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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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Having a good time on the Island of Westmanna.
The island is situated off the coast of Iceland and accessible by sea and air. In 1973 the volcanoe which dominates the island erupted and everyone was evacuated to the mainland. Many homes were destroyed by the lava and even after forty years the people are still excavating houses that were covered in volcanic ash.
I was at a prayer meeting and bible study last night. This weekend the church holds a conference for the Gideons and I hope to attend.
Friday 03rd of May 2013 07:38:26 PM

The sun is shining and it is still minus 4 at noon.
I spent a lovely three days in the Keflavik area and left this morning. The prayer meeting at the pentecostal church was terrific but only eight people turned up.
When will Christians realise that the coming together to pray with others is the POWERHOUSE of the Christian Faith?
I am now heading for the Westman Islands and hope to stay there for a few days.
The North is still snowbound.
Wednesday 01st of May 2013 06:36:06 PM

All is still going well and enjoying life here at the top of the world.
I had forgotten just how beautiful Iceland was and because of the snow covered mountains it is totally incredible.
For a couple of nights I was able to travel inland and was amazed at the total silence. It is still very cold here but I am able to keep warm with the gas fire and hot water bottles.
I write this from the southern most tip of the country in Keflavik where I am meeting up with christians I know and hope to make many new friends,
I want to go north but Akureyri is still struggling with snow so I have put it off.
I hope to sail for the Westmann Islands later this week.
Please keep praying.
Monday 29th of April 2013 05:11:43 PM

Sun is shining and the snow has gone for a while.
I have parked up at Vatnajokull nature reserve and will stay here for a day before heading towards Vik.
It is great to feel the warmth of the sun at last and remember the year I stayed here and collected over thirty kilo's of blueberries.
The van is running well and I am content.
Congratulations Brian on your eleventh anniversary of Salvation.
Thursday 25th of April 2013 01:21:24 PM

Still in Hofn and being made very welcome.
The weather is very mixed with Sun, Rain, Snow, Wind and Hail a daily trial.
I hope to move on today but it depends upon the weather forecast.
Tuesday 23rd of April 2013 11:13:10 AM

I sailed for Iceland last monday. The boat was delayed for 5 hours because of a storm in the Northern Atlantic.
I had a great trip and enjoyed the rolling of the ship.
On arrival in Iceland I found the road over the mountain was still in the grip of winter and the snow on the top of the mountain was deeper than the height of the motorhome.
I am now in Hofn and have been here for five days.
I spoke at the morning service and was well received by a small but caring congregation.
I should leave here on tuesday and will slowly head for Selfoss.
The trip to Greenland is now off as the air fare for a two day stay is over 2000 and well beyond my reach.
Sunday 21st of April 2013 05:44:16 PM

I spoke at the evening meeting in Fugljfiord and enjoyed myself meeting up with old friends. It was a hard day for me, speaking four times.
I leave for Iceland this afternoon and will have difficulty logging on to the site for the next six weeks.
Monday 15th of April 2013 09:37:20 AM

All going very here.
This morning I was at a small church assembly in Kjalbak and was very well received. I spoke three times including a childrens address.
It was great to see the childrens faces as they received their Easter Eggs.
It looks like I will be speaking at another church tonight.
Sunday 14th of April 2013 05:31:14 PM

Slowing down and resting as I prepare for the heavy driving schedule in Iceland.
On tuesday I once again spoke to the young people and was well received.
My wing mirror got broken on monday but thanks to Oliver and Joannes it is now mended and ready to go. Yesterday I had the oil and antifreeze changed so I am ready for the off.
Thursday 11th of April 2013 08:04:42 PM

Just spent the weekend at the childrens camp at Vagar.
It was family weekend at Zarepta and I was so pleased they asked me to give my testimony and sing for them. I stayed saturday and sunday and was really blessed by the feedback.
Thanks to Oliver and his son Johannes who installed my solar panel on friday night. I am now prepared for Iceland. I sail on Monday next week.
Hope I see the northern Lights.
Monday 08th of April 2013 12:23:47 PM

So sorry I have not been able to access the internet for a while but internet cafes etc are not available on the islands.
The past week I have been on the Island of Suderoy meeting up with friends and attending the Evangelical conference over the Easter festival.
As usual I brought Easter eggs for the children and around a hundred were given away on Easter Sunday.
The youth seminar I addressed went very well with good feedback after the event.
This weekend I attend the youth camp to give testimony to the many families gathered there.
It looks like I will leave for Iceland on the 15th April for a few weeks.
This trip will be difficult for internet connections so please do not worry if I cannot update with my normal frequency.
Friday 05th of April 2013 12:05:12 PM

