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Discharged from hospital. No more visits to the cancer clinic. no more disrupted schedules. and *Praise The Lord* no more Cancer.
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The final rehearsal for the International Festival Concert last night was a great success.
Today I will be parked outside the Stave church and Welcoming visitors to the bus. Over 40,000 visitors have packed into the town this week just for the festival.
Please pray for the concert. It begins at 6pm here which is 4pm in the UK.
Instead of doing my usual type of testimony I have decided to do more singing and use the words of the Great Composers to deliver the message. One surprise will be the great Welsh tune " Cwm Rhondda " to the words of Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah. and it is also the national anthem of Germany which I believe will fit in to the programme perfectly.
The flags of the Scandinavian countries will be hung around the church. The bus has a good supply which are being used.
Tuesday 14th of July 2009 08:25:09 AM

The morning service in Kuhmo church was very long but really meaningful to me. This morning 28 young people were confirmed and received communnion directlt after the ceremony.
It was good to sing a couple of solo's in the 2,000 seater Wooden Stave Church.
It was a good congregation with over 700 people joining in and listening to the words of life the Lord gave to me.
This afternoon I spoke and sang at a junior scool reunion to aroung 50 older people. The school has been closed foe ten years and is now a residence for a former pupil.
This evening I will brave the mosquitoes and go fishing.
Sunday 12th of July 2009 05:24:22 PM

The camp was a real success for me and I enjoyed most of the activities.
I am now in the town of Kuhmo and awaiting the start of another busy week. Timo the priest has just given me the provisional itinerary for my part and it looks like it could be very busy next week. The main event is the International Night on tuesday evening when I sing and testify. Next weekend I am joining the old cars of the area for an open day when I hope to get many visitors. Tomorrow "Sunday" I sing at the confirmation service and then at an outside memorial service for the Finnish war victims.
The booklet of my life story has now been translated into Finnish and 20,000 are being printed in Northern Ireland. I am praying in the printing costs.
Another booking has come in for this area where around 800 people turn up for a family camp in "Pieksamaki". This is backtracking by about 200 Kilometres but I am sure I am in the Lord's will by attending on the 28th July.
This time in Finland is proving to be really Incredible and the power of your prayers is very evident.
A newsletter has just been sent out by email. Please drop me an email if you do not receive it or you would like an email copy of the life story in Finnish. It is 16 pages long.
Saturday 11th of July 2009 11:23:08 AM

Praise the Lord for the gift of true friends out there.
The camp is going very well with the chance to speak with the residents frequently as they prepare for confirmation on sunday.
The settings of the camp are totally stunning. In a massive forest and overlooking a very large lake.
Some of the boys are going out a boat to do some fishing tonight after evening devotion at 23 00 hrs. I will not be joining them as I need much beauty sleep at the moment. I am pleased that I had enogh fishing rods for them but need to purchase more reels as I am able.
Tuesday 07th of July 2009 05:27:05 PM

A good time at the camp.
32 young adults are here and are having the time of their lives. Last night I stood and shivered as the boys kept jumping into the lake. I did not have the courage to join them as the water lookes so cold.
This morning I spoke at one of the meetings and then spoke about "love" at the end of the young peoples meeting.
The teams led the service and took the places of the clergy and really made an impression on me. I recieved an email this morning about the suffering in India and the way christians are being killed. A young man read it out to the group and even though I had read it earlier, it brought me to tears. He really spoke English very well. A photo of the 15 year old ( priest ) is now on the Finland Pictures page.
Monday 06th of July 2009 02:46:23 PM

After a drive with great trials I am now on the outskirts of Kuhmo and in the camp site for a few days. 32 young people aged 14 - 15 are here and are a really nice bunch of young adults.
This evening was parents visiting and I was able to sing a few choruses for them.
On the way here the bus did it's usual and broke down. I was literally 100 yards from the Russian border and 50 miles from the nearest town when an air problem developed.
After a three hour wait a couple of mechanics arrived and fixed the problem temporarily and I was able to drive on.
The roads through the forest are very bad to drive with much loose gravel and many potholes.
I have always found that each time I have mechanical problems I am on the brink of great blessings. I no longer get bad tempered but begin praising the Lord for future miracles. Please try it sometimes when things go wrong, IT WORKS.
Sunday 05th of July 2009 09:56:35 PM

