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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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I have just spent a couple of days in the Torshavn area but have now returned to Kambstal and another violent storm.
The rain is beating down and the wind force is around gale force and rising.
On the way back I witnessed many waterfalls actually being blown back up the mountains. The scenery at this time is truly majestic but really frightening as the might of nature is revealed.
Buckets are collecting the water in my living area as it drips from the roof, just missing my bed.
Sunday 06th of November 2011 10:04:02 PM

It is good to see a major breakthrough here in Fuglifjiord as I continue speaking to the youth each evening.
Last night I spoke at a house meeting for the 14 to 17 year old boys and it was really well attended. Many very searching questions were asked and answered.
Tonight it was the 12 to 14 year old young people at the Missionair church. Each time I stopped speaking I was asked a question and in the end a ten minute sermon lasted for ninety minutes. Even when I finished the young people kept on isolating me from the other leaders to ask even more questions.
I leave here next thursday as the roof of the van is leaking due the terrible wind we have had here.
Saturday 05th of November 2011 12:22:05 AM

Eather still bad !!!!!
The meeting in Skala went very well and tears were very evident as I spoke about our family in Latvia. It was great to hear that the church pray for me every week and try to follow me as I travel vast distance.
The garage in Klaxvik has done a great job of servicing the van.
Wednesday 02nd of November 2011 11:59:24 PM

I spent the weekend on the island of Suderoy.
The weather here is terrible,it feels like february with the high winds and persistent rain.
The weekend was very busy and I met so many of my old friends.I really wanted to meet my friend John over there but the high winds made it impossible.
Tomorrow I speak at the Evangelical church in Skala after taking the bus for a full service in Klaxvik.
If this wind keeps blowing I will have to leave here next week before I do any damage. The wind is so hard that it could blow the van off one of the many mountain roads I travel.
Tuesday 01st of November 2011 03:23:49 PM

Back in the Faroe Islands and enjoying meeting old friends.
I spoke at the youth meeting last night and have had great feedback about the content.
Tonight I speak at the prayer meeting in Fugliafjorder. A meeting I always enjoy.
Please keep on praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday 26th of October 2011 03:00:29 PM

On board Norrona and heading for my beloved "Faroe Islands"
It is good that the year is coming to a close and I may get the opportunity to rest for a while.
Please pray for many speaking engagements in the coming weeks.
I desperately need the finance!!!
Sunday 23rd of October 2011 09:43:29 PM

Still in Sandviken and I will leave after speaking to the Alpha group this evening.
It is a very long journey to the port of Gothenberg to catch the ferry to Denmark and then onwards to the Faroe Islands.
Please pray that I have enough time for the journey. Norrona only sails once a week.
Thursday 20th of October 2011 12:05:55 PM

The pictures I took of the Jewish Killing Area are now on the Pictures Page.
Yesterday was a true blessing as I spoke to the people of The Good Foundation recovery programme in Hammerby.In the evening I spoke at the church in Hedesunda and was very well received.This was after a two hour Bible study in Swedish. I could not understand a word they said but my heart was leaping with joy.
I sent out hundreds of news letters on saturday to my internet friends.As usual I have had only two replies.I get very disheartened but cannot find an answer to the poor response. Please Pray.
Monday 17th of October 2011 06:12:38 PM

I am now in Sandviken (Sweden) and really enjoying life.
Last night I joined a marvellous all lady choir who transported me to the gates of heaven with their beautiful singing.
We were also joined by an elderly bishop from Pakistan who was so gracious and so in love with Jesus.
My old friend Larry led the service and joined the bishop celebrating communion.
Thanks to doctor Rob from the UK. The whole evening was pain free as he has sent me a couple of months supply of my tablets.
This morning I am sorting out the van and trying to make space in both areas.
Saturday 15th of October 2011 12:49:51 PM

The boat in Riga left without me last night. I was assured of a place but priority was given to Latvians and I was the only person left behind.
I drove the few hundred kilometres to Tallin in Estonia and I am now on board the "Baltic Queen" and heading for Stockholm.
I am speaking at the main Lutheran Church tomorrow night.
Thursday 13th of October 2011 06:22:56 PM