It has been a glorious day here in Fuglajordur with the sun beating down on the town. Because I am parked on top of a mountain it is still cold with plenty of snow in evidence.
I brought a good supply of Easter Eggs for the children and began distribution this evening at the youth meeting.
I am told that the number of young people attending tonight has broken all previous records.Many new faces heard the Gospel and collected their eggs.
I am informed that the night had plenty of coverage on facebook which increased the numbers.
Praise the Lord for His abundanct mercies.
Tuesday 26th of March 2013 11:28:49 PM

It has been a very long winter for me but Spring is just around the corner.
The last few months have been a very trying time for me in many ways and at times I have felt very alone and confused.
But Spring is just around the corner.
I arrived in the Faroe Islands this morning after a very cold and windy drive.
I will be here for the Easter weekend but move on to Iceland when finance permits.
I have felt a call to go to Greenland again and I have been resisting.
Please pray for me as I surrender to the Lord's will and wait for His direction.
Sorry I have not been updating but I needed to fight the battle without distractions.
Monday 25th of March 2013 10:19:31 PM

I have now arrived in Weston super Mare and will stay here until tuesday.
The trip down from Lancashire was long and difficult with lots of road works. I called to see my friend Keith in Teignmouth and was truly blessed.
I have not yet met up with John Lawrence as his mother is ill and both John and Jan need to be with her constantly.
I have heard from Finland!!!!!!!
A container full of Gospels is held up at the Russian Border and it is a very serious situation.
!!!!!!!!!!Please Pray!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday 17th of March 2013 10:53:56 AM

Hoping the weather will soon change and spring will show us a bit of warm time.
I am still in Lancashire but will head towards Bristol in the next couple of days.
I head for the Faroe Islands and Iceland next week.
Prayer is needed as I work out a simple itinerery. I believe the Lord wants me to head to Greenland again this year but I don't want to go. Please pray for Wisdom.
Tuesday 12th of March 2013 09:34:42 PM

Still enjoying myself and thanks to Doctor Rob I have found someone who could repair the water leak.
I look forward to a shower tonight using my own bathroom.
This morning I spoke at a small church in the town of Radcliffe just outside of Manchester.
It looks like the snow has seen me coming and the weather forecast is not good.
I am parked on a caravan site on the summit of one of the hills in the Pennines.
Good news that Daphne is feeling better but still needs our prayers.
Sunday 10th of March 2013 09:18:23 PM

Now in Lancashire and having a good time meeting up with old friends.
I have met up with Doctor Rob and he is feeling much better after his bike accident. The bike is a right off but Rob has suffered broken ribs and a broken thumb.
I spoke to Brian this morning and he has asked me to request prayer for his wife Daphne. The doctors do not know what is wrong but have taken blood samples. Please pray for these dear friends of mine.
Wednesday 06th of March 2013 02:21:47 AM

I have left Ireland and have arrived in Scotland for a few days.
I learned yesterday that Doctor Rob has had a motor cycle accident and is in hospital in Bolton.
I spoke to him this morning and it appears he lost control of the bike and skidded on ice or something. He has a few broken ribs and a broken finger which is giving a lot of pain.
Please pray for him and and a quick recovery.
Friday 01st of March 2013 03:55:45 PM

Sunday evening was incredible and a truly blessed meeting.
I was asked to speak to the youth when the meeting finished and pray the words spoken were an encouragement to those who attended.
Thanks to Brian for asking the pastor to invite me.
I have received emails from a couple of the people who were at the main meeting and it seems I spoke the right words.
I hope to sail for Scotland tomorrow as I head for the boat to Faroe. I leave Britain on the 20th March.
Tuesday 26th of February 2013 05:40:59 PM

All is going well but I am having problems finding anyone to repair the van door.
Tomorrow I am at the Lifeboat Fellowship for morning service.
In the evening I am speaking at Greystone Presbyterian church in Antrim. Really looking forward to meeting up with Brian Fleming who arranged the appointment.
Brian is one of the many people whose life was changed through this ministry.
Sunday 24th of February 2013 12:13:45 AM

