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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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Still in Listowel but I move on tomorrow.
It has been a great time here and I have been made to feel so much at home by everyone at the church.
I have received an Email from the Orkney Islands to let me know that a dear friend has gone home and the funeral is being held tomorrow on the island of Westray.
Please pray for the young family and wife of Marcus Stout who was a radiant christian. He died last week and even though he was in a lot of pain from cancer he carried on delivering the post until the day before he was taken into hospital two weeks ago.
Sunday 10th of February 2013 11:39:58 PM

Such a strange winter this year.
Most of my readers are experiencing snow and very low temperatures.
Here in County Kerry we are seeing very little snow but gale force winds and very heavy rain. After much prayer I have decided to leave here on Friday but still await the Lord's confirmation on this.
I have had time to rest as well as writing the book and negotiating with my editor but it is at the printers now and I await them letting me know how much money to pray in.
It has been good to meet up with people I have not met for years and see how they are progressing along life's journey and also praying with them.
Wednesday 06th of February 2013 12:43:43 PM

The trip to Cork on tuesday was very difficult due to dangerous high winds.
I had arranged to meet my friends who are over from Cannes for a few days. It was truly lovely to talk to talk to Peter and his family about our meeting in the year 2000 as I travelled Ireland by caravan and He was the rector of the church of Ireland in Cobh.
Peter and his wife retired last year after pastoring the Anglican Church in Cannes.
I spent last night parked up on the Ring of Kerry and was bombarded pine cones and small branches all night as the high winds blew through the forest. No damage was done.
Friday 01st of February 2013 01:52:13 AM

At last, after many hours of working by night and day I have managed to complete the rewrite of my life story. It has not been an easy task for me as I felt I should add portions of my life that I still felt uncomfortable with. I added them anyway because God has NO secrets.
You can read it if you click Cliffords Story on the home page.
The wind is terrible here today so I slept away most of it.
Tomorrow I visit friends in County Cork and will be away for around three days.
Monday 28th of January 2013 08:20:10 PM

The morning meeting at Listowel Christian Fellowship was wonderful. The pastor led the service and preached on the use of Gifts in the church assembly.It was a real inspiration to all who heard him. Simple and to the point.
I was working on the book until three this morning and was worn out when I retired to bed.
After a couple of hours editing this afternoon I believe I have completed the work at last. I will do a read through in the morning and then send it to the printers.
Sunday 27th of January 2013 08:35:04 PM

Still in Listowel and spending many hours on the computer editing the life story.
Looking back over the last sixteen or seventeen years has been very humbling and remembering the wonderful experiences has often brought me to tears. It is very hard taking out some of the parts but requires doing. I pray I have not upset anyone as I have had to change so much. I have a deadline to keep and have promised to have the work completed by monday to send to the printers.
Sunday 27th of January 2013 02:57:04 AM

It is over seven years since that I wrote my life story and had it printed. Many thousands have been given away and it has been published in three languages that I know of.
A reprint is overdue and I have spent much time in prayer about it. I felt that it was okay and needed no alteration. (laziness)
For the last week I have been going over the text and have rewritten it and brought it up to date. More needs doing and then I have to pray in the finances to have it printed by Every Home Crusade in Northern Ireland. These wonderful people supply the Russian gospels I am so involved with in Finland and the Baltic States. I believe they can make a better job than the last edition.
I am still in County Kerry and will be here for a couple of weeks more. I am made very welcome and have electric, water and internet.
Please pray for wisdom for me.
Friday 25th of January 2013 09:40:19 PM

There are times that I find it so difficult to comprehend the weather patterns in Ireland.
On Thursday I witnessed the most glorious of red sunsets I have ever seen and knew it was going to be a sunny day on Friday. On Friday morning the sunrise was stupendous!!!!! Red all over the sky and the harbinger of rain. Even the weather cannot make up it's mind at the moment.
This morning it was freezing but as I write the sun is shining and it feels just like spring.
Last night I spoke in Limerick and had a great time. I was approached by a man I thought I recognised but could not remember where from. He showed me a photograph taken in the year 2000. It was taken outside the caravan I towed around the perimeter of Ireland and he was on it with his young family and myself with a bushy overgrown beard.
It is good to meet up with folk I have not seen for years.
Tuesday 22nd of January 2013 04:44:10 PM

It has been a slow drive south.
On thursday night I parked by the estuary where the sea meets the River Shannon. The night sky was glorious and I felt such a peace in my heart as I woke yesterday to the sunshine and rain before driving on into County Kerry.
I am once again parked up in Listowel for a couple of days and will attend the Christian Fellowship here on sunday.
Saturday 19th of January 2013 10:54:57 AM

Heading for County Kerry and County Cork to meet up with friends and speak in Killarney on monday evening.
Thank God I am able to stay ahead of the snow and ice for a while but I am able to cope with the temperatures at the moment.
Missing the central heating and hot water but hope to get it sorted before Easter.
Thanks to the faithful few who leave messages on the visitor page and to reassure Eric.
My eyes are firmly fixed on the Saviour and the work He appointed me to do.
It is good that those who leave a message for me also remind the readers of the true reason we have the web page. "To Gorify Our Heavenly Father"
Wednesday 16th of January 2013 12:48:48 PM