The two days in Helsinki are now a precious memory to me. The bus drivers are refusing to take out buses with slogans on them. There are reports that the slogans are being ripped off the buses in the garages, and the Muslims throughout Finland are very up set.
As I travelled around the city I could really feel the power of your prayers within. The route chosen covered over 10 miles and over the 10 days we went around 6 times. On each of the trips I was accompanied by Prayer Warriors. On the last trip there were seven of us praying. We also did one shorter trip when we just went round the city, 7 times.
From there it was a long trip to the border. I arrived at the town of Vaalimaa, which is the first border crossing Finland/Russia, on Wednesday. From there to the town of Lappeenranta and the border crossing at Nuijamaa. I now follow the border to Kuhmo where I have been asked take part in a Christian Youth Camp. This will be followed by the International Music Festival in the city. I will be singing in that festival and will also be taking part in the renowned Street Fair and Market, with the bus.
I dictate this message parked at the side of the road and all I can see are fir trees, and I will be passing through these trees for the next 2,000 miles. On a more personal note I would like to thank all those who have been praying for me. Please keep it up as you are vital to the success of the Mission.
Friday 03rd of July 2009 01:10:25 PM

The path that God has put before me is not always a matter of following my own instincts. After many God given delays I am at last in the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. I was informed a couple of days ago that a massive bus campaign was being held here. The message on all the buses reads, "There is no God. Stop mourning and start living". This campaign has been used in other major cities of the world and seems to be escalating. This is being funded by the atheist movement. Tomorrow and Tuesday I intend to follow some of these buses around the city. Two ladies have volunteered to join me on the mission. Hanna Maria and Elisa will be praying as we travel the city. Please pray for the witness and for protection, and that many eyes will be diverted to read the true message of Christ. Please tell your friends and church about what we are doing. Join us on the battlefield as we fight for Christ and please register that you are willing to be with us by leaving a message on the visitors page. I will try to keep you informed as we fight for a victory that is already won.
I should reach the Russian border by Friday.
Sunday 28th of June 2009 07:04:03 PM

Thanks to the TV and Newspaper coverage the meeting this evening was a great success.
I was taken out in a rowing boat yesterday by two 16 year old boys from Norway. I did not catch anything but they gave me half a pike they had caught the day before. I ate it for dinner but it is definately an aquired taste. I think I'll stick to smoked horse from Iceland.
One of the boys Christopher" arrived at the meeting tonight and translated for me. He did a great job and it was his first attempt at translation. We really must give our young people the opportunities to grow.
I leave Narmes tomorrow morning and I think I will be heading for Tampere.
Thursday 25th of June 2009 10:20:06 PM

Here in the small town of Nårpes the sun is really blazing from a cloudless sky and it is really hot.
The nights are warm but it can get very chilly, in fact most of the countries blueberry crop were wiped out last week with a night frost. This will affect the thousands of immigrants from the Baltic countries who come here each year to pick berries in the forest to supplement their income at home. I can imagine much distress in many homes because of the sudden drop in temperature at the wrong time.
Last night the interview on tv was shown twice and it will be repeated again on sunday. Tonight I speak at the Frank Mang centre and leave in the morning for Tampere.
Thursday 25th of June 2009 10:51:40 AM

The method that the Lord is using in Finland is very different from the way He has used me in the last few years.
It seems to be that He is moving me from one christian congregation to another and encouraging the people to move closer to Himself and "GO OUT AND TELL"
The bus finally moved away from Vaasa yesterday afternoon and Bo the mechanic once again came out to me to give the brakes a final adjustment.
As I drove south I noticed a man waving to me from a lay-bye and waved back to him.
Within ten kilometres a car signalled for me to pull in and I did so.
He asked me to follow him to a christian centre to speak to someone and even though the drive was over 100 kilometres I did as asked.
I am now at the Frank Mang outreach centre and speaking to christians. TV AND Newspapers have been approached and I expect them to turn up "if it is the Lord's will"
The centre was holding a praise service on sunday afternoon but I could not attend because I promised to be in Tampere.
It will now be held here on Thursday Evening and I am honoured to be the guest speaker.
Another bus is touring the cities of Scandinavia and is getting much media coverage. It proclaims that there is no God and is funded by the atheist movement. Please Pray that the "Jesus Bus" will make a lasting impression in this country.
Tuesday 23rd of June 2009 09:46:45 AM