A new page has been made on the pictures section.It shows the memorial to the jews in Aluksne. More areas will be added as I get the opportunity to visit.
Please look under " Jewish Killing Fields " on the pictures page.
Tuesday 11th of October 2011 02:34:26 PM

The decision is now made and I leave Aluksne tomorrow.
The work is not yet completed but all materials have been purchased to finish this mammoth task.
I am heading for the Rumbala forest Killing site,on the outskirts of Riga tomorrow to pay tribute to the tens of thousands of Jews who were murdered in the last war.
I hope to have pictures on the site within a few days.
My sailing day to Stockholm is not yet available.
I do not know when I shall get internet access again, Please keep on praying.
Monday 10th of October 2011 07:04:07 PM

Back to normality here in Latvia.
I noticed yesterday that the winter supply of wood for our family was quite low and never thought to pray about the situation.
In this part of the world I am finding evidence of wildlife I thought only existed an America and Canada.
This morning as I drove to church I found the road partially blocked by a fallen apple tree. The road is not well used so I drove on to the service.
Coming home the situation was just the same so Gunter ( The Papa ) and I went back with a chain saw and brought the tree home in the back of the van.
There is now a better supply of wood for the winter, Thanks to the Lord and a few "BEAVERS" that have a dam round the corner.
Sunday 09th of October 2011 07:29:18 PM

My time in Aluksne is rapidly drawing to a close. I pray the work is nearly completed by the time I leave.
It has been drawn to my attention that over one million jews died in extermination camps here in Latvia during the last war.
I hope to visit one of them before I leave the country. Please pray that I have the time to find the site of at least one of them.
Friday 07th of October 2011 07:28:22 PM

Some one prayed today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The pain in my shoulder has not been as severe and is nearly back to normal. P T L.
Work goes on here and I pray it will be nearly completed before I leave next week for Sweden. I tried out the new shower today and it great.
Once again I look like a white man!!! Believe it or not.
Thursday 06th of October 2011 07:32:58 PM

Work begins tomorrow to turn the upstairs room into a bedroom for the two girls. At the moment the family all share the same room.
The girls are eleven and seventeen and it will be good to allow them a little freedom and independence.
Prayer is needed as I cannot obtain the correct pain killers and it is causing me a lot of discomfort.
Wednesday 05th of October 2011 07:06:26 PM

All going incredibly well here in Aluksne (Latvia)
Nearly all the work is completed and I am amazed at the change in the whole family. They really KNOW that Jesus cares for them. It is good to join the whole family each evening for songs and prayer. Even the seven year old twin boys pray out loud.
I still do not know how long I will stay here but expect to leave late week or early next week.
To answer your entry on the visitor page.! Please can I have Normality for a few months.
Tuesday 04th of October 2011 07:14:34 PM

The ship on friday evening was fully booked and I only left Helsinki on saturday morning.
It was a non stop drive through Estonia , but I arrived here in Latvia in the early evening.
The load of clothing and food was incredible and I was able to help sorting out the clothing for the family.
This morning I spoke at the pentecostal assembly in Aluksne.
Sunday 02nd of October 2011 08:20:39 PM

The van is nearly loaded and id ready for the next long journey.
A special prayer meeting was organised this evening and was a true blessing to me.
I leave Kuhmo bright and early tomorrow morning and hope to catch ship before bed time.
Thursday 29th of September 2011 08:10:53 PM

I was able to speak to the addicts at the blockhouses this afternoon. It is always such a great pleasure to join this people from such diverse parts of Scandinavia and Russia.
More things are being brought to the vicarage for Latvia.
I pray that the finance for the trip comes in in time.
Tuesday 27th of September 2011 08:00:34 PM

All going really well here in Kuhmo. I spoke at the youth communion service this afternoon and gave a report on the Latvia mission this evening in the main Lutheran Church which went down very well.
I intended leaving for Sweden tomorrow but have had a change of heart.
Some of the people in Kuhmo want me to take extra things to our family in Latvia. If the finance comes in by friday I will take the route through Latvia and Estonia to reach Sandviken. Please Pray.
Sunday 25th of September 2011 09:01:43 PM