Tonight I will be attending the prayer meeting at the Lifeboat Mission Church in Dungannon.
It has been a very exciting day for me because I called at Every Home Crusade in Dromore to check on the new booklet.
I arrived just in time to see them switch on the machine to make the book and trim the edges. I was able to quietly pray as the first completed books emerged from a giant machine.
I must say that I am delighted with the finished product and must thank Chris Wright who did a splendid job of editing for me.
Please pray that many souls come to Christ from the book and that Alcoholics and other addicts find HOPE as they read my life story.
Thursday 21st of February 2013 08:29:22 PM

Amazing and Wonderful.
I was checking the web site numbers today and was so delighted that over six thousand people have logged on to the site this year and we have passed the quarter of a million hits since the site was set up by The Web Master.
Please be aware that the counter only registers a hit once each day for every enquirer. If you go from page to page and log in many times it will only register your first hit.
Well done my friends.
I am still parked in the Magherafelt area and hope to pick up my first load of books tomorrow.
I was rudely awakened yesterday morning at 7 15 am by someone reversing into the passenger door of the van. The damage is not too bad but comes at an inconvenient time for me as I leave Ireland next week. Please pray that I can find someone to put things right quickly.
Wednesday 20th of February 2013 07:10:09 PM

I am now back in Northern Ireland and meeting up with friends as I await the production of the new life story booklet. There is a delay at the printers as we await the laminating of the book cover.
Yrsterday I was at the Lifeboat church in Dungannon and the evening was spent at the Baptist Church in Limavady.
Monday 18th of February 2013 10:39:26 PM

I met up with Pastor Pat Murphy in Wexford last night and managed to get a much needed haircut.
I am now back in Northern Ireland just outside Enniskillen.
Wednesday 13th of February 2013 12:33:56 AM

Still in Listowel but I move on tomorrow.
It has been a great time here and I have been made to feel so much at home by everyone at the church.
I have received an Email from the Orkney Islands to let me know that a dear friend has gone home and the funeral is being held tomorrow on the island of Westray.
Please pray for the young family and wife of Marcus Stout who was a radiant christian. He died last week and even though he was in a lot of pain from cancer he carried on delivering the post until the day before he was taken into hospital two weeks ago.
Sunday 10th of February 2013 11:39:58 PM

Such a strange winter this year.
Most of my readers are experiencing snow and very low temperatures.
Here in County Kerry we are seeing very little snow but gale force winds and very heavy rain. After much prayer I have decided to leave here on Friday but still await the Lord's confirmation on this.
I have had time to rest as well as writing the book and negotiating with my editor but it is at the printers now and I await them letting me know how much money to pray in.
It has been good to meet up with people I have not met for years and see how they are progressing along life's journey and also praying with them.
Wednesday 06th of February 2013 12:43:43 PM

The trip to Cork on tuesday was very difficult due to dangerous high winds.
I had arranged to meet my friends who are over from Cannes for a few days. It was truly lovely to talk to talk to Peter and his family about our meeting in the year 2000 as I travelled Ireland by caravan and He was the rector of the church of Ireland in Cobh.
Peter and his wife retired last year after pastoring the Anglican Church in Cannes.
I spent last night parked up on the Ring of Kerry and was bombarded pine cones and small branches all night as the high winds blew through the forest. No damage was done.
Friday 01st of February 2013 01:52:13 AM

At last, after many hours of working by night and day I have managed to complete the rewrite of my life story. It has not been an easy task for me as I felt I should add portions of my life that I still felt uncomfortable with. I added them anyway because God has NO secrets.
You can read it if you click Cliffords Story on the home page.
The wind is terrible here today so I slept away most of it.
Tomorrow I visit friends in County Cork and will be away for around three days.
Monday 28th of January 2013 08:20:10 PM

The morning meeting at Listowel Christian Fellowship was wonderful. The pastor led the service and preached on the use of Gifts in the church assembly.It was a real inspiration to all who heard him. Simple and to the point.
I was working on the book until three this morning and was worn out when I retired to bed.
After a couple of hours editing this afternoon I believe I have completed the work at last. I will do a read through in the morning and then send it to the printers.
Sunday 27th of January 2013 08:35:04 PM

Still in Listowel and spending many hours on the computer editing the life story.
Looking back over the last sixteen or seventeen years has been very humbling and remembering the wonderful experiences has often brought me to tears. It is very hard taking out some of the parts but requires doing. I pray I have not upset anyone as I have had to change so much. I have a deadline to keep and have promised to have the work completed by monday to send to the printers.
Sunday 27th of January 2013 02:57:04 AM

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