The mechanic turned up on Friday as promised and even though he could not get all the parts he put new bearings in the front wheel. The main hub was badly damaged and he spent hours searching the area for a replacement. In the end he found a truck hub which will do the job until the correct one can be found and fitted.
Thanks Bo for your dedication to your work.
I was able to get to the final meeting of the conference and my dear friend Mona translated for me. It was a resounding success and worth all the trouble getting there. Saturday was nearly a day of rest but quite a few people turned up to speak to me.
Today (sunday) I began the trip towards Turku but felt I had to wait in a lay-bye for some reason. After a couple of hours a camper van pulled in front of the bus revealing a couple of people I had met in Sweden at the conference and on friday at the meeting.
They invited me to join them at an open air Mid Summer service where the bishop was speaking. He did not turn up so once again Mona translated for me as I took the bishops place.
Tonight Bo came out to adjust the brakes for me and I joined my friends from Sweden Anna-May and Harry for dinner that turned into a praise and prayer meeting.
I head off tomorrow following the coast road to Turku. Helsinki and next sunday in Tampere.
Sunday 21st of June 2009 11:52:25 PM

Back in beautiful Finland.
I arrived yesterday ( wednesday ) in Vaasa and set off for the prayer meeting but did not get there. 75 Kilometres north and I heard funny noises coming from my front wheel and then the smell of burning.
I knew something was wrong when the steering became difficult but had to keep driving until I found a safe place,
The front wheel bearing had collapsed making driving dangerous.
Friends came out and during the night I drove 7 kilometres in three hours to a place a mechanic could work on the bus.
The part has now been fitted but another part is required and I hope to get it done tomorrow.
I have missed two days of the meetings but will attend the final one tomorrow evening.
Everyone has made me really welcome and we all realise that if this problem had occurred on the Russian border or in Lapland it would have been devastating so Praise the Lord for His perfect timing.
Thursday 18th of June 2009 10:55:49 PM

When I set off from Finland to go to the Faroe Islands, I loved driving. Things can change and now I am tired of sitting behind the wheel, watching the road surface passing me by.
The heating is now blowing hot air in ALL departments and prayer has once again been well and truly answered.
The scenery here is spectacular with many bridges spanning rivers and ravines revealing amazing vistas. Today there is a violent cross wind on many bridges and I really have to drive the bus at all times to prevent it turning into the Helicopter Brian wrote about on the Visitors Atrium.
200 miles to Umea and then the ferry to Vaasa tomorrow at 09 00 and another time zone change for the clocks. This means I will be getting out of bed 2 hours before I would in Britain.
Thanks to all you faithful readers and prayer's out there.
A message for Douglas at SU Dublin. Please email me. you have changed your address and I cannot send you news.
Tuesday 16th of June 2009 10:26:27 AM

Getting a bit fed up with the marathon drive back to Finland. There is only about three hundred miles to go before I take ship at Umea on wednesday morning.
yesterday and today has neen a nightmare with roadworks and diversions just about everywhere but tha area around Sundsvall is the worst I have experienced in many years.
The heating downstairs is terrific but there is no warmth upstairs due to air in the system. Please pray that a good mechanic or plumber will show uop soon.
Monday 15th of June 2009 11:09:40 PM

A great sail on Norrona with much love shown to me.
The Catering manager invited me to a free Smorgasborg dinner on friday avening.
He is new to the company this year and the food quality has soared since he took over. It must be one of the best Smorgasborg tables in Scandinavia and well worth trying if you get the opportunity.
The duty free manager gave me over 300 packets of chewing gum to give to the children I meet. They will be very well received by the thousands of young people I meet on my travels. It is good to be accepted by the staff of Norrona as I sail with the ship frequently.
I arrived at Hantsholm at 09 00 and had arrived in Sweden by 18 00 hrs after another boat ride. I am now heading for Umea on tuesday and another ship to Vaasa in Finland.
Saturday 13th of June 2009 08:36:14 PM

