Faroe Islands on saturday.
The cost of living here is far more expensive than in Britain and the value of the pound makes it even worse than when I left a month ago.
Please pray that the finance will come in to enable me to continue to do the work as the Lord desires.
Thursday 26th of February 2009 05:00:32 PM

I am now at the port in Harwich and will board the ship for Denmark later this afternoon.
I then sail for the Faroe Islands on Saturday but will spend two days cleaning the bus and resting. I am very tired and have got a chest infection so don't feel up to much today.
It was really nice to receive a message from Elfor and Benny in Iceland. I am sure many of you are aware of the terrible inflation in that beautiful land and the prayer needed for the christian church there.
I am really looking forward to this trip but hope the temperature has risen a little before I arrive in Sweden on April 1st.
Wednesday 25th of February 2009 02:42:47 PM

It is really good to sit here overlooking the small town I was born in.
This morning it was a real joy to me when I parked the bus outside the local Tesco Supermarket. The first person I saw as I walked across the car park was my sister Irene. It was terrific to catch up with news of my other four sisters and recieve a big hug from her.
I am having dinner this evening with my friends Steve and Cill who have recently returned from Czech.
I leave tomorrow for Bristol and hope to meet up with Commander John Ellis and then off to see Eric before I leave for Denmark.
Saturday 21st of February 2009 07:17:54 PM

I must thank the staff of C.C.R.S. Breakdown Service from Bangor in Northern Ireland for the work they have done on the bus.
I have been given many estimates to have a gear box fitted since the fault was diagnosed but this firm found that it was not required. Yesterday Paul the mechanic fitted new linkages and gave the bus a full service.
The whole job was done for around a thousand pounds and has made the driving a pleasure. Thanks Uel and Paul for a good job.
I leave for Scotland this morning and will be in Lancashire tomorrow for the weekend.
I hope to sail For Denmark on wednesday and then on to The Faroe Islands for three weeks before heading for Sandviken in Sweden in April.
Friday 20th of February 2009 08:39:54 AM

It was a really good weekend in the Stabane and Londonderry area.
On sunday morning a solicitor came to the meeting and made a decision for Jesus. I have heard very encouraging news from the area of people who have made decisions for Jesus over the last few years as a direct result of the bus ministry. The Lord is truly gracious to me as He encourages me in this positive way.
A good number of the people I have worked with and ministered to recently have made promises to make entries on the Visitor Page to encourage the readers.
I search in vain for the results of their promises and suffer hurt each time I see no results.
I remember the words of the Bible. " Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No"
Monday 16th of February 2009 09:56:59 PM

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