I am now in Tobermore and parked up on my friend Gerald's farm for a couple of nights.
Yesterday I spoke at the Disabled Christian Fellowship at the Mid Ulster hospital.
Once again I am having trouble with the water pipes. I was able to fill the tank yesterday and found the floor covered in water. It looks like the bathroom and shower will have to be taken out to find the leak and I am getting fed up with this vehicle.Finding someone to carry out the repairs will not be easy in Ireland and very costly.
I will have to carry on with water containers and no hot water or central heating and the temperatures are plummeting.
Sunday 13th of January 2013 12:30:57 PM

Visiting friends each day. Yesterday I went to county Monaghan to visit Stanley and Elizabeth.
This evening I went to a lovely prayer meeting at the Lifeboat Church in Dungannon.
It is very cold here with heavy frost each night.Thank God for my gas heater.
Friday 11th of January 2013 01:43:26 AM

A really good day today.
At last I have received my christmas mail and opened over thirty lovely cards from friends far and wide, Africa,France. Finland, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Iceland and every corner of Britain. What a joy it was to get news of people I have not heard from in years.
I was able to spend hours reading the news and will read each one over and over as the year goes by and will not feel so alone.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for making me SOOOOOO Happy.
Monday 07th of January 2013 11:50:11 PM

After a night in Carrickfergus I am now in Tobermore.
I bring greetings to my readers from Ken and Norma Drennan who have been supporters of the work since my first tour of Ireland in 1996.
Tomorrow is a full day of catching up with mail etc.
Sunday 06th of January 2013 11:19:10 PM

A good few days in Scotland.
I sail for Belfast in the morning and pray I do not get mixed up with the trouble around Carrickfergus.
I need to buy a generator when I get to Magherafelt so I am praying in the finance.
Friday 04th of January 2013 10:38:58 PM

My time in Lancashire was really good and I left with many happy memories.
I have taken my time driving through England and I am now parked near Ayr in Scotland. I think I will sail for Belfast tomorrow but I am in no hurry.
Wednesday 02nd of January 2013 11:11:30 PM

May I wish all my readers a Blessed and Christ filled 2013.
I pray the Lord will return soon and find each one of us working for Him.
Tuesday 01st of January 2013 01:48:16 AM

Having a great time in the town of my birth in Lancashire.
I met up with my twin sister and her family this afternoon and was able to give her two young grandchildren a gift of christian books and bibles.
I then went to visit my parents grave for the first time in years and leave flowers.
This evening I was taken out to dinner by Doctor Rob and his wife Doctor Sara. We were joined by one of my best friends, Steve.
I hope to be in this area for a few days.
Sunday 30th of December 2012 01:39:31 AM

I am so pleased to have spent my Christmas here in Weston super Mare. Jan and John have really looked after me and words cannot express my thanks.
I still missed being with friends in the Faroe Islands but I am sure they understand my reasons for leaving. The weather was really bad and I had to make my decision very quickly.
I leave for Lancashire this morning and look forward to spending a few days with friends and family.
Friday 28th of December 2012 01:25:04 AM

A lovely Christmas Day and a true blessing. I hope my readers had as good a day as I did.
May I wish you all a Blessed Christmas Season.
I was invited to join John and Jan for dinner and really enjoyed myself eating a real English Christmas lunch.
So many friends from all over the northern hemisphere rang me to wish me seasons greetings and asked me to pass on best wishes to all who read this page.
I will leave this area on thursday and head north for Lancashire to meet family and friends.

Wednesday 26th of December 2012 12:22:46 AM

I am now in Weston Super Mare for a few days.
The weather here is mostly heavy rain but it is so much warmer than in Scandinavia. I wanted to visit Devon and Cornwall for Christmas but floods throughout the west country have put a halt to my plans.
John Lawrence has made me so welcome and has allowed me to charge up my batteries and park the van on his property.
I have still not been given instructions for Christmas but I am sure that the Holy Spirit will show me His leading for the season.
Sunday 23rd of December 2012 11:34:57 AM

The journey from the Faroe Islands was long and hard.
Norrona sailed from Torshavn seven hours early to try and miss a storm in the Atlantic. We sailed along the coastline of Norway to try and gain some shelter from the force eight to nine gale for a full day but the ship did a bit of rolling around.
I met up with some lovely people on board including a family I met a couple of years ago at a meeting. I was approached by a man of my own age as I was eating dinner on friday. He said he had always wanted to meet up with me so we spent time chatting. He now works in Denmark with his wife but has spent twenty years travelling the world on Logos 2 with Operation Mobilisation.
Saturday we docked in Hirtshals to a land covered in snow and ice. I had a 200 mile journey covering most of the length of Denmark to catch the evening boat from Esbjerg to Harwich.
Sunday I drove to meet up with Eric near London and we had a nice time together before I drove to Histon Baptist Church and met up with Kate and her family.
I am now resting outside Asda in Bristol for a day.
Wednesday 19th of December 2012 12:16:15 AM

