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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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All going really well here in Kuhmo. I spoke at the youth communion service this afternoon and gave a report on the Latvia mission this evening in the main Lutheran Church which went down very well.
I intended leaving for Sweden tomorrow but have had a change of heart.
Some of the people in Kuhmo want me to take extra things to our family in Latvia. If the finance comes in by friday I will take the route through Latvia and Estonia to reach Sandviken. Please Pray.
Sunday 25th of September 2011 09:01:43 PM

All going really well here in Kuhmo. I spoke at the youth communion service this afternoon and gave a report on the Latvia mission this evening in the main Lutheran Church which went down very well.
I intended leaving for Sweden tomorrow but have had a change of heart.
Some of the people in Kuhmo want me to take extra things to our family in Latvia. If the finance comes in by friday I will take the route through Latvia and Estonia to reach Sandviken. Please Pray.
Sunday 25th of September 2011 09:01:42 PM

Still in Kuhmo with heavy rain every day.
I was able to sing and witness at the main community hall last night at a gathering of men. It went down very well.
I have just spoken to Steve in Lancashire. His wife Sylvia had a kidney removed on tuesday due to cancer.
Tonight she was moved out of intensive care to a general ward. She has had most of the tubes removed and is able to walk about the ward.
Please pray for this lovely couple who helped me during my days of drinking that Our Heavenly Father shall be Glorified.
Friday 23rd of September 2011 11:04:51 PM

Back in Kuhmo for a few days before I drive to Sandviken in Sweden.
I spoke at the free church last night and pray that more speaking engagements arrive. I certainly overstretched my budget in Latvia and even though I don't tregret it. Times will be tough this winter if more finance does not arrive soon. Diesel is needed as well as boat fare.
Please Pray.
Thursday 22nd of September 2011 08:27:56 AM

Still travelling and berry picking my way along the Russian border.
I was visited and interviewed by three Finnish border guards this evening about parking so close to the border. I was able to witness to them and tell them that I also pray for the guards on both sides of the border.I would believe that one of them was a Christian by the look on his face as I spoke about Jesus.
This morning (Tuesday) my dear friend Cill is undergoing surgery for the removal of part of her kidney with serious problems with cancer. Please pray for her and her husband Steven as they go through this traumatic time.You can also leave a message on the prayer page if you are willing.
Monday 19th of September 2011 10:50:13 PM

I feel I need to clarify the word "Fear"
In the true context of the instructions of the Bible, the word does NOT mean to be Scared, Frightened, in Terror.
Fear means , to stand in AWE.
Sunday 18th of September 2011 01:46:46 PM

A slow carefree drive towards Kuhmo is turning out to be a precious time with the Lord.
This morning I went into the forest collecting the last of the blueberries before the frost shrivels them. Few and far between but enough to keep me interested.
As I was bending to scoop a plant with a dozen berries I heard a voice in my heart speaking to me very clearly !!!!!
(Do you "FEAR GOD"?)
I have always loved the King James Bible and it tells us to "Fear God".
How could I answer such a direct question honestly ?
Yes I do "Fear God" was my unspoken reply.
"Do not Fear me" my heart responded.
Love Me, Obey Me, Worship Me, Stand in Awe of Me, Talk to Me, Praise Me, Walk with me,Trust me and Fear me as you would the most PERFECT earthly Father who only wants the best for You.
As these words have helped me,I pray they will help you.Drop me a line on the visitors page or send me an email please.
Sunday 18th of September 2011 12:19:36 PM

After a good drive through Estonia I sailed from Tallin to Helsingfors this afternoon.
The weather has changed and it has been raining for days. I am taking my time driving to Kuhmo and will follow the Russian border.
I hope you enjoy the photo's of the family in Latvia.
Thursday 15th of September 2011 10:08:47 PM

I am now ready to move on towards Estonia and Finland.
I do not think I will get a signal for the internet for the next week. Please continue praying.
The photographs from Latvia are noe on the Pictures section of the web site.
Tuesday 13th of September 2011 02:24:28 PM

I have sent a series of pictures to The Web Master and he has promised to make a Latvia page for your enjoyment.
I am now getting ready to leave Latvia and should be driving through Estonia late tomorrow night.
The water has now been switched on into the home and I an very impressed with the results. Toilet and wash hand basin working well and even though the water is very dirty at the scource it is pure drinking water after it had run through the inline filter.
I am going to miss the highlight of the families day when I leave here. Every evening we have gathered together at 9pm and shared a 1 litre block of Ice Cream between 12 of us. Just a small portion but the whole family have really enjoyed the Ice Cream time. I doubt it will continue because it costs around an English pound each night and there is no money for such luxuries.
Monday 12th of September 2011 08:33:26 PM

I have been invited to speak at the pentecostal church prayer meeting on tuesday evening.
I will leave Latvvia after the meeting and head to Kuhmo to pick up the things I had to leave behind.
Sunday 11th of September 2011 07:21:55 PM