All going really well here in Kuhmo. I spoke at the youth communion service this afternoon and gave a report on the Latvia mission this evening in the main Lutheran Church which went down very well.
I intended leaving for Sweden tomorrow but have had a change of heart.
Some of the people in Kuhmo want me to take extra things to our family in Latvia. If the finance comes in by friday I will take the route through Latvia and Estonia to reach Sandviken. Please Pray.
Sunday 25th of September 2011 09:01:42 PM

Still in Kuhmo with heavy rain every day.
I was able to sing and witness at the main community hall last night at a gathering of men. It went down very well.
I have just spoken to Steve in Lancashire. His wife Sylvia had a kidney removed on tuesday due to cancer.
Tonight she was moved out of intensive care to a general ward. She has had most of the tubes removed and is able to walk about the ward.
Please pray for this lovely couple who helped me during my days of drinking that Our Heavenly Father shall be Glorified.
Friday 23rd of September 2011 11:04:51 PM

Back in Kuhmo for a few days before I drive to Sandviken in Sweden.
I spoke at the free church last night and pray that more speaking engagements arrive. I certainly overstretched my budget in Latvia and even though I don't tregret it. Times will be tough this winter if more finance does not arrive soon. Diesel is needed as well as boat fare.
Please Pray.
Thursday 22nd of September 2011 08:27:56 AM

Still travelling and berry picking my way along the Russian border.
I was visited and interviewed by three Finnish border guards this evening about parking so close to the border. I was able to witness to them and tell them that I also pray for the guards on both sides of the border.I would believe that one of them was a Christian by the look on his face as I spoke about Jesus.
This morning (Tuesday) my dear friend Cill is undergoing surgery for the removal of part of her kidney with serious problems with cancer. Please pray for her and her husband Steven as they go through this traumatic time.You can also leave a message on the prayer page if you are willing.
Monday 19th of September 2011 10:50:13 PM

I feel I need to clarify the word "Fear"
In the true context of the instructions of the Bible, the word does NOT mean to be Scared, Frightened, in Terror.
Fear means , to stand in AWE.
Sunday 18th of September 2011 01:46:46 PM

A slow carefree drive towards Kuhmo is turning out to be a precious time with the Lord.
This morning I went into the forest collecting the last of the blueberries before the frost shrivels them. Few and far between but enough to keep me interested.
As I was bending to scoop a plant with a dozen berries I heard a voice in my heart speaking to me very clearly !!!!!
(Do you "FEAR GOD"?)
I have always loved the King James Bible and it tells us to "Fear God".
How could I answer such a direct question honestly ?
Yes I do "Fear God" was my unspoken reply.
"Do not Fear me" my heart responded.
Love Me, Obey Me, Worship Me, Stand in Awe of Me, Talk to Me, Praise Me, Walk with me,Trust me and Fear me as you would the most PERFECT earthly Father who only wants the best for You.
As these words have helped me,I pray they will help you.Drop me a line on the visitors page or send me an email please.
Sunday 18th of September 2011 12:19:36 PM

After a good drive through Estonia I sailed from Tallin to Helsingfors this afternoon.
The weather has changed and it has been raining for days. I am taking my time driving to Kuhmo and will follow the Russian border.
I hope you enjoy the photo's of the family in Latvia.
Thursday 15th of September 2011 10:08:47 PM

I am now ready to move on towards Estonia and Finland.
I do not think I will get a signal for the internet for the next week. Please continue praying.
The photographs from Latvia are noe on the Pictures section of the web site.
Tuesday 13th of September 2011 02:24:28 PM

I have sent a series of pictures to The Web Master and he has promised to make a Latvia page for your enjoyment.
I am now getting ready to leave Latvia and should be driving through Estonia late tomorrow night.
The water has now been switched on into the home and I an very impressed with the results. Toilet and wash hand basin working well and even though the water is very dirty at the scource it is pure drinking water after it had run through the inline filter.
I am going to miss the highlight of the families day when I leave here. Every evening we have gathered together at 9pm and shared a 1 litre block of Ice Cream between 12 of us. Just a small portion but the whole family have really enjoyed the Ice Cream time. I doubt it will continue because it costs around an English pound each night and there is no money for such luxuries.
Monday 12th of September 2011 08:33:26 PM

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