After three days surrounded by Electricians, mechanics and other tradesmen, it is good to be heading for Norrona this evening.
When God sent me to the Faroe Islands for repairs to the heating system I thought I had miss heard His directives.
The Webasto heater has given problems since I bought the bus and stopped working last year.
I have taken it to Webasto dealers, mechanics and electricians throughout Britain and Scandinavia.
At JT Electrics in Fuglafjorder I was down to desperation point as I would have to abandon Finland during the colder periods. God was RIGHT.
The heater is working and the bus is WARM at last. Mant thanks to Sigmund, Carl and Oliver for their dedicated work.
I arrive in Denmark Saturday, Sweden Sunday and and Finland Wednesday. I hope to call into Gavle next monday to meet up with friends. Please keep on Praying.
Thursday 11th of June 2009 07:22:53 PM

Surrounded by friends and licking my wounds in the Faroe Islands is putting life back into focus.
Within an hour of the electrician turning up last night the alternator was working.
Today the major job of getting the Webasto working is to be started. We need much prayer for this as no one here has worked on these things before.
Thanks to all my faithful warriors out there. I truly love you and need you all so much.
The cost of these repairs is in the Lords hands, but one man's mistake in wiring has cost the ministry dearly.
Tuesday 09th of June 2009 08:26:58 AM

Still on Norrona and will be delighted to reach the Faroe Islands at 05 00.
The journey has not been pleasant. I was able to purchase a bunk in a shared cabin but only a top bunk was available which is very difficult for me to climb into.
One of the other two men is a snorer and he parties all night and snores all day. He also leaves empty whisky bottles all over the cabin so it is like sleeping in a brewery.
I am so tired and will be really grateful to reach friendly shores.
The cruise is also a country and western theme party so the ship seems to be littered with drunken cowboys.
Wyatt Earp ( Eat your heart out]
Monday 08th of June 2009 01:42:17 AM

Feeling shattered and worn out but a cabin cannot be found for me on board Norrona.
The distance from Rovaniemi to Egjsberg is 2241 Kilometres and I drove it in around 40 hours.
I will be so pleased to reach Torshavn for a shower and a sleep.
Saturday 06th of June 2009 04:55:24 PM

After a drive that is better committed to memory than done again I am back in Sandviken. I will leave here in a couple of hours for Gothenberg and the ferry to Denmark.
I left Roveneimi on wednesday night after a splendid meetin with my friends there and in 24 hours I drove over 1,000 kilometres in the wind and occassional rain to get here. I am still tired after a nights sleep.
I hope the wind dies down today as it is really hard holding the bus on these narrow roads.
Please pray that Oliver and his staff at JT Electric can sort out my electric problems. They are becoming a real nightmare as I am finding it difficult to even charge up my phones and computer.
Friday 05th of June 2009 08:04:53 AM

It is good that the Lindborg family find time to read my journal each evening. I love to hear from my young friends and to know that they are praying for me.
Everything is going wrong.
I had an alternator fitted in Sandviken and the electrician wired it incorrectly. Of course he burnt it out and a new one was purchased in Roveniemi and no one can get it to work. The Webesto night heater for the bus is fitted but no one seems to want to do the electrical connections. The only firm willing to do the work ( and the firm I trust most) is in the Faroe Islands.
I am now heading for the boat to try and get this vital work done before the cold weather arrives and the boat fare rises for the summer season.

Thursday 04th of June 2009 08:37:35 AM

I have just gained access to a computer at the Alcoholic Outreach centre I am speaking at this lunchtime.
I have really missed being able to gain access to your messages and they have done me good as I catch up with the news.
Monday 01st of June 2009 10:16:43 AM

Correction to my previous message:- The bookings for the conference are 16-19th June at Larsmo.
Sunday 31st of May 2009 09:00:14 PM