All is still going very well here in Aluksne with great improvements to every room now being noticed.
It is so surprising to see people come alive when a change has been made in their circumstances. How I thank and Praise our Heavenly Father that He has used me to do this work for such lovely people. I wish I could do more but time and finance are against me.
Saturday 10th of September 2011 03:57:35 PM

The work goes on here in Aluksne, "Latvia"
Thank God he sent us a couple of good helpers to do the work.
The kitchen looks like a kitchen, but the bathroom is still in middle of work.
I pray that most of the work will be done before I leave next week.
The bikes and toys are being well used and the beds are a true blessing.
I have been told that until I arrived with everything that the family were sleeping in the barn, on top of the hay.
Is'nt God Good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday 09th of September 2011 01:27:04 PM

All going well out here. The trench has been dug and the water pipe has been laid. It will take another week until we can turn the water on,
The family send their regards and thank you for your prayers.
It is impossible to get a signal for the computer. I will ring John Ellis occasionally to put something on the web site.
It is wonderful to see a family change so much. Please keep praying. The parts we need cost so much. God bless you and thank you once again.
The gifts from Sweden and the bicycles and food from Finland have given these people hope and strengthened their faith in Christ, and mine.
We definitely serve a God of miracles.
Saturday 03rd of September 2011 01:11:12 PM

Still in Latvia and continuing the work I was sent to do.
The last three days have been very trying for the two men who had to drill a 2 inch hole through a six foot wall and also dig a hole four feet deep to begin to lay the water pipe. I went to the city to buy a pick axe but they had never heard of such a thing.
Tomorrow we begin digging a four foot trench that will connect to the water supply seventy or eighty metres away.
It is vital that the water supply is brought to this very needy family for in the winter it must be a nightmare for them.
Today five of the children came into the van to watch tv. They had never watched a programme in their lives and it was a joy to see their faces as they watched a christmas cartoon.
Tonight I will bring the tv into the house and we will watch the Jeesus film in Latvian.
I pray that more finances come soon to really put this house on the map for Jesus.
Please pray for strength as the men dig the trench, using only a crowbar and a spade.
Sunday 28th of August 2011 05:59:08 PM

At last I am in Latvia and being made very welcome by David John and his family.
The generosity of the people in the Sandviken and Kuhmo areas was astounding.
Boxes upon boxes of food, Enough clothing to supply a mini orphanage, 2 Sets of bunk beds plus two other beds and the appeal for bycicles brought in seven bikes of different sizes and everyone was a perfect size for the person here.
Today I went to the hardware store and ordered the things we need to sort out the kitchen area which really needs a major overhaul.
If enough finance is donated I will stay longer and help to make another room or two worthy of this lovely Christian family. Please pray that the will of God will be revealed and acted upon.
Wednesday 24th of August 2011 07:55:34 PM

Now at Helsinki port and awaiting thw Baltic Princess for the trip to Estonia.
I am parked beside the "Queen Elizabeth" and a very impressive liner it is.
Internet will be impossible in Estonia so please keep on praying. I have no idea how long I will be in the Baltic States.
Sunday 21st of August 2011 02:07:53 PM

Having a very enjoyable trip, stopping when I want and no pressure is very novel to me.
The Web Master has put some clear instructions on the Prayer page and I hope it will encourage more visitors to the most important page on this website.
Please join us in praying for the requests made and leave a small note of encouragement for the folk who ask for prayer.
Saturday 20th of August 2011 09:26:16 PM

I am travelling slowly to the port of Helsinki. It normally takes me around ten hours, but I am taking three days to do the trip.
I was feeling very tired so decided to enjoy the drive and only drive for a couple of hours when I feel like driving. Some of the readers will think a miracle is happening I'm sure.
I do not need to get to Latvia until tuesday so why rush.
Please pray for John and his wife as they travel back from Umea in Sweden where they have been doing street outreach. They arrive back in Latvia on monday.
Friday 19th of August 2011 07:40:18 PM

On the way to Helsinki and the ferry to Estonia.
This afternoon I was able to speak to a school class before I set off again. It was only a small class of six young men, but I believe it was one of the most important events of the year. It was really good to let these young people know how important each one was in the eyes of "Jesus"
Thursday 18th of August 2011 08:37:31 PM

My departure from Kuhmo has been delayed tomorrow. I have been asked to speak in the local school to a group of children in the afternoon.
I am ready to set off for Estonia and Latvia with a full load for the family I wrote about. It will be a hard journey as it is nearly impossible to even get to my bed for the great amount of gifts received. The children will be totallay over awed by amount given.
I spoke at the free church tonight and was very well received by a good congregation.
Things have been very difficult since the young man Mike left on monday. It is as if a breath of satan has descended upon the town and has caused me great problems. Please pray.
Wednesday 17th of August 2011 08:49:08 PM