It looks like I am moving away at the correct time.
Norrona has had a time change and I leave at 2pm instead of 9pm tomorrow. It looks like a bad storm is brewing in the Atlantic and the ship needs to get away to miss the heavy seas.
I will be at Siloa tonight for the Christmas Party !!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday 12th of December 2012 04:37:48 PM

Just arrived back at my pitch at the harbour after speaking to the youth at Siloa Evangelical Church in Fuglafjord.
The weather here is mild today but it can change very quickly. Because I cannot rely on Norrona getting me to Denmark and my connections to Ireland I have decided to leave here on thursday. This is the last sailing of the year and my last chance of getting to Britain this year.
My time here has been very rewarding and finance permitting, I will return next year.
Tuesday 11th of December 2012 11:29:22 PM

I found out how the disciples felt during the hours of darkness last night.
At around 10pm the wind started to blow and the van started to sway.All through the night the wind blew and I could hear things banging against the side of the van. I looked out of the windows at the sea which was only 4 metre's away and was amazed to sea the waves being pushed out to sea. The storm was so bad the incoming tide was being pushed back.
Thank God the wind dropped at around 6am and I was able to get some sleep.
I inspected the van this morning and even though I heard many things hitting it I only found marks on the paint but no damage.
I drove to Skala this morning and even though I was tired I was able to preach to the children and then again to the adults during the Breaking of Bread service.
Sunday 09th of December 2012 10:30:25 PM

I have just arrived back in Fuglafjordur after a trip to Klaxvik where weather conditions were really grim. Snow, ice and cold.
Thursday night was a real success when I spoke to over a hundred young people and was really well received. Most of the young people remember me from the film shows I did a few years ago and a number of them came up me to share their memories and I was able to recognise most of them even though they had turned into young men and young ladies.One of the boys still had a number of tracts and bookmarks I gave him seven years ago.
Last night I travelled through the mountain tunnels to speak at another youth meeting.It was a very sad occasion for us all because "Maria" one of the girls I have spoken to many times was found in the Fjord a couple of weeks ago. She had slipped as she was walking by the water and because she could not swim she had drowned in the icy sea. She was always the first to turn up for youth club and was a glowing christian of sixteen years. Her father continues helping to lead the youth meetings each friday night. Please pray for the family.
The roads continue to be treacherous and a young lady died in a car crash yesterday just outside of Torshavn because of bad ice.
Saturday 08th of December 2012 07:12:11 PM

I have just returned to Fuglafjorder after a day and night in Skala.
Last night I spoke to the youth and was then taken to speak to the old folks at the local residential home.
Jens Beck and his father visit every two weeks to speak and sing to the residents.
It is great to meet Christian brothers who work tirelessly to spread the word of God in this way. Both meetings went very well and I enjoyed making new friends.
I am being asked to speak to many groups and assist in outreach but I am trying to be selective or I will be back to square one and in the hands of doctors again.
It is still very cold with snow and ice on the mountain roads and gusting wind from the sea.
Tuesday 04th of December 2012 05:37:02 PM

A signal at last.!!!!!!
It has been a great week on the island of Suderoy, but the weather has been real winter with snow and ice.
I had to bring out the plumber on 2 occasions for burst hot water pipes. In the end I had him change the piping in the living area for the sake of safety.
I was made very welcome on the Island and spoke to many people.
Today I spoke at the morning meeting at Siloa and was part of the International night and spoke and sang to a good number of people.
Weather still very cold and icy with snow on all the mountains. It looks very beautiful but looks can be very deceiving.
Sunday 02nd of December 2012 10:39:24 PM

It rained all last night and has cleared the roads of ice. I was stuck in the harbour area all yesterday as the ice was just too slippery for the tyres to grip.
A sponsor has been found to change all the tyres over to winter tyres and this should relieve the worry for the next few months.
It is great that the website has been getting around three hundred visitors each day but when am I going to see different people leaving a message either by Email or on the Visitors Atrium.
!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please be an encourager !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday 20th of November 2012 02:47:45 PM

It is good that most of the work required on the Motor Home is now completed.
Gordon organised a carpenter to make an alteration to my bed and now I can get an extra person in for prayer meetings when I can organise one.
Last night Oliver and his son Johannes fitted two English sockets and a triple continental socket for me. This will make life much easier for me.
I awoke this morning to a totally white and very slippery world.
I went over the mountain to visit the Filadelfia Evangelical church because I had promised the carpenter on saturday morning.
The service was really good but the roads a real nightmare.It was like driving on a horizontal ice rink. The salt machines do not come out at weekends but I pray they will be out tomorrow morning.
Sunday 18th of November 2012 10:40:30 PM

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