The trip To Finland is proving to be very successful, but I cannot get an internet connection. Most of my time is spent on the Arctic Circle in the town of Rovaniemi where I am proving God is in Charge. Each day new meetings are coming for me.
On Friday morning I spoke at a youth college and 300 young people heard the message. I am told that it is the first time a speaker has had a standing ovation. During the youth outreach meeting in the evening many students came to thank me for what I had said in the morning. During the street meeting we were privileged that a group of Muslin teenagers came to "Break Dance" for us. All these boys attend a Christian youth club and 2 or 3 have made a decision for Jesus.
Yesterday I called to see Santa Claus and presented him with an English bible and a Finnish New Testament. This meeting was recorded on DVD and I hope to have it on the video page very soon.
This morning I preached at Kemijarvi Penticostal church and met many people I knew from last year.
This afternoon I had a telephone call to book me for another Christian Conference. This booking is for the 16 - 10th June in the village of Larsmo. This is as a result of the conference in Sweden 2 weeks ago.
It appears that God has not finished with me yet. Please keep praying. I depend upon YOU

Sunday 31st of May 2009 08:55:16 PM

I have driven the odd hundred miles to gain access to the computer in Sweden.

Diesel was very low and I have not got many euros to spend so have come here to put fuel in the tanks.
Already the popularity of the bus is evident and it is booked to do street youth work on friday evening. A school friday morning and I will be going to see Santa on wednesday afternoon.
Last night I spoke at the prayer meeting at Rovaniemi Pentecostal church and it was a truly blessed meeting.
Please leave messages on the visitor page and then when I log on I will not feel abandoned.
Wednesday 27th of May 2009 09:47:05 AM

Clifford says that the last weekend has been just amazing. Following on from the miracle of the Kroner notes he spoke at the meeting with people from all over Scandinavia, with an interpreter. He is now in Finland, but cannot get a signal. He will get on the web when there are libraries so keep looking. He will be going down the border with Russia.
Monday 25th of May 2009 06:50:26 PM

" All things work for Good, for those who Love the Lord"
Today I wondered if I was on the right track because no matter what I did I just could not feel settled inside my heart.
I woke at 06 00 and was driving by 07.00 and heading for Umeo. I arrived there at 11 00 and debated whether I should continue driving in Sweden or catch the ferry to Vaasa in Finland. Finance won and I continued driving.
At 14 00 I stopped and had a cuppa but the Lord seemed to tell me to continue driving. At 15 00 I had had enough and parked up for the day.
At 15 30 I set off again and stopped by a lake to do some fishing for my supper. Caught nothing and felt I should continue to the next big town.
No parking places available, keep on driving.
In the vicinity of Piteå I felt the urge to call it a day. I had driven over 400 miles and was feeling tired.
Stop at the next picnic area for the night came into my heart like a thunderbolt.
As I signalled to turn right into the picnic area I noticed it was beside a camping site. I did not have any money so did as I was told. Pulling into the picnic area a saw a sighn in the camping site. JESUS ån HERRE.
I went to see if anyone was about and was delighted to find it wa a christian conference beginning at LANOKAGÅRDEN church. They have made me really welcome and asked me to bring the bus onto the church carpark.
As I walked the 100 metres along the road to find out about the sign I saw something in the grass. It was a 100 kroner note and then I found another. Nearly £20. Going to get the bus I found another 100kroner and a driving licence and bank cards.
Of course we informed the police who told us that a lady visitor to Sweden in January had reported her handbag missing. She had put the bag on the car roof and driven away.
The lady is now in Malta so the police contacted her.
Everything had been replaced and she had no use for Swedish currency.
God has supplied once again.

Saturday 23rd of May 2009 12:03:07 AM

It is good to know that people are noticing the bus and realising why I am on the road.
If you have not been on the Visitor Atrium today, please log on.
A request for prayer from "Team Klabbe" who saw me parked near Southport today.
Please add Klas Ingesson to your prayer list. More information on Visitor Atrium.
I am parked in an isolated and really lovely place tonight, surrounded by fir trees and by the side of a very large lake. About 150 kilometres south of Umea.
Thursday 21st of May 2009 08:42:02 PM

Last night I spoke at "The Good Foundation" Alcoholic recovery centre and we had a terrific time. Much of the service was taken up with prayer and it really felt awesome.
The generator was fitted into the luggage area and now I need an electrician to wire up the starter.
Tonight was a home cell group in Hofors which went very well.
I am parked in a lay-bye on the E4 heading north. I hope to get to Umea tomorrow and the Arctic Circle by saturday.
Keep watching this page because I am now living one day at a time.
Wednesday 20th of May 2009 11:45:20 PM

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