This afternoon the team and I went to the blockhouse flats for a soup and outreach time. We had the event in the community room and had the best crowd of people turn up since the outreach began their.
I am getting ready to move on to Latvia on thursday and will sail for Estomia over the weekend with a full load.
I received an email today from a friend who has been a tower of strength for nearly twenty years. His wife "Sil" has just been diagnoseg with cancer of the kidneys. An operation is planned in the next few weeks.
Please pray for her and for Steven that the Lord shall be GLORIFIED.
Tuesday 16th of August 2011 08:40:51 PM

Nearly a good day.
The morning was spent helping repair childrens bikes with a few friends,
This evening we went to Kajaani for a three hour open air which was a true blessing.
Whils't we were at Kajaani an incident occurred back in Kuhmo. Mike, the young man we tried to help over the weekend had left at lunchtime and was supposed to have got on a bus and left town.He used the bus fare we gave him to get drunk and returned to the vicarage whils't Timo and I were in Kajaani. He was drunk and demanded money from Timo's wife Marie Eleonar. She refused and he left. He is now in police custody. Please keep on praying.
Monday 15th of August 2011 09:47:59 PM

A good weekend with plenty of things to do.
On saturday I went with Timo collecting Blueberries on an island in the middle of the lake. It was very relaxing but I found I soon got backache and was glad to come home.
Saturday evening was prayer time and on sunday morning we visited the church campsite.
Here in Scandinavia, family is everything and gatherings from families are a regular occurance. The reunions gather together branches of family going back many generations. Some members publish books, recording events from many years past and they come together each year for a couple of days to eat and chat.
The church plays an important role in the gathering and sunday is communion time. I was able to speak to this gathering for an hour and we had a good time.
The evening was a barbeque with a different group of people and very popular.
Mike the young man ewe are trying to help came to join us and today he is going to do some painting,If he turns up.
Monday 15th of August 2011 09:34:43 AM

Once again I am back in Kuhmo.
I arrived in time to speak at the prayer meeting and tell about the work in Latvia and Estonia. Just like Sandviken, the people took the missionaries plight to heart and a steady stream of people have arrived bearing gifts.
Yesterday I was able to sing and witness at the funeral of "Pennti". A great man of prayer who came from a background similar to mine. He had a very hard life and then found "Jesus".
I know I shall meet him again, but I shall miss his times of prayer.
A young man arrived at the door of the vicarage this morning. He looks like he has hard a hard time travelling and no one helping him. Timo and I are trying to give him a chance but we need your prayers as to how to help him. We have found temporary accomodation for him and will give him a few jobs to do over the next few days.PLEASE PRAY
Saturday 13th of August 2011 02:06:16 PM

I will return to Kuhmo tomorrow and I am praying for dried food to take to Latvia.
I have just been on to the prayer page and I so upset that it just does not seem to attract too many visitors. Brian Fleming and Eric seem to be the only ones that take an interest in it nowadays. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Tuesday 09th of August 2011 10:10:21 PM

After a horrific 300 mile drive through torrential rain I managed to catch the ferry to Finland.
I have been so encouraged by the number of people who took the time to keep the Visitors Atrium rolling along.
The people of Sandviken really came up trumps for our family in Latvia and I have a full load of clothing, shoes, prams, a cot and Soooooooo many toys for the children.
I was offered three goats and some chickens but they could have caused problems at the port or the goats would have eaten the clothes.
I am now heading for Kuhmo and should head for Latvia sometime next week.
Monday 08th of August 2011 10:20:38 PM

Still packing the van with things required in Latvia.
People here have been very generous with items for the dear family I met out in the wilderness. The missionary was so in love with Jesus,even during a time of trial.
How I hope we can encourage him by just being there for him and his large family.
I leave Sandviken tomorrow after pteaching at the pentecostal church. Should be back on line by tuesday or wednesday.
Saturday 06th of August 2011 11:56:19 AM

After leaving Estonia I travelled through Latvia and Lithuania following the Russian Border and praying. I am pleased to be able to report that I have now completed the journey I was instructed to do. The whole Russian border from top to bottom,this meant driving through five countries and many hours behind the steering wheel.
I sail for Sweden tomorrow to gather up some things for the pastor in Estonia but will call in Finland for a couple of weeks before I deliver them.
Please keep praying.
Monday 01st of August 2011 10:30:03 AM

After a long drive I at last I dropped off my load at the top of Estonia and moved onwards.
As I drove I prayed for a peacefull car park to take a day off. My wish was granted for 12 hours. The car park chosen was in the grounds of a catholic convent and also the site of a natural water spring. It is one of the most visited places of pilgrimage in the Baltic states.
People turned up in their thousands and helped themselves to literature and lollies. I moved onwards yesterday, following the Russian border towards Latvia. Last night I was disturbed by a large group of youths and felt very threatened so moved on.
I crossed into Latvia this afternoon and was just finding my was when I was signalled to stop by a car who had just overtaken me.
It turned out that the car occupants were local missioners and they asked me to follow them to their home.
One of their daughters was celebrating her 17th birthday today and I was asked to join the party. I then realised that it was also my birthday and two birthday cakes were made for us.
Altogether a great welcome to the country.
Wednesday 27th of July 2011 08:11:28 PM

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