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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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I have crossed into England and now parked in Featherstone at the mechanic's.
I am having problems with the van and must wait for Dave the mechanic to find time to do a repair job on the battery shelf which has broken.
It is too dangerous to drive so I am totally held up until the shelf is repaired or replaced.

Tuesday 21st 2017f February 2017 01:28:35 PM

I am parked up on the M1, just outside of Belfast.
Booked to leave Ireland this evening and then through Scotland and into England.
I called at the printers yesterday and the van is groaning under the amount of literature needed this year.
Spoke at Lurganearly Church last night and really enjoyed being with friends who are dedicated to Mission.
Thursday 16th 2017f February 2017 01:53:53 PM

I was called by Willie Wilson who has found a man who fixes leaks on roofs.
I called him this morning and he has called and repaired quite a few areas of the roof.
I now await a storm to find out if it has been successful.
Monday 13th 2017f February 2017 12:10:00 AM

It is still very cold here but I am able to get electricity from my friends in Dungannon. They have been extremely kind to me this winter.
Because of the very low temperatures I am not seeing many people. Most people want to stay at home and keep warm and I cannot blame them.
Parked up in Dungannon again for the weekend and head for the Belfast area on Monday.
Saturday 11th 2017f February 2017 01:08:52 AM

All going well but the temperatures are still too low for me.
I am preparing to move out of Ireland and head for the mainland.
The tour around Northern Ireland was good but slow.
I trust the Lord will make His will known to me in the near future but until He does I continue to walk slowly in Faith.
Thanks for your continued prayer.
Monday 06th 2017f February 2017 10:22:43 AM

Today I begin a slow trip around various towns in Northern Ireland as I prepare to head for mainland UK.
The Lord is speaking to me and I now watch and pray as I get ready for another year of travel.
The van will soon require an MOT and it will be an expensive project this year.
This morning I woke up to a wet bed which means a leak in the roof area.
I hope I can find the source of the problem.
Tuesday 31st 2017f January 2017 11:04:36 AM

I have spent the past few days in Enniskillen.
My friends Doris and Derek Clarke have kept me well fed and I have been able to plug into the electric supply and have constant heat.
Today I must move on and will head for the Carrickfergus area and pray the weather is kind.
Wednesday 25th 2017f January 2017 09:38:38 AM

The days fly by so quickly when you are busy.
Once again I am having problems getting signals to the Internet but suddenly got one this morning after over an hour of trying.
I spoke at Stauros in Enniskillen on Wednesday evening and was pleased to see a full house of interested people.
Many were from Alcohol and Drug backgrounds and I felt it was a very good evening.
The van is attracting passers by and this gives me much satisfaction. Nights are very cold here and I am really feeling the cold this year.
Thank God for three hot water bottles.
Saturday 21st 2017f January 2017 01:08:07 PM

Lurganearly was terrific!
Surrounded by praying friends who really wanted to hear about the work. The whole congregation came to pray and truly love Jesus.
I am now in Dungannon. The weather has really changed and it is bitterly cold and after a day of snow showers it looks like even moresnow will come tomorrow.
Friday 13th 2017f January 2017 12:31:39 AM

Sunday afternoon at Trillick was great with a nearly full house.
I returned there last night and spoke again to a different but keen congregation of people from many denominations.
I am now heading for Lurganearly in County Monaghan where I speak tomorrow evening.
All is going very well here and God is surely answering prayers.
Tuesday 10th 2017f January 2017 12:48:51 PM

I hope the electric problems are now sorted.
Today I am in Enniskillen but I am speaking at a mission outreach in Trillick this afternoon.
It is good to be back on the Front Line and meeting up with passing vehicle drivers.
Sunday 08th 2017f January 2017 12:58:58 PM

Happy New Year to you all.
I am back in the North of Ireland and very encouraged by the visitor numbers.
Once again I have electric problems and also with computer access.
I look forward to an exciting year and await Divine Instructions.

God Bless.
Friday 06th 2017f January 2017 08:03:54 PM

May you have a truly Blessed Christmas.
I am still parked up in Listowel and will head back North in a couple of days.
Sunday 25th 2016f December 2016 10:01:38 AM

All is going well and I am getting opportunities to witness.
Yesterday I drove to Killarney and spent a few hours parked on the Lidl car park.
I met up with Bridie Tobin and her son Jimmy. They had travelled across from Bantry to meet up with me and we had a really special time together. Unfortunately Bridie is suffering with a chest problem and finding breathing very difficult.
This morning it is a special meeting at Listowel Christian Fellowship with the young people taking the service.
Sunday 18th 2016f December 2016 10:22:15 AM

It is Good to serve the Lord.
I am parked up in Listowel and in a great position to access many tourist routes next years Christian Calendar is moving rapidly and good feedback from the many Christians who are distributing them.
Tuesday 13th 2016f December 2016 10:45:45 PM

At last I have been able to source a sim card for my computer data dongle.
I have arrived in Listowel and will be in this area for December.I hope to meet up with friends in County Kerry and County Cork before Christmas.
I spent the weekend in Wexford and spoke at the Community Church on Sunday morning.
Monday I was speaking at Moyross Community and we had a great time together.
Thursday 08th 2016f December 2016 12:19:59 AM

Hi there guys Bro Clifford has asked me put up a message as an update
he is in the South of Ireland at the minute he is in the Limrick area at the minute
and he hopes to be in the ring of Kerry area tomorrow area and will updates when he can.
Tuesday 06th 2016f December 2016 04:41:45 PM

Heading for printers today to stock up for the UK.
I will be South of the border tomorrow and hope I can still get a signal to do updates etc.
The weather is fine but still very cold. It looks like a long hard winter is before me.
Please keep on praying.
Tuesday 29th 2016f November 2016 10:12:33 AM

What a week it has been!
Even though the temperature dropped to minus 5 for a couple of days the Lord protected me.
The Wednesday evening meeting at the Stauros Organisation was a real blessing.
People were still requesting prayer at 11pm and when I finally left I was worn out. How wonderful it was to receive emails and texts on Thursday from members of the congregation.
I am preparing to head into Southern Ireland next week.
Saturday 26th 2016f November 2016 10:45:38 PM

I am pleased to say that I am able to take a couple of days off each week since I got to Northern Ireland. Feeling much better for it.
I head back to Enniskillen later today. I will spend a couple of days at the cattle mart and tomorrow evening I speak at the Stauros addicts group at in Enniskillen.
It was good to meet up with Brian Fleming and pick up my mail from him.
The longer I live the more I value my true friends.
Tuesday 22nd 2016f November 2016 10:05:18 AM

A very busy week with visits to County Fermanagh and County Londonderry.
The electric faults have been traced and repaired by John Wilson in Enniskillen. He is an old friend who really knows his job.
I am now in Limavady and will be moving around the area today.
Wednesday 16th 2016f November 2016 10:48:34 AM

Once again I am astounded at the way God directs my path.
I had made plans to head for Milford Haven in Wales but as I spoke to friends on Saturday evening I felt an inner voice telling me to head for Scotland.
As I headed for Glasgow I felt I should take a detour and follow the coast road via Stranraer. I arrived there on Monday afternoon.
Then " God " intervened.
Willie Wilson from Ireland rang to tell me that a close friend had died on Sunday and he would be buried on Tuesday morning in Northern Ireland.
I was just twenty miles from the port and perfectly placed to get to the funeral.
I arrived in Dungannon at 4 30 this morning and was able to attend the funeral of my dear brother Bobby Farquhar.
Please pray for his wife Eleanor and the family during this very sad time.
Tuesday 08th 2016f November 2016 09:20:13 PM

A very busy week, but mostly enjoyable.
The hospital tests are done but everything seems under control. Test results will take a few weeks for results to come through but I am NOT concerned.
I have just met up with David and Joan Corless who have been friends for years. It was good to talk about old times and the way our lives have developed.
The Web Master has been working on the computer all week and installed a new hard drive, he has also sorted out most of the problems.
What would I do without him, He is a true Gift from God for this ministry.
Saturday 05th 2016f November 2016 03:43:21 PM

A good day today. I met up with Doctor Rob for lunch and we had a great time together.
Tomorrow I go to Hospital for tests.
All is in the Lord's hands.
Monday 31st 2016f October 2016 11:13:19 PM

Still keeping busy and content with my lot.
Last week I left Weston super Mare and headed for the mechanic in Cannock.
Bad news, I require 2 new tyres but they will have to manage for another month.
Saturday I visited friends in Hereford and had a lovely day.
I am now back in Lancashire for a few days. Going for Diabetes tests on tuesday and not looking forward to the experience.
I am parked up by the sea in Blackpool, I have just spent over four hours driving through the illuminations and I feel the silent witness was well worth the time spent.
Sunday 30th 2016f October 2016 11:03:23 PM

A wonderful few days here in London.
I met up with Patricia and we had a time of fellowship over coffee. She is a lovely Christ Filled lady.
Saturday I went to celebrate the 950th anniversary at Westminster Abbey and joined hundreds of people for communion.
Yesterday it was young peoples day at the Salvation Army on Oxford Street and today I went for communion at St Pauls Cathedral.
I think I will head back to the van in Weston Super Mare tomorrow.
Monday 17th 2016f October 2016 08:34:36 PM

I feel ten years younger and not so confused.I am so pleased the Lord directed my path way here.
It is good not to be under pressure and just walking.
I meet up with Patricia at the Elephant and Castle in the morning for coffee. She distributes tracts in that area and has given away hundreds of my books to homeless people and it is time to put a face to a name I have heard many times.
I pray I can encourage this lady from Ethiopia.
Thursday 13th 2016f October 2016 09:48:57 PM

I took to my bed yesterday and slept for hours.
Today I visited places I have not seen for over thirty five years and really enjoyed myself.
I met up with Eric this evening and we we went out for a meal and a ride on the underground. It was really smashing to see him again. I can never thank him enough for the work he does for me through Caleb Initiative.
I am staying in a cheap hotel in the Paddington area of London. There are quite a few hotels in the street and they are all filled with German Students.
Please pray for Patrick and Julias. They stop and chat with me each evening as they pass my hotel.
I have given them my lifestory and pray they will go home with plenty to think about.
Tuesday 11th 2016f October 2016 09:33:22 PM

What a wonderful Saviour we serve.
I am taking the advice of many followers and having a real break at last.
I have prayed about it and on saturday I left the van in storage with my friend John in Weston Super Mare.
I am now in London and visiting places I have not seen for years.
Today I went to Regent Hall on Oxford Street. It was great to hear the Salvation Army at their best.
I am doing a lot of walking and all my bones and joints are aching, but it is worth it.
Sunday 09th 2016f October 2016 10:07:24 PM

Parked up in Weston Super Mare.
Spent today cleaning carpets etc and trying to get the van back in order before the winter. I am praying for direction at the moment but believe it is time to relax for a while and give my body time to recuperate after many years of punishment.
Please continue praying for direction for the future of the work.
Wednesday 05th 2016f October 2016 01:03:47 AM

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